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Your Days Will Become Your Story And Ultimately Your Legacy With Jen Brazeal

The Blossoming Moms Show

In this episode, Jen and I talk about, -Why Jen is spending her time encouraging and teaching a simple, unhurried life -Why knowing which tools to use is so important in making sustainable lifestyle changes -How to cultivate and live intentionally in your story -Habit-stacking and how it can impact your overall motherhood journey Show References: Connect with Jen Brazeal! Time Management For Motherhood Text "Blossom" to 208-273-1767 Blossoming Moms Programs + Services Use code PODCAST for 10% any program + membership! Connect With Us On Social! Share the LOVE Did you enjoy today’s episode? Let us know by leaving us a rating and review on iTunes and be entered to win a program or membership! Have a question you’d like to hear answered? Send us an email at info@blossomingmoms.co or connect with us over on Facebook or Instagram @Blossomingmoms_co. 


15 Feb 2021

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24: Purpose, Clarity, and the Unhurried Life with Jen Brazeal

Connect the Dots

Today is a podcast in the making for almost a year. I was finally able to sit down with Jen Brazeal. Jen and I met at Blissdom in Nov 2019. Jen has such a sweet soul and is on a mission to help others find an unhurried lifestyle. But Jen didn’t get to this spot overnight, she was a teacher and photographer, an author, and now podcast host! She shared her journey with me and along the way gave such good insight on how to find purpose and clarity. I hope you enjoy this girl talk session as much as I did. It’s one I’ll be listening to again and again. ------------------------ Jen’s Links IG: @jenbrazeal Jen’s website: https://jbrazeal.com Creative Business Startup Audiobook https://jbrazeal.lpages.co/cbs-free-audiobook/ Total Phone Declutter (Free Photo Challenge): https://jbrazeal.com/OYPC ------------------------ Let's get ready to connect the dots! XO, Heather Social Links: @msheatherbdot @polkadotdesk thepolkadotdesk.com References: The E-Myth Revisited  Getting to Know God’s Voice


2 Dec 2020

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Ep 16: Living an Unhurried Life with Jen Brazeal

The Connected Mom Life

We hear it all the time. We need to be more PRESENT in our lives. But what does that actually mean? And what does that really even look like when juggling work, kids, friends, and managing a house!? In this episode, Jen Brazeal paints a picture of what it can look like to live with intention, while sharing practical and tangible strategies that you can implement TODAY to help you do less, so you can enjoy more. SHOWNOTES: https://www.theconnectedmomlife.com/16 CONNECT WITH JEN: Jen Brazeal Website The Unhurried Life Podcast Connect with Jen on Instagram MENTIONS: How To Put Down Your Phone with Charles Duhigg The Tech Wise Family LET’S CONNECT! Instagram @theconnectedmomlife Facebook @theconnectedmomlife Join the Connected Mom Life Community  ARE YOU A FAN OF THE PODCAST? If you loved today’s episode, would you head to your favorite podcast app and leave a rating and review? The more ratings and reviews the podcast gets, the more moms can find it to gain support in living a truly CONNECTED life! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theconnectedmomlife/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/theconnectedmomlife Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theconnectedmomlife Build Your Village Freebie: https://bit.ly/GrowYourVillage


9 Nov 2020

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Organizing Your Photos & Family Memories With Jen Brazeal

Purpose Driven Mom Show

In this episode of The Purpose Driven Mom podcast, we are joined by Jen Brazeal from The Unhurried Life. Jen helps moms with simplification with their routines and organization of memories. If you’ve ever felt like your family could do with less screen time and aren’t sure how to scale it down (without facing huge backlash) then this podcast is for you! Jen talks us through how to effectively organize when it comes to your memories, specifically your photos, and processes for tackling them if you have never done it before… and dread the thought. You will learn how to ‘cull’ your photos in order to save only the most precious memories, in order to simplify your life. This episode is for you if you have a lot of photos on your phone and are overwhelmed, or simply don’t know how you could use them and showcase your memories. A PURPOSE DRIVEN MOM SHOW NOTES: apurposedrivenmom.com/podcast75/ FREE WEEKLY CHECKLIST: https://www.purposedrivenmomprenuer.com/weekly-checklist-trello-board/


22 Oct 2020

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Living An Unhurried Mom Life with Jen Brazeal

Gotcha Mama

I don’t know about you, but the change of pace we’ve gone through in the world over the past several months has me thinking about busyness and what it means to slow down. Like really slow down and do things with a purpose. Without stressing about it or being forced to. My guest Jen Brazeal has a business teaching and showing moms how to live an unhurried life with little kiddos. How nice does that sound?!  Is it even possible? That’s what we talk about in this episode. Jen is passionate about showing mamas how to slow down, get all the laundry done, and live as the best version of themselves! We talk about: Her journey to living an unhurried life What it means to her to live an unhurried life with three little ones A few small changes she made in her life that led to a big difference in how she shows up for her kids Her family’s transition to screen-free and some tools she relies on now to keep it up - without pulling her hair out on the daily! Connect with Jen: jbrazeal.com The Unhurried Life podcast Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jenbrazeal/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jen.brazeal Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/jennib/ For show notes and resources mentioned: http://www.gotchamama.com GOTCHA MAMA INSTAGRAM:  https://www.instagram.com/gotchamama/ GOTCHA MAMA FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/gotchamama/


25 Aug 2020

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Episode 44: Embracing the Unhurried Life with Jen Brazeal

The Renew You Podcast

“Sometimes love is tough. Sometimes we have to do that hard thing for our kids so that they become people of integrity.” - Jen Brazeal In today's episode, Jen Brazeal shares her best tips for embracing the Unhurried Life and finding ways to enjoy it.In the interview, Jen talks about practical ways to slow down, let go of technology, get chores done with simple routines and be a woman of your word in parenting. In a time where many of us are spending hours at home, this is a great interview to ignite your passion for doing things to differently to get out of the monotony of thoughtless patterns that wear us down and replacing them with new ways to enjoy the ones we love with intention. . . . . . . .‘RENEW YOU’ Show Notes:Host Quinn Kelly highlights Romans 12:2 thinking by helping readers reflect on this thought:The WORLD says this: Keep moving until you burn out. But God’s WORD says this: “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” - Matthew 11: 28-30EPISODE NOTES AND RESOURCES MENTIONED:A huge THANK YOU to Jen for joining us on the podcast this week!You can find Jen online at:On InstagramDownload Jen's Unhurried Life Starter Kit at www.jbrazeal.com‘RENEW YOU PODCAST’ SOCIAL MEDIA:For all things Renew You, check out our website and social media pages:Renew You Website: www.renewyoupodcast.comInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/renewyoupodcast/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/renewyoupodcast/RENEW ANNOUNCEMENTSThe Renew Perfect Vision 2020 Conference is now scheduled for August 28-29, 2020. Go to renewfaithconference.com for updated information and to RSVP.‘RENEW YOU PODCAST’ SOCIAL MEDIA:For all things Renew You, check out our website and social media pages:Renew You Website: www.renewyoupodcast.comInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/renewyoupodcast/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/renewyoupodcast/A HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR AMAZING SPONSORS/SUPPORTERS:Jack & Monroe Boutique - Trendy women’s clothing: http://www.jackandmonroe.com/Kingwood Moms - Giving Moms the gift of time: https://kingwoodmoms.comMonica Humphrey - Your friend, your neighbor, your realtor: www.monicahumphrey.comWellness Friends - Peace, Love, Oils: https://www.wellnessfriends.net/Special thanks to all of our PATREON SPONSORS! We greatly appreciate your support of Renew You.SUPPORT THIS PODCAST:To help support ‘Renew You’ including website and marketing expenses, interview costs and staff on a monthly level for as little as $1 a month, please check out our Patreon site at: https://www.patreon.com/renewyoupodcast.QUINN’S BLOG -- SANCTIFICATION AND SPITUP:Sanctification and Spitup Website: www.sanctificationandspitup.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/SanctificationAndSpitup/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sanctificationandspitup/This Podcast would not be possible without the help of our dedicated and talented team/crew. Thank you all!If you have any questions about what you heard on today’s episode, please email us!


22 Jul 2020

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EP. 97 Taking Steps Towards An Unhurried Life with guest Jen Brazeal

A Sunny Side Up Life Podcast

In a generation where busy and chaotic are normal, it takes intentionality to break free and reach for peace. Thankfully, there are amazing women like Jen Brazeal from The Unhurried Life to walk alongside us. In this episode, Jen shares all about how her family transitioned from surviving to thriving. She walks us through how she stopped complaining, how she made her housework easier, and even how she’s raising her kids screen-free. Plus, she shares what she wishes she would have known at the beginning of her motherhood. IN THIS EPISODE, SAMI + Jen CHAT ABOUT: Transitioning from surviving to thriving How to break free from the chaotic “normal” lifestyle Learning to live complaint-free Tips for how to batch your life + chores Advice for raising your kids screen-free Resources for photo organization RESOURCES MENTIONED: Subscribe to Sami’s YouTube Channel >> [Book] Complaint Free World The Photo Organization Workshop Podcast Home Page Leave a Podcast Review DID YOU KNOW I'M ALSO A YOUTUBER? Yep! I’m back to posting new videos every week on my YouTube Channel + I’d love for you to subscribe so you don’t miss any future uploads.   MEET OUR GUEST I'm Jen from The Unhurried Life, I like long walks (with my double bob), gourmet cuisine (with my crockpot), and beautiful things (phone pics of my kids)!  In my past life, I was an elementary teacher turned photographer, after my 3rd babe came into the world I switched gears to podcaster and online educator!  Now I get to help mamas create simplicity in their day too. Instagram | Facebook | Website | Podcast I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU... Reviews are everything on iTunes! Would you take a minute and click here to leave a review? If you have a question or comment about this episode connect with me over on Facebook or Instagram.  WHO IS YOUR PODCAST HOST? Sami Womack is the brains behind A Sunny Side Up Life. Her weekly chart-topping podcast has been downloaded over 100,000 times. When she’s not downing caramel coffee and rocking a little girl on her hip (literally), she’s creating content, collaborating with finance/minimalist organizations, and inspiring women all over the world to live an intentional life. She began this journey with her high school sweetheart, Daniel, and a debt price tag of $490,000. They both took control of their family’s finances by downsizing, budgeting, and changing habits. From this experience, A Sunny Side Up Life was born. Today, Sami owns this business helping women get through dark times and experience the life-altering magic of intentional living. She offers a jump start into money mindset with the FREE Magic + Money Course + a full budgeting experience with Your Sunny Money Method.


2 Jul 2020

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Organize Your Photos (Without the Overwhelm) with Jen Brazeal

With Intention

Today my guest Jen Brazeal is breaking it down for you - how can we organize our photos in an intentional way without feeling overwhelmed with the amount of photos or how behind we are in organizing them (you'll see that is the case for me!). I hope you enjoy this actionable episode! Find Jen on Instagram Jen's 5 Day Photo Challenge Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website Simple Morning Lists Sponsors: Natural Cycles Use Code Minimalish for 20% off an annual subscription Feals Get 50% off your first order


22 Jun 2020

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Insight from a Mompreneur on Living an Unhurried Life with Jen Brazeal

The Sweetest (and Toughest) Job

Jen Brazeal was an elementary school teacher when she decided her passion was in photography and she was ready to make the leap into doing that full time.  She left her career and and started her own photography business which she quickly grew into a very successful endeavor.  After having her third baby she decided to switch gears again to teach others what she had learned in starting and growing her own business.  On this episode, Jen and I are talking about making that leap and how she now balances working her business and growing it with being a Mom to three young children.  Highlights from the episode include:Redefining the word "balance" as a Mom; relying on things you consider gainers rather than drainersLiving the "Unhurried Life" - the name of her podcast and mantraHow she transitioned to a mostly screen free family with three young childrenRe-thinking how you do laundry - it could help you be unhurried!Embracing your passions and taking a leap in your lifeJen likes long walks (with her double bob) grommet cuisine (with her crockpot) and beautiful things (phone pics of her kids)!  In her past life she was an elementary teacher turned photographer, after her 3rd babe came into the world she switched gears again, funny how that keeps happening in life, to podcaster and online educator!  Sharing with mama's how to slow down, get all the laundry done and live as the best version of herself!Connect with Jen by visiting her website https://jbrazeal.com/and on Instagram @jenbrazealGrab the Unhurried Life Starter Kit from Jen!As always, we would love to continue the conversation with you on our Instagram @sweetestandtoughestjob or Facebook The Sweetest and Toughest JobVisit https://www.sweetestandtoughestjob.com/ for additional episodes, blog posts, guest contact info and resources.Thank you for listening!


18 Jun 2020

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1M Project Podcast with Jen Brazeal

1M Project Podcast

Episode 66 with Jen Brazeal Jen may have had a seemingly blissful childhood, but she still had to figure out some things on her own. While on her faith journey, Jen admits that she is still discovering how to find her way and offers listeners some things she's picked up along the way. #TheUnhurriedLifePodcast #RaisingKiddos #WorkingMom #AtHomeMom #Faith #Blissdom Find Jen Online: Instagram Website Facebook Unhurried Life Podcast Jen Mentions: Mother's Day Out Lean In Inspiring words from Jen: "I wasn't really in a stage where I could truly assess myself because I was too busy comparing myself to other people"


9 Jun 2020