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Joel Hawbaker: The Virtues of a Teacher

Teacher's Lounge

Joel Hawbaker is the director of stepdadding.com, Creator of the 10 Commandments for Blended Families, globetrotter in schools from public to private to Christian to Muslim to micro, and currently history department head. He joins us today to discuss the virtues of a teacher in instruction, in compassion, in devotion, and in the particulars of running a modern classroom.  Check out other great content, including the full video interview, at www.TheChalkboardReview.com! Chalkboard Review, 2021.


13 Jul 2021

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What's Your Blended Superpower? | Featuring Joel Hawbaker #27

Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!

You know when you're really good at something that...well...isn't exactly brag-worthy?  Join me on the Bluff as Joel Hawbaker entertains us with his Superpower stories.  He's been honing this Superpower for some time! Ready to INVEST in your RELATIONSHIP?  Sign up for Blended Bootcamp! May 14-May 15.  Get on the list at stepfamilypodcast.com! Or, email me at hello@stepfamilypodcast.comMen! If you do nothing else, listen to the last 5 minutes of this podcast! Be sure to listen to last week's episode, Shell Shocked!, for the beginning of my conversation with Joel. It's where we just get started with the Red Cards!Joel's Gift to You - Blended Peace of Mind through his $397 course - which is FREE for a limited time! Check out the details now at stepdadding.com!I dedicate this episode to all the blended parents who have found themselves in the penalty box in their blend.  Move over, friend.  I'm right there with you.You can find Joel's podcast here.Insta here.P.S. Definitely check out J.R.R. Tolkien!  "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."


15 Apr 2021

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Shell Shocked! | Featuring Joel Hawbaker #26

Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!

When's the last time you thanked God for being in a blended family?When Joel prayed over the men at the end of our conversation, I was convicted to spend time on being thankful for being blended.  Honestly, I'm still working on that! (You'll hear the prayer next week, in part 2!)Ready to INVEST in your RELATIONSHIP?  Sign up for Blended Bootcamp! May 14-May 15.  Get on the list at stepfamilypodcast.com! Or, email me at hello@stepfamilypodcast.comThis week, listen in as Joel Hawbaker shares his wisdom in the form of 10 Commandments for Blended Families! How to avoid being Shell Shocked when you blend?  Invest in your relationship, FIRST!Then, incorporate TWO PILLARS1. Be the adult you want your children to become2. Remember the Golden RuleI dedicate this episode to all the blended dads out there!  You are special!  You are the spiritual leaders of your households!  You are blessed!  Wield the authority God has given you!Joel's Gift to You - Blended Peace of Mind through his $397 course - which is FREE for a limited time! Check out the details now at stepdadding.com!Ten Commandments of Blended Family LifeOver communicate with all adults involved: choose a format/technology that works, and use it. When in doubt, communicate about it.Be respectful, calm, and patient with everyone involved, even if you’re the only one doing it (“A soft answer turns away wrath”).Use discernment to learn to choose your battles very carefully: differentiate between personal dislikes and ‘red flag’ issues.Be willing to graciously give way on minor issues. Yes, this comes with risk, but it’s still the right thing to do sometimes.Choose to believe the best about the other household, and be sure to celebrate and acknowledge it when you see it ("A real desire to believe all the good you can of others and to make others as comfortable as you can will solve most of the problems." - CS Lewis, in 'Mere Christianity').Express genuine gratitude as often as possible whenever a joint agreement is reached.Remember every day that you are the adult, and your task is to model maturity and wisdom for your children. Your task is NOT to ‘win’, get revenge, or even get your own way.Don’t be afraid to ask for 3rd-party help from a counselor, pastor, neutral friend, or someone else that all parties are comfortable with.Work through your personal issues on your time, NOT in front of or by involving the children.Be as consistent as possible at both (or all) houses in all areas of life. Also remember that total consistency is impossible, even in traditional families.You can find Joel's podcast here.


8 Apr 2021

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Survivor Spotlight:Joel Hawbaker- Surviving the Blended Family

Surviving Life with Holly

Joel Hawbaker is a Blended Family Coach, High School Teacher, and host of a podcast called 10CBF. He uses his story with his own blended family to help others navigate the challenges of blending two families together. He shares today some ways that families can have hope even in the midst of their struggles.You can connect with Joel at...www.joelwhawbaker.comwww.facebook.com/joelwhawbakeror check out his Podcast: https://anchor.fm/10cbfFor more info on Hollywww.hollyboyce.comwww.instagram.com/thehollyboycewww.facebook.com/hollyboyce411Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/survivinglifepodcast)


15 Mar 2021

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#26 - Joel Hawbaker on The Morning Upgrade Podcast

The Morning Upgrade Podcast with Ryan Cote

In this episode of the Morning Upgrade podcast I talk with Joel Hawbaker about his morning routine, setting limits on social media, mindset, relationships and more. 


31 Jan 2021

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086: Interview With Joel Hawbaker ~ 10CBF Blended Family Podcast

The Nacho Kids Podcast: Blended Family Lifesaver

In this episode of the Nacho Kids Podcast, Lori and David, founders of Nacho Kids, continue their “Month Of Men” with an interview with Joel Hawbaker of the 10 CBF Blended Families Podcast. Joel is the bio dad of two beautiful teenage girls who he adores. Joel isn’t a stepdad, but he is a stepkid and gives us a great view on being a stepkid of military parents. He lived with his mom full time and went to his dad’s every other weekend. Until Joel could drive, his dad still came by and took him and his siblings to school in the mornings because of his mom’s work schedule. Joel, like many parents - I’d even venture to say ALL parents- has had a few struggles in parenting and building healthy relationships with his kids. Joel is blessed to have his awesome wife of a little over six years by his side. She has a good relationship with the stepkids and is an amazing stepmom! We hope to interview his lovely wife in the future!  In this episode, we discuss: Being a stepkid Differences in the blend When the bio kids want to live with the other parent Co-parenting The Mason jar idea

1hr 18mins

22 Jan 2021

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Joel Hawbaker on Secrets of a Successful Blended Family

Build Your Best Family

When two people get married they bring together 2 different cultures. The beautiful part of this new relationship is sorting through and combining those things together to establish a new family. But what happens when your blending families? It can be tricky. Today's guest talks to us about blended families and how to overcome the obstacles they often have.Everything we talked about in this episode can be found here: https://www.buildyourbestfamily.com/podcast/episode-118Subscribe to the show in iTunes and leave a review. Reviews help podcasters get their show noticed.Join our Facebook GroupGet the Family Discussion Sheet


19 Jan 2021

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Episode 10, Joel Hawbaker, Blended Family Coach

Small Business Marketing - Then and Now

In this episode I speak with Joel Hawbaker, a blended family coach who  assists blended families to work together more constructively in order to more positively address issues such as frustration, hurt, and resentment that comes from the past; parenting disagreements; scheduling problems for kids; sibling rivalries; other issues related to blended family life.


11 Jan 2021

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Heart of Dad - Season 4 Episode 1 Joel Hawbaker

Heart of Dad Podcast

Joel is an award-winning teacher, author, speaker, and frequent podcast guest who loves helping young leaders overcome obstacles and grow through courage, confidence, and humility.By sharing personal stories of failure and success, using humor and engagement, Joel teaches leadership principles that audiences can apply as soon as they leave the event. His book, Inverted Leadership: Lead Others Better By Forgetting About Yourself was a #1 best-seller on Amazon.Having studied and played soccer at both Covenant College (Georgia) and Oxford University (England, UK), Joel has a B.A. in History and a passion for literature as well as a love for sports. These interests and his experience as a high school teacher come across through his presentations, as he often references historical examples and quotes from C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, John Wooden, and Coach K.Joel currently lives in Alabama with his wife, his two daughters, and their two rescue dogs Bruiser and Butterscotch. When he’s not busy speaking, writing, teaching, or coaching, Joel is longing for the day when he can go on his dream vacation of visiting Hobbiton in the Shire.In this episode we discuss:His experience and interest in supporting 'blended families'What defines a 'blended family' and the trauma that is often at the heartThe complicated communication webs of blended familiesGiving the benefit for the doubtHis experience of divorce in childhood Recalibrating his relationship with his elder daughter when it went off trackBeing willing to listen to criticism and to evaluate it for its meritMaking things right when we get them wrongTransforming his relationship with angerThe challenging dynamics of father and brother relationshipsThe possibility of redemption when we screw upHis moment of truth with his ex father-in-law after his divorceModerating his soccer-coach rageHis bond with his dad and the contrast with his brother's relationshipThe extraordinary moment of belief his dad showed in himThe reconciliation between his dad and brother in the last year of his lifeWhat he misses about his dad and the life lessons he learned from himChanging the perception of step-families from negative / neutral to positiveYou can find out more about Joel at: www.joelwhawbaker.comwww.reallifeleading.comwww.stepdadding.comJoin us in our community at:  www.facebook.com/groups/heartofdad and apply to be on the podcast here: www.heartofdad.com/contact


31 Oct 2020

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#64 Sport is Not Just a Game But A To Learn Life Lessons with Joel Hawbaker

Beyond the Finish Line

On the show today I chat with former footballer (soccer) turned blended family coach Joel Hawbaker about all things football, family and business.


15 Sep 2020