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Ep.6 Chloe Madeley

James Haskell - What A Flanker: The Podcast

James talks to wife Chloe Madeley about how they met, what it's like dating a rugby player, and the mentality of being a 'WAG' in today's sports culture. She also shares some hilarious insight into drinking with the team and what life was like for James (and her) under Eddie Jones' management.Chloe's new cook book, Eating For Results, is out on December 31st 2020. If you want to join The EC Method, you can find them here: https://www.theecmethod.co.uk/James' book Not A Flanker is also out in hardback, ebook and audiobook now. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


27 Nov 2020

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Chloe Madeley - Haskell's Sexual Preferences - Inside Harry & Meghan's Wedding & Masturbating With Deep Heat

The Rig Biz Podcast

Mrs Haskell aka Chloe Madeley is here to reveal all the secrets behind her marriage to the fridge, from his sexual preferences, to his faux paxs, to him being a creep stalking her before their first date and a deeply embarrassing occurrence which happened the first time they made love - all is revealed. Chloe also lifts the lid on; what happened at Harry & Meghans Wedding Afterparty, growing up in the spotlight, drink driving, depression, fitness, ex-boyfriends, masturbating, Only Fans, future television plans, blow outs, and much much more... On the show we also discuss - Chris Robshaw's big lash up with the Baba's (and possibly Archie), Halloween plans, the walk of shame, the top listeners product ideas for A.C Ltd and a whole host more of ridiculousness. Manscaped are back with an incredible 20% discount offer and free shipping for all of our listeners - please check out their incredible new 'Perfect Package' including the brand new Weed Whacker - ORDER YOURS NOW - WITH 20% DISCOUNT CODE - RIGBIZ20 https://www.manscaped.com/products/the-perfect-package-3 We've got a remarkably high end clothing partner in Beaufort & Blake who are incredibly generously giving 15% off all their clothes (jumpers, shirts, trousers, boxers etc) for a limited time only - all you have to do is go to - www.beaufortandblake.com and type in the code - RIGBIZ15 We're also lucky enough to be partnered with Sons who are a Men's health brand that’s helping guys with one of the key health issues they don't often talk about - how to keep their hair! Get £20 off your first order with the code - RIGBIZ20 - https://sons.co.uk/ Stay Safe & Love & Champagne Freddy & Archie


28 Oct 2020

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EP53- Chloe Madeley| Fitness

Secure The Insecure

Hello and welcome to Secure The Insecure the podcast hosted by Johnny Seifert.This week daughter of Richard and Judy, Chloe Madeley joined Johnny to talk about growing up with famous parents, being integral to the fitness industry in the past ten years and her new podcast with James Haskell called Couples Quarantine which you can find on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and anywhere else you get your podcasts from.This week I am lucky to have two sponsors:@BeautyByAmberley on Instagram. Amberley gives the best beauty treatments in North-West London including massages, facials and more so get in touch with her to book an hour of heaven.@justhangrygirl on Instagram. Sasha makes the best chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin loaf in North-West London. Make sure you put an order in today to satisfy those cravings!If you want to get in touch me I am on Instagram @johnnyseifert See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


2 Oct 2020

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The Importance of Rest and Recovery after training, with Chloe Madeley

Health Unwrapped

Welcome to episode eight of Health Unwrapped, where we rejoin Chloe Madely to talk about the importance of rest and recovery in your training. This was another episode recorded before lockdown and who knew how much our exercise routines would have to change, however it has been amazing to see the range of resources that are available for us to continue to maintain our fitness despite all the restrictions. Chloe was keen to talk about the importance of understanding what is happening to your body when you are training and why rest and recovery are so important and what nutrition does to help. What we discuss: If muscle growth is your goal what you need to do How to best manage your among DOMS and JOINT PAIN How long to train forHydration and how it helps your organs  - 70/80% of your body is waterWhat you should eat before and after your train including warming up and cooling down. Importance of stretching before and after Explanation of mitochondria and how you can help it to be restored with supplementsWhy Sleep is so important for you body Why rest days are essential - to let your body recoverJoin inflammation - how tumeric  can helpThermogenesis - How heat and cold helps your body perform and recoverProtein supplements and how they help  - but what is a decent protein bar.How you should be mindful of the macro nutrient breakdown isThe window of when you need to eat after training or optimal recovery SOCIAL MEDIA: Chloe Madely on Instagram Bioglan on TwitterBioglan on FacebookBioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 


15 Jun 2020

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Training with Chloe Madeley

Health Unwrapped

Welcome to episode five of Health Unwrapped, a somewhat timely episode after the bank holiday weekend as we join fitness guru Chloe Madeley, to talk about training. With most of us currently in lockdown due to COVID-19 Chloe also offers some useful tips on working out at home as well as talking about her gym routine, so be sure to bookmark this episode to listen to again, once we are all able to go back to the gym. Chloe has published three books, her latest one is called 'Transform your body with weights' and we talked about the stigma around women and weight training and what she thinks about it. She is currently writing her 4th book  and I wanted to talk to her about her introduction to training. Chloe explained how she hated sport as a kid which is hard to believe when you consider what incredible shape she is in. She also spoke about how much of an impact her training regime has had on her mental health. What we discussed: How Chloe started running in her late 20’s to help with anxiety (she hated running)  How she learnt to Olympic lift and the impact it had on her self esteemDifferent types of training you can do when weight lifting What is a physique athlete What you can do in 10 minutes and the impact of if on your metabolic rateHow to get started at the gymWho to ask for advice and what you should expectHow to manage the pressure of maintaining looking a certain way What is homeostasis - and how your body tries to get back to it SOCIAL MEDIA: Chloe Madeley on Instagram Bioglan on TwitterBioglan on FacebookBioglan on Instagram Full product details can be found via our website 


13 Apr 2020

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Episode 7: Chloe Madeley


Chloe Susannah Madeley is an English television presenter, freelance journalist, model, and fitness enthusiast. She is the daughter of former daytime tv presenters Richard Madeley and Judy FinniganA great human being, great chat!


13 Feb 2020

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James Haskell and Chloe Madeley talk all things I’m a Celeb, Rugby and reveal their newest ventures | Pull The Pin

Pull The Pin

This episode, Alan is 'pulling the pin' on The Haskells and their weird and wonderful life. Expect hilariously honest 'I'm A Celeb' insights from James, hear all about Chloe's latest fitness and personal training projects and receive a no holds barred look into their relationship.Chloe's 4 week fat loss series 'Body Blast' is available to watch on Prime now: https://amzn.to/3980NXG See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 9mins

30 Jan 2020

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James Haskell & Chloe Madeley at the Sharjah International Book Fair 2019 (04.11.19)

Pulse 95 Live

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4 Nov 2019

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Chloe Madeley

17 Questions

Welcome to 17 Questions!We’re asking celebrities, authors, YouTubers & broadcasters 17 of the most random questions you never knew you wanted the answers to.This week, author, fitness guru, model and podcaster Chloe Madeley joins us in the studio for 17 of the questions you never knew you wanted the answer to.Listen by clicking ‘Play’, subscribe on Apple podcasts, Acast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts, and please do rate and review to help other find the podcast. If you have a question you'd love to hear our guests answer, tweet us or drop us a message - we're @17Questions on all socials. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


1 Aug 2019

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#5 - How To Be A Bestselling Author - Chloe Madeley I The DadBodCast

The DadBodCast | Hosted By Shaun Stafford

In the latest episode of The DadBodCast we get Chloe Madely (Haskel) into the studio to discuss the launch of her brand new book and what it takes to be a best selling author!  We also take about life in the limelight, what it’s like to be married to a professional athlete, the power of social media and the big decision of starting a family or not! One of the best episodes to date, so download and listen now! #TheDadBodCast #ChloeMadley


13 Feb 2019