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How A Biology Major Found Her Calling As A Business Coach With Abby Helfer

Pivot Into Your Purpose

On today's episode of the Pivot Into Your Purpose Podcast, I chatted with Abby Helfer, a Visibility and Business Coach for Heart Led Entrepreneurs. Abby and I talked about how she went from a Biology major with her heart set on Vet school to trusting her intuition and realizing she was meant to be an entrepreneur.  Abby tried lots of different jobs on her way to finding what she was meant to do, and one of those was starting her first business as a Beach Body Coach, who then realized that although her own business was failing, what she was really passionate about and good at was helping other Beach Body Coaches grow their own businesses. This led her to pivoting her business to become a business coach where she specializes in helping women entrepreneurs get confident being visible to grow their businesses.  KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM THIS EPISODE:  How she had to let go of the identity she had for herself of becoming a vet and figure out who she really was Getting curious about what she loved doing and where it could take her Trying something new and letting it lead her to something else that was a better fit How failure at her first business led her to what she was meant to do Learning to trust her intuition and being willing to walk away when something wasn't right for her Why it's important to keep your business separate from yourself worth Why pivoting to something new is not bad and not failing Why pivoting is an act of courage I can't wait for you to listen and learn from Abby! *** SIGN UP for my FREE masterclass, Clarity in Your Calling: Get Clear On Your Purpose and the Work You're Meant to Do: FREE WORKSHOP FOLLOW Abby on Instagram: @abbylynn_coach CHECK OUT her website: Abby Lynn Coaching LISTEN  to the Magic and the Mess Podcast: Magic and the Mess


7 Feb 2022

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Episode 59: Limitless Potential, Prioritizing Rest, Passive Income, and Living in Italy with Life Coach Abby Helfer

Attainable with Sarah Baus

On this week’s episode, Abby Helfer is here to talk about travel, changing careers, building an online business, adding more fun into your work and life, and creating an empowering life! Abby Helfer is an adventurous, traveling life coach on a mission to help women step into their limitless lives. Connect with Abby on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abbylynn_coach/ 3 things to do to help you live a more empowered life: Figure out what your main goal is and then start with one milestone. Between milestones, make sure you celebrate all the small wins along the way! Make sure you’re having fun! Whether it’s listening to music during a task or finding fun things to do between tasks, you can always find ways to infuse fun into your work. Set empowering boundaries. Your boundaries allow you to be present in your life and allow you to take a break from your work. Attainable Podcast is a weekly show where host Sarah Baus takes a blunt but relatable approach to living life. Expect life advice, hilarious stories, and conversations with some really cool people. “You don’t go chasing your dream life, you just live it!” Connect with me! Website: https://www.sarahebaus.com/ Podcast Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/attainablepodcast/ Sarah’s Instagram: instagram.com/sarahebaus Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sarahebausblog/--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sarah-baus/message


27 Sep 2021

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11. Defining Alignment with Life Coach Abby Helfer

What I'm UnLearning

In this episode, Abby Helfer and I sit down to discuss and demystify Alignment. We cover questions like… ‘What is alignment? How do you know if you’re in it? And if you’re not, how do you get into it?’ and more. Thanks for listening - be sure to Rate, Review & Subscribe in iTunes & Stitcher!

1hr 2mins

20 Mar 2019

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04. Creating Your Limitless Life with Life Coach Abby Helfer

What I'm UnLearning

In this episode we tackle limiting beliefs around our educational paths, love stories, feminism, travel, confidence & more with life coach Abby Helfer. Subscribe in iTunes & Stitcher.

1hr 4mins

14 Jan 2019

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