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18 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tim Burgess. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tim Burgess, often where they are interviewed.

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18 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tim Burgess. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tim Burgess, often where they are interviewed.

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The Charlatans - Tim Burgess

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Tim Burgess, frontman for The Charlatans, talks about how his lifelong music fandom fuels his popular "Tim’s Twitter Listening Party," and more.


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Nov 17 2020 · 32mins
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Ep 95: Tim Burgess

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Despite everything he achieved with The Charlatans, as a solo musicians and as a flogger of his own coffee range, Tim Burgess has spent 2020 (aka lockdown) transitioning into a full-blown Twitter star, thanks to Tim's Twitter Listening Party, where his followers all listen to the same iconic record while the artists responsible tweets along. Here he speaks to Stuart Stubbs about the party, his time in LA and autograph hunting grumpy rockstars.

Tim's Twitter Listening Party

A Man Needs to Be Told

Liam's Definitely Maybe album design

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Sep 29 2020 · 44mins

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Tim Burgess, Snowpiercer on Netflix, cult movie Adam & Paul

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This week on the lockdown get-down of pop culture: Does Tim Burgess’s new LP I Love The New Sky cement his position as Captain Cheer-up of the COVID calamity? Netflix turn Bong Joon-Ho’s dystopian weird-out Snowpiercer into a series. Is this a good idea? And in Old Film Club we settle down with Adam And Paul, a heartwarming tale of two Dublin pals who share a dream, a deep personal bond, and a crippling addiction to heroin. Popcorn at the ready!

Pop fiend and illustrator of amazing children’s books Nadia Shireen and Michael Hogan of the Guardian and Telegraph join Siân and Andrew to sort it all out. 

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May 30 2020 · 1hr 3mins
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The key to Enabling a Thriving Remote Work Environment - Tim Burgess - Shield GEO

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Remote work and online meetings are something that a lot of us are experiencing daily during this time of isolation. But how does this affect our human connections? What are some good case practices from companies that have been working with remote teams for several years?

Today, Shauna Moran talks to Tim Burgess, the co-founder of Shield GEO. In the past 20 years, Tim has dealt with thousands of international workers, and he's seen the benefits businesses get from international employment. So through his company, he's trying to make it simple for companies to employ staff quickly and compliantly anywhere in the world. Tim's remote team is spread across 16 different countries and is 80% remote.

Learn more about Tim Burgess and his work at Shield GEO by connection with him on Twitter or exploring their website here.

May 08 2020 · 32mins

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Tim Burgess

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Tim Burgess drops by to chat about his new album I Love The New Sky, his joy at signing to Bella Union and reflects on nearly 30 years of the Charlatans.

In the Maths of Life, Dr Hannah Fry gets into mental arithmetic’s, and in This Week’s Watchlist, Rhianna Dhillon gives us her viewing picks from The Stranger on Netflix to BBC One's The Pale Horse.

There’s more brilliant House Music – the everyday objects that just cannot stop playing pop hits

Finally in honour of St. Valentine’s Day, we’ll be hearing again from Dr Hannah Fry as she gets into the Maths of Love, and Rhianna Dhillon gives us her essential Valentine’s Day selections.
Feb 14 2020 · 45mins
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The Ace Records Podcast #14 - Tim Burgess & Bob Stanley

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The Ace Records Podcast #14 - Tim Burgess & Bob Stanley by Ace Records
Dec 09 2019 · 59mins
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Ep. 70 - Shield GEO's Tim Burgess

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Jeff Robbins interviews Tim Burgess of Shield GEO about remote work salaries, international employment law, distributed team culture, and how flexibility is the future of work.

Discussion Topics…

  • What is Shield GEO? How do they make international employment simple?

  • Where do Shield GEO’s employees work?

  • How are typical U.S. companies expanding overseas? Which aspects should they consider?

  • Differences between hiring international freelancers versus international employees

  • Employing international employees in the way their country employs people

  • Minimizing risk for employers hiring internationally

  • What are the regulations around taking time off for international employees?

  • How are salaries affected by hiring remote workers globally?

  • Determining competitive salaries based on geography and what’s fair in teaching remote employees

  • What happens to salary when remote employees decide to relocate?

  • How is salary affected by having employees who are digital nomads?

  • Staying compliant with various country regulations

  • How to terminate distributed employees outside the country

  • Why is the future of work “flexibility,” and what does this mean?

Want to discuss your takeaways from this episode with us? We'd love to share ideas on Twitter @yonder_io!

Jul 08 2019 ·
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EP.4 Reducing Ocean Plastics with Tim Burgess

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We have all heard of the problem of plastics in the ocean. This episode provides some perspective to how some of that plastic ends up out there, how people in coastal areas contribute, and how one coastal city decided to to dramatically reduce its contribution to the problem.

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Feb 10 2019 ·
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037: Essential Business Lessons for Growing Your Practice with Tim Burgess

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To kick off 2019 I sit down with one of the co-founders of Cove Burgess, Timothy Burgess. Timothy has extensive experience working with funds, family offices and long-term investors to help manage their portfolios and he has walked the path of starting out as a sole practitioner to creating a partnership and growing a team in their central London location. Tim has developed and educated himself in business over the years through extensive self learning and mentorship with other successful architects.

In this interview Tim outlines this journey and discusses: - How he overcame the most challenging obstacles architects face - themselves! - How he wins work and builds powerful relationships with his clients and - The piece of advice that saved his practice when an unexpected disaster struck

TODAY'S RESOURCES: http://www.coveburgess.com

EARLY BIRD TIX for BOA UK 5th March 2019 where Tim will be speaking http://bit.ly/7THREATSEarly

Jan 08 2019 · 38mins
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7thOctober2018 - Tim Burgess

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7thOctober2018 - Tim Burgess by Milford Baptist Church
Oct 07 2018 · 27mins