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Retargeting Facebook Ad Secrets l Travis Thom l Ep 169

Agent Power Huddle

Travis Thom of Elevated Real Estate Marketing wants to teach you about powerful Facebook retargeting secrets that wins you more business!Learn more about Travis by visiting http://travisthom.com/!📩 Get every episode of the Agent Power Huddle in your email -> http://eepurl.com/hqcbK9!Agent Power Huddle is a daily jump-start giving you all the tools you need to create an amazing real estate career. Join us LIVE at 8a PST // 11a EST (Monday - Friday) as our revolving group of hosts, covers everything from marketing to mindset, strategies, and techniques to help you grow your real estate business. Lead by industry leaders.Join us at www.AgentPowerHuddle.com.


15 Jul 2021

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"BURST" into Effective Facebook Marketing Ads with Travis Thom - The REDX Podcast

The REDX Podcast

*Facebook Boosts DO NOT EQUAL Good Marketing!!!* See why, and discover how to get started with Real Estate Facebook Ads from CEO/Founder of ElevatedREM.com, Travis Thom. Subscribe here for our updates and latest episodes: redx.bz/podcast


13 Oct 2020

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The Ultimate Virtual Open House Strategy ft. Travis Thom

Founders Club - For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Are you a real estate agent or builder struggling to market real estate properties after the virus outbreak? Looking for some creative marketing solutions to rejuvenate your business activity? Our guest for today, Travis Thom, Elevated Marketing REM is a Facebook expert who specializes in real estate. In this episode, Travis joins Oliver to reveal how you can set up and promote a virtual open house using Facebook ads. You will learn how to build audiences, garner engagement, leverage Facebook Lives, and then retarget your warm audiences. This show is full of actionable tips guaranteed to help you stand out in a tough market. We hope you enjoy this show!   Key Takeaways: 01:28 – What exactly is a virtual open house? 01:38 – Plummeting Facebook ad costs due to the virus outbreak 02:30 – Step-by-step workflow for setting up and promoting a virtual open house 05:15 – Retargeting strategies for reaching out to your warm audience 06:57 – Using Facebook Live to generate leads 09:54 – Travis shares how he first started using this strategy a year-and-a half back 10:50 – Validation – how Travis used this strategy to sell $600K houses in a single week 12:34 – How to use Facebook ads to promote an open house 16:18 – Leveraging Facebook Lives 16:18 – How to brand your Facebook Lives 18:14 – Converting your Lives to video view ads  22:33 – How to accurately gauge the lead’s intent 25:08 – Tools required to shoot an open house 28:00 – How to pull in organic AND paid traffic for your virtual open house 31:37 – Best practices for shooting an engaging Facebook Live 38:15 – How to send out a Facebook Live to your mailing list  39:49 – Recommended tools for creating Facebook creatives 42:05 – Using Facebook images that maximize engagement 44:44 – Why creating an engagement ad is way better than boosting your post 46:56 – What is the ideal daily ad-spend and audience size? 47:50 – Will your quality of leads deteriorate if your audience size is too big? 49:40 – Will your ad costs go up if your audience is niche and really small? 53:55 – Typically, for how long do you need to run your Facebook ads for an event like a virtual open house? 55:20 – How many people can you expect to attend your open house after running a digital marketing campaign? 59:28 - Retargeting strategies for reaching out to your warm audience 01:04:35 – Can you target a wide audience using zero targeting on Facebook? 01:05:21 – Is Facebook’s AI powerful enough to read images? 01:08:22 – Is Facebook really spying on us?  01:12:45 – How to repurpose your content to generate multiple touch points with a leads 01:12:45 – Creating blog posts from videos 01:15:39 – Creating content for HGTV and Instagram 01:17:28 – Can digital marketing help other businesses that are badly impacted by the virus outbreak? Quotes: “So right now, we're seeing throughout most of Facebook, it's like about a 50% surge of traffic. We have not seen this kind of explosion in a long time. So there's a ton of eyeballs on Facebook. And so what that equates to in terms of ads and ad spend right now is that Facebook ads are almost on sale”. “In marketing closing the gap is really the name of the game”. “If you want people to click on it and respond to the event, then you really need to tap into the Facebook ad manager and choose engagement as the objective”. “As real estate professionals can now use data to target homeowners and sellers and buyers to a degree that no one's ever been able to do in human history”. Resources: Founder’s Club Oliver Graf Elevated REM Travis Thom Kapwing Facebook Ads Zillow

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13 May 2020

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"Brand Equity Is On Sale Right Now!" with Travis Thom, CEO at ElevatedREM

Real Estate NOW Pros!

Today's episode looks at BRAND, VALUE AND HOW YOU POSITION YOURSELF in this environment (Covid19) and for the future.Travis Thom is Co-Founder and CEO of Elevated REM and is an industry-wide recognized Facebook Marketing Expert. He serves as a consultant and advisor to Facebook headquarters and serves on Facebook's Real Estate advisory board. Travis’s background in Real Estate provides him an in-depth understanding of the marketing needs of Agents and he used his knowledge and experience from his Advertising Agency for Real Estate to create an national and hyper local campaigns leveraging advanced re-targeting and lead generation strategies that have helped close over half a billion in closed Real Estate sales for his clients.NEW INSTANT FACEBOOK MARKETING ENGINE for $39 + 15% of ad cost.  Check out the deets at www.WalledGardenHG.comAdditional services can be found at www.ElevatedREM.comTravis charity of choice is KINDCAMPAIGN.COM--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/realestatenowpros/message


22 Apr 2020

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What Is Going On With FB Ads?!?! | Interview with Travis Thom

The Sales Project

Facebook Advertising Changes for Real Estate--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-sales-project/support


6 Mar 2020

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Consumer Behavior Targeted Listings (with Travis Thom)

Scale The Podcast

How do you effectively target your listings to reach exactly the right buyer? In this podcast, MyOutDesk’s CEO, Daniel Ramsey has a conversation with Travis Thom of Elevated Marketing; Facebook Marketing Strategist, Coach, and Consultant, extraordinaire. We're going to discuss strategies to reach the perfect audience with your real estate listings by targeting consumer behavior - what this means, and more importantly, how to do it!


17 Aug 2019

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The Facebook Marketing Strategy for Realtors with Special Guest Travis Thom

The MindShare Podcast

I believe that before we go spending money on Social Media Marketing, we really need to have our organic game on point. We need to know how to use the platform(s), we need to build a foundation of followers…those people typically being friends and family, and bottom line we need to be engaged in it all. Once we have the foundation and the organic traction, we can start to put up the walls, and then get the roof on. I was in Arizona for presentations a few months ago, and I had the good fortune of sharing the stage with our Guest here today. Before the event got started, we had the chance to hang out and get to know each other. Among the many fun stories he shared, from the movie business, to the job working with Victoria Secret, to the UFC fighters, it was that UFC story, which led to a Swim race from Alcatraz that I was really interested in. It's a story about self doubt, the unknown, and fear of new beginnings. That day, I asked him if he would retell it for us on this PodCast, and in this Episode he does exactly that. He started his Real Estate Career at the age of 19 after spending some time studying marketing and motion picture films. At the age of 21, he became the youngest qualifying broker and brokerage owner in the state of New Mexico. A few years later, he made it as a Top 30 under 30 Finalist for Realtor Magazine.Taking his extensive Real Estate and Marketing knowledge to the next level, he is now the CEO and founder of the Facebook Marketing Agency = Elevated REM. (www.elevatedrem.com)My guest on this Episode is Mr. Travis Thom.He is a Facebook Ninja, and we spend the second half our time together going over budgeting, support, and the need to knows around how to get started, be consistent, and achieve success with Facebook Marketing.He literally breaks down the entire road map for you right here. Be ready to take notes!The MindShare PodCast is sponsored by KiTS Keep-in-Touch Systems, and is a Founding Member of the Industry Syndicate Media Network.Please subscribe, rate the show, and share your thoughts by leaving a review. You can also get more #MindShare on Facebook @MindShare101 and Instagram @davidgreenspan101. Check out YouTube #MindShare101, and http://www.mindshare101.com and http://industrysyndicate.com/ If you would like to be a guest on the show, or know someone that should be a guest on the show, please get in touch anytime!  

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14 Jun 2019

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Facebook Ads Deep Dive | Interview with Travis Thom

The Sales Project

Facebook Ad Strategy with Travis Thom--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-sales-project/support


23 May 2019

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031 Travis Thom

Mortgage Marketing Expert

Travis Thom, Founder of Elevated Real Estate Marketing: Travis started his Real Estate career at the age of 19 after attending the Academy of Art Institute in San Francisco and became the youngest Qualifying Broker and Brokerage Owner in the State of New Mexico, where he currently lives. From building psychographic campaigns, buyer personas, and building a deeper understanding of online consumer psychology, Travis helped his brokerage, Venture Realty Group, design larger-than-life marketing campaigns that generated demand and sparked desire.  Fifteen years later he decided to take his skill set to an international level and made the decision to use his marketing skills in a new way by creating something that every agent could enjoy and profit from – Elevated Real Estate Marketing. Through coaching and agency services, Travis has quickly gained national recognition as one of the leading experts for Facebook Marketing in Real Estate. He speaks several times a year at national conferences about Lead Generation Strategies and currently sits on a consulting board for Facebook.   Travis is the founder of the most recognized Facebook Marketing Agency in the real estate industry. He helps brokerages and agents effectively launch Facebook campaigns to increase exposure and acquire leads. His reputation continues to grow from his company’s ability to deliver outstanding ROI vs. other online channels.  


15 Feb 2019

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Why Content Creation is Crucial for Facebook in 2019 with Travis Thom

Real Estate Marketing Dude

Would you like to get more bang for your buck on Facebook ads? What if you could reduce your cost per lead (CPL) from $12 to $3? There is a simple way to make the most of your online ad spend in 2019, and it begins and ends with consistent, quality content creation. Travis Thom is the marketing strategist behind Elevated REM, the premiere Facebook advertising agency and coaching platform for real estate. With 250K Facebook and Instagram leads to their credit, Travis and his team are experts in advanced Facebook retargeting campaigns. He cut his teeth in real estate as an agent, struggling for three long years until a Rottweiler taught him the importance of providing value first. From there, Travis leveraged educational content marketing to build a successful business focused on new construction developments. He transitioned to marketing in 2014, founding Elevated REM to support realtors in generating leads online. Today, Travis joins me to explain why content creation is crucial for Facebook in 2019. He describes how posting consistent, quality content can significantly reduce your CPL on Facebook and discusses the value of authenticity and storytelling in getting your audience to engage. Travis also shares his BURST system of retargeting through Facebook ads, offering insight around the role of educational content in building trust. Listen in to understand how to use Facebook to provide highly-relevant content to the right audience at the right time and make the most of your social media ad spend! Today s Topics How consistent, quality content reduces an agent s CPL How Facebook defines your business page quality score Travis take on the value of authenticity and storytelling Why engaging content gets served to more people Travis BURST system of retargeting with Facebook ads The difference between passive and active content How a Rottweiler taught Travis about providing value How educational marketing transformed Travis career Using Facebook to provide highly-relevant content Connect with Travis Thom Learn more about how Travis and his team can support you at elevatedrem.com. Resources Real Estate Marketing Dude Attracktor Flip This Agent The post Why Content Creation is Crucial for Facebook in 2019 with Travis Thom appeared first on Real Estate Marketing Dude.

10 Jan 2019