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Rewrite Your Food, Fashion, and Beauty Story with Lauren Dimet Waters

Once Upon A Food Story

We are constantly being bombarded with messages about food, fashion, and beauty that make us feel “not enough” – not healthy enough, thin enough, pretty enough, youthful enough, put-together enough. While it is impossible to avoid all the noise, we can control how we respond to it. Lauren Dimet Waters, co-founder of the blog Fountain of 30 and host of the podcast Beauty is a Bitch, has been through many chapters with food, fashion, and beauty. Her story is a push and pull between losing weight to meet someone else’s beauty standard and making peace with food and her body.  When Lauren finally learned how to feel her best and find her personal style without getting sucked into trends and noise, she made it her mission to inspire thousands of others to do the same. Lauren shares how you can still care about food, fashion, and beauty but do so in a way where kindness and compassion are part of the equation.  In this episode, you’ll learn:  How to tap into your current food story Practical solutions to release stress around food  Mindset shifts to change your inner narrative The way parents can shape your relationship with food – for better or worse Strategies for becoming a more sustainable shopper Tips to quiet all the noise that make us feel not “good enough” After listening, you’ll feel inspired to write the next chapter of your food, fashion, and beauty story! Podcast Partner: We are proud to partner with Nature Made for this week’s episode. Visit naturemade.com for more information or find the whole line of supplements in your favorite retailer.  A few of my go-to Nature Made supplements include: Time release B-100 complex Ashwagandha capsules Extra Strength Magnesium  If Once Upon a Food Story has inspired you to change how you think about food, your body, and your life, please take a minute to rate us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen. Reviews help listeners find the show and enable us to have more amazing guests on, too. Learn more about Lauren Dimet Waters: Blog: Fountain of 30 Podcast: Beauty is a Bitch Instagram: @fountainof30 Facebook: @fountainof30 Learn more about Elise Museles:  Food Story: Rewrite the Way You Eat, Think, and Live Website: elisemuseles.com Instagram: @elisemuseles Facebook: @elisemuseles


6 Jul 2022

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#24 Southern Sayings With New York Over 40 Blogger, Lauren Dimet Waters; Fountain of 30! - 11:2:20, 9.17 PM

Life Coach BFF Show - Parenting Teens, Marital Issues, Christian Faith, Easy Meals, Mental Health Issues with Teens

Hey friend! We had the best time visiting with fashion and beauty blogger Lauren Dimet Waters and testing her on southern sayings. Listen to find out how this New Yorker scored! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! Contact BFF Heather:  thebffs@lifecoachbff.com Join Membership Group- CLUB BFF Website: LifeCoachBFF.com Voice Message: 901-308-7110 Leave a thought or question and verbal permission to read on air. Otherwise, the host will read for you! Instagram @lifecoachbff Facebook @lifecoachbff Private Facebook Group: We Are Your BFFS The best way you can thank me for the free content in this episode, is to rate and review the show on Apple!  *Quick Disclaimer- I'm a coach and not a therapist. Always seek the support of a therapist for clinical mental health issues. Hebrews 12:1


3 Nov 2020

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Episode 65: Graceful and Sexy Anti-Aging with Lauren Dimet Waters

Shamelessly Feminine

Anti-aging is getting confusing - Lauren Dimet Waters is here to set it straight. Lauren and Jen talk on this episode about choosing the way you want to age, helping women to feel their best as long as they can, and how advertisements for anti-aging products are lying to you. Lauren is a wealth of information for all women ages 30+ and you don’t want to miss this episode! Thank you to Elemis for sponsoring this episode! Make sure to check them out here. Find Lauren at her website. Key Quotes from the Episode: "I am pro you doing whatever works for you. I am anti somebody telling you what you need to do." "If you’re using the same skin care that you were using 15 years ago, it’s time for a change." Connect with Jen and Shamelessly Feminine: Join the Reconstruction™ Facebook group Follow Jen and Shamelessly Feminine on Facebook Follow Jen and Shamelessly Feminine on Instagram Subscribe to the Jen Rozenbaum YouTube Channel This episode was originally published on shamelesslyfeminine.com/episode-65. Produced by Creating Space Communications.


24 Mar 2020

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Lauren Dimet Waters -"Under the Influence"- WARP012

Winged & Ready

Lauren Dimer Waters was early to the blogging scene and certainly to the influencing one as well.  Her charm is infectious and her determination is staggering.  Teaching us we are never too old to dream and certainly never too old to start a new gig!  Knowing what she doesn't know and loving herself in her own skin are her template for success but she will also walk s through how networking had morphed and many companies completely miss very viable consumer channels altogether.  Have fun listening to Lauren! www.fountainof30.comDisclosureNote to All Readers: The information presented and opinions expressed are solely the views of the podcast host commentator and their guest speaker(s). AllianceBernstein L.P. or its affiliates makes no representations or warranties concerning the accuracy of any data. There is no guarantee that any projection, forecast or opinion in this material will be realized. Past performance does not guarantee future results. The views expressed here may change at any timeafter the date of this podcast. This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. AllianceBernstein L.P. does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. It does not take an investor’s personal investment objectives or financial situation into account; investors should discuss their individual circumstances with appropriate professionals before making any decisions. This information should not be construed as sales or marketing material or an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument, product or service sponsored by AllianceBernstein or its affiliates.The [A/B] logo is a registered service mark of AllianceBernstein, and AllianceBernstein® is a registered service mark, used by permission of the owner, AllianceBernstein L.P.© 2019 AllianceBernstein L.P.


20 Dec 2019

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Self-Care, Pregnancy & Feeling 30 at Age 40 with Lauren Dimet Waters

Splitting Upward

Lauren Dimet Waters is the co-founder of FountainOf30.com, an anti-aging lifestyle site that empowers women to live their best lives at any age. She joins us to talk parenting, pregnancy & IVF, self-care, and what you need in your closet to look your best! Plus, Julie & Jesenia discuss parenting after heartbreak and a strange new TV show that says you should train your baby... like a dog?--Follow Splitting Upward on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @SplittingUpward. To submit listener questions, leave us a tweet, comment, or anonymous DM with the hashtag #AskSplittingUpward. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


19 Nov 2019

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Lauren Dimet Waters: CEO of the Fountain Of 30 Blog!

One Tough Muther

Lauren Dimet Waters, CEO of the Fountain of 30 Blog,  NYC 40+ influencer on anti-aging, beauty, style, health and travel openly shares her real life lessons.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


24 Dec 2018