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14 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jessica Herrin. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jessica Herrin, often where they are interviewed.

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14 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jessica Herrin. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jessica Herrin, often where they are interviewed.

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"Browse commerce is just done': Stella & Dot founder and CEO Jessica Herrin

The Glossy Beauty Podcast
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Millions of Americans are still out of work as the coronavirus pandemic's ripples through the economy, and many are unlikely to return to the jobs they held a few months ago.

A few companies -- including Stella & Dot, Ever and Keep -- have stepped into that vacuum, offering gig economy work for people willing and able to sell cosmetics, clothes and fashion accessories.

"We really started growing when unemployment was at 8 and 9%. And in some ways you could say the growth of our business was somewhat counter-cyclical, because when people had a greater financial need, not only did you see more people join, but you saw the people that did join work more and earn more," Stella & Dot founder and CEO Jessica Herrin said on the Glossy Podcast of the 2008 final crisis.

The company counts about 30,000 "ambassadors," though the number of people actively selling on a monthly basis is between 8,000 and 10,000, according to Herrin.

Prior to Covid-19, Stella & Dot, Ever and Keep went through a $50 million tech revamp to connect sellers with a digital platform (inspired by Shopify, Pinterest and Polyvore) allowing them to set up a curated selection of products -- a storefront, essentially -- which they can then email or text to customers.

That foresight has been key to surviving as a business during coronavirus.

"Browse commerce is just done," Herrin said. "Who wants to go to a website and search and come up with a thousand options and look for reviews that may or not be real, rather than get a curated assortment texted to you with personalized recommendations?"

Jul 02 2020



Stella & Dot CEO Jessica Herrin on Managing During the COVID-19 Crisis

Total Retail Talks
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In episode 241 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Jessica Herrin, CEO and founder of Stella & Dot, a family of brands of fashion, accessories and skincare. Listen in as Herrin discusses managing during the COVID-19 crisis, how Stella & Dot is adjusting to this new normal, and how she is motivating her…

Apr 06 2020



Starting an Entrepreneurial Revolution with Jessica Herrin, Founder of Stella + Dot

Brilliant Balance
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With 2020 in sight, we start to look forward to the new year and what’s next for our business and our family. The upcoming year is full of endless possibilities, but have you started to think about them and make a plan?

Today we are joined by Jessica Herrin, the founder of Stella + Dot, KEEPER Collective, co-founder of the leading wedding website and author of her book “Find Your Extraordinary”. She has been recognized by The New York Times, Oprah, and Forbes for her business savvy and vision.

Join us as we discuss being a woman in the business world, letting go of your fear of failure, balancing time between work and home, and getting motivated for 2020!

Show highlights include:

  • Will your current priorities always be your priorities? (13:03)
  • The key to moving forward when you feel “stuck” (16:11)
  • Why your perfectionism is preventing progress (19:14)
  • The three factors holding you back from starting your business (23:18) 
  • How to master your time management between work and family (33:44)

Find out more about Jessica Herrin at, and follow her on Instagram @JessicaHerrin. Also, check out her book, “Find Your Extraordinary” and her podcast “Self Made”.

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Dec 03 2019



Jessica Herrin, CEO of Stella & Dot, On Reinventing Flexible Earnings For Women

Influencer Business: A podcast by Trove
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Stella & Dot CEO and Founder Jessica Herrin is a serial entrepreneur and a mother of two, who considers herself a warrior for women in the world. She champions women having more financial fierceness, choice, flexibility, and freedom in their lives. On this week's episode, she'll walk us through her career path and the (sometimes risky) choices she made that led her to a place of meaningful work and a life she loves. A must-listen for anyone looking to branch their careers into a place of flexibility and freedom.


Oct 24 2019



105: Learning as You Grow with Jessica Herrin

RISE podcast
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When I discovered that founder and CEO of Stella&Dot, Jessica Herrin was staying at the same hotel as I was in Hawaii, I did what any good entrepreneur would do - I asked her to be on the podcast! Jessica shares her story; from the motivation to start her business, the mistakes she made on her path to success, and where she sees her future heading. If you are a woman in business, get ready to be inspired, this is an episode for the ages!

Follow her @JessicaHerrin

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Jul 16 2019



18 Jessica Herrin - From Tech Startup to Founder & CEO of Stella and Dot

Unstoppable with Kara Goldin
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Listen in to today's episode with Jessica Herrin, the founder of Stella and Dot, the multi-million dollar jewelry, bags, accessories, and clothing social selling company. 

"You do not have expertise when you start. You get expertise over time with failure, with iteration, with tenacity.” - Jessica Herrin.

Learn more about this episode at

Jan 30 2019



[FFL 305] The Power of Thinking Big with Stella & Dot Founder Jessica Herrin

Power + Presence + Position
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A tenacious and fierce entrepreneur, Jessica Herrin is the CEO and founder of Stella & Dot -- a company with a mission to empower women to work on their own terms and be their own boss. Due to her vision to reinvent business opportunities for modern women who work at home, she has captured the attention and gained the respect of Oprah, The New York Times, and Forbes. A great wife and mother, Jessica is also the author of the book Find Your Extraordinary and has co-founded the world’s number one wedding site,

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Jessica joins me today to share the experiences that shaped the entrepreneur she would become. She discusses how her personality, being a calculated risk-taker, and the role model she had throughout her childhood inspires her to endure, persevere, and say, ‘I’ve had more challenging times; I’ve got this.’ She also shares some inspiring stories of her former business ventures as a very young entrepreneur and how she invented an alternative to the classic entrepreneurial journey.

“It’s not about the institution or the experience. It’s about your mindset and how open your mind is to learn from what’s in front of you and where you are.”- Jessica Herrin

Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • The “ideal” circumstances that led her to be an entrepreneur.
  • Her unusual family background allowed her to be fierce and tough.
  • How her father influenced her entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Jessica’s career path to founding Stella & Dot.
  • What her first business venture was about.
  • Why she dove into direct sales.
  • The vision she had that inspired her to start Stella & Dot.
  • How she came up with the idea to reinvent direct sales for modern women.
  • How her successful experience with shaped who she became as a leader, entrepreneur, and as a voice for women in business.
  • Significant questions to ask yourself that will help you be better and get to a better place in your career or business.
  • The most valuable lesson she learned from being part of
  • What propelled her to reinvent direct sales for modern women.
  • Why she spent $2,000 as a young teenager on a personalized children’s book business over jeans.
  • The key pillars that have driven the growth in her business.
  • How she stays re-energized so she can continue to question and fuel those reinventions.
  • The biggest fallacy that hurts women.
  • Her secret to success.
  • Strategies and insights she has around raising a family, having a personal life, and building a business.
  • What her book is about.
  • Top three success tips for leading a fast-growing company.
  • What a business founder’s dilemma is and how to overcome it.
  • The kind of people you need in your fast-growing business.

Fierce Leadership Quotes:

  • “You need to be tenacious as an entrepreneur. It makes you realize that when you look at these other risks in life, you think ‘I have survived the worst. How bad can this be?’” - Jessica Herrin
  • “Every failure, every success is really just preparing you and helping you get to the next place. But as you continue to listen to your heart, you will use those experiences to get to a better place.” - Jessica Herrin
  • “Here’s my secret to success: Lower your bar. Stop trying to be perfect. You’re just going to drive yourself insane.” - Jessica Herrin

Connect with Jessica Herrin:

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Jan 15 2019



07 Jessica Herrin - Drawing Lines Between Work Life and Personal Life with the Founder of Stella & Dot

The Mentor Files
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Jessica Herrin was on a mission when she set out to create the direct sales accessory company, Stella & Dot. For her, it wasn’t as much about the product she wanted to create, but rather a movement. At the time, Herrin had already launched a wedding gift registry site which sold to The Knot for $78 million. She balanced being a mom of two daughters as she worked tirelessly to build her second company. From there, it was clear to her that she wanted to create a company that would empower and provide entrepreneurship opportunities for the modern woman.

Fourteen years after launching, Stella & Dot has paid more than $300 million in commissions to more than 50,000 stylists and Herrin has been named by Forbes as one of America’s Richest Self Made Women.

In this episode, Herrin fills us in on why she stopped trying to do it all and why women need to make a change and stop feeling guilty about their choices(“mom guilt” anyone?). She also discusses the importance of being soulfully connected to your work, how to get started building a business when you don’t have the right mentors and the importance of acting as your own venture capitalist. Herrin also shares what she calls “The 6 P’s of the Entrepreneurial Spirit” to achieve success in business and lives a happy life. More on that can be found in her latest book, Finding the Extraordinary (which we highly recommend!).

“Often times when you have the biggest struggles, it’s your greatest opportunity.” - Jessica Herrin

Learn more about this episode of The Mentor Files with Monica Royer at

Nov 13 2017



Jessica Herrin, CEO and Founder Stella & Dot

FORTUNE Unfiltered with Aaron Task
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Jessica Herrin’s greatest strength is her endless will to hustle. The CEO of Stella and Dot is driven by her passion to create flexible, entrepreneurial opportunities for women, and supporting small businesses. She sees how women are completely different than they were in the 1950s, and therefore, the traditional business models have changed.

Listen to this week’s episode of Fortune Unfiltered to learn more about how she created a successful business at 24, how advice from a cab driver helped shape her path, and why she strives to be daring.

Mar 20 2017



3. Finding Your Extraordinary with Stella & Dot CEO, Jessica Herrin

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast
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In today’s episode, we talk to Jessica Herrin, CEO and founder of Stella & Dot, the social selling business that creates flexible entrepreneurial opportunities for women. While her name might not ring a bell, you’ll definitely recognise their jewellery. It’s available online and through in-home trunk shows through independent stylists who keep up 35% of the value of sales they make.

This podcast was recorded last year when we caught up with Jessica after the launch of her book, Finding Your Extraordinary: Dream Big, Live Happier and Achieve Success on Your Own Terms. The book isn’t about having it all. Instead, it focuses on having what matters most to you. It’s about how find your extraordinary career, your extraordinary happiness, your extraordinary life.

After leaving school, she worked with a series of tech start-ups before attending Stanford Business school, where, at 24 years old, she cofounded a wedding-gift registry site, which later merged with and was later sold for $78million.

When she started Stella & Dot, it was a side business while she worked full-time as a marketing manager at Dell and was pregnant with her first child. Last year, the company expanded beyond trend-led accessories to include two new brands: Keep Collective, a line of keepsake jewellery, and EVER Skincare.

Jessica has also been recognized for her business savvy by Oprah, The Wall Street Journal and countless over publications and was also honoured by Ernest & Young and Inc. 500 as a Top Entrepreneur.

Instagram: @thelifestyleedit

Feb 20 2017