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The Naked Truth on Sales Strategy with Christine Miller, Owner of Miller Consulting, LLC

Measure Success Podcast

Christine Miller has over 20 years of experience in media and marketing and is the Owner of Miller Consulting, LLC, a firm that helps companies grow their client base and increase revenue through sales coaching, training, and consulting. Christine has expertise in business development, sales coaching, client management, and more. She is also a regular speaker, trainer, and podcast guest. Before this, Christine was the Director of Sales for Comcast, the Director of New Business Development for MySightSee, and the Sales Director for Sison Broadcasting Inc. She has worked in virtually every aspect of sales, marketing, advertising, management, and team building. In this episode… No matter what industry you’re in, if your sales are not performing as well as you hoped, it may be due to your sales strategy. There are many factors that might be holding you back from making a sale — fear of seeming too salesy, an ineffective closing process, or a general lack of research, to name a few. So, how can you improve your sales strategy to start scaling your business today? Christine Miller is a sales consultant who can help you overcome the sales roadblocks in your way. Using her proven methods, you can identify a solution to your sales problems, discover effective advancing techniques, and build a stronger sales team. With over 20 years of experience, Christine is here to empower you to take your business and sales strategy to the next level.  In this episode of the Measure Success Podcast, Carl J. Cox talks with Christine Miller, the Owner of Miller Consulting, LLC and a master of sales, about the sales strategies and tactics you can utilize to grow and scale your brand. Christine discusses the five invisible roadblocks that may be holding you back from making a sale, the most important success metric for any organization, and how to bring more value to each sale. Stay tuned!


14 Sep 2021

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State of the Scientific Enterprise during COVID-19: Dr. Christine Miller

Streaming Science

Self-care is an essential part of maintaining both our physical and mental health—all of which are important, especially during the challenging times of COVID-19. In this episode, Dr. Christine Miller, an Associate Professor of Evolutionary Ecology in the Nematology and Entomology Department at the University of Florida (UF), discusses the importance of self-care and shares her advice and lessons learned during a pandemic. In an interview with Whitney Stone, a graduate student at UF, Miller sits down with us to discuss adjusting her strategies to research, teaching, and her personal life during the COVID-19 pandemic. This episode was made in partnership with the UF/IFAS Office of the Dean for Research.


2 Sep 2021

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56 Christine Miller: Sincerely

Opening Presence with Aaron Robinson

Christine Miller is a conceptual artist and curator. Her work centers around racial imagery, products and histories while she consciously reframes her own cultural identity. In this conversation we dive into spirituality, her appreciation for  growing up in New York City and we read few excerpts from the book ‘ all about love- new visions’ by bell hooks. If you enjoy this episode, make sure to share it with a friend.Contact:IG @sincerelychristinemillerWebsite christinelaurinmiller.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/openingpresence/support

1hr 2mins

5 Jul 2021

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Christine Miller With Miller Sales Consulting

Coach The Coach

Christine Miller, owner of Miller Sales Consulting, focuses on helping companies grow their client base and increase revenue. She specializes in sales coaching, training, fractional sales manager services, and building high-performance sales teams. Chris knows how to build an opportunity pipeline while maximizing client's sales and marketing potential. The scope of her experience has spanned [...]


18 May 2021

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Christine Miller With Miller Sales Consulting

High Velocity Radio

Christine Miller, owner of Miller Sales Consulting, focuses on helping companies grow their client base and increase revenue. She specializes in sales coaching, training, fractional sales manager services, and building high-performance sales teams. Chris knows how to build an opportunity pipeline while maximizing client's sales and marketing potential. The scope of her experience has spanned […]The post Christine Miller With Miller Sales Consulting appeared first on Business RadioX ®.

18 May 2021

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18: A conversation with Christine Miller

The Storied Stitching Podcast

" Weaving is just my soul, you know."- Christine Miller For Christine Miller, weaving is a mystery. Miller took a continuing education class at the University of Texas Austin. It was a weaving class. Because of that experience, she changed her major to art to learn about design. There she overcame her childhood art block and dove headfirst Into weaving.  What attracted Miller to weaving is its mystery. As she says, you never know the end result, no matter how much planning. Her full-time life as a professional artist complimented her classroom experience. Eager to bring fiber to the K - 12 classroom, Miller will for traditional studio practices with her textile processes that she taught her students. To this end, her website, explorefiber.com, helps bring fiber arts to the masses. Miller and I met in 2011 during a Surface Design Association conference. She was one of ten K - 12 are teachers who won a full scholarship to attend.  As she put it: “My conference experience was the most fabulous conference ever in my life!” Since the pandemic, Miller teaches leaving with wire online continuing her evolution as an artist and art teacher—-and sharing her soul’s passion with others across the globe Join Christine Miller and me as we discuss: Her coral reef collaboration with her husbandHer cowboy boot collectionThe juice of art teaching Watch the episode here __________________________________________________________________Hi there! Enjoying our podcasts? Sign up for our Storied Stitching newsletter!>>>Automatically get the latest podcast and video >>>Sign me up!

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18 May 2021

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20: Walking Through New Orleans Local History and Culture with Christine Miller

I Wonder If

When traveling to a new city, there’s so much history and excitement to uncover. New Orleans is a city dense with stories, places to go, and remarkable characters. Christine Miller, is the founder of Two Chicks Tours in New Orleans. Christine has a passion for storytelling and sharing the rich history of the places around her.  In this conversation, Christine shares how she started her own tour company, the places and people she explores on her tours, and many resources to utilize on your trip.  Join Mona in this incredibly insightful and creative episode to learn more about Two Chicks, and the sexiest places to visit in New Orleans.  Show Highlights:  What brought Christine to where she is in her career now  Stories Christine highlights and shares in her tours  Curating private tours to create one of a kind experiences  The benefits of small group tours and how it enhances accessibility that large tours don’t have  St. Louis Cemetery Tour  Resources Christine shares on her blog to help people have the best experience  How a tour can help deepen your experience visiting New Orleans  How Christine got integrated into the New Orleans community Ways Christine utilizes the Law of Attraction to find guides who are equally as passionate as she is  What Christine does for Mardi gras  Who are the Pussyfooters and what do they do Why Christine goes on tours when she travels  The sexiest bars and restaurants in New Orleans  Advice for anyone who wants to start their own tour company  How Christine prioritizes her personal growth  Creating boundaries for work/life balance  Christine’s current “I Wonder If” Links:  https://twochickswalkingtours.com http://www.pussyfooters.org https://www.instagram.com/2chickswalking/?igshid=1elfvtvd7tn1f https://www.facebook.com/TwoChicksWalkingToursNewOrleans/ https://twitter.com/2chickswalking?lang=en


8 Apr 2021

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Episode 3: Power Comes from Purpose with Christine Miller

The Power Shift Podcast

Christine Ann Miller has served as President and Chief Executive Officer and as a member of the board of Melinta Therapeutics since August 2020. Ms. Miller is a global pharmaceutical veteran with more than 20 years of experience in life sciences.She directed more than 50 product launches that generated over $300 million of new annual revenue, closed numerous business development acquisitions, and built a robust five-year development and acquisition product pipeline. Before Sandoz, Ms. Miller spent over a decade at Actavis (now Allergan) and its predecessor Watson Pharmaceuticals where she led the preparation of numerous product launches and held leadership roles in both R&D operations and supply chain management.Christine started her career at Merck as a chemical engineer and procurement analyst and earned an MBA and a Master’s in Technology Management at Stevens Institute of Technology and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.In this episode, we discuss:·     The root of Christine’s purpose and how where she came from inspired her journey.·     How knowing her purpose helped achieve goals and climb the ladder throughout her career.·     The redefinition of power through knowing it actually sits within you– you don’t have to chase it, or take it from someone else to be powerful.·     How, as a CEO, Christine has faced both political challenges and professional challenges to her power and has used her strength of purpose to intentionally stay in her power.I hope you will find this episode as exciting and informative as I have. Please let me know your thoughts! Connect with Christine MillerWebsite: https://melinta.com/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinemiller95/ Connect with Dr. Sharon MelnickWebsite: https://www.sharonmelnick.com/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharonmelnick/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


26 Feb 2021

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330: Christine Miller on Building Your Opportunity Pipeline in an On-Demand World

Play Your Position with Mary Lou Kayser

Christine Miller is a goal-oriented sales executive with extensive experience in sales and marketing. She is a highly motivated, customer-focused trainer and coach, who excels at building and structuring sales organizations. Her style is inspirational, high-energy, and collaborative. With more than 15 years of experience in media and marketing, Chris knows how to build an opportunity pipeline while maximizing the client’s sales and marketing potential. She is highly motivated with expertise in business development, client management, content writing, sales training, and social media. The scope of her experience has spanned virtually all aspects of sales, marketing, advertising, as well as management, and team building. As a sales consultant and coach, Christine has worked with a variety of businesses in the legal, non-profit, start-up, finance, SaaS, and real estate industries. In addition to her consulting work, Christine spent many years as a Director of Sales in the corporate world, working for Sison Broadcasting and Comcast Spotlight. She is accomplished at recruiting, training, and coaching salespeople and sales managers to success. Teaching small business marketing classes, writing for Business People Vermont, and volunteering for non-profits is how she pays it forward. She is also the author of Sales Geisha (available on Amazon.) Christine has a B.S. degree in communications from Rutgers University and a Masters (MBA) degree from St. Michaels College. She resides in Essex Junction, Vermont, with her husband and two children. = = = = = The Team here at PYP has put together another uplifting, insightful, and inspiring show for you today. Our goal is to bring you timely, relevant, and useful conversations so that you can experience more success, energy, and LIFE as the leader of your business, career, side hustle, or passion. We always appreciate your rating and review of the show. If you haven’t already been incredibly generous and awesome, now’s your chance when you leave us a review and make sure to subscribe to the show wherever you listen to podcasts! Here are a few ways I can help you: Share this episode with one person who could use a boost of inspiration and positivity today. Grab your copy of my leadership playbook that teaches you the 11 skills you can quickly master to become an exceptional leader.   Say yes to yourself -- watch this video that takes you inside the space of moving toward the next best version of you. Buy one of my books on Amazon and leave me a 5-star review.  


19 Nov 2020

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How To Use LinkedIn for Sales with Christine Miller


Hey LinkedInsiders! In this episode of the LinkedInsiders, Christine Miller from Miller Consulting, LLC shares how she succeeded in finding her purpose as a salesperson and how using LinkedIn for sales prospecting has helped her business grow.Leave a comment on our website at Linkedinsiders.io if you have any specific questions about the techniques Christine uses. I'll be happy to answer them in a later episode.Enjoy the show!


6 Nov 2020