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Suddenly I’m a Leader: Changing Perceptions of Self and Self-Sabotage with Dr Eugene Wong

RACGP Future Leaders podcast series

Anne Davis is joined by Dr Eugene Wong, an Alumnus of the Future Leaders Program. Eugene shares his experience on changing perceptions of self and self-sabotage.Resources:Suddenly I’m a Leader webinars:https://www.racgp.org.au/racgp-digital-events-calendar/online-event-items/on-demand/suddenly-i-m-a-leader-coping-with-change-and-chang https://www.racgp.org.au/racgp-digital-events-calendar/online-event-items/on-demand/suddenly-i-m-a-leader


17 Nov 2020

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15 pre Evan Eugene Wong

Affiliate Marketing ABC’s

PRE AFFILIATE MARKETING ABC’s SUMMIT banter chat with Evan Eugene Wong Your host Rick Tylka Resource page https://www.opportunities.network/


12 Oct 2020

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Eugene Wong | Journey to A Stronger Narrative (Second Act)

Journey Undiscovered

Welcome back to the Second Act of Eugene Wong - Journey to a Stronger Narrative. In the second act you’ll learn about: + experience design from the term we used to call “love brand” + the Importance of Being Earnest - an immersive theatre show production and his unique recruitment process + how he implemented a mental health strategy - unheard of in theatre circles + back to his life coaching business + what his view for the future of events Grab your seat, the lights will dim shortly so don’t be late … enjoy Act Two - welcome back, Eugene Wong


31 Aug 2020

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Eugene Wong | Journey to A Stronger Narrative (First Act)

Journey Undiscovered

EUGENE WONG - A Stronger Narrative 'Chief Story Shaper' is Eugene's self-proclaimed title. A life coach and consultant, he describes himself as a storyteller by nature and specialises in equipping leaders with strategies and structures to allow them to connect with their target audience on a deeper level. He draws his experience in the corporate, arts, not-for-profit and local government sectors, including over 25-years of teaching on and running events, and 15-years heading up his community development-driven production company. In Act One we chat about: + why he launched his coaching business + his path with community development + adapting to change and sacrifice + breaking down the three P's - central to his philosophy + a dare put to him to create 'clean comedy'  The bell has rung, the lights will dim shortly so best to grab your seat. Enjoy Act One - here's Eugene Wong


31 Aug 2020

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6/27/20 - Eugene Wong, Reno Seed Fund

Bosma on Business


29 Jun 2020

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The Formula to Create Change Within and Without ft. Coach Eugene Wong - Episode 5 - Impact Everywhere

Impact Everywhere | Positive Impact in Unexpected Places

We can all positively impact the world and these changes can take many forms. While many of us may not have the opportunity to make large, structural changes, we all have control over the relational impact we make. This means being mindful about the way you show up daily and being intentional with your interactions.On the fifth episode of Impact Everywhere, we hear from Eugene Wong, a Culture Shaper who believes that all of us have the power to bring about positive change. Drawing on a unique skill set and experience, he empowers people to impact their spheres of influence more effectively. He has worked as a lawyer, a social worker, a theater producer, in local government and in not-for-profits.In this episode, Eugene talks about making a difference in the world, and shares his personal journey of how he transitioned from a corporate career to a life of service. Despite how disparate these worlds seemed, he noticed parallels between the two and came to the realization that at the end of the day, everyone wants to be seen. He shares more about his work with homeless people, the Flourishing Framework he draws on to help people live richer lives, and why he believes that everyone can be helped. Eugene firmly maintains that each of us has a light within us, and no matter how dim it might seem, it’s still shining. This was a powerful conversation, so we hope you tune in today!Listen at any of the following platforms, or for those of you who prefer to read, see our brief summary below.Listen on Google PodcastsListen on Apple PodcastsListen on SpotifyKey Points From This Episode:The 3 ways a person can have an impact on the world:The glamorous way (changing world in a big way)Helping systems to work more efficiently, and doing it with integrityImproving the lives of those around you by simply being yourself (bringing positive energy improves how individuals and groups work)6 things that every person needs to flourish:Having basic needs met on a day-to-day basisA sense of belongingThe ability to contribute to society and feel like your contribution is actually valuedA sense of purposeThe opportunity to celebrate and lament communallySpirituality or higher sense of meaning beyond ourselvesThe biggest difference between being a consumer and being a creator:As a society we are trained to be consume, and there isn’t an actual purpose to it. When you’re a creator, there is an innate purpose for creating, versus just contributing to an economic structure. As our connectedness to things increases, our connectedness to others decreases and we can lose our sense of belonging. Thus, our sense of purpose and belonging can be derived from creating, among other things.The transition from a corporate career to a more purposeful life:At one point, Eugene noticed that CEOs and hustlers are not so different from one another. People just want to feel seen. We really are all the same at the core, and just have different ways of expressing it based on the different sets of privileges we are born with. Eugene worked directly with the homeless for a long time, but now with his vast education and experience, he wants to do the most good for the most amount of people by helping others make change.


27 Apr 2020