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Episode 130: A Cog in the Machine with Casey Jakubowski

The BeerEDU Podcast

The BeerEDU Podcast Episode 130: A Cog in the Machine with Casey Jakubowski.  Kyle & Ben are joined by Casey Jakubowski (@caseyj_edu) for a second time to chat about his latest book, A Cog in the Machine, available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and through Edumatch Publishing!  They chat about the story behind the book, how it connects to Casey's first book, Thinking About Teaching, and how the world needs to learn more about civics and civility.  You can hear Casey's first appearance on the show on Episode 072.  Check out the shownotes for this episode at www.beeredupodcast.com. Have any feedback or suggestions for Kyle and Ben? Want them to talk about a topic that interests you or want to learn something about beer? Send them an email at info@beeredupodcast.com, tweet them @BeerEDUPod and use #BeerEDUPod, hit up Beeredupodcast on Facebook, follow on Instagram @beeredupod, check out the YouTube channel at bit.ly/beereduyoutube or drop a voicemail using the Anchor app.  And please consider leaving a review on your favorite podcasting app to help others find the podcast! Visit www.beeredupodcast.com for more information on Kyle & Ben, episodes, etc. If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, click on the Contact and Subscription Info link of the website and fill out our guest form! The BeerEDU Podcast is partnered with School Rubric to bring you great content from educators around the world! Learn more by visiting www.schoolrubric.org. The BeerEDU Podcast is part of the Codebreaker Podcast Network! Find and listen to other great educational podcasts like Teachers Talking Teaching, Student Centered World, STEM Everyday, Teachers on Fire, My Edtech Life!, and more at www.codebreakeredu.com!--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-beeredu-podcast/support

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13 Aug 2022

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EduLaunch: A Cog in the Machine with Dr. Casey Jakubowski

EduMatch Tweet & Talk

Join us as Mandy (@froehlichm) interviews Dr. Casey Jakubowski (@CaseyJ_edu) about his new book, A Cog in the Machine: Creating Your Own Story, available now. Music: Ron Madison (@madison_ron) Production: Sarah Thomas (@sarahdateechur) EduMatch.org | edumatchpublishing.com Contact us for book studies, professional learning, and/or to buy in bulk!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/edumatch-tweet-talk/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/edumatch-tweet-talk/support


1 Feb 2022

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Rural Education, ft. Dr. Casey Jakubowski


This week I welcome rural education expert and author Dr. Casey Jakubowski to the program.Featuring:Dr. Casey JakubowskiSponsor:Db JourneyCreditsHost: Mr. SGuest: Dr. Casey JakubowskiExecutive Producer: Mr. SSound Engineer: AJOutreach Specialist: Jon


11 Oct 2021

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Ep 86: Casey Jakubowski, Rural Teacher and Consultant

Unprofessional Development

Mealey and Tudisco talk pedagogy with Casey Jakubowski, a rural Social Studies teacher and educational consultant. We discuss why empathy matters, why tests don't, and how to properly use yard sales... Check out his book, Thinking About Teaching Follow him on Twitter @CaseyJ_edu Interested in his team-building and creative solutions?  Check out CTJ Solutions, LLC! And just for fun, here are some yard sale suggestions for new teachers! Don't forget to like and subscribe, and follow us on Twitter @unprocast Have a funny story or suggestion? Email us! Sponsors: HelloFresh! Link: https://hellofresh-ca.o5kg.net/c/2544961/791027/7893 Code: HFAFF80 Offer: $80 Discount ($50 - $20 - $10) Including Free Shipping on First Box!

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30 Aug 2021

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Summer Conversation Series 06 - Brent Coley and Casey Jakubowski

Punk Rock Classrooms

Summer Conversation Series - 06Brent Coley and Casey JakuboswkiThe PRC Summer Conversation Series continues!One of the cool things about summer and punk rock is all the big shows and festivals. A ton of bands getting together and putting on one giant show! We decided to try and do the same thing with our Summer Conversation Series. We wanted to bring as many people on as possible to answer the question, what is one thing you would do to change education?On this episode Mike sits down with two of his fellow Edumatch Publishing Authors to and asks them to answer our summer conversation series question. Brent Coley, author of Stories of Eduinfluence discussing inequities in school funding while Casey Jakubowski, author of Thinking About Teaching, focuses on the way we engage students about their own work.So get your wristband on and get ready for the PRC Summer Conversation Series!Intro/Outro music - "Dni" by Man or Astro-Man?Transition Song - "Anesthesia" by Bad ReligionFind Brent at:twitter.com/brentcoley instagram.com/bacoley www.brentcoley.comFind Casey at:twitter.com/CaseyJ_edu bit.ly/CaseyteachingFind us at:www.punkrockclassrooms.com https://www.teachbetter.com/podcasts/punk-rock-classrooms/Twittertwitter.com/punkclassrooms twitter.com/MikeREarnshaw twitter.com/JoshRBuckleyInstagramwww.instagram.com/punkclassrooms www.instagram.com/mikerearnshaw www.instagram.com/joshrbuckleyCheck out our PRC Playlist here for all of the rad tunes we use:bit.ly/PRCPlaylist


9 Aug 2021

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E33 - A situation you don't wnt to be in as a new teacher wit Casey Jakubowski

Can't Make This Up

#teamdynamics consulting; #keynote speaker conflict management; Education policy; Civics Educator; Leadership and life coaching Colonie, NY Website: ctjakubowski.weebly.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cantmake/support


19 Jun 2021

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269: Casey Jakubowski chats with us about the current state of education and the work he is doing as a coach and consultant to help educators become their best!

Teach Better Talk

Casey Jakubowski chats with us about the current state of education and the work he is doing as a coach and consultant to help educators become their best! More at www.teachbetter.com/podcast/caseyjakubowski Casey's Recommendations EdTech Tool: Twitter Friends Books:  Permission to Screw Up: How I Learned to Lead by Doing (Almost) Everything Wrong by Kristen Hadeed Im Sorry Story by Melody McAllister Who do we need to follow on Twitter or Instagram Today? Melody McAllister (Twitter) What's A Good YouTube Channel, Podcast or Website for Educators? The Beer Edu Podcast Daily, Weekly, or Monthly routine every teacher should get into? Meditate and give yourself a moment to get jumpstarted Best piece of advice you’ve ever received? "To thy own self be true" Links to Connect With Casey Website or Blog: https://ctjakubowski.weebly.com/ Twitter: @CaseyJ_edu Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CaseyJthinkingaboutteaching Book(s): Thinking About Teaching (Edumatch) Any other? https: //www.edumatchpublishing.com/--- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/teach-better-talk/message


14 Jun 2021

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Ep.066 -- Dr. Casey Jakubowski -- #ChangeTheNarrative & Better Schools for Better Communities

ClassCast Podcast

ClassCast Podcast Ep.066 features Dr. Casey Jakubowski, a professor, author, and teacher from upstate New York sharing his views on education in the United States, our need for greater civic education and engagement, as well as how we can "#ChangeTheNarrative" about our school system's successes and failures. Casey has worked in K12 and higher ed., in humanities and STEM, in the classroom and in leadership roles. Through his long and varied career, he has gained unique perspectives on what our schools do, how they function, and what we can do to improve how we serve students and communities. From standardized testing to specialization, from civics to community influences, we cover it all. Casey also shares a heartfelt story of family, loss, and students rising to the occasion and making change in the world.  You can contact Casey on Twitter and LinkedIn or leave a comment below if you want to continue the conversation.  Table of Contents (*highlights)0:00-4:29 -- Intro to Casey Jakubowski4:29-12:43 -- The Purpose of School According to Casey (#ChangeTheNarrative) **12:43-15:23 -- "Defunding" Schools15:23-33:37 -- Casey's Ideal School & How to Get There *33:37-44:34 -- Standardized Testing, Opportunity Data, & "Learning Loss" *44:34-54:43 -- Humanities, STEM, & Real Human Stories54:43-1:02:17 -- How Politics Limits Schools *1:02:17-1:11:01 -- Book/Movie Recs & Wrap-Up​​The ClassCast Podcast streams on all major platforms, including iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Audible, Stitcher, and more.  You can also find us on YouTube and at www.ClassCastPodcast.com.  Be sure to like, subscribe, follow, share, and comment wherever you listen.   Leave a comment below to let us know what you think of the discussion and if you have any questions!Support the show (http://paypal.me/TibbensEST)

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10 May 2021

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Episode 45: Thinking About Teaching with Casey Jakubowski

Flipboard EDU Podcast

This week marks one year of this podcast’s trek in building a viable resource for teaching and learning during this pandemic. We strive to highlight teachers, administrators, students, and parents who are thriving in the era of remote learning. We have been extremely lucky to have amazing educators share their recipe for success or excellence.Casey Jakubowski is an excellent addition to the catalog of scholars who share best practices during COVID-19. I met Casey two years ago when we were both guests on an EduMatch Podcast with Sarah Thomas. His passion for education impressed me and I learned a lot from his perspective as an educator in a rural environment. I had hardly considered the plight of rural educators as they often face separate but equal challenges in educating various student groups. It was eye-opening to hear about the difficulties they face in maintaining viable resources and preparing students for standardized tests, especially in comparison with their urban counterparts.In this episode, we speak with Casey about Thinking About Teaching and its application during the pandemic. We discuss ways to improve teaching to tailor it to the needs of all learners, especially those who need hands-on experiences. Casey explains why teaching civics is critical to the sovereignty of the nation and a viable educational system.Flipboard EDU Magazine Flipboard Educators Blog Copyright Chillhop Music - https://chll.to/b9bb917bCopyright Chillhop Music - https://chll.to/6cd0b356Copyright Chillhop Music - https://chll.to/fae889b3Support the showPodcast Planner for Teachers and StudentsFlipboard EDU Magazine Flipboard Educators Blog Flipboard EDU Podcast Website Connect with me:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coachjeffery/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FlipboardEDUPodcastYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Coachjeezy/Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoachJefferyLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/coachjeffery/Website: https://coachjeffery.flipedupodcast.com/


25 Apr 2021

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Episode 44 - Dr. Casey Jakubowski (Author, teacher, consultant)

Upstate Regular

This week, Shane interviews author, consultant, and professor Casey Jakubowski. Jakubowski has earned his PhD from the University at Albany with research into rural school consolidation. Jakubowski is the author of "Thinking About Teaching: A Rural Social Studies Teacher's Path to Strive for Excellence" published by EduMatch. Jakubowski is the Chair of the Liberal Arts and General Studies Department at Hudson Valley Community College. This interview features a discussion about the Capitol insurrection, civic education, online information and social media, and the decline of "community" in the United States.If you liked the show, please subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast app, leave us a review, and follow us on social media! It helps us a ton and you will be aware of new episodes.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/upstateregular)


5 Feb 2021