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The Sugar Jar Podcast - A Q & A Session w/ Yasmine and Zuri Adele on Romantic Relationships

The Sugar Jar Podcast

In this episode, Yasmine chats with Zuri Adele. In this episode Zuri has the opportunity to ask the questions that Yasmine may not normally ask herself. Listen as they dive deep into romantic relationships, find out about some of Yasmine’s healing journey, and also see some of the places where you may be healing that you didn't notice. It's an episode filled with lots of vulnerability, compassion, joy, laughter and just amazing sisterhood. “When we show up with our partners to do this work, or when we show up with anybody to do this work, we are giving ourselves the opportunities to see the truth of what is already real.” - Yasmine Timestamps: 7.47 - Being healed before finding love 20.55 - The forever partner vs the temporary partner 24.54 - How can I use these experiences as teaching tools? 35.15 - The importance of both partners choosing themselves 40.32 - How do you approach loving yourself whilst in a constantly evolving partnership? 44.47 - How do you make sure you have your own self-care practice when balancing motherhood, partnership and work? 53.26 - How do you navigate healing in an interracial partnership during a period where the race conversation has been prevalent? Be sure to catch Zuri Adele on her show, Good Trouble, on Freeform, and follow Zuri on Instagram. Connect with me on Instagram: @yasminecheyenne Join My Community News List

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7 Dec 2020

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77 | Intentional Friendships, Setting Healthy Boundaries, and Life-Changing Healthy Habits with Zuri Adele

Balanced Black Girl

Today, we’re having a heartfelt conversation with Zuri Adele. Zuri  is an actor, currently known for her portrayal of Malika Williams on Freeform’s “Good Trouble.”  She is an alumna of Spelman College, UCLA’s school of theater, film, and television, and the British American Drama Academy, and a former acting teacher at both the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for girls in South Africa and UCLA. Before “Good Trouble,” Zuri performed on many stages with Georgia Shakespeare, the SITI Company of New York, and the UCLA MFA Acting program. She is passionate about wellness, access to education, and social justice, Zuri launched and oversees the Zuri Adele Fellowship for HBCU Alumni, which provides support for HBCU graduates pursuing their Master of Fine Arts degrees in theater, film, and/or television. In this episode, we talk about… How to hold space for one another and cultivate community Being in spaces where you can be your authentic self Creating intentional wellness practices  How different wellness practices shape our lives The foundation of how to take care of yourself first RESOURCES: Learn more about Zuri at  Zuriadele.com Follow Zuri on Instagram: @Zuriadele Catch up on Good Trouble on Freeform Discount Codes: Organifi | Use the code BBG for 15% off Organifi supplements Peak and Valley | Use the discount code balancedblackgirl for $5 off your order of adaptogen blends If you like this episode, please leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts. Keep in touch with Les on Instagram @balancedles, follow the show @balancedblackgirlpodcast, and join the Balanced Black Girl Podcast Community on Facebook. PS: If you really want to take your year to the next level, snag our free glow-up guide. This free guide has everything you need to implement a self-care practice that works. You’ll get daily journal worksheets, inspiring quotes, affirmations, and a bonus workout. Get the guide HERE.Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands

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13 Oct 2020

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9. Zuri Adele : Not Queer Enough

Not (Blank) Enough

Bisexuality, having a Bi-costal upbringing, and how Zuri Adele almost gave up on acting before her big break on Good Trouble are all unpacked in her conversation with Grasie they titled, Not Queer Enough. OUR GUEST: ZURI ADELE INSTAGRAM: @zuriadele THE SHOW: Please rate and review the show on iTunes. It really helps the show grow and be discovered: Follow NOT (BLANK) ENOUGH on Instagram You can contact us at NotBlankEnough@gmail.com A transcript of this episode is available here. © 2020 Gumption Pictures


11 Aug 2020

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Ep 03 - Zuri Adele

We're All Going To Die, Anyway

In this episode, Jess and Zuri discuss the loss of Zuri’s father in the midst of a pandemic, what it’s like to celebrate someone in a virtual funeral, and how to harness joy, love, and liberation even in uncertain times. Zuri talks about the power of portraying the character of Malika on Freeform’s hit show, “Good Trouble,” based on real life activist and author, Patrice Cullors of the Black Lives Matter movement, and how she started the Zuri Adele Fellowship for HBCU Alumni at UCLA with the intention of making Master of Fine Arts education more accessible to people of acknowledged African descent. TW: @zuriadele IG: @zuriadele

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22 Jul 2020

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The Sugar Jar Podcast - A Chat with Zuri Adele on Grief, Acceptance, and Surrender

The Sugar Jar Podcast

In this episode, I chat with Zuri Adele on how we can heal through grief, learning to let others be there for us, and surrendering to the unknown. Zuri Adele - "It's very, very, very clear and undeniable when a corporation or person, especially with the power of social media is very clear when they are claiming to be about the movement now for, for fear of being perceived as one of the racist people, because there would be political and economic consequences to them if they were perceived as being an enemy to that to black liberation." Timestamps: 05.07 - Recognizing our power and energy 05.44 - Sharing grief and what the process has been like throughout this pandemic 14.23 - Feeling my father’s joy around me at all times  17.13 - The recognition of the lack of control we have 23.14 - Boundaries and receiving love 27.01 - How does it feel going back to acting knowing that you will be tapping into all these parts of yourself? 30.12 - The grief that we are experiencing with so much Black death at the hands of the police 33.06 - What are your thoughts around the current movement? 40.21 - What are you using your self care for to look forward to the other side? Resources: (books, products, websites, other podcasts) Be sure to catch Zuri on her show, Good Trouble, on Freeform, and follow Zuri on Instagram. Connect with me on Instagram: @yasminecheyenne Join My Community News List


11 Jul 2020

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Zuri Adele - “No More Back Up Plans”

Hollywood Caucus

Zuri Adele break out star of Freeform’s “Good Trouble” opens up about her role, her activism and identifying as Bi-Plus.For More information about Zuri’s Scholarship Go To: http://www.zuriadele.com/philanthropy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


28 Jan 2020

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201: Boundaries with Zuri Adele

Curvy Confidence

Good Trouble's Zuri Adele gives an in-depth talk surrounding boundaries. Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries. For most of our lives this word has been taboo. If you set boundaries, you were selfish. If you did not set boundaries, you could quickly find yourself depleted and frustrated. In this episode, we will talk about the importance of setting boundaries, how to set them and how they lead to you living your best life.  Follow us on Instagram: @curvyconfidencepodcast Follow Zuri on Instagram: @zuriadele

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4 Sep 2019

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1.06: A Little...Woke (w/ Zuri Adele)

A Little Forward

This week, Jenny + April are tackling all the -isms! We sit down with “Good Trouble” actress and activist Zuri Adele to discuss what it’s like to be born woke, how curiosity helped her find her voice, and get her tips for balancing activism with living your best life. We’re breaking down the walls of what it means to be an activist in 2019 (and probably 2020 tbh)! Plus Matt Bellassai gathers our entire lives to help us avoid getting cancelled. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


29 Jul 2019