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#89 - Behind The Scenes: Jonathan Wolff und Sascha Höhm

SHOW DOWN - Der Feierkultur Podcast

SHOW DOWN - Der Feierkultur Podcast Diese Episode wird unterstützt vom SIP Podcast: Zur Zukunft der Hospitality - jetzt abonnieren und reinhören! In dieser Episode begeben sich Leonie und Julian nicht nur hinter die Kulissen ihrer Podcast-Produktion - sondern auch hinter die Kulissen der großen Musik-Bühnen. Sie sprechen mit Sascha und Jonathan, Musikproduzenten und Sound Engineere, und zusammen mit David Dorad Betreiber des Studios Riverview im Holzmarkt. Jonathan ist ein Teil von Kuriose Naturale, die auch den Staffelsoundtrack geliefert haben. Sie sprechen über die Arbeit hinter den Kulissen der Musikindustrie, den Einfluss der Pandemie auf ihren Job, den aktuellen Tour-Überfluss - und klröen natürlich auch die Frage nach Lieblingsplatte und Lieblingslabel. Diese Episode wird unterstützt vom SIP Podcast: Zur Zukunft der Hospitality. - jetzt reinhören und abonnieren! *** Checkt auch SIP auf Insta und Youtube! /// Kuriose Naturale bei Instagram /// Sascha Höhm bei Instagram /// Podcast Intro Track: Kuriose Naturale - Total Holzmarktstrasse Danke an Jonathan & Kristian sowie das Label Kiosk ID // Schickt uns Songs, Fragen und Anregungen an: feierkulturpodcast@gmail.com // Folgt und schreibt uns bei Instagram: [instagram.com/feierkultur_podcast/]


26 Jun 2022

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Ep.273 Jonathan Wolff

"Da" Podcast

On this weeks episode of “Da” Podcast, Steve is joined by legendary tv composer, Jonathan Wolff as they talk about getting into music & becoming a composer, moving to Los Angeles & starting a business, conducting concert tours in Las Vegas, becoming the composer of Seinfeld & coming up with the theme, sampling, Seinfeld theme mashup, being on set, becoming a fan, the Seinfeld finale, releasing the soundtrack onto Spotify, working on Married With Children, bad music, why tv series went away from themes, “The Weird Story of The Week”, favourite tv themes and so much more!If you’re looking for “Da” Podcast merchandise, and want to support the show directly, please visit http://tee.pub/lic/KrIMP441400 We have tees, hoodies, onesies, phone cases, pillows, mugs and more!If you’re into wrestling collectables, autographs, comic books, action figures, sports cards and more, make sure to visit www.firstrow.ca and use promo code: DAPODCAST20 to receive 20% off!Looking for something new to read and also into video games? Please visit www.bossfightbooks.com for great books on classic video games!For the best supplements and CBD products on the planet, please visit legacysupps.com and use promo code: DAPODCAST to receive 10% off!You can follow Steve on Instagram & Twitter @fingastylz and “Da” Podcast on Twitter @dapodcastdap Send your questions and comments to dapodcastdap@gmail.comMake sure to subscribe, rate, like, follow or review on ApplePodcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, SoundCloud, Spotify and iHeartRadio!

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5 May 2022

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Interview with Acclaimed Composer and Creator of the Music from Seinfeld, Jonathan Wolff

The Stage Door Show

It was an honor to have acclaimed composer, Jonathan Wolff on the show. With over 75 television series to his credit, including Seinfeld, Will and Grace, Married…With Children and many, many more, he is literally a legend in the entertainment industry. We talked a lot of his work on Seinfeld and he even played some clips of his music during our interview. Not to be missed!!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thestagedoorshow/message


2 Feb 2022

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Interview: "Seinfeld" and "Will & Grace" Composer Jonathan Wolff on the Business of Film and TV Music in and Outside of Hollywood Marketing

CinematNIC by Nicole Russin-McFarland

Mainstream business and the film industry overlap a LOT, so get ready to learn something that will help you! Jonathan Wolff is one of the only living composers whose work is recognisable and popular with people who don't follow the film and television scoring industry. Composing TV music themes for "Seinfeld" and "Will & Grace" and working on many handfuls of other shows you watched growing up at times, sometimes appearing on camera as an actor, Mr. Wolff learned in his illustrious career about creating your own opportunities. Follow Mr. Wolff online at @seinfeldmusicguy on Instagram and visit his website, SeinfeldMusicGuy.com.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

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17 Sep 2021

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Ep. 79 - Jonathan Wolff on Creating the Seinfeld Theme Song

The Divergent Path with Rollie Peterkin

In this episode of the podcast, I get the chance to speak with legendary music composer Jonathan Wolff who wrote music for 75 primetime series, including the theme songs for 44 TV shows. Most famously, he wrote the iconic theme song for Seinfeld. Jonathan is a fascinating and thoughtful person and it was such a pleasure to speak with him!

1hr 4mins

15 Sep 2021

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Jonathan Wolff Interview

The Place to Be: A Seinfeld Podcast

In this episode, Adam and Eric interview Seinfeld music composer, Jonathan Wolff. Jonathan’s new album “Seinfeld: The Original Television Soundtrack” is available now! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us at theplacetobeseinfeld@gmail.com. You can also follow us on Facebook at The Place to Be: A Seinfeld Podcast, Twitter @tptbseinfeld, and Instagram @theplacetobe.podcast.

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26 Aug 2021

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Interview with Seinfeld composer Jonathan Wolff

The Other Side of Darkness: A Seinfeld Parody Podcast

Phase One of the podcast continues. For the next several weeks, I'll be sharing conversations with guest stars and crew members from Seinfeld. This week I'm sharing a conversation I had a while back with Jonathan Wolff, the mind behind Seinfeld's iconic theme. Jonathan also composed music to over 75 other TV shows over his decades-long career, and shared the incredible story of how he created Seinfeld's music to fit each episode uniquely.  This interview was originally recorded last year for my parenting series, Dadsplaining: A Fatherhood Podcast. My cohost Brandon and I also spoke to Jonathan about his life as a father of five, and balancing his career with his home life. He had a great perspective and a lot of wisdom to share, and I think you're going to really enjoy hearing from him. I chose to dig this interview out of the vault because Watertower Music has recently released, for the first time ever, the official soundtrack to Seinfeld--including over thirty tunes Wolff composed for the show. You can purchase it on all the major streaming apps, and listen here on Spotify. This week’s musical guest is Bjear, an artist from southern Australia whose work ranges from cinematic folk to experimental electronic music. Stick around to the end for his song “Dream In Blue.” Subscribe to this podcast so you won’t miss the story once it begins. If you enjoy it, leave us a positive rating and review. Become a Patreon patron and receive early episodes and exclusive merch. LINKS Follow Jonathan: @seinfeldmusicguy on Instagram - @seinfeldmusicguy on TikTok - @seinfeldmusic on Twitter - Jonathan Wolff on Facebook This episode brought to you in part by Twede's Cafe! @twedescafe on Instagram - @twedescafe on Twitter - Twede's Cafe on Facebook Follow Seinpeaks: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - TikTok - FB Group - Patreon Visit our Store | 50% of proceeds for the month of August will be donated to Feeding America (feedingamerica.org) Follow our musical guest Bjear: @bjear on Instagram - Stream on Spotify https://www.bjearmusic.com CREDITS Intro theme by Patrick Edwards Mid-show themes by Ivar Bowitz Outro theme by Robert McDonald "Dream In Blue" courtesy of Bjear Recorded and edited by Jesse Brooks FRIENDS OF THE SHOW Listen to the Watching Owen Wilson podcast (https://www.audible.com/pd/Watching-Owen-Wilson-WOW-Podcast/B08K56LQ54) Listen to Welcome To Twin Speaks (https://redcircle.com/shows/welcome-to-twin-speaks)


14 Aug 2021

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Seincast - Jonathan Wolff

Seincast: A Seinfeld Podcast

Seinfeld music composer, Jonathan Wolff, pops by to talk about his new album "Seinfeld: The Original Television Soundtrack" available now! Where you can find Jonathan online: Twitter Instagram Facebook

1hr 13mins

12 Aug 2021

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Jonathan Wolff

Just talkin with Sam

Jonathan Wolff calls into the podcast to talk his career , retirement and hos latest project "The Seinfeld Soundtrack".

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31 Jul 2021

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49. Jonathan Wolff

The Radical with Nick Terzo

Leaving home at seventeen with years of musical training under his belt, composer Jonathan Wolff hit the ground running in Hollywood and never slowed down. Sometimes working on a dozen TV shows at once, he created theme songs and/or scores for dozens of classics such as "Seinfeld", "Will & Grace", and "Married... With Children." Join Nick as he and Jonathan discuss his early musical training in Kentucky, performing live on the sitcom set, and the importance of having a business plan as a working musician. HIGHLIGHTS: [01:55] Jonathan humbly downplays the historical importance of his numerous "Seinfeld" compositions [03:06] Jonathan hopes that listeners have fun with his new "Seinfeld" soundtrack album, using it at their own parties [04:22] Jonathan explains how one of Carol Liefer's original "Seinfeld" scripts called for longer John Germaine sax solos, but many of those scenes were left on the cutting room floor [06:13] Jonathan would get the final script for each "Seinfeld" episode the night before the table read, and would begin scoring that night [08:02] During a Hollywood strike, Jonathan met comedian George Wallace in Las Vegas, who introduced him years later to his friend Jerry Seinfeld, who needed music for his new sitcom [11:26] Jonathan asked Jerry to come to his office, and using slap bass and cutting-edge sampling technology, composed a rough draft of the show's theme over tapes of Jerry's routines [13:14] Amateur "wonks" on the Internet believe they've identified all the samples Jonathan used, but they were all his original Frankenstein creations [15:04] Sitcoms had been using cues to transition between scenes since the 50s, but Jonathan's goal was to create a unique earworm that would draw people to the TV [16:07] Jonathan's early musical training started with conservatory, learning how the masters orchestrated their compositions, and taking that knowledge with him to Hollywood [17:12] Laboring in a career in which he had very little control, Jonathan sold everything and started a new life as an actual composer, a new career in which he could create music with bleeding-edge equipment and LA's finest musicians [20:45] Jonathan's musical background as a teenager in Kentucky was so eclectic, he found it easy to jump between genres and styles when composing for TV shows [22:00] Jonathan had a dedicated crew that he worked with for years, who sang and performed on songs like "Jesus Is One" from "Seinfeld" [24:06] Longtime "Simpsons" composer Alf Clausen called Jonathan and asked him to train his son before he went off to college [25:41] In the "Seinfeld" episode where Morty Seinfeld was impeached, Jonathan reached into his classical background to compose the serious Presidential-styled music that accompanied the scene [26:59] Although the numerous chase scenes in "Seinfeld" were played for comedy, Jonathan scored them as if they were serious business [28:50] When actor John O'Herlihy joined the cast on "Seinfeld", Jonathan had already worked with him on the show "Dave's World" [30:45] Sometimes, Jonathan would record music ahead of time, so that the scene could be performed with the score on playback [32:07] Jonathan describes Larry David as a very musical person, so well-schooled and educated about music that he attended every mixing session [34:02] Castle Rock Productions, the company that created and produced "Seinfeld", was absorbed by Time-Warner, so now Warner Bros. owns the soundtrack [36:21] Over the course of composing for 75 different shows, at any one time Jonathan would be writing music for ten or more different episodes at a time [37:48] Jonathan has written theme songs for 44 different shows [38:27] Jonathan's first assignment for "Married... With Children" was to write a song for one episode, a parody of "We Are The World" using musicians like Richie Havens and John Sebastian [42:03] Jonathan's exodus to Hollywood at 17 was done under the ruse of "going to college", using his National Merit Scholar win to gain admission to USC for a few weeks before going to work full-time [44:01] Jonathan's key to maintaining his level of creativity for so many years: comprehensive and eclectic training at an early age, and knowing the legal and financial tools that helped him succeed in the music business [46:37] Jonathan stresses that having a financial and business plan is essential for a successful career in music Thanks for listening! Tune in next week and don’t forget to take a minute to review the podcast. In this incredibly competitive podcasting world, every piece of feedback helps. Follow our social media channels for last-minute announcements and guest reveals @theradicalpod on Instagram and Facebook. Find out more about today’s guest, Jonathan Wolff. Find out more about your host, Nick Terzo MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: @JerrySeinfeld @TheAlfClausen @carolleifer @MrGeorgeWallace @shepsky [Bob Shepard, sax] @jglaser333 [Jamie Glaser, guitarist] @Richie_Havens @OfficialKrieger [Robby Krieger, musician] @THEspencerdavis [musician] @AebersoldJazz [Jamey Aebersold, jazz musician] @thetonyaharding @TheSimpsons @USC @nationalmerit [National Merit Scholarship Corp.] @Sony @CastleRockEnt @timewarner @warnerbros


23 Jul 2021