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Leo Fender, Instrumentenbauer (Todest. 21.03,1991)

WDR 2 Der Stichtag

Er war ein genialer Tüftler, baute Gitarren und Verstärker, deren Sound die Musikgeschichte prägte. Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Kurt Cobain und die Red Hot Chili Peppers spielten Instrumente von Leo Fender. Er selber konnte gar nicht Gitarre spielen. Am 21. März 1991 starb Leo Fender.


20 Mar 2021

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Episode #53: Extreme Winter Weather, Data Privacy and Leo Fender's Guitars and Stratocasters

Jimi D and The Wolf - "Playing Through The Changes Of Life"

In this 53rd podcast episode, Jimi D and Tim Wolf talked about winter weather days in some parts of the USA. Also, Tim Wolf shared about the importance of protecting private data especially not connecting our phone numbers to any sites or socials. They also discussed about Leo Fender's stratocasters and guitars.


22 Feb 2021

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18. "Leo Fender" El Genio que creó la guitarra más famosa del mundo.

El Podcast de Sommusics

Leo Fender puede ser presentado como luthier, técnico electrónico o ingeniero. Pero el adjetivo que mejor puede describir el talento de Fender, es el de Inventor. Siendo una de las personas más importantes, o la más importante en el desarrollo de amplificadores, bajos y guitarras eléctricas. Instrumentos que cambiarían la historia de la música, aunque irónicamente Leo Fender jamás aprendiese a tocar la guitarra. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sommusics/message


17 Jan 2021

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Leo Fender

Music Fun Facts

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26 Nov 2020

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Episode #24: Leo Fender's unique innovation of Stratocasters/Telecaster and A story of Robert Johnson

Jimi D and The Wolf - "Playing Through The Changes Of Life"

Jimi D and Tim Wolf dive into stories where they exchange opinions of an amazing and unique stratocasters and telecasters where Leo Fender invented. These instruments are known for their iconic body shapes, music and symbol for cultural artistry and creativity.Jimi shared his interest and how fascinated he was with Leo Fender's creative designs on stratocasters, implementing changes on the instruments and making Leo's country as the country guitar. "Out of many inventions, you'd be hard-pressed to look at any other inventions. This guy got it right the first time." Jimi added.Their discussion jumped into having their first instruments where the Gibson Les Paul owned by Tim as his first real guitar robot has used many humbuckers and the body were cut out for P90's. He also stated that the only Les Paul we could buy unless it's custom order in the early 80's was a Les Paul Deluxe. Tim added that he still has that guitar and he loved it so much that he would feel inferior having the guitar. Jimi D also shared on the live podcast having his first Green Stratocaster and how fascinated it was to play it himself.They then switched their topic back to Leo Fender where Jimi mentioned how genius Leo was. He said that the best part of the stratocasters is like a blink palette to paint on. There's also a lot of moving parts where we can change up the pickups, change up the toggle switch and set the power we want. Jimi said "It's brilliant because everything that wasn't design by Gibson there's no argument that it is the most popular design and it is brilliant everything about it I mean the contour the body contour were the volume knob is you can get the volume knob with your pinky where the pickup selector is you can get it with your pinky." Tim agreed on Jimi's thought about Leo Fender's innovative creations. He then discussed the rumored Robert Johnson where he sold his soul to the devil. Jimi commented that he hasn't heard or read any documentation about where Robert learned playing guitars.

1hr 12mins

21 Nov 2020

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LWAG for Aug 10, 2020 - Leo Fender

Living with a Genius Daily

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10 Aug 2020

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Vaseline, Leo Fender, and Selling the Eiffel Tower

Three Facts

Join me this week, as I talk about facts related to Vaseline, Leo Fender, and Selling the Eiffel Tower.  Remember to subscribe to this podcast to be notified anytime a new episode is released.  Also be sure to join us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Also, don't forget to stay curious! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


26 Jul 2020

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Leo Fender

Music Fun Facts

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30 Apr 2020

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Leo Fender & Les Paul's friendship and rivalry. Ian S. Port - GSP #123

Guitar Speak Podcast

After a fascinating appearance on our Stratocaster 65th Anniversary Special, author Ian S. Port returns to discuss his book "The Birth of Loud" in depth. It is a brilliant read! “A hot-rod joy ride through mid-20th-century American history. With appropriately flashy prose, [Port] dismantles some misconceptions and credits some nearly forgotten but key figures. He also summons, exuberantly and perceptively, the look, sound, and sometimes smell of pivotal scenes and songs. The Birth of Loud rightfully celebrates an earlier time, when wood, steel, copper wire, microphones and loudspeakers could redefine reality. Tracing material choices that echoed through generations, the book captures the quirks of human inventiveness and the power of sound.” John Pareles, New York Times Book Review. Episode 123 Links www.iansport.com GSP #121 - The Strat turns 65! Guitar Speak Podcast Links Visit us at guitarspeakpodcast.com Subscribe and find previous episodes at: Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher Follow us on Facebook & Instagram Join our Guitar Speak Forum Buy a T-Shirt! Contact us at guitarspeakpodcast@gmail.com


9 Dec 2019

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37: Battle of the Brands: Leo Fender vs Les Paul

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When Leo Fender and Les Paul met, they didn’t have much in common — one was an introverted tinkerer, the other a rising star. But their electric guitars defined the sound of rock ‘n’ roll. Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendrix brought Fender and Paul’s rivalry alive onstage in a “battle of the brands” that spanned decades.Sign up for our newsletter: http://newsletter.businessinsider.com/join/brought-to-you-by


30 Oct 2019