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42: Gaining exposure for your personal brand AND all things podcasting with Jemimah Ashleigh

The Content Queen Podcast

In episode 42, we dive into how you can start your own podcast and how a podcast in general can help you get exposure for your brand! Our amazing guest and award winning podcaster, Jemimah Ashleigh gives her 3 key tips and gives you the motivation you need to get started!  If you like this episode, don't forget to share it to your IG stories and tag me (@contentqueen_mariah & @jemimahashleigh)!  The key takeaways include: The basis to start your own podcast (3 main tips)  A guide on how to work with guests on your podcast  How to ask people to guest on your show How to promote your podcast  How to star on other podcasts Show resources: Learn more about Jemimah here!  The FREEBIE FOR IG REELS  Join my facebook GROUP Latest blog from me! - new one every THURSDAY (here is where you will find all the links to the tools) Episode on Influencer Marketing Power of Why TED Talk  Waitlist for Freelancer Program  Waitlist for Ultimate Content Creation Group Program  My new Vlog!       Connect with me: Instagram - @Contentqueen_mariah Facebook LinkedIn


17 Aug 2020

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Jemimah Ashleigh - Positioning your business for success

Get Off The Bench Podcast

Jemimah Ashleigh is a global authority on positioning, an international keynote speaker, MC and podcaster.Jemimah is an Australian set on world domination. After a decade long career in law enforcement, Jemimah now works exclusively as a positioning consultant and coach to reduce the alarming statistic that 97% of female owned start-up businesses fail within the first 5 years. Women are failing at almost twice the rate of men. Jemimah seeks to be part of the reason this changes worldwide.Jemimah started her journey in entrepreneurship with the creation of Tangs Design, an ethical jewellery business and then soon after started The Business Experiment Podcast. Jemimah is now the co-founder of Who Run The World.She has spoken in Indonesia, United States, Canada and Australia, and has had the opportunity to take the stage with the likes of:Valerie Jarrett - Former Senior Advisor to U.S. President Barak ObamaFrank Shankwitz - Co-founder of the Make a Wish FoundationElizabeth Broderick - Australian Sex Discrimination MinisterJemimah’s debut book ‘Position Me’ is an international best seller on Amazon, and her media coverage includes Huffpost, Thank You, Marie Claire, Qantas, Business Chicks, MamaMia, Financial Review - Women of Influence, and NBC News to name a few.As well as being a global thought leader in over 70 countries and having a reach of 6.3 million through social media and podcasting, Jemimah was also named in the Top 10 female entrepreneurs in Australia. She is also a board member of The Hope Project.Mentions:Jemimiah Ashleigh - https://www.jemimahashleigh.com/Tangs Design - https://www.tangsdesign.com.au/The Business Experiment Podcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/the-business-experiment-podcast/id1134351825Gary Vaynerchuk - https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/Jim Rohn - https://www.jimrohn.com/World Health Organisation - https://www.who.int/Bossy Pants - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BossypantsThe entrepreneurial dipThe 5 monkeys studyWho Run The World

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11 Jun 2020

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Episode 180: Jemimah Ashleigh, How to create a thriving business.

Fuel Your Legacy

This weeks guest is Jemimah Ashleigh. Jemimah is one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs. Having built three successful businesses, she is a highly sought-after business consultant, speaker and bestselling author. Jemimah also hosted the Australia’s #2 business podcast. She now works exclusively with entrepreneurs and CEO’s to build strong and influential personal brands to showcase their mastery to build a lasting legacy. She focuses on branding, focusing on mindset, market positioning, digital marketing to build profiles. This winning combinations set business owners up to excel in their businesses in less time and with greater efficiency. It is no wonder she has been named one of Australia’s Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs and Woman to Watch in 2019- and we have her here today.Links: https://www.facebook.com/jemimahashleighau/ www.jemimahashleigh.comWelcome back to the fuel your legacy podcast. Each week we expose the faulty foundational mindsets of the past and rebuild the newer, stronger foundation essential in creating your meaningful legacy. We've got a lot of work to do. So let's get started. As much as you like this podcast, I'm certain that you're going to love the book that I just released on Amazon if you will, your legacy, the nine pillars to build a meaningful legacy. I wrote this to share with you the experiences that I had while I was identifying my identity, how I began to create my meaningful legacy and how you can create yours. You're going to find this book on kindle amazon and as always on my website, Sam Knickerbocker comWelcome back to fuel your legacy and this week, and every week I feel like the guests that I'm having on are getting better and better and better. This week specifically, is a week to listen to if you are a female entrepreneur. You're in a business, you're striving to build something you want to be successful and show your worth and show other people and yourself that you can be successful in whatever you put your mind to. Then this is the episode for you. So I'm excited to bring to you, Gemma Ashley, she's from Australia. And she is on a mission, a crusade. She's, I mean, she needs more help, right. But part of her crusade is to help female lead businesses she according to her, she says 97% of female web businesses are failing. And her goal is to minimize that, if not eliminate it, which I love that trying to create these massive impacts and people Gemma herself, has built three successful businesses and as just a really highly sought after business consultant and has the number two if I'm reading this correctly, number two posted Australian podcast business podcast. So she's a scratch fish. She's no small fish. From the land down under. So I'm super excited, I'm excited to learn because of I, my primary clientele, if you listen to this podcast, you know, my primary clientele is females as well. Maybe from a different place, but I want to help them become successful and help them gain financial confidence to build and create a meaningful legacy to them. And so with that, go ahead and let us know, like where you came from how you got into this passion project of helping female entrepreneurs. And where's that headed? What do you building?Yeah, thank you. So I love that intro. Thank you so much. That was a great interview. Yes, sir. All of that stuff that you just said is accurate. So the United Nations released the horrifying statistic that 97% of female lead startups will fail in the first five years. This is what I don't know about you. But for me, this was pretty much an unacceptable number. And it gets worse when I tell you that female lead startup are failing at Twitter to write about male counterparts. So this is Such an absolute passion project for me in such a thing that I just find unacceptable for so many different reasons. But I'll just take you back a little bit first. So I've always worked in male-dominated areas. I started my career not in business at all. I used to work in law enforcement. And for 10 years, I worked for a company or an agency for the strange better place in Australia, and I live while I love my job after 10 years of being a law enforcement, I was exceptionally been out I was known as ever having a good day law enforcement, right, you've either got victims, you've got offenders and you've got community impact. And I was working instead of people smuggling, human trafficking, major drug offenses, like these are not little impact things for the community. These are significant challenges. So I was what Oh, sorry, only about 8% of females are kind of doing 8% of the population with a female. So I certainly always have kind of been in male-dominated areas in 2015I had a bit of experience that kind of changed everything for me where Ifound myself stressed and suffering for the first time sort of having anxiety attacks. And realize that I was sort of stressed out and needed to kind of get some work-life balance. And with that, I started my first business and wanted a little bit of a side hustle of a creative release. And I started making jewelry of all things. And the more that I learned about sort of making jewelry and the more that I sort of people that asked me to, to buy pieces, and I was so incredibly grateful for that. And I wanted to learn more and more about business, which is where the podcast comes in. So start learning as much as I can about a business I rapidly and then start the podcast. And sorry, it was yet named one of the top two business podcasts to be listening to which is pretty amazing. It was called the business experiment and we wrap that up in 2020, end of 2017. So I came up kind of beautiful podcast there and sort of again, now again, tech and being as male-dominated As well, where I started to sort of see this sort of thing about within a real sort of really started presenting itself was about networking events. I was doing them on my profile group, I was talking to more and more women and that was just like I just didn't have time. I'm struggling to get on top of what I needed to get done. And the reason that that and when I started digging into the statistics for women and why we're failing, it was the right there was a there was very much the identity, identify very quickly, that we have something called invisible tasking. This is the intangible stuff that we have to do. For example, we need milk today. Or no one's having a coffee. We need to take them to the vet. When you take the kids to school. We are going to vacuum the floor. This invisible tasking is giving like amazing visible jobs. I like four hours a day for women. Women are doing 85% on average, and I'm not as I know there are a few people out there will say my husband and I have a split or I certainly do you know my wife, I do the lion's share of that, that's great. But statistically, women are doing 85% of all household tasks. So this stuff adds up. And if you are doing four hours extra day, and 85% of all the other stuff, and you're trying to start a business, and we're looking at that business, taking at least two years to start to make a profit, if not even getting any revenue and adult you are something has to give your kids your family and it was always going to come to this. This is why women are opting out. Because leaders like we get we just physically, mentally and emotionally can't support doing all the things that we have to do. So being around now intelligent women and figuring out what the other thing women are doing, is we don't start at the beginning. We tend to go I think I understand the goals and values. I think I understand what I need to do next. And they try to skip steps because they just don't have as much time. We came up with this wild idea about what if we gave women the right tools The right time in the right order. And that's where this whole thing came from about giving women the right support at the right time.That's awesome.It's a lot. It's a lot of information. I just, youknow, it's interesting. So what, what made you want to go into law enforcement in the beginning, like what was the dream or vision? What were you fulfilling by being in law enforcement?Yeah, I grew up in a very rural community. Um, I like I'm talking, I can share a shape. I had to catch a bus for an hour to go to school every day. We had a farm, I can drive attract out like a very rural community. And for a lot of it, I didn't everyone sort of assumed that I would stay local and that I would be doing what 95% of people did become a teacher or a nurse or a mom and Mary that you know, 20 that was never really inherently in me. I did things at school like languages like Indonesian and French, and Russian history. And so all three of my high school years, but I, I fell in love with legal studies when I started doing Legal Studies. And what ended up coming out of that was a very smart teacher said to me, don't pick the end-all job that you want, pick something you're in a field that you're interested in when I was looking at Green university and college in 2013, and I went, Okay. And I got quite interested in legal studies and process and the Twin Towers at full and cheese earlier. You know, the war on terror was certainly well underway. And I realized that I liked this kind of area of psychology mates, law enforcement. And my dad had been a local police officer for many years. So I understood the legal stuff and I was interested in it. And that's where I decided I wanted to join these strange, better place and so I work through my way through the courts, getting some experience, then which over in prisons for a little while, and then our evod she Victoria place before Ultimately being recruited by these right?And yeah, an amazing job.That's awesome. And was at any point in time, did you have people who were thinking, why are you going into that field? Like, was it? Yeah, Sarah, she was trying to distract you from following that as your passion at that point time? Or was it like people support you have that goto things that can be true birthdays happened? So I remember picking sir, at the end of the mainstream schooling system, we have sort of a huge well, exam period, where the entirety of the state is ranked against each other. And you were given a number for where you sat percentage-wise. And so you know, everyone's going to get the 80s and 90s because that opens up every door. I sat sort of in the lower ideas, and I was offered two different degrees that I had asked to do. One was education and schooling I looked at during the secondary teaching for a little while. The other degree that I looked at was doing national security and again, filling inside your something I was interested in doing. And one of my teachers who I know meant well but missed the mark a little bit. He said to me, if you end up doing national security, you will going to end up working not doing security at Bob's don't do that. And I thought that's very narrow decided.I was like,a little possible outcome. Yeah, the only time I'm going to do is like any game, the bar that was nearby, like you're gonna I remember thinking, that was the first time I recognize that some people had we're never going to leave behind. And that's not going to be me in any way, shape or form. It's not going to be me. So then other people will see disappointed when I joined like my dad was a police officer. He was super supportive of me doing that and but again, always Very young, I was only 2022 when I sort of joined law enforcement. Sorry, a very young female. But you know, it was good it was a good career move.That's so interesting. I love that realization, I think more people need to have that in all areas of their life, not just a physical location geographically, like, man, some people are never going to leave. And it's okay that you leave them. That and that could be friendships, that could be family, that could be employed, that could be children. And that could be so many business partners, whatever. Some people, they're just flat, unwilling to grow and to develop themselves. And I'm not advocating for splitting up families, but I'm not advocating for that at all. There is however, a reality that we need to be conscious of what we owe allegiance to ourself as individuals first and if we choose to stay back, then we aren't actually able to help the people that we love most if we're willing to venture out and leave For a time, there's going to be a time when we become successful and all those people that we left that we abandon right or that they thought we abandoned them, that we're actually able to help them like nobody else could have helped them.I think I think, absolutely note it 100% agree with you, I think we have to recognize it is that people, I, I think most people are not trying to dissuade you from your dreams because they don't believe you can do it. They try to dissuade you because they're scared for you. And there's a big difference. So it's because they can't do it so that they don't want you to succeed. I think most people in everyone's life like if someone blatantly doesn't want you to succeed, you need to evaluate who you're spending time with. Because I mean, Jim Merton famously quoted You are the sum of the five people do not underestimate that the people that you're around, he grades by you pushing you to make you a better person. You need to be very acutely aware of where you're spending your time and what you know who was in influencing your circle. But I think, for the most part, people are just scared for you. And because they've never had the ability they don't know if you can do those people don't want to say fail. I think that's you know, for people that care about you. And then other people have more malicious kind of activity of like, well, I never go to succeed so you canYeah, I'm it's healthy it's a healthy dose of both I think in most people's lives. But the same realization, I think needs to come like okay, you're not going to change. Yeah, but that doesn't have to be my future. So I love that example. So you were there. Finally got some anxiety sounds like you just burnt out in your profession. Yeah. And years and 10 years is a long time. It's way past the average of somebody staying in any one career field,especially millennial like let's be honest,in our lifespan, and what we're looking at five to seven years is like the max for most Yeah. That's really where the average is at the high end of the average, to remain in an industry just because of shifting, shifting world tide. I mean, there are so many things that could implement that and I love that you went from. I mean, you have three very, very different industries. It sounds like law enforcement, to jewelry making, building a business and jewelry, podcasting, and now business coaching. I mean, there's so the three such different areas of working or four different areas of working. What was that transition like? And do you feel like it was a more natural transition or was it a big delineation between each transition,it was a very natural transition, I think the jewelry so the jewelry comes about I mean, New York City and I had a bit of a chance encounter where I was staying and I met a silversmith, who was making jewelry and I do would work in middle school, but I'm a little older, maybe I can't admit to but I was told when I wanted to do that in sort of the year 11 or 12 areas that I would be the only go. I certainly wasn't declined from doing it because I was female. But it was I was told with no uncertain terms. You will be in here McGill in this class. So maybe you don't want to do that. Okay. I'm sorry. I opted not to do their thing. So I refound something that I was very interested in. I liked working with metal and electric wouldn't. I grew up on a farm so I was like, hey, getting my hands dirty. and law enforcement isn't exactly keeping your hands clean a lot of the time. So I ended up sitting with a gentleman for a couple of hours, who was a silversmith and making jewelry pieces, which was incredible, was absolutely incredible afternoon, and I thought I really I'm really interested in this because I like that you started with nothing and ended up with something and that was the first time I really Having some thunder and lightning having this never happens in LA about By the way, it never rains it is never stones, and like, oh, not saying Thunder lightning. So, uh, yeah. So it was very, very natural for that. And then I wanted to learn more about business. I was starting a business, I grew my business very quickly, I very much had an inherent understanding of what I needed to do. But with the businesses it grew, I need to get more education. So I was consuming podcasts, a lot of focus. I was consuming a lot of articles, I found Gary Vaynerchuk. I was watching his videos and content every day. And it was incredible. And then I thought, well if I'm learning this stuff, I wouldn't be able to teach other people. And within three to four months of really throwing myself into the deep end of learning, whatever I could, I realized very quickly that I could delineate between really good advice and terrible advice. And I could identify he was selling the snake oil and he had to really, who knew what I was doing. And so I wanted to give that to other people. Coming up. Sure. And that's where the polka dot.There are two things that I want to highlight, in that area of the story. One is that so often in life, the things that give us joy are refound something from our childhood or younger years that we think was no longer an option because we got married had kids, we no longer can be a pro golfer, we no longer can go and have these incredible dreams. And that's just flat not true. And guys have the same problem, right? I will be with people all the time men who they're working a nine to five job that they hate whatever, but because they fathered a child or they got married, then they feel like it's their duty and their responsibility to provide for their family in a safe, secure environment. And it's not just a male-female problem like it's not either one gender. There are equally just as many men who hate their lives as women in my opinion, and that maybe I'm perspective, right. But there's one the second part of that. Is this interesting thing that I think more people need to be aware of what are your unique experiences, she had a unique experience, and maybe unique from a perspective of it probably happens to a lot of women. It's not unique in that area. But it's unique that as part of her story and what's serving her that she wanted to follow our passion. And she was dissuaded from following her passion, due to based on sex or gender, saying, well, you're going to be the only one in this industry. So maybe you don't want to do that. And now, what is she passionate about? she's passionate about helping women and she's quoting statistics and the language that she's using, and I'm not slamming this case at all. Don't take this. I'm trying to call attention to it so people can see it in their own life. But the language pattern that she uses so naturally is a conversation of Male males in an industry versus females in the industry, she's drawing that contrast, specifically, so she can help the people that she needs to help. And if you as an individual, you may have unique experiences in any area of your life, maybe it's not your division that you need to call attention to isn't between genders or, or sex, maybe it's between one type of product or another type of product. But for me, it's between one type of financial advice or another type of financial advice. Like, you have to create that separation. So there's clarity in who you're trying to help and why you're trying to help them, then it's a very important thing when you're building a brand or building a business, that you're focused on creating that delineation of who you're there to help and why you're there to help them. What are your thoughts on that? I'm curious.Um, I agree language is very important. I think one of the things I really want to highlight here is that what you have to remember in everything that you do is that there is there are polarity and Everything that we do sorry for every negative as a positive for every positive, there is negative, what you have to be careful of and he says, I think when you're talking about between this advice, and this advice is that business, if you're in this kind of area, you have to be very careful not that there isn't a judgment call. And there isn't like, this is negative. This is bad. This is good. This is you know, and I'm not trying to draw that women need more help than men. I've certainly worked with a lot of male clients. I've certainly wished for a lot of female clients. It is around the seas. Let's give it to me. It's about equality. And it's about giving people the opportunity regardless of agenda, the right opportunity at the right time to get their business underway. What we've just identified is where there is a huge gap for women. This isn't to say women should be given jobs that they're not qualified for it certainly not what I'm saying I'm certain I'm for equality across the board. I think the really big thing that we have to be careful of when we have that language is that we expect Nothing is good or bad. It's just like, this is why we're doing the thing we're doing sorry. Like, you're just really when you when you're making that big statement viewers around, they usually make judgment behind it. So it's just this is what I think.But I agree I'm gonna, I'm gonna share how I would have that conversation and place and why right? And not necessarily the conversation but the language, right because we use judgment in so many different ways. It's almost like the English word for love. We only have one word for love. And we use that I love this phone. I love my wife, I love my kids. I love my step. It's like, well, what type of love are you talking about? Because there is it a different type of love with your actual partner than there is with your child? Hopefully, not the same, right? So. So judgment is one of those words that's used, I think overused. And then because overused is taken out of context. So I have to make a judgment call by the five people I hang around with. It's not good or bad. bad but it's a judgment call. I'm judged on judging a situation and determining how I want to proceed in that situation. And that is a judgment call. But I'm driving down the street and there's a red light versus a green light. Now I know the laws, I know that it's illegal to drive through a red light, but there's nobody on the road, right? Then I have to make a judgment call Am I going to stop and go through stop fully for this red light or I'm going to go through it. And most people they're going to stop and that's a judgment call they make now are they allowed to go through it and share if they want to. And then there's a potential danger, I think where the emotion so to do it to take whether it's good or bad, the emotion comes in when we start condemning one choice when we start labeling it and that's when the emotional emotion of the judgment call steps in. And that's what I would separate. You do making judgment calls you have to be making judgment calls if you refuse to make judgment calls in your life. You're going to be living an aimless life with like a ship without a rudder, right? You need to be making judgment calls throughout your life. You need to be in my opinion, making condemnation calls or condemning something as good or bad doesn't serve you in the long run. But judgment calls. I think you should make judgment calls all the time.Yeah, I would agree with that. It's just again, it's just that it's like everything is negative everything is positive polarity. Is that it? Is that just understanding that you know, reframing something completely negative or completely positive? Two things always true.Yeah, yeah. So anyway, that'show I right great, great point. Absolutely. 100% agree with that.Yeah, I've just found that some people use judgment too often. I'm just like, okay, butlet me reframe. Let me rephrase it. Like, it's a big thing. Because if you can reframe that, you know, you're correct when you say that if you never judge anything you're never getting. It's true. Like if you have to decide there are decisions that he made. So um, but yeah, I think just condemning, condemning is probably definitely the word.Cool. Not so I want to go into this invisible tasking thing because the first time I've ever heard it called That I love the term. I wonder how because I just I went through this experience with my wife where she's feeling overwhelmed with all this invisible tasking and she sees me because I don't bring my work home with me and I don't like allow it to I don't vocalize of my invisible tasking at work, then it appears like there's an inequality. And I believe that there probably is in the area of home tasks like things that just needs to be done to keep the home running. I am again, this is just to draw a contrast, and I just so everybody's aware, I completely agree with Gemina I said it wrong again. Yeah, sorry, I've been saying that wrong, too long. So drama, that it's something that needs to be aware of, and I would say written down and some clarity and some decisions made on who's going to worry about certain things in the household. 100% agree with that. The thing that often gets overlooked just from a man's perspective and I'm sure that you would agree with this is when you are running a business there's just as many invisible tasking things going on on the the weight of the person who's the main breadwinner of a household, and all of the things that they're thinking about all the things that they have to get done all the things that they have to do to maintain the income to support all the household tasking that's happening. And so be aware that it's not just like oh, I have all this invisible tasking and it's wrong that I have it and my partner should be doing more of the load. Your partner probably feels the same way from an income perspective, depending on I mean, it depends on the dynamics of your household but I definitely Yeah,yeah, I say where this as I agree with you, I hate the person here is growing like generally, you will find particularly in the startup realm, you will find that one person generally has a stable job. And then you have sort of the Let's call them the main breadwinner in the situation, then you if you have a female who is running a house and also joins your business, even double the Lord of the invisible talking, which is where really I kind of come in and go, all right, how do we shorten this period of time. So I have found that you know, in the thousands of hours that I have gone and spoken to so many people about this. And the visible talking is, is predominantly found the way you don't think it's going to be found, and it is not in four or five-hour jobs. I'm talking that 10 or 15 minutes, an hour that you were doing stocks out very quickly. I'm talking about the fact that Christmas is just around the corner, and that we have Christmas presents to buy Christmas presents to wrap Christmas tree to go up. These things on average, take about 10 hours to sort of getting every Christmas present under the tree. This is the time that's been cut out and if this is you know it's a division of time. But at the end of the day, it is also just a societal issue. It's not just, it's something that women have been taught that we have, we cook, we cook the meals, we clean the house, we do the thing. And a lot of the time, we don't even really sort of realize we're doing it because we mimicking the things that we're saying that families doing on here. And there are very simple solutions to these. This is not like you have to go home and ruin your marriage and start screaming each other about who's doing what he sees, actually, for $100 or $80 and $50. In some situations, how much money is it going to cost us to get someone to come in and clean our house every two weeks? That single-handedly changed my relationships just by going I don't have to worry about who's cleaning the bathroom and have those conversations anymore? because someone's going to come in once a week and do it. And do you have much time I get freed up it's about these little hacks? The very small ones. It's not reinventing the wheel. It's like Well, how do we make this more equal? but also how do we take it off? Everyone's flights, we don't have to worry about it. This is why we have virtual assistants. This is why we have what else can you outsource? I've gotten one client who's a male. He lives in Austin, Texas. And he loves this idea of these tiny little hacks so much he had me go through his entire day like what else could we do a little hack around to the point now he gets all of these meals to live in. Pre coach pre-package all of that so he can focus on what needs to be done. That task is cleaned every two weeks. He gets he does all of his laundries but it's an allocated Dana allocated time that he does that. So it's not bleeding into other times. It's not around you know, how dare you I told you, like, let's not fight about free-spending five minutes, take the legit like, the garbage has to go out guys. This has to happen. How can we make it that it's going to have the least amount of impact in the day to day stuff? We still need milk. The dogs don't care that the kids have to go to school. This is how this one goes. How can we make it easier and when Effectively figuring out how to borrow for time.Yeah, no, I love that. And I completely agree. It's one of the reasons that my wife and I hired a nanny and his spin-off thing. Yeah. I completely agree and I so I think that I just want to create a good discussion for people can come on and see both sides of the things. Now you this uh, again, all the stuff that we've been talking about really good I think that this last thing that I want to highlight of your story, or what you're doing now is probably the biggest in my opinion of so far we've talked and what I've read about you, this is the biggest thing, giving people what they need when they need it and not allowing them to skip steps. Yeah, this is I sincerely believe this is the one thing that holds its held me back in the past it's helped so many people back in the past because you are building from the right foundation I sit down and talk to somebody about their finances or I've got money here about money got money here. Mike Okay, does that serve you? is it helping you build the legacy that you want? Is it help? Is it even remotely aligned with your core values? And does it bring you fulfillment? Right? And people are like, Well why do I need to talk about that? Just here's my money and go manage I'm like, no, that's not how it works. I don't want to make money unless I know I'm doing these things for you. And it's turning the whole conversation on its head really, and seeking for that fulfillment seeking for what the meaning in what you're doing first, and then everything else becomes so much easier. Decisions become easier clarity of what do we need outsource? What do we not need to outsource? Right. You could if you're somebody I have a guy in my neighborhood. He could he's wealthy enough he could outsource taking care of his landscaping and cutting his grass. However, that is like the most relaxing thing to do. He cares for literally like a golf course he has a golf course lawnmower. It's perfectly flat. If they had to a Few years ago, he had to change like, I don't know, 100 square feet of grass. He wanted to sod over some planter beds. Instead of just like putting sod over those planter beds, he tore up his entire yard related sprinkler system and read it everything just to make sure that a few feet of grass blended in with each other. Like he loves it. Could he outsource it? He absolutely could. But it wouldn't give him the fulfillment.Would I outsource it? Absolutely. Oh, yeah,me too, right now. But that's the thing like understanding, again, doesn't not good or bad, but understanding what fulfills you is there has to be the foundation. So speak to that as far as like, how you make sure that people are getting just the right steps in the right order at the right time.So you know that earlier when he spoke about the foundational stuff, I have so many people that come to me and guard. I just want to write my book. Does my book should be number one. And when that happens, it's going to change the game and I'm going to get paid like, five figures to speak from stage. And then I can turn it into a six-figure coaching program. And I'm like, Why? What? Why? Why do you want that? What's the outcome? Do you know? If because if the outcome is and I know that you can attest to this. If you don't know why you're doing something, there is largely maybe not a point to be doing it at all. Stay with me. If I if you said to me, we sit down, we have assembly sit down, and we have this conversation. I said, So tell me, um, why do you want to be in business? And you said because I want to take my kids to Disneyland. I went to Disneyland every year. Okay, and you want to stay at the hotel and my kelly instead of two weeks? Okay, great. And we do the math of that. And let's say that it's going to cost $20,000 that does not answer why you want to do this job. If you tell me that, you want to make six figures and you think this is the easiest way to do it. You've got to be kidding me. This is by far the hardest thing you ever did to your reason. Like if you just want six figures to go get a job. But there I can name 100 careers right now that you can go make six figures today in this has to be bigger than you for two reasons. One, this is a commitment, this is a lifestyle choice. This is not a career This is a lifestyle choice. It is not a clock on the clock off when we say we're like ha nowadays, we don't make any. It's not like I lay down on the couch and have a 15 minute now I take 15 minutes out of that. That's not how this goes. It's a lifestyle choice. We live brave, I ate it. It is 1240 here I'm in Los Angeles. I'm I have client calls all day. I love my job. I love it like I live to breathe my job. I'm still going to go out and do la stuff. I'm so probably gonna have to take clinical This is what our lives look like. It is just a mesh with each other. The other thing that I would say is that when we start from like, why are we doing why we're doing, we have to go back to the foundations. And I've always explained it like building a house. Most people get to their block of land and start to throw up a structure without having any idea what the foundation is. When we're in entrepreneurship, you have to build that so strongly. So it is never going to fall. Your concrete has to be set, it has to be ready to go. I have businesses that will turn out to me who are doing close to six, seven figures who are trying to hit that barrier, right and try to go to the seven months. And the amount that can't tell me why they're doing what is why they're doing what they're doing is astounding. The problem is, and they've been out and they tired and they're getting over it and like this has been hard and maybe they're just sort of feeling medium means a lot less I learned for like high fives, low sixes and they sort of just saying like, I just don't know why. why I'm doing this anymore. I can't think of a reason. Your y has to be bigger than you for those days when you're exhausted and you're done and you want to check out you like I don't do this anymore. I have to be able to look at my pile of work and feel tired and go well 97% of small business female-led startups are going to file in the next five years. If I don't keep doing this, what's going to change? If you're wise I need to in 60 years or $100,000 so big enough to make you get out of bed. It's not enough for there to be a pain point. And you know, we've never changed anything when we haven't gotten tired of her and stuff. So it's it's a big, it's a big thing to make sure that you have the foundations really down on your while you're doing something and I spent a lot of time with clients going, why are we doing this and more specifically, what do you want to end upbecause these are the easy steps to skip. They are putting a Facebook page up super easy. Starting to get some followers on Instagram, not difficult. Start to like maybe sell one or two products. But if your foundations on set, you are going to have to tap out, you will be going to have to go, I can't go up anymore. You have no drive, you have no direction, you have no anything you just going to sort of flail around. This is where we get into trouble as well. Besides, we didn't have a debate. And don't get me wrong. But the absolute journey of entrepreneurship is not a straight line between a debate, this is you are going to go on a bushwalk you're definitely going to fall asleep, you're probably going to get hit by a train, you're going to get sick, you're going to have things go wrong, you're going to get lost. And then you're going to finally end up at bay and be like, now what do I do that hottest to us firsties danger area because we can get just enough done that we're feeling productive. We can start to say just enough return that it's worth it. But if we don't have those whys and the foundations in place, we know going any further than that kind of staying in that bushwalk for the next couple of years.No, I love it. So that's exactly where I've found I've talked to a lot of business coaches and anybody Who's planning on starting you out anywhere other than what she just described? I would run from and that's just the complete answer. They have a lot of good tactics that are effective for the right person who's already gone through this. But if you're somebody walking in thinking Facebook marketing is going to blow up your business but you don't know why I don't like you're you will waste money in Google AdWords, SEO, it doesn't matter like if you are going in without understanding what's happening. Nothing is going to help you and I just can't express that enough because it's in every area of your life if you don't know why you're getting into a relationship with a man or a woman why you're starting a family I mean, it goes every area of your life if you don't have a good why I promise you life is hard. And it's harder than just cuz right so if that's your reason for doing something is just cuz it's very unlikely you'll succeed in the long run.Yeah, absolutely. Isn't it? Look, let me be very clear here. Success is not an accident. No one won an Academy Award is like, Oh my god, I can't believe I did that. This was fully intentional. When you get the number one business podcast in Australia, you Sorry, this was intentional. When you get an Amazon best selling book. It is an intentional success. It may look like we're like, look at this amazing thing that happened. No, I worked my butt off for all of that stuff to happen. Everyone does, do not make do not think that I'm just going to figure it out as I go along. I have never met a business coach or someone successful that does not have another business coach behind them, doesn't have people guarding them. This is like me, this is the interesting thing about business coaching, is that people, you know, it's a huge investment to make. I was like it's the only investment. I agreeand it's not that big. Like, even no matter what I don't every time I've paid a business coach. I've always made my money back, way more than I everreally and if you're not would be and this is why people say like I just made like $150 per person I get this and I was like they again the and also like the smaller investment and the first thing you should be asking is like when you if you are going to engage with business coach The first thing to awesome is how you need to ask yourself is have they done what you want to do? If it isn't if someone walked to me and said I want to make a million dollars today, I was like I've never done that but I can sell airy-fairy to other people. I'm not the coach for you. Someone says to me, oh, and already best-selling book. I want to be a stakeout. I want to travel the world. I want to have clients so I can live out of a suitcase. I've done that for six months. I've got you that very easy to do. If you being a financial guy is you know, you people say I want to have $100,000 in savings if you've done it. Absolutely. If you haven't done it doesn't take that on. Like I have to be very, very mindful of that because that's where I think a lot of people get into trouble. Oh, sorry. There's also no Worldwide, there is no like, qualification to be a coach. So I picked effectively you need to ask me what business hearing? But also the other question is what businesses if you hiring but what training do you have and what other clients have you had? Because the number of people that I've met that like I'm a health coach, and I've done like a six-hour course online, or the person who's a life coach, because I read a Tony Robbins book. Do you think I'm kidding about this stuff? It is painfully accurate when you start to ask questions. Ask the questions is the other thing.Yeah, that's crazy. I mean, it just is what it is, though. It's rampant in the world. And it's important to know how to vet and paying somebody sometimes just to that the coaching,right? Yeah, it's reallygood coaching or is not good coaching. Soand speak to coaches and say, who would you recommend if I wanted to do this thing? Because good coaches will not be like, I'll help you. I'll help you. That was not my wheelhouse, but other people do to it. Well, yeah, airfare you won't get referrals from people that you know, like and trust.Yep, absolutely. So I'm curious, like, what was the ultimate? If you were to say this helped me the most overcome my naysayers in life? How did you like silence the biggest naysayers in your life?Oh, that's a good question. I think there wasn't one moment where I felt likeI stopped all the naysayers. But I do remember the moment that I stopped explaining myself to other people, which I think was the moment that I stopped caring if I had a very stable government job. All my friends needed our government. I traveled extensively around the world my job, and I'd started a jewelry business and the podcast was blowing up like we were on cuantas we were in Marie Claire, like we and this was not I don't pay I've never paid a central publicity ever and I will never be paid to me magazines zozo stuff and I had my beautiful friend Andrew and I apologize to you Anytime, because so many people like so you're during a bit you were you were in placing and then you went inside of a jury business and now you doing a podcast like I don't understand. And he just sort of said to me explain it to me. And I was, I was like, No, I'm done explaining it. No, I'm sorry. I'm out. And that was the moment that I think I stopped caring about the nice eyes, and about the people going to explain what you doing to me. Because I realized two things. One, I was done explaining the two The longer I spent talking about my stuff and explaining my life choices, the less time I was working on my business. So my advice if you have naysayers around you, and the thing is, one of you is correct. You're telling me I can't do it. And I'm telling you, I want to do it. One of us is going to be right. It is my job to make sure I am correct. The one guy said fighting with you about why I'm going to do it. The last time I'm spending doing the thing I sent him VCs where the magic is. So it's almost about the nice size exists, they are always going to exist. They become less vocal, the more work that you do, but it is about 100% implementation every single time. Yeah.I agree. I love it. Thank you for sharing that. I'm curious. If you were to focus on one habit, mindset or behavior that you've used in your life to create and focus on building a meaningful legacy, what would that be and how could we adopt into our life?legacy for me is just about everything I'm legacy is. I think if every person can have an understanding that you are going to die, the time that you have is finite. And the problem is that you think you have time very famous quote, is that will change the way that you live your life. wholeheartedly, there is no guarantee which more you look at. There is an amazing if you want to get some perspective on the There is an amazing video by a guy named see Frank. And it's called the jelly bean and jelly beans. And they lay out the average person's lifespan in jelly beans. And then they take out all the days that you sleep well the days that you shower or the days that you can meet all the days and you're leftover with you say your days left in Jelly Bean. We have a finite amount of time. That is the thing that's going to change the game if you can realize you're going to die, and that your legacy eventually your legacy is everything you have left it is very easy to be committed to growth.Thank you. Thank you. I love that that's your habit. I nobody's ever said that on the show before. Something I wholeheartedly agree on. And I think that would play into the final question here but I love that that is the habit and mindset that you need to get into to make everyman my habit is get up at 530 in the morning. Yeah sucks and I'm sorry. But if you want to, you know it's a success. is a numbers game let me very clear on this is fully intentional I work an extra two hours longer than most other people every day aheadI love it so how if we wanted to reach you get access to your books I mean your podcast is done I don't know if it's still up andit is evergreen I'm still we still have like requests for interviews which is kind of cute. Um, okay best way place to find me is to mind Ashley calm. There are a ton of freebies there are like downloadables and how to build your legacy and how to build you'll build your brand like so for me it's I'm a big focus on building your brand and making sure that you have that legacy and that people know who you are. Your wife doesn't there's at least a dozen freebies free video stuff and get a copy of my book nature that's on Amazon and Kindle as well.That's perfect. So say it again, your web address and then these links will be in the show notes here and also how to spell her name because I always miss pronounce it Until shewas just a gym. I'm with hate to the end of it. Sorry. Yeah. So www JEMIMH ey sh Li GH.Perfect and not and those will be in the show notes there. So if you're wanting to go and get some of those freebies and think how can I be there barter for more time? How can I because even if you're not starting a business like honestly, if you just want more time with your family, that's not stressful. Want more time with your kids? Yeah, it's worth it. So it's not just for business owners. It's for life people trying to win life. Yeah, it's for you to absolutely. So so this is a coming into one of my favorite parts of the show. It's like a game show. It's called legacy on rapid-fireguy.I love it. five questions. Looking for one word, the one-sentence answers landing to the one sentence. Okay. So first question is, what do you believe is holding you back from reaching the next level of your legacy today.I've been traveling for the last six months living out of it. the suitcase I have lost a large amount of my routine which is a problem at the moment for me I'm very routine orientated. So I'm trying to figure that out like I have Wi-Fi all the time. I find the social time that's holding me back.Okay, awesome. What do you think the hardest thing you've ever accomplished has beena probably international bestselling author that was quite huge. Or quitting my six-figure salary.Okay, and what do you think the greatest success at this point in your life has been?I too many to name I'm sorry, incredibly proud of what I've achieved. Leaving my job is my greatest success in doing that and betting on myself. 100% betting on myself and going, I'm going to make this work. That's perfect.So what is another secret you believe contributes most to your success?be nice to people and don't be a terrible human. Be kind always to have Every single person that you meet I'm serious, like, people underestimate just being a good human.Yeah, I agree. AndI believeI'm a good human. I'm super direct and sometimes not a lot of tact, but it's from a sincere place of love.And 100% of people come to come to me for tough love all the time. I'm like, I love you. But that is the worst decision you're ever going to make if you do the thing. Yeah,yeah. Being Human means good intentions for humans. Not necessarily. Everybody likes you. So just to get there. What are two or three books you'd recommend to fuel your legacy audience?Oh, I don't know. Position me by Jimena. Ashley is a pretty great book. Gary Vaynerchuk crushing. It was great. You want to do comedy raid bossy pants. Tina Fey particularly for women out there. I'd also say yes plays by Amy Poehler. And those five-second rule Mel Robbins. Awesome.Okay, here's my favorite question. It's getting close to the end here. This is the question that I believe has to be at the bedrock foundation of everything people do in life, I have my questions. I have my clients answer it and my business partners answer everybody thatI work with you.In my sphere of influence, I want to know the answer to this question. And more importantly, I want them to know the answer to this question because I know the answer to my question, but it matters what the answer to their question is. So we're going to pretend that you've died you're dead God. Okay. This is 200 years from now six generations so this is your great great great great, great-grandchildren. They're sitting around the table and you get them the opportunity to listen in to what they're saying about you your legacy, what your life meant. What do you want them to be saying about you six generations from now?She changed the game for women, female entrepreneurs. and this for me is such a dry so interesting that you say this because such interesting drive up because I was talking to someone to add to a mile, of course, it was a male who is a bit of a nice and he fails. And he's like, Well, you know, it's not like you're going to change anything significant in your lifetime. And I was like, the changes that I make, and the things I'm able to change will change it for women in the future. Much like the women who came before me, have changed it for me. My grandmother was not allowed to art. She wasn't allowed to vote. So when people say to me, I don't care. I'm like, What is wrong with you? Women gave them what like literally was shot and killed for these rights around the world. There are countries now that we don't have the right to do that. This isn't as much as this is about me. And what I'm trying to achieve. This is equally not about me in any way, shape, or form. I just want them kind of if I could listen to anything, I'm like, she was a total badass.That's what I was going to say. Awesome. Say and what I love about that is that's an answer that's in alignment with this whole episode. That's my most purpose is in alignment with everything perfect. All that she's doing daily, what she's chasing, everything is in alignment. And that's where I want people to be in every area of their life. What is in alignment with how you want to be remembered, and legitimately 200 years from now? That's why I've named this podcast fuel your legacy because it's not about the fuel is that the financial confidence and the know-how to build a legacy. The legacy is what are you building?The greatest thing if you ever want to say what legacy can look like? properly say what legacy can look like, is going watch Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda. The pokal like go listen to the soundtrack or at 100% around everything that happens in the United States at the moment is really about him. But the whole thing is around your legacy. I'm obsessed with the idea of a legacy because it's ultimately the end of the day. It's all we havecompletely agree on which is why that's That's the name of my brand, feel your legacy. I want to help people, I love it, build their legacy, and in a process, gain more financial understanding, save families, marriages, everything isconnected. It's a real thing. And I think it's amazing what you doing. Amazing.Well, thank you so much for coming on and sharing your expertise with us. Honestly, if you're not getting in touch with her or getting onto her website and taking advantage of three weeks, I don't know what you're doing. But this isn't just if you have a business, I can't reiterate that enough. These are life skills that are not taught by traditional educational processes. And then, unfortunately, I'm going to burst your bubble but what you were taught by your parents, or your grandparents, most likely, is not success habits. Just put it out there. Because my kids, they're going to learn things for me that are not success habits because I'm not a perfect human. Right. And so understanding that Not everything you do is perfect. And not everything you learned is perfect is key. So definitely go check her out, make sure you're engaging with her on social media and our website and getting as much information from her as possible and maybe even hiring to her to help you get your life in order might make you happier, which is kind of one of the goals of life is literallythe goal of life is to get happy literally the goal. Yeah,yeah. Well, hey, thank you so much.Thank you for having me. Thank you so much. Yeah,no problem. And we will catch you guys next time on fuel your legacy.Thanks for joining us. If what you heard today resonates with you please like comment and share on social media tag me and if you do, give me a shout out. I'll give you a shout out on the next episode. Thanks to all those who love to review it helps spread the message of what it takes to build a legacy that lasts and we'll catch you next time on fuel your legacy.Connect more with your host Samuel Knickerbocker at:https://www.facebook.com/ssknickerbocker/?ref=profile_intro_cardhttps://www.instagram.com/ssknickerbocker/https://howmoneyworks.com/samuelknickerbockerIf this resonates with you and you would like to learn more please LIKE, COMMENT, & SHARE————————————————————————————————————Click The Link Bellow To Join My Legacy Builders Mastermindhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/254031831967014/Click here to check out my webinar as well!————————————————————————————————————Want to regain your financial confidence and begin building your legacy?In this ebook you will learn:- The 9 Pillars To Build A Legacy- Clarify you “why”- Create Daily Action Steps To Launch ForwardWant Sam’s FREE E-BOOK?Claim your access here! >>> Fuel Your Legacy: The 9 Pillars To Build A Legacy————————————————————————————————————


28 Feb 2020

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Episode 180: Jemimah Ashleigh, How to create a thriving business.

The Fuel Your Legacy Show

Jemimah Ashleigh is one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs. Having built three successful businesses, she is a highly sought-after business consultant, speaker and bestselling author.Jemimah also hosted Australia’s #2 business podcast


28 Feb 2020

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active CEO Podcast #46 Jemimah Ashleigh Position of Influence

active CEO Podcast

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Jemimah Ashleigh about being a profiler in the Australian Federal Police, her Amazon best-selling book Position Me, creating The Business Experiment podcast, and her rollercoaster ride as an entrepreneur. We also delve into her involvement with Thankyou and The Hope Project, perseverance, wellness and failing the Andy Frisella 75Hard Challenge.Jemimah AshleighJemimah Ashleigh is an inspirational entrepreneur, coach, mentor, podcast host, comedian, keynote speaker and is the Amazon best-selling author of ‘Position Me’. She is an incredible woman, who is considered authentic, hard-working, enthusiastic, fun and has a habit of throwing political correctness out the window.Educated at La Trobe University, Charles Stuart University and the Australian Institute of Public Safety, she is fluent in Australian Sign Language, English and Bahasa Indonesia. After a decade in security and intelligence as a profiler in the Victorian Police Force, she founded Epic Social, Tangs Design and one half of The Business Experiment podcast. Known as a global authority on positioning, she has been named in the Top 10 female entrepreneurs in Australia, was the 2015 Canberra artist of the year, is a board member for the Hope Project, an impact partner for Thankyou, and has reached over 6 million people through social media and podcasting. Jemimah talks about: • Growing up with law enforcement in her blood. • Studying Russian history, Indonesian language and legal studies. • Entrepreneurship is confusing. • Curiosity is an undervalued skill particularly in business and growing your own business. • Have an interest in people’s behaviour and why people do what they do. • Being tired of law enforcement and realising career breaks are a real thing. • Deciding to make jewellery and start a small business. • Starting The Business Experiment podcast with Siobhan Joyce. • A lot of entrepreneurs are very good at being busy, but not being productive. • The main ingredient in business is that you need perseverance & a why bigger than yourself. • The importance of having mentors and coaches when you are starting a business. • We should outgrow our mentors at some point. • Having an Amazon best-selling book, Position Me, in 26 minutes. • Proving that we are an expert is really hard to do because it feels a bit inauthentic. • People have really good ideas and intentions for what we want to do, but fail to execute. • Having time to look after yourself, is not selfish, it is mandatory. • We see so many people burning out. It is so gradual that it becomes a real problem. • Failing the Andy Friscella 75HARD challenge. • Daniel Flynn and being involved in Thankyou. • The significance of the Hope Project and working with Kate Seselja • It’s not about addiction, but why you became addicted in the first place. • Turning Position Me into a TV show. Active CEO Wellness TipEnergy Management – Most CEO’s and Leaders spend time focusing on managing their time rather than managing their energy. If you focus on managing time you will tend to create overload and over time you will run out of energy. You have to manage your energy and productive downtime, as it will allow you to maintain a higher threshold of performance over a longer period of time.Tweets “I think you can’t be laser focused in one area. That’s a skill if you are working for someone else.” Specialist versus generalist with Jemimah Ashleigh, on the active CEO Podcast. “Being your own boss is amazing it is also a big problem. It is also your own problem. You are only accountable to you.” Talking entrepreneurship with Jemimah Ashleigh, on the active CEO Podcast. “97% of female led start-ups in the first five years are failing, which is twice as much as males.” Jemimah Ashleigh raises a societal issue in entrepreneurship, on the active CEO Podcast.Resources Mentioned in this show:Jemimah Ashleigh www.jemimahashleigh.comJemimah Ashleigh Instagram Jemimah Ashleigh Facebook Jemimah Ashleigh LinkedIn NRG2Perform www.nrg2perform.comCraig Johns craig@nrg2perform.comCraig Johns LinkedIn Recommended Reading:Position Me – Jemimah Ashleigh


14 Jul 2019

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Ep: 01 Positioning Yourself as the GO TO expert in your field with Jemimah Ashleigh

She Grnds

In this episode, we dive into what it takes to position yourself an expert in your field with expert guest Jemimah Ashleigh. She is one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs. Having built three successful businesses from scratch, she is a highly sought-after business consultant, mentor, speaker and bestselling author of her book Position Me. She's also hosted the #2 business podcast in Australia and now works exclusively with businesses to help position them as the ‘go-to’ expert in their field. Using their expertise, she focuses on branding, mindset, market positioning, and digital marketing to build profiles. This winning combination set business owners up to excel in their businesses in less time and with greater efficiency. She has been named one of Australia’s Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs and the Woman to Watch in 2019- and we have her here today. ***In this episode, we cover: *** • What's positioning and how you can leverage • How to become an expert in your field • What a hug from Gary Vaynerchuck feels like Find Out More About Jemimah: • https://www.jemimahashleigh.com/makemeanexpert • https://www.tangsdesign.com.au/products/position-me-jemimah-ashleigh • https://www.facebook.com/jemimah.ashleigh • https://www.facebook.com/jemimahashleighau/ • https://www.facebook.com/groups/309740543066695/ **GOOD KARMA ALERT! ** Want some good karma? Rate and Review Our Show and I'll ship you a whole box of karma in mere minutes, FOR FREE! Follow Us: • Website: www.shegrnds.com • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gina.suzanne.t • Podcast Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shegrnds/ • Personal Travel Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ginagetslost/


8 Jul 2019

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Inspire ~ Design and Live your Inspired Life with Jemimah Ashleigh ~ Setting goals to Self-Care

Being Inspired

Inspire ~ Design and Live your Inspired Life with Jemimah Ashleigh ~ Setting goals to Self-CareJemimah Ashleigh is one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs. Having built three successful businesses from scratch, she is a highly sought-after business consultant, mentor, speaker and bestselling author of her book Position Me. We are going to talk everything from setting goals to self-care with this epic women, and I know you will be left inspired with your soul on fire.Connect with Jacque and Jemimah ..........Jacque BruggemannInspired Mummies Facebook Blog and Website Jemimah Ashleigh Jemimah Ashleigh Facebook Instagram~ Business Partner ~This weeks episode is proudly partnered with Inspired Wellness ~ A online wellness hub created to empower and inspire you to live your healthiest, most inspired life. Make YOUR self-care your biggest gift to the world. 


8 Jul 2019

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Small Business Made Simple Podcast

Small Business is tough and going it alone is tougher! WeLcOmE guest Jemimah Ashleigh – a positioning and branding expert with international influence and fame. Jemimah shares with you some of her greatest insights on how to position and brand yourself to ensure success in this modern business world where 95% of small businesses fail in the first 5 years.


6 Feb 2019

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We’re All Ears Interview Series: Position Yourself For Success With Jemimah Ashleigh

We're All Ears

Position Yourself For Maximum Visibility & Success Who is Jemimah Ashleigh? Jemimah Ashleigh is an expert at positioning brands to shine online.  She provides coaching, mastermind programs, and trainings to help entrepreneurs and small businesses best position themselves to be seen as the experts they are.  She recently published her book “Position Me,” and is a leading podcaster and marketing expert in Australia.   Golden Nuggets From Our Conversation: “Success is not finite.  We’ve bought into this idea that we’re in competition with everybody and it’s simply not true.” Make a mindset shift that you aren’t in competition with anyone else. Bring gratitude for what we have first as you grow your business. We can’t change things unless we do the work.  Have less arguments, and just go out and do your job.  “The more time I spend fighting with someone about how I have equal value to them professionally, the less time I have to work on my business.”  You don’t have to justify yourself to anyone.  Go prove them wrong instead; that’s the sweetest revenge.  “Just do the work.”  When they tell you that you can’t do something, go do it twice and take photos. Be careful who you allow yourself to listen to.   “Building online authority isn’t difficult, but you have to be super consistent.” Host a podcast.  Write a blog.  Create videos.  Do as many interviews as you can.  Any opportunity you have to speak on stage gives you instant authority.  All of these things help build you authority with your audience.   Authority building is in many ways a numbers game.   “Your network will be your net worth.” Answer questions your audience is actually asking.  This is a great way to create content.   If you are the best at your specialty, you should never have to literally say that.  It should be implied by the work you produce.   Release new content every single day.  There’s never been such an amazing time in history where you can learn and share knowledge over the Internet.   Recommended Links: JemimahAshleigh.com Position Me Book 


4 Feb 2019

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EP15 Jemimah Ashleigh: Diamond in the Rough – Finding the Fun in Your Business  

Play To Win Podcast

In this episode, Yvonne and Jemimah discuss:        How validation and acknowledgement inspire and infuse your pleasure in work.        The importance and need for positivity in your career.        Making the choice to be happy and enjoy your life.        What it’s like when work suddenly becomes play.        Knowing your boundaries to respect your selfcare and energy. Key Takeaways:        The power of positive thinking and just having a good day will change your whole outlook on life.        Putting happiness and joy in your career or business allows you to enjoy work you are doing.        Success is a choice and it is built on personal happiness and play.        Loving what you do and looking forward to running your business increases the quality of your business and your life.        Putting selfcare and boundaries at your forefront makes you’re a healthy happier person. “You can’t have a million dollars in your bank account with a minimum wage work ethic” — Jemimah Ashleigh Resources for Vitality Nation: $50 Dollars off “The Positioned Tribe” Mastermind Connect with Jemimah Ashleigh: Facebook: @jemimahashleighau Website: www.jemimahashleigh.com Instagram: @jemimahashleigh Connect with Yvonne L. Larson: I’m so grateful to begin this amazing journey with you… I would really LOVE to connect with you as my listener I would LOVE to know WHO YOU ARE, what topics are most relevant for you and who you would LIKE me to interview!  So, I'm personally inviting YOU to join our virtual Optimal Life Playground by becoming part of Vitality Nation for more awesomeness! I encourage you to share your comments, questions, and requests in the private FB group to PLAY, CREATE, and THRIVE with other Entrepreneurs just like you! Click this link to our FACEBOOK group Vitality Nation: Play to Win! If YOU are an expert in something that is alignment with the Play To Win Podcast and would like to be a guest on the show, please reach out to me, so we can see what we can co-create! If you are interested in booking me for speaking engagements, for a consultation about my 1-on-1 or group coaching programs, or for a healing bodywork session, please visit the PlaytoWinPodcast.com WEBSITE or EMAIL me at TheVitalityVixen@TheVoiceOfVitality.com. If you are visiting or live in LA I would love to MEET you at our Local LA MeetUp: Play To Win Meetup!   If you would like to show your support for this podcast with a contribution please visit our Vitality Nation PATREON page. About Yvonne L. Larson: As the host of the Play To Win Podcast, Yvonne L Larson is the Visionary Catalyst for Entrepreneurs to discover... HOW TO MASTER THE ART OF FULFILLMENT! Referred to as a healer by her clients, Yvonne Larson is renowned worldwide for her unique blend of performance-based bodywork with intuitive coaching that eliminates emotional restrictions for her clients. She’s an expert in clearing Entrepreneurs from exhaustion, overwhelm, and isolation to healing so they live their optimal life. Yvonne is certified in Emotional Release, Reiki, Massage, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life and Executive Coaching. She runs Vitality Nation, a global online community where entrepreneurs successfully navigate critical conversations in order to play, create, and thrive. She has been a Neck-Work massage therapist for over 20 years. Her clients have been everyday people, as well as GoDaddy, DWTS, Dizzy Feet Foundation, A-List producers/directors/actors, and professional athletes. Yvonne has achieved distinctions as a Master Certification Life Coach, Master Certification Business Coach, Master Certification NLP Practitioner, Master Certification Time Dynamics Practitioner, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor and a licensed Massage Therapist. She is a top ten Amazon bestselling co-author of the book “Navigating Entrepreneurship.” Believing in being vital, Yvonne has experienced accelerated free-fall skydiving, walked on fire, eaten fire, and done board breaks. Show notes by podcastologist: Laura Gray Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You're the expert. Your podcast will prove it.

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5 Dec 2018