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Thomas Edison's Brilliant Life, Told In Reverse

Ohio V. The World

Alex finally gets around to telling the story of the most famous Ohioan, Thomas Alva Edison. We sit down with the leading Edison scholars to discuss his amazing life of invention and innovation. And to spice it up we tell the story of "the Wizard of Menlo Park" in reverse, from death to birth. Alex details his most important inventions from electric light to motion pictures to the phonograph and sound recordings.We're joined by Dr. Paul Israel from Rutgers University, the Director of the Thomas A. Edison Papers and author of Edison: A Life of Invention (2000). Dr. Israel describes the modern world we live in being built by Edison. The telephone, the music business, television and movies were all invented or innovated by Edison and his team's work at their Menlo Park in New Jersey. Dr. Israel manages over 5 million papers in the Edison collection and buy his book Edison: A Life of Invention https://www.amazon.com/Edison-Life-Invention-Paul-Israel/dp/0471362700Ernest Freeberg, author and professor of history at the University of Tennessee also joins the program to discuss Edison's most famous invention: electric light. The history of electric light, the impact on the world and the innovation involved it bringing to the entire world are discussed. His great book, The Age of Edison (2013) analyzes the invention of Edison's incandescent light bulb from every angle and gives incredible insight in the inventor himself. Such a great read. Buy it here: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/307057/the-age-of-edison-by-ernest-freeberg/Lastly, we're joined by Robert Wheeler, the president of the Board at the Edison Birthplace Museum in Milan, OH. Robert, a relative of Edison, discusses Edison's family life and his youth in the small town of Milan up by Lake Erie. Go check out the excellent museum at www.tomedison.orgWe're proud to be part of the Evergreen Podcast Network. Go to www.evergreenpodcasts.com for our show and dozens of other great podcasts. Rate and Review the show on iTunes and we'll read your review on the air. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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6 Sep 2022

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Thomas Edison

Respect The Dead

Mandy tells Hoots and Caelan about the original tech bro, Thomas Edison. He was the Elon Musk of his time and yes, we mean that as an insult.Follow Respect the Dead on Twitter or Instagram and sign up on our Patreon Here!Episode links: https://www.pointsincase.com/columns/thomas-edison-puppy-killer-douchebaghttps://www.history.com/topics/inventions/thomas-edison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWSvxLuW9Zk - Documentary about Topsyhttps://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/clarence-dally-the-man-who-gave-thomas-edison-x-ray-vision-123713565/ https://medium.com/the-collector/8-inventions-that-edison-didnt-actually-create-but-took-the-credit-73ed471bc4fa https://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/7-epic-fails-brought-to-you-by-the-genius-mind-of-thomas-edison-180947786/ https://www.thoughtco.com/thomas-edisons-muckers-4071190 https://historianandrew.medium.com/why-thomas-edison-required-job-applicants-to-eat-soup-in-front-of-him-75fce32de740

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8 Aug 2022

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Did Thomas Edison Murder The Real Inventor of the Motion Picture Camera and Steal His Invention?

History Unplugged Podcast

In the late 1800s, there was an all-out sprint among inventors and tinkerers to create the first motion picture camera. The first across the finish line would get an incredibly valuable patent worth millions. The ultimate winner was an unassuming Frenchman named Louis Le Prince, who died before he could present his invention to the world, and some believe was murdered by Thomas Edison.n 1890, Louis Le Prince, before any of his competitors, was granted patents in four countries for his “taker” or “receiver” device, the product of years of furious, costly work. The device would capture ten to twelve images per second on film, a reproduction of reality that could be replayed limitlessly, shared with those on the other side of the planet with only a few days delay. But just a month before unveiling his invention to the world, he mysteriously disappeared. Three and a half years later, Le Prince’s invention was finally made public – by his rival, Thomas Edison, who claimed to have invented it himself.To unravel this mystery, I am joined by Paul Fischer, author of The Man Who Invented Motion Pictures: A True Tale of Obsession, Murder, and the Movies. Le Prince’s disappearance is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of cinema history, and Fischer discusses what he and other film theorists think might have happened to this famous inventor and creator of the motion picture. But most of all, we explore the impact Le Prince’s work has had on centuries of filmmakers, and why it is so important to restore Le Prince’s place in history.

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30 Jun 2022

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7: Thomas Edison's ass

Brain Tape

Attention Workers it has been 42 days since our last dumbest podcast. On this tape, Beef finds out Ray's a fightin' man. Ray finds out Beef is a secret scholar. Covering: http://achewood.com/index.php?date=02032006


25 Mar 2022

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The Cavalcade Of America - Thomas Edison - May 19, 1937 - Historical Dramatization

Heirloom Radio

Dupont Chemical company sponsored "The Cavalcade of America" series to try to gain some respect and support from American radio listeners, who were not too enamored with some of the profits that Dupont made producing gunpowder during WW I. The show featured events in American history, dramatizing the positive aspects of the nation's past. The series ran from 1935 to 1953 with top notch historians and writers working on the show scripts. Actors were the best of the best from stage, screen and radio. The shows were not made to churn up adrenaline, but the episodes were interesting and some were amazing. Authors, playwrights, artists, inventors, industrialists are biographed in the series. Many shows dealt with inventions and scientific developments of the past and the then present. This show about Thomas Edison was such a show. He had his "enemies" "Tesla, and others when the fight or AC vs DC was in the wind... but he also contributed a huge amount of scientific inventions and processes.The track will be living in the the "Miscellaneous - History" Playlist on this Podcast originating from Soundcloud.com Thank you for the pleasure of your company. Your support is much appreciated.


12 Mar 2022

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Film Class 101: Thomas Edison

Celluloid Days

Here are the links to the sources I used for writing this episode:History - Thomas EdisonBritannica - Edison and the Lumière brothersloc.gov - The KinetoscopeAmerican Experience | PBS - The KinetoscopeHere are the links to the videos Nancy recommended.Turkish dance, Ella Lola (1898)Princess Rajah (1904)Princess Ali (1895)Spanish dancers at the Pan-American Exposition (1901)Here is Nancy's Blog post featuring this episode!Celluloid Days #9 - Thomas Edison: The Variety Stage & Oriental DanceAnd you can email me at DaysofCellulloid@gmail.com


7 Mar 2022

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Ep. 171 - Did Thomas Edison have Louis LePrince killed?

Ohio Mysteries

In 1890, Louis LePrince was reportedly on his way to America to demonstrate his invention of the moving picture camera. But on the train ride from his brother's home in France, he vanished. When Thomas Edison revealed his movie camera a few months later, LePrince's family became convinced Edison had their patriarch murdered. www.ohiomysteries.comfeedback@ohiomysteries.com www.patreon.com/ohiomysteries www.twitter.com/mysteriesohio www.facebook.com/ohiomysteries Featured music: Countryside, by Nimbus Cloud. https://nimbuscloud.bandcamp.com Audionautix- The Great Unknownhe Great Phospher- Daniel Birch Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


28 Feb 2022

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Episode 69: Channeling History - 22.01.16 - Thomas Edison

Channeling History

In this weeks’ edition of Channeling History, Barry and Connie Strohm channel the spirit of the famous inventor, Thomas Edison.  During his lifetime he obtained almost 1,100 patents.  Few individuals have contributed more to items or concepts to make life better.  If you like what you see, please subscribe to our channel.#ThomasEdison#BarryStrohm #ConnieStrohm #ChannelingHistory#ParaX #Channeling #Paranormal#History


17 Jan 2022

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Cinema Pioneers: Thomas Edison

The Tinsel Factory: A Film History Podcast

This week on The Tinsel Factory, the man whose lab would lead to the invention of one of the worlds first motion picture cameras. On two sentence movie reviews: Scream  Support This Podcast: https://anchor.fm/tinselfactorypod Merch: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/the-tinsel-factory/all Venmo: @tinselfactorypod Sources: The Current War by Adam Cline (2017) Empires of Light by Jill Jonnes (2014) American Experience:Thomas Edison (2015, PBS) Thomas Edison: The Wizard of Menlo Park (1961) --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tinselfactorypod/support


16 Jan 2022

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Invoking Thomas Edison and Bobby Cox

Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

Sarah Langs joins Buster to discuss the Dodgers-Giants’ first-ever postseason meeting, Chris Taylor’s walk off against the Cardinals, the questions surrounding the White Sox, potentially a huge series from Wander Franco, the Rays’ starting rookie pitchers and if the Braves can overcome the Brewers’ three-headed monster. Then, Hembo stops by to defend Phil Nevin waving Aaron Judge home in the AL Wild Card game and share his X-factors for every playoff team. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


7 Oct 2021