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God's Rookie Firefighter (263) by Joe O'Brien

3ABN FaithLight

This devotional was written by Joe O'Brien.Receive Daily Devotionals, sent to your email, by clicking on this link: https://bit.ly/2C1B1sH and filling out your info!Comments or Questions? Please email us at mail@3abn.org or call 618-627-4651 during our regular business hours (MON-THURS 8:00 AM-5:30 PM).Donate: https://3abn.org/donate-quick.html


2 Apr 2021

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Episode 06: What is COTREX? With Joe O'Brien From Colorado Parks and Wildlife

As Colorado As It Gets

In this episode, we talk to Joe O’Brien from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Joe is the Assistant Program Manager at Colorado Parks and Wildlife and works on the COTREX app that has gained a lot of popularity in the state of Colorado over the years. We have an in-depth chat with Joe about the functions of the app and some of his favorite parts that you should be using! Episode 6 of As Colorado As It Gets is now available on all your favorite platforms! Follow and subscribe for new podcasts EVERY MONDAY. Want to be featured on the show? Call us at 970-313-4337 and ask for our podcast line or CLICK THIS to submit your photos and stories. SHOW LINKS BELOW Youtube Spotify Apple Podcasts Amazon Music Google Podcast Feed


15 Mar 2021

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Ep 9. Understanding Emotional Eating, How To Find The Right Therapist & Social Media Trends With Joe O'Brien

The Sinead Says Podcast

In this episode, Trainee Health Psychologist Joe O’Brien and I dive into emotional eating, the reasons behind why we do it and how to stop. We also discuss things that you should look out for when seeking help. I open up to talk about my own experience with emotional eating, the struggles I went through & the steps I took to overcome it.You can find Joe on Instagram @headfirst0  and listen to his podcast, 'The Head First Podcast' HERE. If you are suffering from anything mentioned in this podcast, please, reach out and speak to someone. There is help out there.  You can find a full list of useful numbers and downloads on my website HERE.Enjoy!


1 Mar 2021

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20210208 | Learning Holy Living | Joe O'Brien

TVSDAC Sermons

Title: Learning Holy Living Series: Faithfulness In Christian Lifestyle, PT#03 Speaker: Joe O'Brien For more video's or audio podcasts like this or to support our internet ministry, see our website: www.tvsdac.org


9 Feb 2021

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The Psychology of Nutrition Behaviour Change with Joe O'Brien


Why is changing nutrition behaviours so difficult? What can we do as coaches to help promote positive change? Where does our scope of practice lie? How might someone identify with their eating behaviours, and how might that be problematic?  I discussed these questions and more with Joe O'Brien, a trainee health psychologist at Spectrum Mental Health.  Find more about Joe here: https://www.instagram.com/headfirst0/ You can listen to his podcast here: https://headfirst0.podbean.com/ Get in touch with me: https://www.instagram.com/shannonbeer_/ https://www.shannonlbeer.com/

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9 Oct 2020

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Ep. 201: Joe O'Brien (Psychic), LaVena Johnson (Murder) & P.B.J. #10

Uncovering Unexplained Mysteries

***I'm excited to announce the new merch has arrived! Check it all out at here: https://teespring.com/stores/uum-storeWELL! Party's over! Back to normal with this week's set of cases. First we talk about Joe O'Brien's psychic experience he had when he imaged himself as his friend Sammy who was, at the time, being held as a prisoner of war. Once Sammy was released and reunited with Joe he realized that Joe was able to describe precisely what Sammy had gone through. Next we have one of the most clearest mislabeling of deaths in military history. LaVena Johnson supposedly committed suicide while stationed in Balad, Iraq. None of the facts, however, back up that statement. This case goes much deeper into America's addiction to contractors and mercenaries. These people are para-military for-hire who do not fall under the same jurisdiction as American military. LaVena was most likely a victim of one of these people. -------------------------------Uncovering Unexplained Mysteries on Social Media:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uncoveringunexplainedmysteriesTwitter: https://twitter.com/UncoveringUmFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1918785078407664/-------------------------------For more Mike & Josh, check out their YouTube channels!Josh: www.youtube.com/dancingwithghostsMike: www.youtube.com/OCPCommunications

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28 Sep 2020

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#71 Joe O'Brien @headfirst0 chats about willpower, stress, motivation, managing setbacks, are forming decent habits difficult? and if your diet impacts your mental health

Shane Walsh Fitness Podcast

In this episode of the Shane Walsh Fitness Podcast I spoke with Podcaster, Educator, researcher and Writer and Trainee health Psychologist with Spectrum Mental health Joe O'Brien. @headfirst0 on Instagram Contact Joe: joeobrien@mentalhealth.ie Some of the topics we speak about include: Is obesity the lack of willpower? Does stress impact your behaviour change? Managing setbacks H.A.L.T Why are habits so difficult to form? Does you diet impact your mental health? Online Coaching  https://www.shanewalshfitness.com/onlinecoaching/ Don't forget to subscribe to the show Now available on iTunes and Spotify

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16 Apr 2020

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EP04 - Joe O'Brien - Staying Well, Health Psychology Made Practical

Only Human Podcast

Joe O'Brien is a trainee Health Psychologist who works with Spectrum Mental Health and is the founder of the @HeadFirst0 instagram account and podcast which has been influential in making health psychology accessible and understandable for anyone. Joe and I go all the way back to primary school. We discuss how our self image and identities have evolved over time before turning to how to bring the very practical insights of health psychology into play in our day to day lives so we can stay well during challenging periods such as Coronavirus. We look at sleep, habit formation, the fundamentals of mental wellbeing, environmental factors in health, managing relationships in stressful times, setting healthy boundaries, differentiating between psychotherapy, psychology and psychiatry,  as well as getting his insights into what Coronavirus and quarantine life has taught him. This was such an enjoyable conversation and is packed with valuable, actionable information. Please share what resonated with you @JackKavanaghIRL or by email at hello@jack-kavanagh.com. I love to get feedback as it helps us improve and add more value for you, the listener, so let me know your thoughts and what topics you would like covered. Share with a friend and spread the impact of the Only Human Podcast. Until next time, stay well, stay curious. Cheers :)

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5 Apr 2020

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Episode 36: COVID-19 and Minding Your Mental Health with Joe O'Brien

The Irish Balance Podcast

This episode is all about minding our mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. My guest today is Joe O'Brien - trainee health psychologist, educator, researcher and writer, and creator of the @headfirst0 Instagram page and the Head First podcast. Joe has been a guest on my podcast previously (check those episodes out if you haven't already!), and I'm very grateful to him for giving up some time to come back on to chat about mental well-being in the current situation we find ourselves in. We discuss the uncertainty we all face, using daily routine to take back a sense of control over our day, maintaining a balance between staying informed and avoiding information overload, and the importance of using technology to maintain social connection while we are being asked to stay far apart. I hope you guys enjoy this episode - if you give it a listen, tag us in your stories, let myself and Joe know what you thought, and thank you for tuning in! 


2 Apr 2020

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Ep.26 Joe O'Brien: The psychology of behaviour change in nutrition

The Health Scientist Podcast

Joe is currently completing a doctorate in Health Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University and runs the Instagram page @headfirst0. His special interests are in the psychology of behaviour change and the relationship between physical and mental health. He is currently based in Dublin where he works with Spectrum Mental Health. Joe's Instagram The Head First Podcast In this episode we cover:- Joe's interest in Nutrition and Exercise and how that influenced his path in psychology- The relationship between proper nutrition, exercise and sleep in maintaining good mental health- How can lifestyle change be incorporated into strategies to improve mental health and wellbeing?- The importance of multidisciplinary teams in tackling the various aspects of "whole-body" mental health.- The importance of behaviour change in public health initiatives- Psychological factors involved in successful weight loss maintenance- The need to address underlying psychological needs in some individuals before they successfully attempt lifestyle change- Stigma around psychological/mental health help and possible push-back when it's recommended- The difference between education and training in behaviour change- The importance of language around food and the problem with black and white (dichotomous) thinking- The role of government policy change in altering our environments to bring about improvements in diet and exercise habits- Joe's doctoral research and his idea's to develop screening tools to better match clients with the most appropriate intervention- Some of the more commonly used behaviour techniques in nutrition and exercise and how they may not be used optimally- The potential of having psychology professional's shadowing fitness/nutrition professionals to help them improve their behaviour change approaches.


4 Mar 2020