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2021 Oscars Reactions | Ask Astrid with Nick Smith

The Derek Diamond Experience

After 15 months, the Oscars have returned. Derek breaks down his thoughts on the production of the ceremony, the controversial ending, and theorizes on what the Academy could have done instead of a traditional awards show (1:05). Plus, Derek is joined by filmmaker Nick Smith to discuss the making of his short film “Ask Astrid”, dealing with Covid-19 protocols while filming, why the Emerald Coast has a great film community, his work on “The Referral” and “Zombeez”, and advice for aspiring filmmakers (26:35).


29 Apr 2021

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Episode 4 - Nick Smith - Alpkit

WoAcA Division - Piddling with Poddling while sometimes Pedalling

It's a lengthy chat with Nick Smith one of Alpkit's founding members, but pretty interesting. Sit back grab a coffee and relax and find out how Alpkit got off the ground, how the brand has grown and kept it's ethos of providing good kit at good prices for everyone to enjoy the outdoors including the development of their own bike brand - Sonder. How they got into bike packing way before it became trendy. Their decision to buck the industry trend and are now committed to providing plus sized women's clothing. 

1hr 7mins

24 Apr 2021

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Chat with Nick Smith about fall in Soap Creek and our Flash flood in Rock

The Canyons Are Calling

In this episode I talk to my friend Nick Smith. We start talking about when he fell 90 feet in Soap Creek Canyon and was able to climb out and drive to the hospital. We go on to reflect about some guiding memories including a flash flood in Rock Canyon near Kanab. As always we discus what we learned from each event. Remember Canyoneering is dangerous. We all need to do what we can to mitigate our risks on each adventure.   Nick now guides for Kanab Tour Company. Here is a link to see what they have to offer. https://kanabtourcompany.com Here is a link to the beta for Soap creek canyon. http://ropewiki.com/Soap_Creek_Canyon  This is a link for the type of block Nick was using when he fell. http://ropewiki.com/Figure_8_block  This is a link to the flash flood video I found.https://www.flickr.com/photos/98609086@N05/9679984597/in/album-72157635403088726 Remember flash floods kill people every year!! Be safe out there!  If you have an idea for the show please email me at thecanyonsarecalling@gmail.com Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/489678298671354 Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/canyonsarecalling Back ground music is by Chris Zollinger: Chris Zollinger is a Professional Handpan player, Drummer/Percussionist, Environmental Activist, Eagle Scout, and Florida Master Naturalist. He recently relocated to southern Utah from Sarasota, Florida where he played music and guided kayaking tours in gator filled waters as a master naturalist. You can find out more about Chris and buy his CD at https://www.zthehandpanman.com Intro Music is by Tig Booth. You can reach out to him by email nathaniel.booth@gmail.com or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nathaniel.booth.9  To keep me busy at work and to read more about canyoneering you can go the Imlay Canyon Gear Website. https://www.canyoneeringusa.com Our cover photo was taken by Eric Beard. Your can follow him on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/desert_rat75/ See ya in a couple weeks, the canyons are calling, I need to go!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/shirlz-rox/message


18 Mar 2021

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Exploring the Value of Empathy in Sales Development with Nick Smith

The Drop In CEO

On this episode of the Drop In CEO podcast, Nick Smith explains the advantages of empathy and conversation when developing a strong foundation for sales. Listen in as Deborah and Nick discuss being in alignment with your client’s goals, building meaningful relationships through conversation, and learning to ask the right questions that make prospecting feel less stressful and allowing the sales to “just happen.” Nick Smith a relationship builder, problem solver, and innovator. He’s currently the head of sales and marketing for Seven Hills Technology. Nick has a broad background including service in the US Navy, big pharma, real estate, manufacturing, inventing, consulting, and sales. His personal mission is helping others to solve problems through relationships, coaching, and innovation. You can connect with Nick via LinkedIn at: www.linkedin.com/in/nickreedsmith When I began the Drop in CEO Podcast, I knew that the best advice we could ever receive was from people who had been there. Now that we're over 80 episodes in, I thought it was time to pool some of the best advice into a collection that you could use to elevate your leadership and start putting humans first. You can download the full guide here: https://bit.ly/humancentricheroSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


1 Mar 2021

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Ep249: Navigating Your Way to a Book with Nick Smith

1000 Authors

Vicky sits down with Nick Smith, the Financial Navigator, and talks helicopters, backwards cats called Clive, and why he wrote a book about wealth and financial sovereignty. In which we ask: what does financial sovereignty even MEAN? What is wealth, really? And what was it like to write a whole book? Key Takeaways: [1:45] A little bit about Nick and what he does.  [3:45] We have to overcome a lot of misconceptions about money.  [4:40] Why did Nick write his book? [5:15] We are all facing information overload.  [6:55] What does your rich life look like? [8:55] What did Nick used to do before he became a financial navigator?  [13:10] Why did Nick want to write a book?  [14:45] Nick shares his book writing experience and some of the challenges he faced.  [16:45] What has Nick learned about himself during this time?  [18:25] The hardest part in the writing process was trying to find a structure.  [20:10] Nick needed a second voice in his ear to encourage him and keep him going.  [22:15] How long did it take Nick to write his book?  [24:20] Nick shares his writing process.  [28:10] Nick talks about his cat, Clyde.  Mentioned in This Episode: Website Order Vicky’s new book! 90-day Book Course Join Vicky’s Power Hour Banish the Blank Page of Doom-Fast: Why Writer's Block is a Myth, and Other Stories by Vicky Fraser Projectdingle.co.uk Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, and Overcast Big Book Idea Generator Creative book coaching Get Vicky’s latest audio book: That’s What She Said Somersetwm.co.uk/free-book


12 Feb 2021

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Voices from the Solitude- Nick Smith & The Future Fun-Der

Five Games for Doomsday

I interview the owner of  board game cafe, Ludoquist about a new funding initiative he's started. 


5 Feb 2021

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Coast to Coast: Nick Smith Offered & Lineup Shuffles

Inside Carolina: A UNC athletics podcast

On the first episode of the Coast 2 Coast Podcast of 2021, Sherrell McMillan and Sean Moran join Joey Powell to talk about a new offer to guard Nick Smith, UNC's close win over Notre Dame, and the team's upcoming game against Miami. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


4 Jan 2021

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Nick Smith of Hotglue on the past, present & future of digital


Get all links mentioned in the episode here: bit.ly/196-nicksmithSkip through the episode: 00:28 - Welcome to Uncommon01:09 - Guest introduction01:46 - Icebreaker04:06 - Childhood memories07:51 - The early days of digital media12:12 - Digital marketing: the turning point15:31 - Breaking through in digital today23:40 - Founding Hotglue 30:34 - Running & growing an agency38:25 - Agency culture with a remote workforce45:29 - Founders: still in the trenches  50:12 - Hotglue: structure at 30 staff53:29 - Principles: working with clients59:37 - Morning & evening routine 01:01:58 - Show recommendations01:02:51: If Nick could have a billboard in Melbourne

1hr 7mins

24 Nov 2020

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Journey 026 - Spicing Up the Beer Industry with Nick Smith (Founder of Steam Machine Brewing Co.)

Creators Abroad

Part 1: The Origins of Steam Machine Magic [03:06]We discuss Nick's transition from science teacher to craft beer brewer and what made him decide to take the risk, exchanging job security for a beer adventure.Favourite Question and QuoteQ2: How confident were you that your product would appeal to people in the North East? [12:55]"I'm a big believer in not asking your customers what they want because they don't know until you give it to them" [13:13]Part 2: Innovating Tradition [14:24]Steam Machine Brewing Co. produce beers with thought and care. Each beer is different. Each beer is a flavour explosion. So, what makes their beer so special?Favourite Q & QQ6:  How is your view different from traditional views on beer [18:00]"A lot of traditional breweries rely on subtle nuance. I don't believe in subtle nuance. I don't want to present you with five beers and you think 'Well that one just tastes the same as that one'. "I want every beer you try of ours to make you go: 'Wow, that's completely different. That's a flavour explosion in my mouth.'" [19:00]Part 3: The Brew Master’s Choice  [42:11]Nick's brewery offers much more than just beer. We talk about diversifying your business and the difference between focusing on profit versus creating a close-knit community through direct customer sales.Favourite Q & QQ9: Is it important to diversify your business? [46:08]“The Brew Room has grown hand in hand with us... Having that direct customer, anything you can remove from a chain of sale so you dealing directly with people, you become part of a journey, part of a story along with your customers and I think that is the best for any sustainable business." (47:24)Resources MentionedNetflix Series: Barbarians Author: K. J. Parker - author of dark fantasy novelsTry Steam Machine Brewing's unbelievably good beer! See their selection and order online: https://steammachinebrew.com/ They ship nationally.Follow them on: Facebook, Instagram, TwitterHave you Tried our App?We have our own app! You can now get the podcast episodes, updates and valuable links straight to your phone. Download it now in the App store or Google Play store. Show your support by liking and sharing the podcast with friends and family on social media:FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTubeSubscribe to my newsletter: regenerationstudio.co.uk

1hr 1min

10 Nov 2020

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Interview with Nick Smith

OUTPUT gallery

OUTPUT gallery works exclusively with creatives from or based in Merseyside. In the latest episode, we speak to Nick Smith about his beginnings with art education, his practice as a whole, and his current show here at the space. For the exhibition, Smith is exhibiting his 2020 split screen video ‘Where Were You When It Was Shit?’ This is alongside a series of photo works titled 'In The North West It Rains And It Rains And It Rains.' These pieces examine the artist’s youth growing up in Merseyside from 1974-1996, a turbulent period for the region in a show that calls into questions whether history might be on the verge of repeating itself, given the current state of politics and welfare in the UK. You can find the transcription for this episode on: outputgallery.com/podcast Artist: Nick Smith / instagram: @nrt_smith  / twitter: @nrtsmith Host: Gabrielle de la Puente Contact: outputgallery.com / output@thekazimier.co.uk / @outputgallery Jingle: Michael Lacey / michael-lacey.co.uk


29 Oct 2020