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The Third Wave of Mental Health Treatment with Kelly Roman

Terminal Value

Doug and Kelly spoke about the new breakthrough of mental health treatment.Right now we are in the midst of COVID - 19 pandemic, worries, anxieties and sleepless causes of overthinking have a huge factor on our mental health. There are Three Waves of Modern Mental Health Treatment: Psychotherapy, next is Drug Therapy and Finally this episode focuses on Wearable Device Treatment. It can be a Surgical or Non Surgical method. But most people prefer non surgical methods because of its conveniences. Kelly introduce us the wearable device from Fisher Wallace Laboratories, Fisher Wallace Stimulator.Learn more at https://www.fisherwallace.comDoug's business specializes in partnering with companies and non-profits to capture overhead cost savings without layoffs to fund growth and strengthen financial results.You can find the audio podcast feed at www.TerminalValuePodcast.comYou can find the video podcast feed at www.youtube.com/channel/UCV5a4QbT-dXhpgb-8HJHdGgSchedule time with Doug to talk about your business at www.MeetDoug.Biz


23 Aug 2021

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35. Special Guest: Kelly Roman, CEO of Fisher Wallace (Wearable technology for depression, anxiety, and insomnia)

The Mentally ill Mentor

In this episode of The Mentally ill Mentor with Dave Miller, Dave speaks to Kelly Roman, CEO of Fisher Wallace, a company that specializes in treating anxiety (along with depression and insomnia), through means of a very cool wearable device.Featured in Forbes, Elle, The Wall Street Journal, Men's Health, and more, this device has been sold to over 70,000 people and has elicited testimonials from thousands of users.Don't miss this information packed, intriguing interview on a technology that could go a long way in helping you overcome your current mental health challenges.For more information go to FisherWallace.com or in Canada, visit Circadia.info.

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26 Jul 2021

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329 Treat Anxiety and Depression At Home In 20 Minutes With Kelly Roman

Optimal Performance

No pills, no therapy. Effective anxiety and depression treatment in 20 minutes twice a day. Seems too good to be true, but it's scientifically proven...and everyone should know about it.  GET $100 off this profoundly effective device - USE "OPP" at checkout here - https://www.fisherwallace.com/ Fisher Wallace is a very simple neurostimulation device you can use at home. Kelly Roman - CEO and Co-founder joins the OPP to break it all down...and it's fascinating.  In this episode we cover: •As effective as prescription drugs….and cheaper than behavioral therapy •Fisher Wallace stimulates your ability to create more beneficial neurochemicals •High effectiveness in sleep outcomes in recent study •The post-pharmaceutical area of electrical therapy •What people are saying about their results •75% of surveyed users said that they’d use Fisher Wallace for the rest of their life! •Other benefits include focus, concentration and memory •If you have anxiety, you probably have sleep issues. •How you can get the prescription for the device quickly and easily. •How the destigmatization of mental health issues will empower people to help themselves •The importance of establishing rituals and daily practices for mental well-being •At 4 weeks, there was a 42 minute increase VS Ambien which improves sleep by 20 min. •Early REM (physical restoration) Late REM (for the brain) •2 weeks to see the insomnia help


13 Jul 2021

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466# Can You Treat Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia with Brain Stimulation? Kelly Roman

Awaken Your Alpha with Adam Lewis Walker

This episode is about wearable brain stimulation to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia. Kelly Roman is the co-founder of Fisher Wallace Laboratories that focus on wearable brain stimulation. For the past decade, Kelly Roman has helped lead the fields of neuromodulation product development, regulatory affairs, healthcare marketing and clinical trial strategy. Prior to co-founding Fisher Wallace, Kelly graduated from Harvard and served as an award-winning executive in the digital advertising and SaaS industries. He recently served on the boards of two charter high schools in New York City. The #1 Mens Development Podcast for Tales & Tactics To Thrive! Watch Adam's "Awaken Your Alpha" TEDx Talk here: www.bit.ly/TEDxALW This quest takes me across the globe to interview the world's most successful minds and sharing my own insights along the way. As I continue to learn and implement the “Hacks” to life, I share the best through the podcast and in the Facebook group "Awaken Your Alpha - Network" Search & Join us in the pursuit of high performance. The podcast is now also a bestselling book!  www.AYAlpha.com/book Connect across social media @AwakenYourAlpha @AdamLewisWalker to join the conversation.


20 May 2021

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Kelly Roman "Changing Mental Health"

#Clockedin with Jordan Edwards

Kelly Roman sits down with #Clockedin Jordan Edwards to discuss how his company is changing ways to combat mental health.Kelly is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fisher Wallace Laboratories, an FDA-regulated manufacturer of wearable medical devices for the treatment of insomnia, anxiety and depression, as well as wellness devices for sleep and stress management (Circadia®). The Fisher Wallace Stimulator® is cleared by the FDA to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia when used for 20 minutes, once or twice a day.The device works by comfortably stimulating serotonin production, alpha wave production and the brain's default mode network while lowering cortisol (the stress hormone). The majority of patients experience significant symptom reduction or remission within the first week of use.How to get a device: https://www.fisherwallace.com/products/fisher-wallace-stimulator-499?wickedsource=google&wickedid=CjwKCAjwgOGCBhAlEiwA7FUXktaqiPDyVDkNgontacWDyC9AYsKhPp_3oxb35F1j6BebrsaVFzalnxoCFVcQAvD_BwE&wv=3&&gclid=CjwKCAjwgOGCBhAlEiwA7FUXktaqiPDyVDkNgontacWDyC9AYs...Hope you find value in this. If so please provide a 5-star and drop a review. Complimentary Edwards Consulting Session: https://calendly.com/jordan-555/coaching-call


23 Mar 2021

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Rapid Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia Therapy. Co-Founder and CEO, Kelly Roman of Fisher Wallace Laboratories shares the benefits of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator.

The Bright Side of Life (Mental Health, Self Care)

In this episode I talk with Kelly Roman, the Co-Founder and CEO, of Fisher Wallace Laboratories.  Kelly shares what the Fisher Wallace Stimulator is, what it does, and how it can help with depression, anxiety and insomnia. He also talks about how the device helps the body release dopamine, serotonin and fall into a state of deep relaxation with no drugs required. Kelly shares the fascinating results of Fisher Wallace’s bipolar study, which was conducted with both a placebo group and a crossover design. If you would like to learn more about the Fisher Wallace Stimulator please click here: https://www.fisherwallace.com/__________________________________Thank you to our sponsors:BetterHelp - Visit https://betterhelp.com/brightsideoflife to join the over 500,000 people talking charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional. Special offer for The Bright Side of Life listeners... get 10% off your first month at https://betterhelp.com/brightsideoflife_________________________________Want to help support the show? Click here: https://www.thebrightsideoflifepodcast.com/support/Connect with Melissa: https://www.thebrightsideoflifepodcast.com/ Shop The Bright Side of Life Clothing Co.https://the-bright-side-of-lifee.myshopify.com/ Support the show (https://www.thebrightsideoflifepodcast.com/support/)


2 Mar 2021

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Make Your Goals A Reality With Kelly Roman

Mortgage and Mindset in Minutes

What does it take to make your goals a reality? In this episode, Tiffany Rose invites Kelly Roman, a certified life coach, to talk about how to achieve goals by having intentions. They emphasize the importance of not only setting intentions but also implementing them. Have you set your intentions for today?Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Mortgage and Mindset in Minutes Community today:https://www.elevensquaredspeaks.com/


13 Oct 2020

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Kelly Roman Discusses How Fisher Wallace is Providing Safe Therapy for Mental Illnesses

Neural Implant podcast - the people behind Brain-Machine Interface revolutions

Kelly Roman is the cofounder and CEO of Fisher Wallace Laboratories. Since 2007, their revolutionary Stimulator device helps all types of patients cope with mental illness through brain stimulation. In this episode, Mr. Roman emphasizes maintaining science as a priority while building a sustainable business.  Top three takeaways: The biomarker studies completed using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator have shown increases in serotonin and endorphins with a  decrease in cortisol and stress hormone.  The Stimulator has a 70-75% success rate with almost no side effects.  With a low maximum output and safe product placement variability, the Stimulator is a very user-friendly device.  [0:00] Ladan introduces the episode and the guest, Kelly Roman.  [1:30] Roman discusses the beginnings of how the Fisher Wallace Stimulator came to be.   [4:15] A Mount Sinai study showed that compared to patients given a placebo device, those using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator saw improvement in their mental illness symptoms.  [6:30] Alternating current used in the stimulator allows for brainwave entrainment, which leaves the brain in the desired brainwave state even after stimulation has stopped.  [8:25] Patients are reporting 70-75% success rate when treating at  least one symptom.  [11:30] The next step for the company is to compile MRI and imagery data using the device. [14:00]  The Stimulator device is inexpensive due to highly effective commercialization and lack of needed doctor administration.  [16:25] For safety, there is a low output current that still maintains clinical effects.  [19:20] Roman explains the process of acquiring the intellectual property for the device and the company’s beginnings.  [21:50]  Due to Roman’s digital marketing experience and many prominent drugs becoming generic, sales for Fisher Wallace’s  new device went well. 


27 Jul 2020

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Treating Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia Naturally with Kelly Roman #188

The Life Stylist

In this episode, we discover the most effective natural treatment for depression, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain that you’ve probably never heard of – but that thousands of psychiatrists and primary care providers are already providing to their patients. So what is this veritable panacea for the mind? It’s the Fisher Wallace Stimulator®, a wearable neurostimulation device invented by electrical engineers in partnership with physicians and research scientists. Joining the show to teach us more about this device and why Electroconvulsive therapy treatments are so effective is Kelly Roman, co-founder of Fisher Wallace Laboratories. The Fisher Wallace Stimulator® received FDA-Clearance for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and insomnia back in 1990 under the original brand name Liss Cranial Stimulator®. By 2010, several hundred psychiatrists were prescribing the device and finding it to be effective with thousands of treatment-resistant patients. In 2015, additional clinical research was launched at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital and Phoenix House, resulting in a landmark study on bipolar depression. In 2017, Medicaid in Maine approved the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® for full coverage. And today, more than 9000 providers recommend the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® to their patients. So this is a full-blown, government-approved wearable device that thousands of people are benefitting from today, and that thousands more could surely benefit from if they knew this alternative to prescription drugs existed. I used to be on medication and it really made me feel terrible. I was in a bad place and I needed some help, but I wish I had known an alternative like this existed. So if you know someone who is struggling with more traditional treatments for depression, anxiety, insomnia, or chronic pain, let them know about Fisher Wallace. Topics Discussed In This Episode: What exactly you can expect from Electroconvulsive therapy (also known as “ECT”), and how it’s different from other forms of neurostimulation How ECT is different from happened to Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest How does the device help your body release dopamine, serotonin and fall into a state of deep relaxation, no drugs required. The history of Electroconvulsive therapy, going back to the ‘70s when doctors started to explore it for depression in place of antidepressants The fascinating results of Fisher Wallace’s bipolar study, which was conducted with both a placebo group and a crossover design. How Luke and others are using Fisher Wallace to enhance their meditation The device’s effect on your HRV scores, or heart rate variability What it takes to legally make a medical claim for a device or drug What causes clinical insomnia and how we can all have a higher quality of sleep, with and without medical intervention Why improving someone’s mood and sleep is hugely helpful for addicts trying to stay sober The relationship between depression and your phone or social media use Other lifestyle practices that will help support your mood and quality of sleep More about this episode. Watch it on YouTube Connect with Luke on social media to learn how to take your lifestyle to the next level, plus catch exclusive live interviews & events: INSTAGRAM - @lukestorey // https://www.instagram.com/lukestorey/ FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/MrLukeStorey/ TWITTER - @MrLukeStorey // https://twitter.com/MRLUKESTOREY YOUTUBE - https://www.youtube.com/c/LukeStorey THIS SHOW IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: ORGANIFI. This product has changed the green juice game for me. A green powdered superfood that comes in portable packets perfect for travel, keeping in your car or bag. On-demand instant green juice that is alkalizing, energizing and gives you mental clarity. What else is so special about it? Zero glycemic index & comes with all 11 most important superfoods: turmeric, chlorella, wheatgrass, spirulina, mint, moringa, ashwagandha, lemon, beets, coconut, matcha green tea. Awesome stuff! Save 20% using code “LIFESTYLIST” at http://www.organifi.com/luke. AND... CURED NUTRITION. 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Some of the benefits include increased skin health, better muscle recovery, better sexual performance, and reduced joint pain and inflammation. So you can see why Luke is so into it... and why all of his friends keep coming over to use his Joovv device! If you are ready to get your own Joovv device + a FREE gift, head over to http://Joovv.com/luke and enter the code “LUKE” at checkout. HELP SUPPORT THIS SHOW! Starting and growing a podcast requires a ton of time, energy, and money. Do you appreciate this information, and want to support my mission to deliver as much life enhancing information as possible to as many people as possible? The easiest, and most effective way you can help is to do this: Go to Lukestorey.com/support and donate towards show production costs Subscribe to the show by clicking “subscribe” in iTunes Write us a review in iTunes Share this show with one friend right now You’d be amazed how much these four simple steps do to help us grow! Here’s the magic link for reviews in iTunes. Or, if you want to get there yourself, you can follow these instructions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening and joining me on this journey we call life

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5 Feb 2019

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#019 - Deeper Sleep and Faster Sleep Onset with Virtual Reality and Neurostimulation? - Kelly Roman

humanOS Radio

Modern technology is messing with our sleep. But what if someone could develop a device that actually helped us fall asleep faster? In this episode, Dan speaks with Kelly Roman who is the co-owner of Fisher Wallace Laboratories, a progressive medical device company that aspires to treat insomnia and depression in novel ways. Fisher Wallace is introducing a neurostimulation product called Kortex to the market. This device non-invasively delivers a low dose of electrical stimulation, combined with a virtual reality headset that delivers relaxing VR content to the user.


24 Mar 2017