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EP158: How Money Blocks Are Stopping You From Having a Six or Seven Figure Business with Jennifer Longmore

Quantum Revenue Expansion

How Money Blocks Are Stopping You From Having a Six or Seven Figure Business with Jennifer Longmore On the Double Your Sales Now podcast, you will discover top resources to selling strategies, powerful tips, and best practices to open your mind and performance to the next level. You can double your sales, too! In this week’s episode, let’s talk about how we can turn your obstacles into opportunities. Jennifer Longmore, the founder of the premier training school for conscious entrepreneurs, is a global authority on soul purpose, conscious business and the energy of money.  She is the acclaimed host of “The 7 Figure Club'' podcast, a sought-after media personality and speaker, and best-selling author. For 20 years, she has conducted over 30,000 life-changing soul purpose sessions, including the who's-who of actors, professional athletes, CEOs of leading companies, other influential luminaries, and trained 1000’s of souls in her programs from over 100 countries.  Key areas we covered in this episode: ☑️ How to set yourself up to have a phenomenal year in 2021, create massive financial sovereignty, and make sure all of your eggs aren’t in one basket. Year 2020 may have been a tough year but you can still surpass your income ceiling! ☑️ A sneak peek of Jennifer Longmore’s year 2020 and how her sales have insanely skyrocketed when she transitioned to being “service-focused.” This is what makes her business story more interesting. ☑️ Why COLLABORATION is going to be a big thing this year and why you need MENTORSHIP now more than ever to go beyond your highest potential. Her journey from six to seven-figures is about learning how to be supported and a continuous act of relentless delegation. ☑️ Your posts either draw people in or push them away. It’s time to enlighten your audience why you’re worth investing with (for their transformation). Find out the good aspects of stepping up as an authority figure in your niche. ☑️ Lack of transparency and “celebrity entrepreneur” culture isn’t working anymore. Vice versa, how does authenticity make it easier for you to attract your tribe or the people you’re supposed to serve? ☑️ Jennifer Longmore’s “Quantum Money Frequency Challenge.” Discover the quantum leaps you can take to shift your mindset about money. Stop expanding from a small container that only fits your “comfort zone.”   ☑️ Digging deeper into how you can charge appropriately for your packages and programs. It’s time to double your sales and 10x your money breakthrough!  Connect with Jennifer Longmore https://www.facebook.com/SoulPurposeExpert/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/soulpurposeexpert/ https://www.instagram.com/jenniferlongmore/ Isn’t it time you fixed your money issues once and for all? Heal your money story by clicking this link here: http://souljourneys.ca/money/ Join the 2X Intensive Program!  It will help you build your team and shave 10 hours off of your work week!  What are clients saying about the new 2X Intensive?  “Ursula is such a gift and a blessing in my life and businesses! In the first 11 minutes of our 2X private coaching call, I had a breakthrough that already more than paid for this program! I am in awe of how much insight I get every single time I step into her programs. I cannot wait to see what the next steps hold! If you haven’t said yes yet to the 2X Intensive, DO IT. Your future self will thank you.” Apply today so you can 2X, 3X, or 4X your business even sooner. We will teach you how to scale your business. https://www.salescoachnow.com/apply/ Loved this episode? Please complete an online review of my “Double Your Sales Now” podcast here: https://www.salescoachnow.com/giveaway/ Positive ratings are hugely important to me as they help my podcast get discovered globally. It’s your way of passing the message forward to others and saying thanks to me if you benefited from my sales expertise.


2 Feb 2021

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MLTC211: Jennifer Longmore (Leader & Author)

Master Leadership

Jennifer Longmore, Leading Authority on Soul Purpose, and Elite Business Coach to enlightened entrepreneurs, is a sought-after media personality, 3-time best selling author, is world-renowned for her laser like clarity in seeing into the depths of your soul and bridging your connection to universal consciousness.Website: http://www.souljourneys.caSponsor: Scout & CellarSupport this show http://supporter.acast.com/masterleadership. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


25 Jan 2021

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Episode 38 - What it Means to Show up as a Leader with Jennifer Longmore

Million Dollar PIVOT

Connect with Jennifer:  Take her business archetype quiz!  souljourneys.ca/quiz Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1385522621756737/about/ Connect with Jamie:Grab your FREE Publishing Profit Path -  https://www.milliondollarstory.co/pivotandpublish


6 Nov 2020

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Bridging Two Worlds: Forensic Investigator to Soul Purpose Expert - Interview with Jennifer Longmore

Power To Grow

Power to Grow together Facebook group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/powertogrowtogetherGet my FREE Blessed Morning Checklist here:https://www.powertogrowpodcast.com/optin1603586373625


4 Nov 2020

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How the Akashic Records can help you create the life you desire! - Jennifer Longmore

The Dharma Life Podcast

This week I talk to Jennifer Longmore who runs an Akashic record training school. We talk about walk ins and disassociation and how to recognise it. How to integrate higher aspects of yourself into the now. We also discuss the Akashic records, the great awakening, reiki and our families 💕 Why we should truly surrender and how we do this. Are you regularly setting intentions? This conversation will lift your soul and inform yourself mind See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


5 Oct 2020

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Finding Your Soul Purpose In An Uncertain World With Jennifer Longmore

Game Changer Mentality – Strategies and Tactics to Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Your Positive Potential

As we deal with the uncertainty that comes with these challenging times, it is all the more important to reconnect with our larger purpose and realign our actions with it. Elite business coach, sought-out media personality, and a three-time bestselling author Jennifer Longmore is an expert on soul purpose. Joining Rodney Flowers in a thoughtful and engaging conversation, she teaches us how to become more purposeful in everything we do and, in the process, reveal our greater purpose. Learn more about how you can use these life lessons to successfully navigate all the uncertainty that the current crisis has caused. Join in and start a process of introspection, give space for intimacy with yourself, and open up vast opportunities to connect with other people, the planet, and the universe. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Game Changer Mentality Community today:rodneyflowers.comGame Changer Mentality FacebookGame Changer Mentality InstagramGame Changer Mentality LinkedInGame Changer Mentality TwitterGame Changer Mentality YouTube


23 Jul 2020

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JENNIFER LONGMORE on MONEY: Healing Your Money Story + The Spiritual Journey to Abundance + Go Beyond Your Limiting Beliefs to True Peace with Money

Spiritual Aliveness with Joni

This dynamic conversation is about all things money. Why we have or do not have the relationship we want to our work, , business, purpose, money, and abundance. Jennifer tells us how to change our money story by first identifying it and working with it from love, not judgement. Go from dreading the topic of money to falling in love with the process of setting yourself free while climbing out of your limiting "box" into a fuller, more powerful and free life. Releasing this on tax day is my gift to YOU! Contact Joni "Spirit Mama" at @spiritual_aliveness_with_joni or on Facebook Spiritual Aliveness Dreamers Contact JENNIFER LONGMORE: https://souljourneys.ca You can buy one of her many best selling must read book titles on her website or on Amazon.  https://souljourneys.ca/books/ https://souljourneys.ca/quiz/

1hr 1min

15 Jul 2020

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What You Can Learn From Your Akashic Records - Jennifer Longmore

Inspiration Rising

Jennifer Longmore is the Leading Authority on Soul Purpose and an Elite Business Coach to enlightened entrepreneurs. She is a sought-after media personality, 3-time best selling author, a world-renowned for her laser like clarity in seeing into the depths of your soul and bridging your connection to universal Consciousness. For more than 15 years, she has served clients in permanently shifting the limiting beliefs and patterns that prevent them from being who they really are so that they can live their most abundant, aligned and accelerated soul’s journey. With over 30,000 soul purpose sessions, including the who’s-who of actors, professional athletes, CEOs of leading companies and other influential luminaries, Jennifer continues to offer these high-level sessions to souls who are really committed to shine their light.Create beautiful, engaging social media in 5 minutes a day - www.RiseUpCreatives.comConnect with Jennifer:SoulJourneys.caBooks by Jennifer LongmoreInstagramFacebookLinkedInPinterestDon’t Miss A Single Episode:Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher.Leave a quick review on any of the podcast apps to tell people what you think about the show.Take a screenshot of the podcast and post it on Instagram or Instagram Stories. Tag us @insporising. We’ll repost and give you a shoutout!Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/inspiration-rising/donations


29 Jun 2020

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JENNIFER LONGMORE: Finding Your Soul Purpose + Akashic Records + Reiki + What's Happening in the World Now + Protecting Yourself from Energy Vampires + Keeping Your Vibration High

Spiritual Aliveness with Joni

Fascinating conversation with Soul Purpose expert and wildly successful light worker and healer, Jennifer Longmore. We talk about how she began and where her journey has brought her. She shares her take on world events and how and where to go from here. We talk about spirituality and spiritual bypassing, protecting your energy, processing emotions, living your best life and so much more. Contact Joni "Spirit Mama" at @jonicaldwelllerner or on Facebook Spiritual Aliveness Dreamers Contact JENNIFER LONGMORE: https://souljourneys.ca You can buy one of her many best selling must read book titles on her website or on Amazon.  https://souljourneys.ca/books/


13 Jun 2020

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Ep. 107: JENNIFER LONGMORE - Finding Purpose & Peace!

Empower Humans: A Success, Joy & Growth Podcast!

In this episode, Jennifer Longmore opened our eyes to some techniques in facing ourselves, our stories and our responsibility in our lives in order to also find true clarity and purpose. We addressed some of my own life difficulties and traumas in the latter half as well and she generously imparted many nuggets of wisdom. Enjoy!

1hr 14mins

7 Jun 2020