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Clare Wood: Money Mindset

Brand You Magazine Podcast

Each of us have money stories we tell ourselves that influence our relationships with money. Find out how Clare coaches her clients to use tools such as manifesting, meditation and journaling to rewrite their money stories and adjust their money mindset.We chat all things:Rewriting your money storiesGetting comfortable with investing in your businessJournalling, manifesting and mediation: finding the mindset tools for youKnow your money, inside and outSubscribe to the connected digital magazine FOR FREE here: https://www.subscribepage.com/by-general


26 Aug 2021

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Overcoming Money Obstacles for Faster Growth with Clare Wood

Simply Standout Marketing Podcast

Money drives most business decisions, yet we all have money mindset obstacles and advantages that play a role in whether we grow our business fast and with confidence, or slowly and by putting in more and more of our own time. Business coach and money mentor Clare Wood share with us her expert insights, tips, and strategies to overcome your small business money obstacles so you can start growing faster.Clare is a self-confessed numbers nerd, who left her job as an accountant in the corporate world to become a business coach and money mentor, and a wrangler of 2 little boys. With a love of empowering entrepreneurs to manage their money and make more money, Clare is here to talk about obstacles that might be holding back the growth of your business, and strategies to navigate the path to a bigger impact.Leave a review. I’d love to hear what you think.


12 May 2021

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Clare Wood on getting back up when your launch fails, the magic of relaunching and why you don't need a big aud audienceience to launch

Socialette: Bite-Sized Online Marketing Podcast

This episode, I'm joined by one of my biz besties, Clare Wood, to talk about bouncing back after a launch flop, why you \*need\* a pre-launch, and why audience size doesn't matter as much as you think it does! Join my FREE challenge - 5 Days to Crystal Ball Clarity on Your Winning Digital Product Idea at http://stephtaylor.co/challenge Are we Instagram friends yet? Connect with me over at http://instagram.com/stephtaylor.co


18 Apr 2021

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The Million Dollar Mindset with Clare Wood


This week Tim sits down with Clare Wood, Business Coach, Money Mentor and host of the extremely successful Clare Wood Podcast. We discuss how the stories you have been telling yourself about money are holding you back, how to achieve the right mindset around money and wealth to unlock the next stage in your financial development and Clare shares some simple strategies she used to launch her podcast to Number 2 on the iTunes business podcast charts. Hope you enjoy . Connect with Clare here:  The Clare Wood Podcast Website Instagram Facebook Pinterest Join the Backable Community: Podcast Member’s Facebook Group LinkedIn Backable Instagram Tim’s Instagram YouTube Website


17 Mar 2021

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Clare Wood on Money Mindset Transformations

Simply Smarter Numbers

Today I’m talking with fellow business coach Clare Wood. Clare has recently developed a love for, and a deeper understanding of all things money mindset transformation. She has spent a lot of time learning about the topic of money mindset recently so we are chatting about what it means to have a great money mindset and what it can do for you and your business.  We talk about having healthy money conversations with your spouse as well as your accountant and how your mindset can impact your pricing with discounting and undercharging. I recently read a quote from money mentor and expert Marla Diann - ‘How you do money is how you do everything!’ I love those words, they are so true in business and in life. So let’s get Clare’s perspective on the money transformation that can happen when you elevate your money mindset.


9 Mar 2021

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Money Mindset For Your Launch with Clare Wood

Learn To Launch

This is the second time Clare Wood has been on the podcast - I am a huge fan! I really hope you enjoy this podcast where we talk all things money, mindset and how that can effect your launch.  Follow Nicola  www.instagram.com/nicoladixon.co www.nicoladixon.co Follow Clare  www.instagram.com/clare_wood_coach www.clarewood.com 


3 Mar 2021

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Make more money with greater ease / LEARN with Clare Wood

The Leah Crisell Show

In this episode, I am joined by an amazing business coach Clare Wood. She is an ex-accountant now helping service-based entrepreneurs grow from 6 to 7 figures.  If you feel stuck and don’t know where to start to scale up your business, this episode is for you. We’ll jump into what is stopping you from making more money, 7 figure business best practices, money mindset and more! You don’t want to miss: The key things you need to do if you want to make more money in your business Biggest mistakes you could be making How to run your business more effectively and profitably Mindset blocks that are stopping your from scaling  Things to do to seek more momentum Practices to do for abundance mindset Secrets 6 to 7 figure business owners do that sets them apart from others Links and resources: Follow Clare on Instagram: @clare_wood_coach Visit her website Clare Wood Follow me on Instagram: @leahcrisell For more about me and what I do, check out my website. Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on all the juicy tips on how to build an influential personal brand, coming up soon! And, if you enjoyed this episode, please leave me a rating and a review! Thanks! 


23 Feb 2021

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What's the ROI on that? A chat with the fabulous Clare Wood #52

The Lit Up & Liberated Entrepreneur, from passion to profits, with digital products

I really LOVED this conversation with Clare Wood, and trust me, you will too! We jumped onto Zoom in late November and I've been saving it for season two!Clare's a super experienced Business Coach, with a passion for all things money. Or as she likes to say 'Business Coach & Money Mentor'.I've been following Clare via Instagram and her Podcast for a long while now and I knew she would bring it....and she did. While she doesn't lead with marketing (as I do), let's be honest, understand the ROI of your efforts is a key component when it comes to effectiveness.So we traverse all sorts of topics along these lines and she shares some absolute nuggets of wisdom.Fun facts:Clare sees herself on a Global stage aka Marie Forleo styleAnd is currently writing a book to grow her reach and impactOne of the things that attracts me to Clare is her utter authenticity and in this episode we go there (eg talking about 'failed' launches')I investigated working with Clare a few months ago only to discover she doesn't coach coaches, her focus is on service based online businesses beyond coachingMake sure you grab your note pad for this one!Yvette xLet's get to know each other better:Join the Lit Up & Liberated Entrepreneur FB group hereDOWNLOAD MY FREE 'Copy that Converts' workbook now, it's simple, effective & proven!


15 Feb 2021

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Why Everyone Should Hire A Business Coach with Clare Wood

Learn To Launch

As my business evolved and pivoted there were moments when I couldn’t get clarity on my ideas and sort help from Clare Wood- my first experience working with a coach and it was the best decision I ever made! In this episode we talk about why everyone should consider hiring a coach, tips on finding the right coach & Clare shares her money mindset tips! Follow Clare Wood www.instagram.com/clare_wood_coachwww.clarewood.com Follow Nicola Dixon www.instagram.com/nicoladixon.co 


15 Sep 2020

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Confidently Manage Your Cashflow with Clare Wood

Richuals® to Seven

In this episode I sit down for a chat with Clare Wood.Clare Wood is a business coach, a marketing and money mentor, an ex-accountant (but a cool one), a wrangler of two young boys, a drinker of wine, a podcaster, a manifestor, a wanderluster, an encourager and a reality TV fan. She is host of The Clare Wood Podcast and has a membership, a mastermind and does one-on-one coaching to help struggling business owners make more profit in their business.We chat about some hard hitting topics such as:what confident cashflow is all abouthow managing money can be learnedprojecting a financial runwayInsta                    www.instagram.com/clare_wood_coach/Podcast:             www.clarewood.com/podcast/Website:             www.clarewood.comJOIN THE WAITLIST for Million Dollar Money Management: https://clarewood.mykajabi.com/mdmm-waitlistBUY CONFIDENT CASHFLOW: https://clarewood.mykajabi.com/offers/zJA7c82r/checkout MORE ABOUT RUBY...>> Sign up to my SOUL LED BU$INESS💫 course here>> Access my FREE CLASSES✨ here>> Find and send me a message with me on INSTAGRAM📸 here>> Find out more about COACHING WITH ME💛 here


14 Sep 2020