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2021 04 01 Tim Bratz: From FLIPPING HOUSES to Owning a 350 MILLION REAL ESTATE Portfolio

Brian Stark LIVE!

In this episode of Brian Stark LIVE! Brian is joined on the airwaves by Tim Bratz. Tim is the CEO and founder of Legacy Wealth Holdings, a real estate investment company that acquires and transforms distressed commercial and apartment buildings into high-performance investment assets.Brian and Tim kick off the show by talking about by talking about Tim's very first deal - getting all pumped up on multifamily investing in 2008 - just when the market collapsed! Nobody was lending and Tim had to call his bank to up his credit in order to purchase the property. There were many challenges in that first deal, but Tim now owns a 350 Million real estate portfolio. Other topics they touched on included the life Tim lives being able to give back and spend time with his loved ones, and the business lessons and insights from the first deal that still guides Tim to this day.


28 Apr 2021

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Episode 89: Tim Bratz

A Passion For Real Estate Investments

In today’s episode of Passion for Real Estate Investments, President of Legacy Wealth Holdings, Tim Bratz, talks about his career as the multifamily king. After graduating college in 2007, Tim got his real estate license and started brokering commercial leases. He acquired his first investment duplex property in 2009. In the same year, Tim founded Legacy Wealth Holdings, and has since built a portfolio to over $350Million and over 4200 properties. Today, he spends his time educating and coaching investors. He heads the Legacy Wealth Education program, the Little Legacy Library series, and hosts the Legacy Wealth Show. Tim holds a BSc in Marketing from Miami University, and is a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program graduate. How has Covid-19 affected Tim’s business? What challenges has he faced?  Hear why some investors tend to steer clear of distressed multifamily assets, how you can resolve 99% of all your issues as a landlord, and get his thoughts on the retail side of real estate. If you want to get into real estate, or you’re looking for ways to diversify your income, or you want to hear how you can improve your business during a market downturn, this episode is for you. Highlights from the interview * “Since the beginning of civilization, land ownership has been the best measure of wealth.” * “It’s not about how hard you get hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” * “The growth that you can experience is exponential.” * “If you have really good management in place, that helps. If you have solid areas, tenants, and they’re not adversely affected by the jobs and the work that Covid has affected, you’re in pretty good shape.”


27 Apr 2021

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The journey to 4000+ units using other peoples money with Tim Bratz

The Winning Move Podcast

The journey to 4000+ units using other peoples money with Tim Bratz

1hr 20mins

3 Apr 2021

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Episode 36 - Multifamily Syndication with Tim Bratz

CREative Commercial Real Estate Show

We cover how to go from painting houses, to flipping houses, to owning more than 4,000 apartment units. Tim shows you how having a proven system and a strategy that is repeatable makes all the difference in the world. He unveils the secret sauce to finding apartment deals, figuring out what to pay for them, and funding them using private equity partners. We get into the nitty gritty about how to structure these partnerships, split the profit, and exit out of them.


19 Mar 2021

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Facing Your Worst to Become Your Best with Tim Bratz

My Lifestyle Academy Podcast

Obstacle or opportunity? It’s a matter of perspective.. Tim Bratz got into real estate right before the 2008 crash, and he saw some crazy stuff happen. But he also noticed some people thrived in that market, even though things were bad. Tim eventually went broke and into one of the worst stages of his life… then he realized he had actually been collecting powerful tools and skills throughout the years! His business portfolio today is going to amaze you. “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me. And I'm gonna make this work!” More juicy resources:https://mylifestyleacademy.com/blog/ https://mylifestyleacademy.com/download/ https://mylifestyleacademy.com/masterclass/


25 Feb 2021

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Ep. 88 - Tim Bratz - 4200+ Apartments and Still Growing!

True Wealth Investors Podcast

Tim Bratz has built a real estate portfolio worth over 300 million dollars in a handful of years.  He shares how he got his start, what led to his massive growth, and key mindsets for acheiving GREAT things! www.TrueWealthInvestors.com Want to meet with other like minded investors working toward BIG goals? Apply for the ELEVATE Mastermind Group. We are looking for a few more driven members ready to take their business to the next level! www.TrueWealthInvestors.com/mastermind


23 Feb 2021

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TIM BRATZ - How to Accelerate Your Wealth & Cash Flow

Beating Alpha

Tim Bratz is the CEO and founder of Legacy Wealth Holdings, areal estate investment company that acquires and transforms distressed apartment buildings into high-yield assets for their own portfolio. Tim's current portfolio exceeds 4,000 units with a valuation of more than $350M. Working in real estate, Tim has built a passive business and created a residual income that allows him to live the lifestyle of his choice. He’s here to educate and empower others to become financially free through commercial real estate.


29 Jan 2021

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EP446: Tim Bratz on Owning 4,000+ Multifamily Units, the Secret to his "Overnight" Success, & How You Can Have Anything You Want

The Flip Empire Show

Tim Bratz is the Founder of Legacy Wealth Holdings and currently owns over 4,000 multifamily units. What seems like an overnight success — isn’t. It took Tim over 15 years of banging his head against the wall to finally struck gold. How did he do it? He made the investment in himself and he stopped trying to operate as a solopreneur. When he changed his mindset and started asking better questions, his net worth skyrocketed. Find out more about his story in this week’s podcast! Key Takeaways: Tim’s company owns over 4,000 multifamily units. Why would someone pay $30,000 for a basketball ticket? Sometimes you need to ask the right questions to get to what you want. Who are you robbing of opportunities for not going bigger in your thinking? Tim’s been involved in masterminds since 2015 and regrets not joining sooner! How did Tim go from 0 to 4,000 units within a few years? It’s been at least 15 years of mistakes and tumbling through it all!  Tim has been screwed so many times that now he can’t get screwed anymore. He’s immune! What’s holding people back from succeeding in this business? Tim is hyper-focused on making a difference in people’s lives. It’s Tim’s goal to create a million millionaires and impact their family trees forever. Tim regrets being a solopreneur for so long. He should have taken action sooner and asked for help. Get into a mastermind! It changes everything! When Tim joined a mastermind, he made $400,000 just from a $30K investment. Part of living an abundant lifestyle is wanting others to win as well. Why does Tim like self-storage units and how does it compare to multifamily? Although hard work is important, it’s not the leading indicator of success! What advice does Tim have for someone who is starting from scratch? How does Tim acquire multifamily buildings in this climate? Tim shares a story of how real estate can really be a pain in your side and you can dig yourself into a hole without realizing it. Tim shares how he leverages the power of social media to help him when he’s in a bind. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Connect with Tim: Legacywealthholdings.com BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS: Little Legacy Library: Success & Achievement Books for Kids The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy, by Thomas J. Stanley Don't Wait To Enjoy Your Life Tomorrow, Live It Today! How To Grow Your Business, Expand Your Impact, and Experience Your Perfect Life: Get Access Now: Free 5 Part Video Training Series on "How To Quickly Generate The Most Qualified Motivated Seller Leads & Produce High Margin Deals WITHOUT Investing a Bunch Of Your Time and Money" 🔊 LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE TO THE FLIP EMPIRE SHOW (PODCAST) on Apple Podcasts ▶︎ http://www.flipempire.com/podcast 📺 SUBSCRIBE TO ALEX PARDO'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW  ▶︎ https://www.youtube.com/alexpardo 🚀 How To Grow Your Business, Expand Your Impact, and Experience Your Perfect Life Don't Wait To Enjoy Your Life Tomorrow, Live It Today ▶︎ https://www.AscendYourSuccess.com/ 💻 Access to Online Course: 5 Ways To Scale Your Real Estate Wholesaling Business To Six Figures (In 6 Months Or Less): http://www.flipempire.com ★☆★ WHO IS ALEX PARDO? https://flipempire.com/about/ FOLLOW ALEX ON: ★ INSTAGRAM → http://instagram.com/alexpardo25 ★ FACEBOOK → https://www.facebook.com/alexpardo15 ★ LINKEDIN → https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-pardo★ YOUTUBE → https://www.youtube.com/alexpardo. Tweetables: “I’ve been screwed so many times that I can’t get screwed anymore. You can’t pull the wool over my eyes. I know exactly what to expect in an apartment building when I buy it because I have checklists and SOPs.” “Once you get past a certain dollar amount and all your basic needs are met, doesn’t matter if you make $50,000 or $50 million a year, there is no difference in happiness.” “We are always our own bottleneck.” Ask Alex A Question: Have a question you want featured on an upcoming Flip Empire Show? Head over to the Ask Alex page, and record your question. We’ve made it super easy for you, so let us know what challenges you are having, and Alex will answer it personally! Subscribe To The Flip Empire Show, and Leave a Rating & Review!

1hr 13mins

7 Sep 2020

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How To Get A Multifamily 'Grand Slam' Deal With Tim Bratz

Investor Creator Podcast

Tim Bratz is a multi-family real estate investor, CEO and co-founder of Legacy Wealth Holdings. He began his career in New York as a broker, leasing ground floor retail units. In 2008, he moved to South Carolina and started building his own real estate company. Today, he owns a property portfolio of over 3,400 units, and shares some of his secrets to multifamily success with us.  What We Cover In This Episode: The current state of the market in multifamily real estate space The importance of having systems and business models in place in order to be resilient in the crisis How Tim transitioned from investing in single family to multifamily properties What the due diligence process looks like for buying an apartment building How financing structure looks like in commercial real estate What are the typical disqualifiers for a property that Tim considers investing in What the journey to a ‘Grand Slam’ deal looks like What is the most misunderstood part of multifamily investing   Resources:  Legacy Wealth Holding https://www.legacywealthholdings.com/ Follow Tim Bratz on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CommercialEmpire/ Follow Tim Bratz on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/timbratz/ Connect with Tim on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/timbratz/


28 Jul 2020

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Tim Bratz - Building Legacy Wealth Through Apartments & Commercial Real Estate Investments

Private Money Academy - Real Estate Investing With Jay Conner

Building Legacy Wealth Through Apartments & Commercial Real Estate InvestmentsLegacy Wealth Holdings is a trailblazer in the commercial real estate investment world. We are headquartered in Cleveland OH and invest in apartment buildings nationwide by joint venturing with local operators and passive lenders.Our investment strategy is simple: only invest for cash flow, only buy at wholesale prices, and create (never speculate) appreciation through value-add improvements and sweat equity.Legacy Wealth Holdings was launched in 2009 as a socially conscious real estate investment company. Founder Tim Bratz was drawn to real estate because he saw the long term benefits of a solid investment.Tim began his career in the competitive New York City real estate market working as a broker leasing ground floor retail units. Here, he saw the true potential of real estate to transform lives. Although Tim was limited in means, he spent his time reading, attending workshops, and networking with accomplished entrepreneurs learning that being resourceful was the ultimate path to becoming successful.With this knowledge, Tim embarked on building his real estate company in Charleston, South Carolina, where he had relocated in search of a better quality of life. Arriving in 2008, after the real estate bubble burst, Tim quickly adapted and using a credit card, increased his limit and then wrote himself a balance transfer check to acquire the cheapest property he could find. Armed with his personal investment and plenty of sweat equity, Tim transformed a rundown duplex and turned a profit on his first deal. He then took those proceeds and reinvested them, while seeking private capital to expand his growing company. Today, Tim still uses this formula for success, which all starts with being resourceful and having the right mindset.https://www.legacywealthholdings.com/ https://Facebook.com/tlbratz Instagram @timbratz #realestate #CommercialRealEstate #JayConner #TimBratzReal Estate Cashflow Conference: https://www.jayconner.com/learnrealestate/ Free Webinar: http://bit.ly/jaymoneypodcastJay Conner is a proven real estate investment leader. Without using his own money or credit, Jay maximizes creative methods to buy and sell properties with profits averaging $64,000 per deal.What is Real Estate Investing? Live Cashflow Conference https://youtu.be/QyeBbDOF4woThe Conner Marketing Group Inc.P.O. Box 1276, Morehead City, NC USA 28557P 252-808-2927F 252-240-2504Channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZfl6O7pRhyX5R-rRuSnK6w https://www.youtube.com/c/RealEstateInvestingWithJayConnerRSS Feedhttp://realestateinvestingdeals.mypodcastworld.com/rss2.xmlGoogle Playhttps://play.google.com/music/listen#/ps/Ihrzsai7jo7awj2e7nhhwfsv47yiTunes:https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/real-estate-investing-minus-bank-flipping-houses-foreclosure/id1377723034Watch on ROKU:Roku https://my.roku.com/add/realestateinvestingRoku https://my.roku.com/add/realestateinvestingWatch on Amazon Prime:https://www.amazon.com/How-Locate-Real-Estate-Deals/dp/B07M9WNZR6/ref=sr_1_3

21 Jul 2020