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JEFF HEIMBUCH, producer of iHeart Radio's 10 episode fictional ghost series!!

Live Paranormal

JEFF HEIMBUCH, producer, writer and editor of iHeart Radio’s 10 episode fictional ghost hit series ‘Light House’, will be on The Ghost Host Sophia Temperilli show on LiveParanormal.com, TODAY 8/21, 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm primetime U.K. GMT!!  Listen and chat LIVE!!


21 Aug 2021

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EP 77 "From Rolly Crump To Salacious Crumb.." W/ Jeff Heimbuch & Rossco Soletrain


Rob & Ross talk to the great Jeff Heimbuch about everything the dark side of disney fandom to Jeff’s time with Disney legends! other fantasmic voices by Jon Shefsky, Lauri Roggenkamp & Zack Hillman!You can buy Jeff’s books on the life of Disney legend Rolly Crump! Link bellow:https://www.amazon.com/Kind-Cute-Story-Rolly-Crump/dp/098547064X Www.Instagram.com/Rossco Soletrainwww.instagram.com/robertlandpodcast www.instagram.com/fockyanation www.twitter.com/robertlandpod• Intro/outro song: "Sugar Coated Fun" & The Microwave Ovens (dickneptunethemicrowaveovens.bandcamp.com)• Edited by Harley & Rob Thompson Contact: robertlandpod@gmail.comwww.fockyanation.com


5 Jun 2021

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#VerticalSlice 6×3 Bamfer Productions’ (“Light House”) Jeff Heimbuch and Kori Celeste

#VerticalSlice Podcast

In which I SPOILERS! chat with SPOILERS! Jeff Heimbuch and Kori Celeste of SPOILERS! Bamfer Productions about everything from Heimbuch’s other venture HorrorBuzz to his and Celeste’s views on the evolving LA haunt landscape, including Knott’s Scary Farm, Bamfer Productions’ previous forays into the immersive space, and, of course, my favorite haunted house story in […]

1hr 11mins

5 Jun 2020

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NCU Podcast #005: Jeff Heimbuch on Producing a Comedy Horror Podcast and the Most Important Lesson from a Disney Imagineer Rebel

Next Creator Up

There are a lot of podcasts out there—hundreds of thousands, in numerous genres. It can be difficult to decide which to give a try on your many commutes to and from the office or nights away from Netflix. If you’re a horror fan, I’ll save you a little time: Jeff Heimbuch’s serialized comedy horror podcast, Return Home, is not to be missed. Return Home follows a man who comes back to his hometown to unravel its mysteries after an unknown entity calls to him. Done in the style of radio shows of ages past, Return Home has won several audio drama awards, including Best Actor in an Original Leading Role, Best Theme Music, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress. A creative jack-of-all-trades, Jeff Heimbuch is also a filmmaker and writer whose work you can find on Horrorbuzz.com. In this episode, we discuss Jeff’s process for producing Return Home, as well as his book about the Disney Imagineer rebel Rolly Crump, the pioneer behind such iconic attractions such as “It’s a Small World,” “The Enchanted Tiki Room,” and “The Haunted Mansion.” Episode Highlights 2:18 Jeff discusses why he always juggles multiple projects at once 5:37 How Jeff’s serliazed comedy horror podcast Return Home came to be and why he decided against writing this story as a novel or short story 7:42 The toughest decision Jeff has had to make with his podcast 10:00 Jeff walks us through the writing and recording process for his podcast Return Homeand discusses the hardest episode to produce thus far 15:09 Jeff’s first scare, and what he finds enjoyable about horror 17:36 Why Jeff became a Disney superfan and ultimately launched a Disney podcast 19:30 Jeff discusses his book It’s Kind of a Cute Story; Rolly Crump,“the bad boy of the original Disney Imagineers,” and what he’s learned from Rolly about the creative process 25:23 Jeff shares what’s influenced him creatively and the benefits of podcasting over filmmaking 27:28 Jeff’s advice for anyone who wants to be a narrative podcast producer 28:14 Jeff’s highly shareables 31:22 The lightning round! The questions aired in this episode: What’s the most important part of your creative routine? How do you know when an idea is the right idea? What’s something you do to ignite your creativity? When the going gets tough, I… I get my best ideas when… I’m inspired by… When I’m hard on myself about my work, I remind myself… I needed to learn _______ to be where I am today Do you believe in being creatively blocked Jeff Heimbuch Quotes Worth Remembering “I think that’s a very good way to live your life—learn the things that you are interested in and do it, even if not for anyone else, even for yourself, just learn it and do it.” “Don’t get discouraged by anything that may pop up. Don’t get discouraged by any of the hardships there are. Just go out and try to create the thing that you want to create because there’s no wrong way to create it. You’re the storyteller, you’re the person behind it, and whatever it is, it’s going to be your vision, so don’t get discouraged by anything or anyone else telling you otherwise.” “The more I sit and stare at something and I hate it, I almost will myself to make it better and I wind up changing a million different things before I sit down and start the creation process.” “When you’re three years into it, it still might not be the right idea, but you’re enjoying yourself, so who cares if it’s right or wrong?” Mentioned in This Episode Chapman University We’re Alive (zombie podcast) Herbert West: Re-Animator (horror story by H.P. Lovecraft, watch on Amazon here) Kori Celeste (composer for Return Home) Episode 7 with the Jersey Devil (hardest to produce thus far) Horror buzz Halloween original film and franchise (on Amazon here) Norman Gidney, Horror Buzz Six Flag Great Adventure in New Jersey Six Flags Fright Fest Scare Zone Haunted Mansion Disneyland Tiki Room Disneyland People Mover It’s Kind of a Cute Story (book) Rolly Cump (early Disney designer) Imagineers Walt Disney “Home At Last” (first episode of Return Homepodcast) Uncanny County (podcast) Rose Drive (podcast) Tunnels (podcast) The Stand by Steven King David Bowie Labyrinthsoundtrack The Alone Experience Connect with Jeff Bamfer Productions Twitter Instagram YouTube The post NCU Podcast #005: Jeff Heimbuch on Producing a Comedy Horror Podcast and the Most Important Lesson from a Disney Imagineer Rebel appeared first on Next Creator Up.


3 Jun 2019

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37: Who Framed Gary K Wolf and Jeff Heimbuch?? (Interview and Roger Rabbit / Disneyland discussion)

SATURDAY MORNING REWIND: Cartoon Voice Actor Interviews & Retro Podcast

Cartoon Talk with Tim and Gary... and Jeff Heimbuch?!  It's another Who Framed (Censored) Roger Rabbit episode.  Tim, Gary and guest co-host Jeff Heimbuch (From Communicore Weekly and Live Fast Die Poor) talk all about Roger Rabbit, Disney, Disneyland and Jeff's new book.  And it all leads to an exclusive interview with the creator of Roger Rabbit... Gary K. Wolf (author of 'Who Censored Roger Rabbit') Remember to call our voicemail and leave us a message: (406) 214-4451 (you may just hear it on the next episode) PLEASE rate us/subscribe on iTunes. Find us online: www.saturdaymorningrewind.com And FOLLOW us on Facebook and Twitter!

1hr 47mins

1 Mar 2015

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Episode 070 – Jeff Heimbuch, Part 2

Stories of the Magic

In this episode we conclude my interview with Jeff Heimbuch at Disneyland. In part 1, we talked about Jeff working with Rolly Crump on his autobiography and getting to know him, the companion CDs, and writing his own book. This … Continue reading →


7 Nov 2014

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Episode 069 – Jeff Heimbuch, Part 1

Stories of the Magic

Sometimes it takes a while to schedule an interview, but they’re always worth it, and today’s is no exception. If you listened to episodes 58 & 59, you heard my interview with Rolly Crump, and in it we talked about … Continue reading →


31 Oct 2014

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Episode 23 – With Author Jeff Heimbuch

WDW Mousenger

Hi everyone!  After a crazy summer filled with volunteer projects, international conventions and squeezing in a little beach time, I’m back in the studio and recording!  This week’s show is my interview with author, podcaster, and all-around good guy / Disney Geek Jeff Heimbuch of the Communicore Weekly podcast.  We’ll talk in detail about his book “It’s Kind of a Cute Story”, all about imagineer Rolly Crump.  Rolly is a Disney legend who worked closely with Walt himself, and was instrumental in bringing life not only to WDW, but also the New York World’s Fair of 1964 – 65 and Disneyland itself before that.  It’s a great time as we sail the wide oceans of Disney fandom, so come along for a fun time! Rod Wheaton


13 Aug 2014

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UUOP #49 - It's Kind of a Cute Story with Jeff Heimbuch

Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast

On this Episode we catch up on the news and bring you another of Erics "What's Newniversal" segments. For the main feature of the show, we veer away from Universal a little bit and bring you an interview Tracey Recorded with Communicore Weeklys, Jeff Heimbuch,  about his book It's Kind of a Cute Story. The book is about legendary Disney Imagineer Roly Crump, but Tracey manages to bring the questioning over to Universal, but we all love Theme Parks and we think you will enjoy the book and this interview. You can get hold of the book from AMAZON or over at Bamboo Forest Publishing. Check out all we have to offer. The Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast. You can listen to us on the following platforms: Apple Podcasts LIBSYN STITCHER SPOTIFY Don't forget, if you're booking a trip to Orlando to give our friends at Mouse & Muggle a try. Planning your next trip to Universal Orlando or a Disney destination? Whether you're a mouse or a Muggle, Mouse & Muggle Travel Company can help make your next vacation simply magical! And their services are FREE to you! Just go to mouseandmuggle.com and fill out a no-obligation quote request to get started. Also go and give our podcast partners, The Theme Park Duo a listen, for all your West Coast info FOLLOW US ON : FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER PINTEREST


30 Jan 2013

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MCL 12-20-2012 - It's Kind of a Cute Interview with Jeff Heimbuch

The Mouse Castle Lounge Podcast: Disney News and Interviews, Cocktails and Conversations

Rolly Crump spent decades with Disney as an animator, Imagineer, artist and designer. Examples of his work can be found in Disneyland attractions such as The Enchanted Tiki Room, It's a Small World and the Haunted Mansion, among many others. He co-wrote his new memoir, It's Kind of a Cute Story, with Jeff Heimbuch, telling colorful tales about how a talented kid with no formal artistic training made good working for Walt Disney. The Mouse Castle's Tim Callaway interviews Jeff, who talks about his experiences meeting and working with Rolly. WARNING: This episode of The Mouse Castle Lounge contains profanity--and we're sure Rolly will approve.


20 Dec 2012