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Ending Sexual Violence Shame with Madeleine Black

My Life Beyond Post Natal Depression with Susan Scollen

Madeleine Black was violently raped at 13. She numbed out, shut down, minimised what happened and was in denial, which led to many physical and mental challenges. Despite that, she was able to  move through it all and her best revenge has been to live her life as best she possibly could by refusing to be identified by what happened. Now, she shares her story to enable others to heal. Be inspired.


15 Sep 2021

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Courage, with Madeleine Black


Madeleine Black is a Glasgow-based public speaker, courage cultivator and author of the memoir, Unbroken. Her personal story is one of sexual violence and trauma, and, ultimately, healing, forgiveness and profound personal courage. In this episode, Kim Forrester chats with Madeleine about what it means to cultivate courage and find the inner strength to heal, forgive, share our story, and thrive. This episode is made with love and without expectation. If you like what you hear, you may consider supporting Kim's work at buymeacoffee.com. 


3 Aug 2021

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Madeleine Black: Rape Survivor And Thriver

Flip Your Lid with Kim Honeycutt

Trigger Warning: This episode contains sexual violence.In this episode, Kim Honeycutt interviews Madeleine Black, who was violently assaulted. They discuss the behavior that happens after trauma, how to have fulfilled relationships moving forward, and more about her powerful story of healing. Madeleine Black's Bio:I have an unusual personal story which I use to inspire and motivate others. I chose to forgive the two men who gang-raped me when I was thirteen years old, and I share my story for many reasons.I want to end the shame, stigma, and silence surrounding sexual violence, enabling others to find their voice, whatever their story is. I want people to know that it's not what happens to us that is important but what we do with it. I will show how changing my mindset tapped into my resilience and transformed my life, making people question their own thinking and encouraging them to see that there are always choices to make, and if we choose to, we can get past anything that happens to us in life both professionally and in our personal life. I want to encourage others to live their lives courageously, too, but ultimately, I want to inspire hope and show people that we are all so much stronger than we think we are.The sharing of my story publicly on The Forgiveness Project's website in September 2014 opened many doors for me in ways I never imagined, and the invitations started to pour in. Many women and men got in contact and explained how reading my story gave them strength, hope, and a different perspective of what's possible in their lives. I have taken part in both TV and radio interviews and has been invited to share my story of being gang-raped as a teenager at conferences, book events, schools, etc. I recognize that I was a victim of a crime that left me silent for many years but has now found my voice and intends to use it. Not just for me, but for so many who can't find theirs yet.


13 Jul 2021

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49: I forgave the men who gang-raped me at 13: Madeleine Black

On the Edge with Andrew Gold

Madeleine Black told her story in her book Unbroken, which is now also a podcast. At just 13, she was led drunk to a bedroom in a vacant flat in London by two American 17-year-olds, who raped her. Thanks to the episode's sponsor, the language-learning app Babbel. Sign up using my promo code of EDGE on http://babbel.co.uk/play. Madeleine Links: Unbroken Podcast: https://podfollow.com/1534721507 Unbroken Book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Unbroken-Journey-Shattered-Violence-Survival/dp/1786062763 https://twitter.com/madblack65 https://instagram.com/madblack65  Andrew Links: http://youtube.com/andrewgold1 http://instagram.com/andrewgold_ok http://twitter.com/andrewgold_ok http://patreon.com/andrewgold http://andrewgoldpodcast.com

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19 Apr 2021

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Unbroken: The Power of Forgiveness – Madeleine Black

The Mental Fitness Podcast

Please note this episode contains discussion of rape.Madeleine has an unusual personal story which she uses to inspire and motivate others. A deeply moving and empowering story, as she discovers that life is about how a person chooses to recover from adversity. We are not defined by what knocks us down – we are defined by how we get back up.Violently gang raped when she was thirteen years old, and raped three more times before the age of eighteen, Madeleine has experienced more trauma in her life than most ever will. Living in a state of shock and self-loathing, it took her years of struggle to confront the buried memories of that first attack and begin to undo the damage it wrought, as men continued to take advantage of her fragility in the worst possible way.Yet, after growing up with a burden no teenager should ever have to shoulder, she found the heart to carry out the best revenge plan of all; leading a fulfilling and happy life. For Madeleine, forgiveness was the key. True forgiveness takes genuine effort. It takes a real desire to understand those who have done us so much harm. It is the ultimate act of courage.You can find her on LinkedIn or via her website https://madeleineblack.co.uk/Our mission is to help people develop their mental fitness so they can achieve more than they thought themselves capable of.Please join the conversation on Instagram @AntTaylor72 and @the_mental_fitness_podcastThe podcast music is “Where To Run” by Strength to Last. It’s created by the musical talent of Adrian Walther, a Canadian living in Nashville. Check out his music on Spotify and YouTube music.threefifty9.com


29 Mar 2021

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155 Unbroken with Madeleine Black

Focus on WHY

Shut down by shame, it took decades for Madeleine Black to find her voice and be heard. Now Madeleine is the voice for the voiceless, speaking for those who aren’t yet able to find their voice and in doing so she encourages them to speak up. As the Courage Cultivator, Madeleine’s voice is her power and she believes it is her duty, her purpose, to use it on behalf of people to help shatter the silence. Madeleine uses her personal and moving story to shatter the shame, stigma and silence surrounding sexual violence. She shows us that it’s not the events in our life that define us, but by how we choose to reclaim our lives after them. How we become unbroken. KEY TAKEAWAY “You can go through some awful, awful times but you can come out and you can thrive and you can live your life. I'm always amazed by people and what they're capable of. How we can just transform all of that pain into something positive.” ABOUT MADELEINE “I remember wishing they would kill me to make it all end.” It takes courage to speak the unspeakable. But for many years, Madeleine Black felt too afraid and too ashamed to utter a word of what happened to her. Violently attacked at the age of thirteen, her story is one of pain but also of healing, resilience and forgiveness. Through her words, Madeleine hopes to help others find the courage to speak up, whatever their story in order to live their life fully. CONNECT WITH MADELEINE Unbroken the Podcast with Madeleine - Black  https://www.buzzsprout.com/1386718/5763175 Website - https://madeleineblack.co.uk/ TEDx Glasgow 2019 – “Unbroken – Speaking The Unspeakable” - https://madeleineblack.co.uk/tedx BOOK RECOMMENDATION* Unbroken: One Woman's Journey to Rebuild a Life Shattered by Violence. A True Story of Survival and Hope by Madeleine Black - https://amzn.to/2P3s6gS ABOUT THE HOST - AMY ROWLINSON Amy is a Life Purpose Coach, iTunes #1 Podcaster, Speaker, Mastermind Host and Property Investor. Through coaching and workshops, Amy works with businesses to Focus on WHY to create people-centred environments, by improving productivity and employee engagement by focusing on fulfilment, values and purpose. Amy inspires and empowers entrepreneurial clients to discover the life they dream of by assisting them to make it their reality through their own action taking. Helping them to focus on their WHY with clarity uniting their passion and purpose with a plan to create the life they truly desire. If you would like Amy to help you on your podcast hosting or to focus on your WHY then please book a free 20 min call via www.calendly.com/amyrowlinson/enquirycall Please sign up for the weekly Friday Focus newsletter at https://www.amyrowlinson.com/subscribe-to-weekly-newsletter CONNECT WITH AMY https://www.joinclubhouse.com/@amyrowlinson https://www.instagram.com/focusonwhy/ https://www.instagram.com/amy.rowlinson/ https://www.facebook.com/RowlinsonAmy/https://www.facebook.com/focusonwhy/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/focusonwhy/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/amyrowlinson/ HOSTED BY: Amy Rowlinson DISCLAIMER The views, thoughts and opinions expressed in this podcast belong solely to the host and guest speakers. Please conduct your own due diligence. *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


18 Mar 2021

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Season 3, Episode 7 Madeleine Black on victim blaming and ending the shame, stigma and silence associated with sexual violence.

Trauma Resonance Resilience

**Warning for listeners** This Episode references violence and abuse towards women and children throughout.This conversation, while booked weeks ago, is recorded in light of Sarah Everard’s body being found and a Met Police Officer being charged and named. Reclaim These Streets, having organised the Clapham Vigil which has since been considered illegal by the Met Police, have set up a page to raise £320,000 to donate to women's charitable causes.  https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/reclaimthesestreetshttps://www.whiteribbon.org.uk/ Website – www.madeleineblack.co.ukBook - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Unbroken-Journey-Shattered-Violence-Survival/dp/1786062763Facebook – www.facebook.com/MadeleineBlackUnbrokenTwitter – www.twitter.com/madblack65Instagram – www.instagram.com/madblack65Instagram – www.instagram.com/unbrokenthepodcastwithmbLinkedIn – www.linkedin.com/in/madeleineblackspeaker444YouTube – www.youtube.com/c/MadeleineBlackUnbroken


13 Mar 2021

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Is forgiveness possible after experiencing trauma? With author & speaker Madeleine Black


This week's guest is Madeleine Black. a TEDx speaker, storyteller for The Forgiveness project and author of her memoir Unbroken, in which she writes about being gang-raped at 13, and how over the years she managed to peel back the layers of trauma, to find ways to heal, thrive and eventually forgive.If you are affected by the details in this episode you can get help from www.bacp.co.uk or https://rapecrisis.org.uk/ Host & artist Lou Hamilton and Madeleine, discuss how she had to go really deep to unearth and remember the details of the dreadful night that saw the end of her childhood, but how with the right help she could stand firm in her shame and let it dissolve. With that she was able to see that she was not what they did to her, and so she found freedom through forgiveness.In this way this Woman of Courage brings us her Story from the Edge.You can find out more about Madeleine on https://madeleineblack.co.uk and you can follow her brand on Instagram @madblack65 & listen to her podcast UnbrokenJoin our tribe https://www.brave-new-you.com/tribe and follow us on instagram @bravenewyoutribe and Lou @brave_newgirl CLUBHOUSE: @LouhamiltonThanks to Podstar PR - the Podcast Guest Agency for producing, & sourcing guests for the series https://podstarpr.comMusic is licensed from Melody LoopsSupport the show (https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=S7WVQQ2YC26RN)


17 Feb 2021

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Episode 7 | Madeleine Black | Unbroken

Becoming More Significant with Sylvia Baldock

Madeleine Black has an unusual personal story which she uses to inspire and motivate others.  She chose to forgive the two men who gang raped her at thirteen years old and she shares her story for many reasons. She wants to end the shame, stigma and silence surrounding sexual violence enabling others to find their voice, whatever their story is. The sharing of her story publicly on The Forgiveness Project’s website in September 2014, opened many doors for Madeleine in ways she never imagined, and the invitations started to pour in.   In March 2018 she won the Amazing Strength award at the No. 1 Magazine Amazing Women Awards and in October of the same year was asked to be the Patron for Say Women, a Scottish organisation which offers safe accommodation and support to young women who are survivors of sexual abuse/rape and who are homeless.  Her memoir, Unbroken, was published on April 4th 2017www.madeleineblack.co.uk www.facebook.com/MadeleineBlackUnbroken www.twitter.com/madblack65 www.linkedin.com/in/madeleineblackspeaker444 *                                *                                        *                                  *                                  *Sylvia Baldock has been transforming lives from the tender age of 13 when she ran a youth group for deprived teenagers in Glasgow, Scotland.Throughout her varied career from Theatre Sister in Open heart Surgery to a Masterclass Facilitator, Speaker, Business Mentor/Coach and Author, Sylvia has inspired and motivated thousands of people to recognise the unique value they bring to the workplace and to live a life of purpose and impact by Becoming More Significant.Sylvia works with Leaders, Aspiring Leaders, Teams and Individuals who want to increase visibility, confidence, focus, clarity, communication, collaboration, motivation, productivity and growth.If you would like to know how you can Become More Significant right now, book a 20 minute free coaching call by emailing  sylvia@sylviabaldock.com CONNECT WITH SYLVIA BOOK A FREE 15 MINUTE CALL.https://calendly.com/sylviabaldock/15minEmail: sylvia@sylviabaldock.comWebsite: http://www.sylviabaldock.comFacebook Podcast: https://www.facebook.com/becomingmoresignificantFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/sylvia.baldockTwitter: http://twitter.com/SylviabaldockLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sylviabaldockYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWdQsJi6pxyoHzxZ0VseaGA TEDx: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZ38TJVpVI0


30 Jan 2021

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#032 - Unbroken: The Power of Forgiveness with Madeleine Black

The Workplace Communication Podcast

After decades of silence, Madeleine Black decided to share her story about being gang raped at the young age of 13. She’s passionate about speaking out to end the shame, stigma and silence surrounding sexual violence and to help others find their voice too. On this episode of The Workplace Communication Podcast, Madeleine speaks with us about the power of forgiveness, both in our personal lives and when leading a team. Leadership tips you won’t want to miss: 🎙️  The journey of healing and forgiveness 🎙️  The liberation of finding your voice 🎙️  The prerequisites for being ready to truly forgive 🎙️  The power of recognizing our common humanity 🎙️  How leaders can model acceptance and forgiveness If you’ve been dealt a difficult hand in life and are ready to let go of feeling bitter, or want to harness the power of forgiveness in your own life, then this episode is for you. If you’ve enjoyed this episode, please be sure to subscribe and leave a review.  Madeleine’s contact information: Madeleine’s website Unbroken – The book Unbroken - The Podcast with Madeleine Black Lindsay’s contact information: To book a discovery call E-mail lindsay@collaborative-solutions.ca Lindsay’s website LinkedIn Previous podcast episodes


25 Jan 2021