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Designing a Life of Intent with Mike Kelley - TSS Podcast Ep. 40

The Think Stupid-Simple Podcast

Mike Kelley is a renowned architectural photographer who is highly regarded as being one of the top in the industry. Mike’s work has attracted top-tier clientele and his work can be recognized worldwide. Aside from architectural photography, Mike has found immense success with his own personal creative endeavors including his famous “Airportraits,” which has in turn, led to a whole new type of clientele with aviation giants such as Emirates and FedEx. Mike is also one of the top educators in the photography industry with extensive courses on architectural photography in collaboration with Fstoppers.com.You can find more information about Mike and his work here: ➜ https://www.mpkelley.com/➜ https://www.instagram.com/mpkelley_/The Think Stupid Simple Podcast is a place for authentic conversation to uncover the stupid simple truths that help us succeed and find happiness.

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19 Apr 2021

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Defining Your Career Through Personal Work with Mike Kelley – TSS Podcast Ep. 14

The Think Stupid-Simple Podcast

Mike Kelley is known as one of the world’s top architectural photographers. His work has attracted clients that include Tesla Motors, Herman Miller, and Arquitectonica just to name a few. His obsession with aviation led to a series of personal work or “airportraits” that has been published in virtually every major outlet, and featured in museums throughout the world. Mike is also one of the top online educators in the photography industry with best-selling tutorials that are available through Fstoppers.com You can find more information about Mike here: ➜https://www.mpkelley.com/The Think Stupid Simple Podcast is a place for authentic conversation to uncover the stupid simple truths that help us succeed and find happiness.

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17 Feb 2021

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Lifestyle Design With Mike Kelley

IMPACT Agent Podcast

On this episode, Jason set out to get some real action stories from a genuine hero firefighter/paramedic, Mike Kelley of Vestavia Hills. Instead, Mike lays out his philosophy of Lifestyle Design. Lifestyle Design is making a life where personal growth, a positive mindset, and choosing work plus a career allowing you to create the referral business that will deliver the wealth and life/work balance you desire. Mike lays out all aspects of his blueprints, plans, and designs he has incorporated into his life plan, including becoming a master network connector, a servant real estate investor, an avid scholar, and an impact citizen of his community. Mike is a shining example of being a true Impact Agent if you're looking for a model and an inspiration for changing your current situation. Key Takeaways - There is a difference between a job and a career. - Careers are where you can make a difference, make an impact, and serve others. - To design a lifestyle you need interpersonal growth, a positive mindset, discipline, always learning, and the courage to take action. - Become a master connector, then everything else becomes secondary. - To build a robust referral business, you've got to become valuable to somebody else. - Start studying successful people, and then emulate them. Mike Kelley Says: Jobs are really just temporary places in my opinion, to get you where you need to be. Failures are our benchmarks of success. I've got to get outside my comfort zone. I've got to stretch every day, and that's a larger piece of property. It's a larger development. What can I do to make myself expand my mindset? Specialized knowledge without the action is just specialized knowledge. Jason Will Says: It's just fascinating that more people don't recognize that there's something they can do about their current situation. ///////////////////////////////// Thanks for listening. We would like to know what you think about the IMPACT Agent podcast. Do you agree with Jason? Did any of these ideas help you? Let us know by contacting us at jasonwill@southalabamaliving.com. Contact Jason - JPAR Coast & CountyPrompt and professional service is our guarantee. IMPACT Agent is recorded and produced at Deep Fried Studios - Mobile, Alabama.Producer: Johnny Gwin 


20 Jan 2021

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Breaking the Barrier Between Sales and Marketing with Cody Strate and Mike Kelley

Access Points Podcast

When revenue and customer experience is on the line, the sales and the marketing departments play a vital role in making their purpose possible. While both offices are playing in the same game, bridging the gap between potential customers is synchronous as long as their relationships are seamless and no barriers amongst them. In today’s episode of the ACCESS POINTS PODCAST, Cody and Mike engage in a conversation in the distinct roles of the sales and the marketing personnel in a company. They will also address the impact of having an absolute and aligned message in connecting to customers and how their team at at Access EForms has broken the barrier and the friction between sales and marketing that significantly provided revenue and better customer experience to top it all. Cody Strate is the VP of Marketing at Access EForms. He has lead many innovation efforts, formed and solidified key partnerships, and grown Access to an international company. Cody understands people at a deep level and he incorporates that understanding into the Marketing and Sales strategies that place the customer and their problems first. Mike Kelley is the VP of Sales at Access EForms. Mike is a master at communication, understanding people's problems, and aligning customers with the proper solutions. Most importantly, he has established a reputation of integrity and showing up for his customers. Enjoy! Favorite Quote “So if you're experiencing this all too common divide in friction between sales and marketing, know that number one, it doesn't have to be that way. Number two, you can take certain actions to get those two departments on the same page.”                                                                         -Cody Strate In this Episode 4:08 - An insight into the role of a salesperson in the past 6:23 - Identifying the function of sales and marketing in terms of lead generation 10:23 - Understanding the concept of sales and marketing in an effective and straightforward analogy 13:51 - How the sales team and the marketing team of ACCESS play the game of generating leads and revenue 24:14 - The impact of having an absolute and aligned message in connecting to customers 27:26 - How ACCESS broke the barrier between the sales and the marketing departments 36:25 - The actions taken by Cody and Mike that has provided greater revenue, reduce friction between their respective departments, and better customer experience Get connected with: Cody Strate Mike Kelley Visit ACCESS EFM: Website Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Click here to listen with Access Points Podcast


13 Aug 2020

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Episode 08 - Mike Kelley and Eric Slauson on Teaching Games

Beyond Solitaire

In this episode, Liz has not one, but TWO special guests. Mike Kelley and Eric Slauson are both teachers and game designers, and they have interesting things to say about being a thoughtful and effective teacher of boardgames.All episodes of my podcast are available here: https://beyondsolitaire.buzzsprout.com/Enjoy my work? Consider getting me a "coffee" on Ko-fi! https://ko-fi.com/beyondsolitaireTo see all of my solo reviews and videos, click here: http://www.beyondsolitaire.net/solo-reviews.htmlContact Me: Email: beyondsolitaire at gmail.comTwitter: @beyondsolitaireInstagram: @beyondsolitaireFacebook: www.facebook.com/beyondsolitaireWebsite: www.beyondsolitaire.net


6 Jul 2020

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NICU Dad Discussions Episode 6: Mike Kelley

NICU Dad Discussions

Mike speaks about the unexpected early birth of his son Jackson at 24 weeks. He also discusses his journey of becoming familiar with the NICU and bonding with his son, as well as the lasting effects of a NICU stay, including anxiety and PTSD, and the continued therapies families usually face after going home from the NICU.


19 Jun 2020

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012: Mike Kelley, Amazing Architectural & Aviation Photographer!

Brooklyn Photo Works ISO320 Podcast

USE CODE ADAM at http://squarespace.com/adam to get 10% OFF. In this episode of ISO320 Adam Lerner, Daniel Silbert and Marc Holstein and I are joined by architectural and aviation photographer, Mike Kelley!  Mike Kelley is an amazing artist that found his way to photography and became one of the most sought-after architectural photographers. He shoots hi-end homes and commercial buildings and his work has appeared in some of the most prestigious architectural magazines. Mike is also an aviation photographer which started as a passion project and quickly became a highlight of his career. Mike is also a bit of a goofball and doesn't take himself too seriously, but he is 100% serious about his work and immensely fun to chat with. You're gonna really enjoy this episode! Follow Adam Lerner on YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter Daniel Silbert Instagram Marc Holstein Instagram Mike Kelley Instagram Get on the BrooklynPhotoWorks mailing list Help support the show by using this link on Amazon USE CODE ADAM at http://squarespace.com/adam to get 10% OFF. FREE GIFT from ThinkTank at http://thinktankphoto.com/adam. Check out the FroKnowsPhoto Flash Guide To submit your photos or website for a critique click here 

1hr 44mins

6 Jun 2020

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Episode 59 Selling Cars With the Real Jason Bourne and Mike Kelley

Be Au Sm

Jason Bourne started Bourne's Auto Center in the 90's buying a car at the auto auction. Today he has 2 Dealerships with 605 used cars in inventory and 127 employees on target to sell 460 cars in March until the Corona Quarantine hit. Hear how he and his GM Mike Kelley have weathered the storms of emotions, are overcoming challenges and doubling down for when this all is behind us and it will all be behind us at some point and many of us will need cars. The average car buyer spends 16 hours online looking at vehicles. Here is a great place to look and buy www.bournes.comSupport this show http://supporter.acast.com/be-au-sm-episode-1. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


17 Apr 2020

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Story time with Final Four heroes Mike Kelley and Andy Kowske - Behind the Badgers

On Wisconsin Podcasts

With the squad back at the Kohl Center to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its remarkable run to the 2000 Final Four, Brian and Patrick reminisce with hoops heroes Mike Kelley and Andy Kowske about their memories of a magical time in UW history. Plus a breakdown of the Badgers’ big win over Ohio State.


10 Feb 2020

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BAAM Podcast | Episode Two with Mike Kelley

BAAM Podcast

Barry & Andy chat with Mike Kelley about a chance meeting in a hospital emergency room that forever changed the trajectory of his life, and sent him on a path to becoming one of world's most prolific Architecture and Interiors photographers! This candid conversation with one of the nicest, and most talented people currently shooting Architecture and Interiors is a must listen!http://www.mpkelley.comhttp://www.andy-macpherson.comhttp://www.barrymackphoto.comhttp://www.apalmanac.com

1hr 41mins

23 Nov 2019