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Paul Kortman #46: Waarom “rechtpraten” wat niet goed voelt?

Ongekend Talent Podcast

Hoofdstuk 1 (00:08:30): Introductie van het boek Groots HollandHoofdstuk 2 (00:19:28): Start transitie Pauls levenHoofdstuk 3 (00:37:10): Voortdurende transitieHoofdstuk 4 (00:50:35): Coaching en het bedrijf PK2Hoofdstuk 5 (01:14:47): WelzijnsmonitorHoofdstuk 6 (01:33:34): Experiment, Dennie krijgt coaching…Paul Kortman is aangeschoven bij Dennie van Diesen aan tafel. Deze no-nonsense schrijver, coach en trainer deelt zijn inspirerende kijk op het leven. Er wordt uiteraard gesproken over zijn boek “Groots Holland”, maar de man erachter staat centraal. In dit diepgaande gesprek vertelt Paul open en kwetsbaar wat hem ertoe bewogen heeft zijn leven anders in te gaan richten en uiteindelijk om te gooien. Hij legt uit dat hij heeft geleerd gevoel als leidraad te gebruiken en in te zetten als moreel kompas. In plaats van in oude patronen vastzitten, kan je voorbij groeien aan de beperkingen die opvoeders en opleiders (met alle goede bedoelingen) hebben meegegeven. Kortom kwetsbaarheid accepteren en toelaten. Waarom zou je iets “rechtpraten” als het niet goed voelt? Laat je inspireren en luister deze podcast!Deze podcast wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door:www.probu.nl www.gulliver-trainingen.nl www.sportstechcampus.com/breda/ www.linkfotografie.nl www.rootmedia.nl www.myrthekoppelaar.nl www.tastypresent.nl/ www.misstroubleshooter.nl/

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10 Nov 2020

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Finding Financial Freedom Online with Paul Kortman – Episode 011

Wake Up To Freedom Podcast: Freedom Lifestyle / Freedom Business / Quit your job / Break out the 9 to 5

Rolling on with Episode 11 of Daniel Carbonel’s Wake Up to Freedom Podcast introduces us to Paul Kortman. Paul is a digital nomad and even though he is married with four kids he is able to support his family on what otherwise be a very expensive lifestyle that only millionaires could afford. Or maybe Paul is a millionaire himself! Being a digital nomad was never Paul’s dream, but he was able to find financial freedom online and that’s how it all started. Find out more from this episode on how Paul was able to raise his family while traveling across continents on a very efficient budget plan.Who is Paul Kortman?Paul Kortman is the owner and operator of Home Along The Way.com. This website which includes a blog, family travel blog, books, podcast and other interesting things showcases his success by creating financial freedom online. They are a family of 6 who have chosen to be location-independent and in 2014 they’ve decided to sell everything they had and started traveling all over the world! They have been to Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, San Francisco, USA, South Africa, Portugal, Bulgaria and Malaysia; and they don’t intend to stop any time soon. Paul is easily making over half a million dollars a year just by our estimates, but he claims that most of the places he and his family have been to only cost them $1,000 a month to live in. That already includes rent, airplane tickets, rented vehicles, food and other expenses – which is crazy considering the inflation and high costs of living in almost every place you go. But Paul was able to do it through his digital marketing chops and amazing wits.Why Did He Decide to Become a Digital Nomad?Paul didn’t actually plan to become a digital nomad and he merely called his wife’s bluff about the whole location-independent thing after listing to a podcast called, “Tropical MBA.” They simply decided one day that they were going to travel the world and live a freedom lifestyle business while maximizing their family time together and never miss out on time with their kids again. They were able to do this by creating financial freedom online and the returns from their investments (time and effort) were very positive and he and his wife are so pleased with it. Having successfully established himself as a premier digital marketer with his own digital marketing agency, Paul, being a normal human being that he is, wanted what other successful people had. Things like expensive clothes, gold watches, pieces of jewelry and other accessories, exotic cars and big houses that he thought would make him and his family happy. However, pondering on that idea he realized that it was contrary to what they all wanted as a family – time freedom. Having created his freedom business now and finding the gold at the end of the rainbow which is financial freedom online, he doesn’t need all those material wealth anymore even though he could afford to buy them. No, the goal was to spend time together, love each other, and enjoy life to the fullest.What Does He Want You to Do with Your Life?Often digital marketers are among the kindest people on Earth that you’ll ever meet and it’s not because they make lots of money and enjoy a freedom lifestyle business. But rather it’s because they see the potential in every person they meet and they know exactly how to make any person a successful entrepreneur and create their own financial freedom online. So if you ask what Paul wants you to do with your life? Well, he would want you to become as successful and as happy as he is. Once you receive so many blessings, selfishness will not be found in you and all you want to do is to share all these blessings to every soul you touch. What You Will Learn from this Podcast: What it’s like being location-independent Why becoming a digital nomad is good for you What it takes to find financial freedom online Recommended apps and books


2 Jul 2018

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Paul Kortman: Video Content Marketing as a Teaching Tool for Your Customers

The Magnificent Marketing Podcast

In this interview, we sat down with Paul Kortman, CEO of Connex Digital Marketing.


18 May 2018

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EP 027 – Nomadic Life with Paul Kortman

Design You Podcast

Paul Kortman is a certified nerd, a nomad and a marketing extraordinaire who has loaned his insights to a variety of businesses. In 2010, Paul combined his 12 years of expertise in Information Technology, and digital marketing into his agency, Connex Digital Marketing. Since then Paul has gone on to co-found three other companies and help countless businesses succeed through marketing and increased sales.In the last 7 years doing various projects for his clients, Paul and the team at Connex have found a couple of simple techniques which mean their clients win every time.When he is not busy helping business startups, he loves to travel with his wife and 4 lovely kids and they live on the road as a location independent family.Say yes to living the life you want, as Paul and ‘Tina chat about living a nomadic life.Connect with Paul Kortman at homealongtheway.com and nomadtogether.com and connexdigitalmarketing.com Connect with ‘Tina Murray at http://tinamurray.com/Connect with ‘Tina on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TinaMurrayInsideAngle


8 May 2018

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Paul Kortman: Key Tactics for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The Magnificent Marketing Podcast

In this interview, we sat down with Paul Kortman, CEO of Connex Digital Marketing.


23 Mar 2018

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80: Harness The Power Of SEO To Leverage Your Content with Paul Kortman

Your First Thousand Clients with Mitch Russo

Google can help users get to you when you can provide the answer to their questions and show the system that you're an authority on the topic. This is where Paul Kortman helps clients dispel myths and rumors around SEO. He explains how links are equally important to leverage your content. He reveals how diving deep into the market you are writing about can help you find what is missing for people so that they will become interested in you. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join the Your First Thousand Clients Community today: mitchrusso.com Mitch Russo LinkedIn Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


16 Mar 2018

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Paul Kortman is a Nomad

The Dots Podcast

Paul Kortman and his family live a location-independent lifestyle. He’s a certified Nerd, having spent 12 years in the IT jungle. He’s figured out a thing or two about digital marketing and started Connex Digital Marketing in 2010. Just three months later he founded his second company Bulko, and a year later went on to start his third company ThingShare.co Both of these companies focused on collaborative consumption. A concept that drives large organizations like Airbnb and FlipKey. But what people say the most about Paul is that he can connect the dots, he is nerdy enough to know the nitty gritty details of search engine algorithms yet personable to explain the high level of those details in such a way that people can understand and take steps to improve without his further assistance. He likes to blog about search engine and social media marketing. Paul is also passionate about travel. He, his wife and 4 children have chosen a life of location independence. In early 2014, they sold their house and most of their possessions and are making home as they go. They are location independent and loving it. They homeschool and Paul’s business is all virtual/digital so as long as he has an internet connection they can continue to make the same income they made while owning a house. The family is choosing to improve their quality of life through travel and opening their kids’ eyes to a broader worldview. While they were doing research and planning for their ‘round-the-world trip as a digital nomadic family, they discovered a lack of support for full time traveling families. The struggles of culture shock, the thought of raising kids in a community that doesn’t speak English. “We were seeking people who have done this before, what are the tips, the advice, the possible pitfalls in what they were doing.” They had no place to ask these questions, so upon completing their inaugural trip, they wrote a guidebook to help other families who were interested in living a similar lifestyle. They now have a podcast and are here to support other families committed to pursuing their dream lifestyle. The Kortmans are currently over-landing in an RV through Mexico heading for Ecuador and blog about it at Home Along the Way. Sponsored by and Bluehost


27 Feb 2018

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The Chris Voss Show Podcast 172 Paul Kortman of Connex Digital Marketing

Chris Voss Podcast

Paul Kortman of Connex Digital Marketing The post The Chris Voss Show Podcast 172 Paul Kortman of Connex Digital Marketing appeared first on Chris Voss Official Website.

18 Jan 2018

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Ep83 Life on the Road with a Family of 6 RVing Through Mexico - Paul Kortman 🇲🇽 🌮


Paul Kortman and his family of 6 are digital nomads and living a life on the road RVing through Mexico all while running a digital marketing agency. Paul actually has two ripcord moments and we go deep into both of them. "How can we lower our cost of living dramatically while improving our quality of living?" The first is when he quit "the best job he ever had" to start his own marketing agency. The second is when him and his wife with 4 kids sold everything in Grand Rapids Michigan to go location independent and travel the world while still running the agency. Things didn’t initially go as planned. Within 3 months of them being digital nomads, Paul lost 3 clients that equated to 90% of his revenue and things quickly imploded. We discuss... How they planned to leave Grand Rapids for good and travel the world as digital nomads. When things quickly fell apart just 3 months into their journey. Returning to Grand Rapids to re-group and re-build their digital marketing agency. Buying a 300 square foot RV for the family to continue their nomadic lives. Living and working in Mexico. The digital tools that he relies on to run his business and thrive as a location independent entrepreneur. The ups and downs of living a life on the road with a family of 6. "Yes, I could make more money but I would have to work more and what's the fun in that?" This is a story of a resilient family that refused to give up on their dreams of living and working from anywhere and a motto that they’ve adopted when their traveling lifestyle hits a roadblock is, “if we are going to laugh about it later, why not laugh about it now.” Show Notes HomeAlongtheWay.com PaulKortman.com Connexdigitalmarketing.com The Nomad Together podcast Mentioned: The Tropical MBA, The Family Adventure Podcast Tools that Paul depends on to run his business from anywhere: Slack, Trello, Google Hangouts, Zapier, Skype, Google Voice, T-mobile Sponsors PrintDirtCheap.com – Rockstars in printing with over 30 categories of printing products doing it FAST and doing it CHEAP. Use promo code ‘LIFEHUNTER’ for $10 off of your print job or request a free sample of their work. Check out clickplacement.com to design your search engine marketing strategies and launch an epic PPC campaign. Support the Go Hunt Life show by making a donation to help keep the life hunter stories coming at Patreon.com/gohuntlife


9 Jan 2018

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Location Independence Living. Interview with Paul Kortman

No sitting on the sideline dad

On this episode of the No sitting on the sideline dad My interview with Paul Kortman. Some of the things we discuss were location independents, living life without no fear, investing in your children and there more to experience in life than just the norm. links: Nomad Together podcast page Subscribe to the Nomad Together Podcast in Apple Podcast Subscribe to The Nomad Together in Stitcher Nomad Together Podcast  on Twitter Ways to subscribe to the podcast! Click here to subscribe via Apple Itunes Click here to subscribe via Android Help support the show! No sitting on the sideline Patreon Page Amazon.com affiliate link  Facebook Page


19 Oct 2017