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304: Measuring Success through Significance with David Baker and Eric Hinson of Parable

The Startup Junkies Podcast

Summary: In this episode of Startup Junkies, hosts Caleb Talley, Jeff Amerine, and Grace Gill talked with David Baker and Eric Hinson, CEO and COO and co-founders of Parable, a company that preserves family legacies through the creation of documentaries. After starting their careers in different fields, David and Eric both felt that they were not contributing meaningfully to the world. Nearly three years after they had last met in person, the duo got together again and dreamt up Parable and began telling different families’ stories. Now, they enjoy making a difference and fulfilling their passions as they help others preserve their legacies. Throughout the episode, the hosts talked with David and Eric about their pasts that led them to create Parable, what the company does, and what legacy David and Eric hope to leave with Parable.  Thanks for tuning in! Show Notes: (0:36) Welcome and Introductions (1:30) The Story of Parable (17:22) The Process (20:18) Product Value (34:31) Looking at Parable’s Future (37:51) Eric and David’s Legacies (44:24) Landing the Plane: Advice to Younger Self Links: Caleb Talley Jeff Amerine Grace Gill David Baker Eric Hinson Parable Quotes: “This seem[ed] like a really good idea, you know, to sit down and interview people. It gets that human side that I've been missing, working in products and marketing. And I just saw the power of it.” Eric Hinson, (6:39) “Parable exists to turn stories into legacies.” David Baker, (16:26) “People always say…look forward to the goal. But nobody ever thinks to look back to where you've come from, and that's the better way to measure success. How far have you come?” Eric Hinson, (22:28) “...The product that we provide is a lot more than just capturing the stories. It's giving everyone a chance to connect in a way that they haven't ever really connected before.” David Baker, (27:17) “I think there's something special to realizing that the people that we come from are human also. They become sort of mythical… in negative or positive ways over time. And they're not tangible in a way. This is an opportunity to humanize those individuals and hopefully kind of help someone understand how they're anchored in the world and where they come from.” David Baker, (34:02)


18 Jul 2022

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NWABJ Report 5.8.22 with Eric Hinson & David Baker

Talk Business and Politics


8 May 2022

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How To Clarify Your Message - Eric Hinson of Explainify

Rogue Creators

www.GoRogueX.comDon't Call it a Comeback! But we are....back! Bryan and Eric launch with a new co-host, Loren Lewis! Some changes coming so make sure to tune in!


4 Mar 2019

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How to use Video to Share your Company’s Story – ERIC HINSON | DMR #205

Digital Marketing Radio

Today I'm joined by a man who just wasn’t satisfied with the way that agencies and B2B brands were doing video... so he founded his own company, specialising in custom videos that help clients capture attention, motivate action, and drive more sales. Welcome to DMR, Eric Hinson. [You can find Eric over at Explainify.com.][Note: As per Eric's kind offer, listeners can get 2 free chapters of Eric's book here.]On this episode of Digital Marketing Radio we discuss how to use video to share your company's story, with topics including: Should every company be using video? Why should a company use video to tell its own story? Is it essential for every business to tell its own story on its website? What are the some of the key elements to producing a successful video? How do you measure the value of a video? How do you use video as part of a funnel strategy to drive more leads and sales? Do you think companies should be producing their own videos in-house? If a business did wish to produce their own videos, how should they typically get started with the project?[Tweet ""Entrepreneurship is a game of inches and not yards" @erichinson f/ @explainify #entrepreneurship"]Software I couldn't live withoutWhat software do you currently use in your business that if someone took away from you, it would significantly impact your marketing success?Adobe Suite [Creative software]What software don't you use, but you've heard good things about, and you've intended to try at some point in the near future?Drip [Marketing automation software]My number 1 takeawayWhat's the single most important step from our discussion that our listeners need to take away and implement in their businesses?It's about showing up for work, executing every day. I think of work as a game of inches, not yards. I'm pretty tired of these entrepreneurs - you see them retargeting us all the time on Facebook - hustle, hustle, hustle. Work hard. Chase this ego. That's just not what I'm about. I don't want to listen to those guys. I think that if you execute everyday. If you show up, remembering that entrepreneurship is a game of inches and not yards, you're setting your mind up for a better shot.


24 Apr 2017

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EP#106 - How Explainify Simplifies Brand Storytelling To Generate Leads - With Eric HInson, Explainify

Brand Storytelling

On this week's Brand Storytelling podcast, we are joined by the founder of Explainify, Eric Hinson to discuss how they turn complex information into engaging video content. Brands can often struggle to explain their services to prospective clients which can hinder their ability to recognise growth. Explainify builds captivating, animated stories that simplify the product or service on offer.   Visit www.newsmodo.com and sign up to our newsletter to receive all the latest blog posts and podcast recaps.


12 Feb 2017

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74: Finding the Diamond in the Haystack with Eric Hinson

The Startup Junkies Podcast

Eric Hinson, CEO and Founder of Explainify joins us to share his story of building a great culture in a great company. Explainify is a company that can “find the diamond in the haystack” in helping brands clearly understand the value that they deliver to customers – and how to communicate it effectively. Eric is currently publishing his first book from his lessons and experience at Explainify: “Diamond in a Haystack: How to uncover your brand story, rise above the noise, and give your customers a reason to care.” Get your free sneak peak here: Go.explainify.com/book Reach out to Eric here: http://explainify.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericjhinson/ Hosts: Brett@startupjunkieconsulting.com Michael@startupjunkieconsulting.com


24 Jan 2017