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Episode 497: Dr Robert Rowen On The Coming CV19 Vaccine

The Libertarian Institute - All Podcasts

34 MinutesSafe For WorkDr Robert Rowen has been practicing medicine for more than three decades. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University before attending medical school at the University of California, San Francisco.Dr Robert Rowen joins Pete as a representative of the group Physicians for Informed Consent. One of the main functions of the group is that they are advocates for vaccines to be voluntary. He joins Pete to give insight into what he calls an industry dominated by Big Pharma, and to talk about his opinions as to how dangerous CV19 is, and how efficacious a vaccine will be.Physicians for Informed ConsentGet Autonomy19 Skills PDF DownloadThe Monopoly On ViolenceUnloose the GoosePete's Patreon Pete's Books on AmazonBooks Available for CryptoPete on FacebookPete on Twitter


13 Nov 2020

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Episode 497: Dr Robert Rowen On The Coming CV19 Vaccine

Free Man Beyond the Wall

34 Minutes Safe For Work Dr Robert Rowen has been practicing medicine for more than three decades. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University before attending medical school at the University of California, San Francisco. Dr Robert Rowen joins Pete as a representative of the group Physicians for Informed Consent. One of the main functions of the group is that they are advocates for vaccines to be voluntary. He joins Pete to give insight into what he calls an industry dominated by Big Pharma, and to talk about his opinions as to how dangerous CV19 is, and how efficacious a vaccine will be. Physicians for Informed Consent Get Autonomy 19 Skills PDF Download The Monopoly On Violence Unloose the Goose Pete's Patreon Pete's Books on Amazon Pete's Books Available for Crypto Pete on Facebook Pete on Twitter


13 Nov 2020

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Episode 497: Dr Robert Rowen On The Coming CV19 Vaccine

MLGA Network


13 Nov 2020

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Doctor Robert Rowen

Mike Halpern Radio Show

Doctor Robert Rowen joins the show to discuss masks, outdoor air, indoor air, indoor air filters, oxidative therapies, treating the body as a system, and more


29 Jun 2020

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Oxidative medicine and Ozone therapy with Dr Robert Rowen

Pushing The Limits

Doctors Robert Rowen is a world renown Ozone and oxidative medicine clinician who creates personalized treatment plans that strive to address both the symptoms and the underlying causes of disease. The most common being energy-blocking "interference fields",  toxins in the body, a compromised metabolism, stress, unbalanced emotions, and poor nutrition. Removing these hindrances often helps your body to heal. Dr Rowen uses a myriad of therapies including Ozone therapy which we do a deep dive into in this interview. Ozone and the other forms of oxidative medicine he uses helps people recover from chronic pain, chronic fatigue, arthritis, Lyme Disease, autoimmune disorders, chronic infections, immune/allergy issues, and cardiac/circulatory system conditions. The Clinic also provides supportive therapies for patients challenged with cancer. The Need for an Innovative Approach Western medicine has made great strides in emergency medicine and surgical techniques. Despite this progress, some ailments stubbornly resist conventional treatment. There is also increasing evidence that some pharmacological treatments do more harm than good. For patients with difficult medical conditions, "incurable" diseases, and for those who seek to restore their health, standard medical practices are usually not the answer.   About Dr Rowen    Doctor Robert Rowen has been practicing medicine for more than three decades. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University before attending medical school at the University of California, San Francisco. Following medical school and residency, he attained Board certification in two fields: Family Practice and Emergency Medicine. Finding that pharmacological medicine could do more harm than good, Doctor Rowen made the leap to integrative medicine in the 1980's. He practiced in Alaska from 1979 to 2001 before joining Dr. Su in Santa Rosa in 2001. Dr. Rowen has developed an international reputation for pioneering work in oxidation and other innovative medical treatments. He spearheaded Alaska's first initiative to provide statutory protection for integrative medical treatments and was appointed to the Alaska State Medical Board. He is a frequent lecturer on oxidation, food and nutrition, the limitations of conventional Western medicine and other topics. Dr. Rowen uses YouTube and Facebook to provide public insight into his approach, often accompanied by commentary from his patients. Dr. Rowen has received awards from the American College for Advancement of Medicine (ACAM), International Oxidation Medicine Association (IOMA), Society for Oxidative and Photonic Medicine (SOPMed), American Academy of Ozonotherapy (AAO), and other organizations for his work in oxidation medicine and advocacy for medical freedom. Dr. Rowen was awarded the Cancer Control Society's Humanitarian Award in 2013. https://drrowendrsu.com/   Link to the video on how to use ozone therapy by Dr Rowen and Dr Su. https://drrowendrsu.com/our-blog/ozone-without-borders-home-ozone-demonstration/   If you are wanting to purchase an at home ozone therapy kit please contact Kim Saxton who was on this podcast in episode 151. Kim owns www.naturalozone.co.nz and can help get you set up for using ozone for a myriad of uses at home.    We would like to thank our sponsors for this show: For more information on Lisa Tamati's programs, books and documentaries please visit www.lisatamati.com For Lisa's online run training coaching go to https://www.lisatamati.com/page/running/ Join hundreds of athletes from all over the world and all levels smashing their running goals while staying healthy in mind and body. Lisa's Epigenetics Testing Program https://www.lisatamati.com/page/epigenetics/ measurement and lifestyle stress data, that can all be captured from the comfort of your own home For Lisa's Mental Toughness online course visit: https://www.lisatamati.com/page/mindsetu-mindset-university/ Lisa's third book has just been released. It's titled "Relentless - How A Mother And Daughter Defied The Odds" Visit: https://relentlessbook.lisatamati.com/ for more Information ABOUT THE BOOK: When extreme endurance athlete, Lisa Tamati, was confronted with the hardest challenge of her life, she fought with everything she had. Her beloved mother, Isobel, had suffered a huge aneurysm and stroke and was left with massive brain damage; she was like a baby in a woman's body. The prognosis was dire. There was very little hope that she would ever have any quality of life again. But Lisa is a fighter and stubborn. She absolutely refused to accept the words of the medical fraternity and instead decided that she was going to get her mother back or die trying. This book tells of the horrors, despair, hope, love, and incredible experiences and insights of that journey. It shares the difficulties of going against a medical system that has major problems and limitations. Amongst the darkest times were moments of great laughter and joy. Relentless will not only take the reader on a journey from despair to hope and joy, but it also provides information on the treatments used, expert advice and key principles to overcoming obstacles and winning in all of life's challenges. It will inspire and guide anyone who wants to achieve their goals in life, overcome massive obstacles or limiting beliefs. It's for those who are facing terrible odds, for those who can't see light at the end of the tunnel. It's about courage, self-belief, and mental toughness. And it's also about vulnerability... it's real, raw, and genuine. This is not just a story about the love and dedication between a mother and a daughter. It is about beating the odds, never giving up hope, doing whatever it takes, and what it means to go 'all in'. Isobel's miraculous recovery is a true tale of what can be accomplished when love is the motivating factor and when being relentless is the only option. Here's What NY Times Best Selling author and Nobel Prize Winner Author says of The Book: "There is nothing more powerful than overcoming physical illness when doctors don't have answers and the odds are stacked against you. This is a fiercely inspiring journey of a mother and daughter that never give up. It's a powerful example for all of us." —Dr. Bill Andrews, Nobel Prize Winner, author of Curing Aging and Telomere Lengthening. "A hero is someone that refuses to let anything stand in her way, and Lisa Tamati is such an individual. Faced with the insurmountable challenge of bringing her ailing mother back to health, Lisa harnessed a deeper strength to overcome impossible odds. Her story is gritty, genuine and raw, but ultimately uplifting and endearing. If you want to harness the power of hope and conviction to overcome the obstacles in your life, Lisa's inspiring story will show you the path." —Dean Karnazes, New York Times best selling author and Extreme Endurance Athlete. We are happy to announce that Pushing The Limits rated as one of the top 200 podcast shows globally for Health and fitness.  If you like this week's podcast, we would love you to give us a rating and review if you could. That really, really helps to show get more exposure on iTunes


18 Jun 2020

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024. Ozone: The $5 Remedy For Viruses & Antioxidant Myths - Dr Robert Rowen

The Hacked Life

This week’s guest needs no introduction and is none other than Dr Robert Rowen. Dr Rowen just turned 70 years old (and he looked amazing, especially his skin) and has been practicing alternative medicine for over 40 years. When I walked into Dr Rowen’s office, he was treating his blood with ozone, also known as O3. Ozone is a molecule composed of 3 atoms of oxygen (O3).  It can significantly improve biochemical pathways and metabolism in the body.  Our immune cells naturally produce ozone in our bodies.  Ozone is known to break up bacterial cells, disrupt virus reproduction, and destroy toxins. Ozone increases oxygenation and improves blood flow throughout the entire body. The strongest method is usually to give ozone blood treatments.  The most effective treatment Dr Rowen has found for pain is injecting ozone into joints/painful areas.  I have been following Dr Rowen for years, but what made me particularly interested in Dr Rowen’s work was his study of the Ebola virus. Dr Rowen went to Sierre Leone during the Ebola pandemic and successfully treated five people with Ebola. Due to politics, which you’ll learn about in the podcast, Dr Rowen was forced to stop treating people. What does the Ebola virus have to do with today you might ask? Well, the Ebola virus shares similar properties to that of the Coronavirus, which Dr Rowen outlines in our podcast. Based on these properties, there’s a great chance that ozone could be used to treat Coronavirus as well. In this episode we also talk about free radicals, bacteria, viruses, and how they might not be so bad after all. We also talk about the vaccine’s efficacy and their checkered history. We talk about how viruses actually work and ways you can maintain a healthy lifestyle especially during these crazy times. Enjoy!If you're interested in life coaching or health coaching, let's connect at https://www.joelevancoaching.comTimeline7:00 - free radicals, bacteria, viruses8:40 - early beginnings of ozone12:00 - The bet Robert Rowen made me22:30 - Are vaccines safe and effective?26:43 - The virome & the rain barrel effect38:50 - How ozone treated the Ebola epidemic44:30 - Could ozone help with Coronavirus?46:00 - Are antixoidants & free radicals a myth?47:50 - Dr Rowen’s diet & supplement protocol59:50 - The miraculous effects of ozone1:02:43 - The various ways you can obtain ozone1:05:05 - Coronavirus, is this man made?1:09:50 - How do viruses work?1:15:28 - Ozone for sports performance1:17:01 - The best air purifier1:18:02 - Colloidal silver and its efficacy1:24:45 - Lighting Round Questions1:36:41 - How your teeth are a major link to your immune system

1hr 42mins

10 Jun 2020

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May 27, 2020 (Hour 2): Dr. Robert Rowen

The Power Hour

Dr. Robert Rowen discusses oxygenating the body


29 May 2020

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Your Ultimate Guide to Ozone Therapy – Dr. Robert Rowen with Dave Asprey : 697

The Human Upgrade with Dave Asprey—formerly Bulletproof Radio

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Dr. Robert Rowen shares more than three decades of knowledge working with ozone therapy. Ozone is something that is missing from our conversation about how to stay healthy, especially when things are not healthy out there.Ozone therapy has been used for more than a century and is known for improving the flow properties of blood, delivery and utilization of oxygen, and enhancing a body's immune system, among other benefits. Dr. Rowen has established himself as a global leader in integrative/alternative medicine and is internationally known for his clinical practice and teaching in oxidation medicine. I previously had him on episode #352 to talk about how he successfully treated Ebola patients in Africa with ozone therapy.I wanted Dr. Rowen back on the show now because of his extensive expertise. “There’s hydrogen peroxide, ozone, ultraviolet, and intravenous Vitamin C,” he says. “These all belong to a family of therapies commonly referred to as oxidative medicine. And it is a really natural therapy, most people don't realize that. Our immune cells (white blood cells) go after infection by making oxidants and tossing them at the invader. Now, if this didn't work, we wouldn't be here. And the invaders have never been able to get away from this.”Dr. Rowen also recently published a paper in the Journal of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology to bring attention to ozone therapy as a novel treatment for conventionally untreatable viral illnesses, such as coronavirus.“Ozone is reducing inflammation, modulating inflammation, delivering more oxygen, improving mitochondrial oxygen consumption, and ozone itself is toxic, so it kills microorganisms,” he says.Ozone therapy has stood the test of time in my life and for the last 100 years, it's the real deal. Listen on for easy explanations and useful information you can use today.Enjoy the show! And get more resources at https://blog.daveasprey.com/category/podcasts/.To learn even more about ozone therapy, read these articles on my blog: Ozone Therapy: What It Is And How It Works and Ozone Therapy At Home: Getting Started. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

1hr 15mins

7 May 2020

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Ozone Therapy for Coronavirus Disussion Between Drs. Robert Rowen and Dr. Mercola

Dr. Joseph Mercola - Take Control of Your Health

In this interview, which took place March 23, 2020, Dr. Robert Rowen, who has practiced ozone therapy longer than any other physician in North America, discusses how it can be used for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 infection and other viral illnesses.

1hr 17mins

5 Apr 2020

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Dr. Robert Rowen the leader in the use of Ozone Therapy joins me on Healthy Vision!

Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

Dr. Robert Rowen, the former editor of Second Opinion, and leader in the use of Ozone Therapy will join me on healthy vision.4 Amazing Things Ozone Therapy Can Do1. It Can Inactivate Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Yeast and Protozoa2. It Can Stimulate Oxygen Metabolism3. It Can Activate the Immune System4. It Can Reduce InflammationIf you have a vision or a health problem you must join me for this special event on Healthy Vision Talk Radio! Learn How Ozone Therapy can help you!Learn More:https://healingtheeye.com/ozone-therapy-benefitsVisit Dr. Rowen's Web sitewww.drrowendrsu.com


10 Sep 2019