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The “KLT” Factor: Profound Simplicity | Kevin Knebl | #91

Stewarding Your Influence

It’s as common sense as it is elusive, as profound as it is simple.  Allowing the “KLT” factor to guide our lives will extend your shadow of influence and your servant-leadership. Kevin Knebl's bio. PinnacleForum.com Show Notes: https://pinnacleforum.com/2020/01/ul-podcast-91/


14 Jan 2020

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Kevin Knebl on Sincere Conversations

Becoming Referable Podcast

Kevin Knebl is an international speaker, trainer and executive coach whose clients range from individuals to Fortune 500 companies. He is the co-author of The Social Media Sales Revolution and a contributing author of Learn Marketing with Social Media in Seven Days. He has […] The post Kevin Knebl on Sincere Conversations appeared first on Becoming Referable.


25 Jul 2019

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7. Creating Lasting Client Relationships on LinkedIn With Kevin Knebl

Feed U Podcast

Relationship marketing and authentic connections are a must to grow and scale your business.  My guest this week Kevin Knebl, is a master of LinkedIn but more so is a master of creating long-lasting relationships and connections with those he happens to also do business with.  He has been asked to speak all over the world to sales teams, entrepreneurs and others about his knowledge of using LinkedIn to further relationships and create authenticity when building your business.  Tune into this week's episode to get the scoop on LinkedIn, building the know, like and trust factor in your interactions as well as some humor and hilarious antics.Don't Miss These Tidbits:[01:47] "What I used to do for a living many years ago was I used to be a piano player in the New York City area. A completely different line of work than what I do now. And what happened was I was a piano player and then I met my wife when she booked me to play the piano at her wedding to another man. Now we don't have time right now for the whole backstory on that, but she never married that loser and what happened was I got married and I figured out very quickly that late nights and smokey bars are cool when you're young and single, so cool when you're married, so I had to get a job, but back in those days there was no LinkedIn. There was no career builder. Al Gore had not invented the Internet yet, so you would buy a newspaper and you would look in the classifieds or the want ads and that's how you'd find a job. The only job I could find was 100 percent commission sales, which you can pretty much find everywhere in the world. You could find a 100 percent commission sales job. I would not be exaggerating to tell you that a sex change would have been more in my comfort zone, but I did it because I had to because my family is bad habits, like wanting to live indoors and eat warm food. " [03:24] "So I started studying that and I ultimately became the top salesperson for four separate companies in four separate industries, including being the top salesperson in the world for an international consulting company in 15 countries. Even though I've said that countless times on stage, every time that comes out of my mouth, it still surprises me because in my heart I'm still a piano player. That's what I do. Right? But apparently, I had this really successful sales career. And then what happened was in 2003 on Cinco de Mayo, the fifth of May, LinkedIn was launched. I'm not a computer geek even though people think I am. They're like, oh, Kevin, you're this internationally recognized social media expert. You must know a lot about computers, and I say, Oh, you drive a car. You must know how to fix the transmission. And they go, no, I don't. I go, yeah, I'm not. I'm not really good with computers either, but I got an invitation to get on LinkedIn. Sixty days after it launched, so I got on LinkedIn and I went, oh my God, it's a Rolodex and because I had already accomplished quite a bit in sales, I understood the potential of a Rolodex, so it makes sense that if somebody understands how to use a Rolodex, whether it's online or offline, the phone or LinkedIn, a fax machine or two cans and a string, they're going to be able to do some pretty cool things with a Rolodex. So I started using LinkedIn, worked very well in my sales process and I was typically selling to small to midsize business owners and then the business owners started saying to me, Kevin, would you train my salespeople to sell like you do?." [07:25] "LinkedIn can be a pretty dry sterile place, but any place is a dry sterile place until you bring your personality into it, now you're totally correct at LinkedIn is not facebook, it's not Twitter, it's a different animal, but Alisa is Alisa no matter where she goes. So it's funny. LinkedIn is older than facebook and twitter and. But to your point, a lot of people don't realize the potential of LinkedIn. So I've been able to help my clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars using LinkedIn, but because we're using it effectively as a tool, not as a spamming device. So people tell me that I have Kevin, I have lines that I say so I'm going to tell you one of my Kevin Isms right now, which is totally in alignment with what you just said. A communication tool is only as effective as the communication skills of the person using the tool. So you're getting spammed and harassed and stuff on LinkedIn, which is not an indictment on LinkedIn. It's an indictment on the idiots that are spanning you and harassing you. So wouldn't it make sense that if somebody sucks or as it says in the good book, sucketh. If somebody sucks at interpersonal skills, it really doesn't matter if they're on LinkedIn or Facebook or at a BNI meeting or at the Chamber of commerce or on a telephone. If you're Hannibal Lecter, before you get on LinkedIn, now you're just Hannibal Lecter on LinkedIn. Right?" [10:41] "So what I teach people to do is improve their communication skills. People look at me and they naturally say, Kevin, you're a marketing guru or you're a social media genius, or you're a social selling Oracle. And, and these are, I know that they're complimenting. I mean, these are compliments, but then I tell people I'm really none of those things. What I really am is I'm just a guy that takes a sincere interest in people and doesn't try to shove his tongue down your throat and the first five seconds because what we've been trained to do is we've been trained in America to really walk up to strangers and try to kiss them. Now I'm going to say a couple things that are a little controversial here, but I'm okay with that. By the way, folks. I'm in no way putting down Alisa when I say these things, Alisa has a black belt in marketing and there's gonna be certain things that I'm about to say that are going to sound like I'm throwing marketing people under the bus, but I'm not. Okay. If you look at what most people do in terms of marketing, a lot of it is really just variations. How do we walk up to strangers and try to kiss them, but in reality, if you look at your own life and if you're married or if you have a significant other when you first met them, I'm predicting that you didn't try to kiss them in the first 30 seconds? You probably just started a conversation and then that blossomed into, hey, let's go have coffee or let's go see, let's go to a movie, you know, and then if it blossomed at a certain point you probably kissed and then if it blossom beyond that, maybe it got a little bit more intimate and then maybe there are children involved, you know, so. So what I'm saying is things follow a natural course." [13:57]"The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a LinkedIn profile and make sure that it clearly accurately reflects your credibility and the value that you bring to the table. Most link people's LinkedIn profiles look like crap, but they're not crappy people. They're just making a bad first impression, so you need to make sure it looks good and then you need to learn how to use LinkedIn to find the people that you would like to do business with. So I, I help individuals and organizations all day long with this. If you said to me, Kevin, what I'm looking for is I'm looking for women over 50 in Tulsa that like line dancing and they went to Rutgers University. I'm using a very weird example to prove a point. I could help you find those people in 30 seconds and I could help you put LinkedIn on autopilot so that anytime somebody else shows up that fits that parameter, LinkedIn will email you and say, Hey Alisa, while you were sleeping, we found three more people. Here they are. So when people understand how to use LinkedIn as a lead generation machine." [16:42] "This isn't about LinkedIn. This isn't about Facebook, this isn't about Twitter. Those are just tools. This is about the art of conversation, so you're absolutely correct. We are losing to some degree, the interpersonal skills that you and I just naturally accumulated as a result of growing up in a world where we were not posting selfies every five minutes because prior to the invention of the Internet folks, you would actually have to look at somebody when you had a conversation with them, right? And, and you couldn't distract yourself by looking at cute kitten videos on facebook while you were supposed to be talking to somebody."Listen to the entire episode here:[spp-player url="https://feedu.podbean.com/mf/play/3j3amz/007-KevinKnebl.mp3"]Resources Mentioned:How To Win Friends & Influence People By Dale CarnegieKey Takeaways:1.  LinkedIn is the world's largest Rolodex it just did 600 million people, 2-5 two to five new people join LinkedIn every second. 2.  All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to people that they know, like, and trust. 3.  Success is reliant on creating, sincere and authentic relationships. Read something every day that's positive right out of the gate to program your mind for success.Find Out More About Kevinhttps://kevinknebl.com/ Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram YouTube Download Transcript Love this episode?  We would love a Review! Subscribe so you don't miss any episodes!


24 Oct 2018

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066: How to Get People to Know, Like, and Trust You with Kevin Knebl

Idea Accelerator Podcast of Colorado Springs | Experts | Business Owners | Entrepreneurs | Lauren Collier

Copyright © 2018 Lauren Collier. www.IdeaAcceleratorPodcast.com. All rights reserved.


21 Aug 2018

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Live Leadership Lessons from The FRONT with guest Kevin Knebl

The FRONT: A Leadership Podcast

This week my guest is Kevin Knebl! Kevin is an absolute expert in relationships! He speaks on the power of connection, rapport, and relationship building in business. And, Kevin is The Most Recommended Business Speaker in the World among over 281,298 Business Speakers Worldwide (LinkedIn 2018). Kevin's specialty is sale by relationship. It may not be the fastest, but it certainly is a method that will endure over time. Make sure and check out this great addition to the “Live Leadership Lesson Series” https://youtu.be/VQRvSCypnyM It was a really good and candid talk with Kevin tonight. He is just so knowledgeable on relationship building. Two keys that Kevin shared are: All things being equal, people do business with people that they know, like, and trust. We should spend more time establishing relationships like kids do. They don't have any motives. They just care, love and have a genuine interest in the other people... right now, in the present.  This episode is really, really amazing, and I would encourage you tuning in either to the video or the podcast! You can connect with Kevin all over the place and certianly check out his website at http://www.KevinKnebl.com “Live Leadership Lessons from The FRONT” are live interviews with people that are known for their performance, work ethic, character, integrity, business skill sets, and of course their leadership skills. These are the experts to tune in and learn from! Download This Episode Now! We hope you’ve enjoyed the show! Each podcast is a 15-30 minute live interview.  Thank you for watching and listening! Make sure to check out the Lead The Team Shop at http://www.LeadTheTeam.net/shop 


16 Aug 2018

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Ep #4 - Selling Principles With Kevin Knebl

Market Leader Podcast with Ryan McInerney

Kevin Knebl joins Ryan McInerney to discuss the principles he used to become the top performing sales rep at four companies in as many industries, a LinkedIn early adopter and expert, and international speaker.


7 May 2018

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OB 031 How to Become an Obstacle Buster with Kevin Knebl

How to Become an Obstacle Buster

Host Warren Wandling takes you behind the scenes to get to know a variety of leaders and the keys to their success. Discover how leaders overcome their obstacles in order to achieve success. In this episode, Warren introduces you to Kevin Knebl. Episode 031 –  Kevin Knebl Kevin Knebl, CMEC is an International Speaker, Author, Trainer and Executive […] The post OB 031 How to Become an Obstacle Buster with Kevin Knebl appeared first on Warren Wandling.


21 Mar 2018

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200 Kevin Knebl | The 3 Steps to Success

Eternal Leadership

The Only Two Things We Can Control As We Follow the 3 Steps to Success CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Kevin.

1hr 13mins

13 Mar 2018

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Kevin Knebl – Social Media Mastery

20 Minutes of Influence

Kevin Knebl, CMEC is an International Speaker, Author, Trainer and Executive Coach whose clients include individuals and small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. He’s an in-demand, leading authority on Social Selling, Relationship Marketing, LinkedIn and Twitter with a healthy dose of Inspiration, Transformational Insight, and Humor blended in for conferences, conventions, company trainings, and many other events.Kevin is the coauthor of “The Social Media Sales Revolution: The New Rules for Finding Customers, Building Relationships, and Closing More Sales Through Online Networking” (McGraw-Hill). Kevin is also a contributing author of “Learn Marketing with Social Media in Seven Days” (Wiley). Kevin’s background includes being the top salesperson for four different companies including being the top salesperson in the world for an international consulting company with over 300 salespeople in 15 countries. He has trained hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of professionals on the most profitable uses of LinkedIn, Social Selling, and Relationship Marketing since 2004.Kevin also has the most individually, hand-written, client Recommendations (1915+) on his LinkedIn profile among over 550,000,000 LinkedIn users worldwide. He’s also been married for 23 years to a woman he met when she booked him to play piano at her wedding to another man. Yes, that last sentence is true. And he has a face for radio (his words, not mine!).Connect with Kevin at:http://www.kevinknebl.comhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinknebl/Subscribe or Leave a Review on iTunes


1 Mar 2018

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017 Kevin Knebl: Shake Rattle and Roll

Fun with Joel Comm

Welcome to Episode 17 of FUN! If we put our minds to it, we can figure out how to incorporate more fun into almost anything that we do. But if you are not having Fun doing what you are doing, you are probably doing the wrong thing. For most people, that is a radical concept. Not today's guest, though. Kevin Knebl exudes the word FUN. He is an International Speaker, Author, Trainer, and Joie de Vivre Coach among other things. If you take away anything from this episode take this: Take time on a daily basis to just unplug and sit to do some creative thinking. We need the time to flush out our busy thoughts built up during the day. KevinKnebl.com Kevin on Instagram Kevin on Twitter  Kevin on Facebook 


4 Jan 2017