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37 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Courtney Dauwalter. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Courtney Dauwalter, often where they are interviewed.

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37 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Courtney Dauwalter. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Courtney Dauwalter, often where they are interviewed.

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The Dirt on Courtney Dauwalter

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We get "The Dirt" on Courtney right after her USA win of the Big Backyard Ultra. It was super fun to get to hang with her. Krystal and I were major #FanGirling. We LOVE Courtney and this is a great show!

Nov 07 2020 · 1hr
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302. Courtney Dauwalter, Professional Ultra Runner

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“I hope to make this feel like a sport that anyone can do, no matter who you are.”

Courtney Dauwalter is one of the greatest ultra runners of all-time. She has won Western States, the Javelina Jundred, Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB), and the Moab 240-Mile Endurance Run, where she wasn’t just the first woman to finish, she was the overall winner, beating the second-place finisher by 10 hours. Most recently, Courtney was the U.S. winner of the last-man-standing-style Big’s Backyard Ultra. She ran 68 laps of a four-mile course for a grand total of 283.33 miles in 56 hours, 52 minutes, and 29 seconds. On this episode, Courtney recounts her race at Big’s, talks about her now-famous hallucinations along the way, and reflects on why we can always go further together. Plus, she talks about her attempt at running the Fastest Known Time (FKT) on the 500-mile Colorado Trail this summer, offers her take on failure, and shares her controversial Halloween candy hot takes.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Why Courtney wanted to run Big’s Backyard Ultra this year (5:45)
  • How Courtney prepared for this year’s event (10:00)
  • What the start was like at Big’s, and how Courtney strategizes for races like these (14:30)
  • What was Courtney rocking out to on the road? (26:00)
  • When did it start to hurt? (27:00)
  • What it’s like when people start dropping (31:30)
  • All about those wild hallucinations (36:15)
  • What it was like being the second consecutive woman to win this race (44:00)
  • On representation and diversity in ultra running (46:30)
  • On winning the Moab 240-Mile Endurance Run, and then going on Joe Rogan’s podcast (49:30)
  • What is Courtney proudest of? (52:20)
  • Courtney reflects on her attempt at running the FKT on the 500-mile Colorado Trail earlier this year (54:30)

What we mention on this episode:

Ben Chan on Episode 277 of the Ali on the Run Show

"283 Miles, Followed By Beer and Nachos for Courtney Dauwalter," by Erin Strout for Women's Running

Courtney Dauwalter on the Joe Rogan Experience

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Nov 04 2020 · 1hr 7mins

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Episode 125: Courtney Dauwalter on Ultra Running, Training Intuitively, and Staying Positive

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In this episode, we interview ultra running legend Courtney Dauwalter, where we chat about training without a set schedule, listening to her body, staying mentally positive, and conquering new challenges!


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Aug 03 2020 · 49mins
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#204: Courtney Dauwalter - Nothing is Far Enough

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On this week’s episode of The BibRave Podcast we welcome the absolutely incomparable Courtney Dauwalter to the show! Courtney is most famous for winning races OUTRIGHT (in one case beating the fastest male in a 240-mile race by 10 hours 👀), setting course records, and winning some of the highest-profile trail races in the world (Western States, UTMB).

Before we jump into Tim and Jess’s convo with Courtney, did you know that The BibRave 100 nomination period has officially opened? 🎉 Nominate your favorite races from the last decade - only the best of the best will make the list!

Tim, Jess, and Courtney talk about what keeps Courtney going farther, always pushing to see what her body can do, and rarely worrying about winning or competition for competition’s sake. They talk about identifying good pain versus bad pain (as part of a story of when she lost her sight mid-race!), what she wishes for the trail running industry and sport, and obviously some fun food and personal stories.

For a deeper podcast dive, check out this week’s show notes 📝! And if you enjoyed this episode, we would love it if you could leave us a review on iTunes!

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Show Notes:

For those digging the sweet ukulele intro music, 🎶 that comes to us from the talented musician and running coach, Matt Flaherty. Check out his site for more audio goodness!   

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Jul 10 2020 · 59mins

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UTMB ladies winner Courtney Dauwalter LIVE CHAT and Q&A! (Will she come to the UK?)

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This interview with amazing US ultra runner Courtney Dauwalter is a podcast version of our original chat on YouTube in October 2019, a few weeks after she won the ladies race at the UTMB.

Courtney Dauwalter's interview on YouTube Oct19: https://youtu.be/Sj2gGeDTHjQ

Courtney winning ladies race at UTMB, 21st place overall!: https://youtu.be/BozRjr4pqOw

Courtney's short finish line interview about going deep into the pain cave during the race: https://youtu.be/0pd3Lb-MMEY

Join us live on YouTube every Wednesday for your chance to ask questions to our awesome guests and in my Q&A sessions, and support me on Patreon to guarantee you question gets an answer.

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Have fun, enjoy your run and I’ll see you on the trails.

May 16 2020 · 55mins
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Courtney Dauwalter on a life in ultra running, the pain cave and elective sufferfests

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Courtney and I recorded this episode as part of the process for a film that we were shooting for one of her sponsors, Sufferfest Beer Company. Over the course of the following days not only did her and our production crew have an absolute blast, we witnessed her never ending support of the community. Everyone that passed by on the trail or the sidewalk received a warm greeting from her. From talking with fellow athletes about their endurance goals to running alongside a passerby to help motivate him to keep pushing forward, it's clear how much she loves the community that loves her back.

Courtney is a bit of a mystery to many; presumably powered by an imposing and unspoken darkness that compels her to use the power of her mind and feet to race and win the world's toughest ultra marathons. In the greatest flip of the script she fights no demons or deep darkness. Rather, she excitedly seeks the deepest recesses of the pain cave, pitting herself against the elements of the wild spaces, the long enduring miles and the mental sufferfest to find the brightness on the other side. And she does so with class unlike any other, kindness of a school teacher (which she once was) of and the rhythm of an eclectic mix from her old iPod shuffle!

When she crosses the finish line, often the first one to do so, she enjoys the crispness of a fresh beer, a big ol' plate of nachos and the company of her loving husband Kevin, family and friends.

On a personal note, I'm floored to have spent time with one of personal heroes; listening, learning and sharing her story both here on the podcast and through a short film we produced. Sometimes this life seems so unreal and it's an absolute honor to be here, alongside all of you.

To you wildest self, be true.
May 06 2020 · 41mins
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24: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Elite Ultrarunner, Courtney Dauwalter

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Welcome to Episode 24 of the Eat for Endurance Podcast, featuring Elite ultrarunner, Courtney Dauwalter. 

Courtney is arguably one of the best ultrarunners competing right now, and it’s no surprise that she was voted UltraRunner of the Year for the second year in a row. She has won a number of big races, including the prestigious Ultra-trail du Mont-Blanc in 2019 and Western States 100 in 2018, and has set numerous course records. She’s not just coming in as first female, but sometimes dominates races outright (as the NYTimes discusses in this article). So obviously I wanted to get her on the show to dig into how she fuels her training and such incredible race performances. 

Courtney is known for her love of beer, nachos, and candy as well as her laid-back and cheerful demeanor, all of which she confirmed during our chat, but there’s far more to her nutrition story. She’s a fierce competitor and she’s also incredibly tuned into her body. As you’ll hear, there’s no one big “secret” to her success - it’s years of experience and trying different foods and products (she has learned the hard way at times, like many of us!), putting in the miles (obviously), remaining very flexible with both food and training, and problem solving while staying calm when things inevitably go wrong. She has her sports nutrition go-to’s (Tailwind, Honey Stinger waffles and chews, and instant potatoes, for example), and has some “safe” meals she chooses prior to a race, but otherwise listens to what her body craves.

Courtney currently resides in Colorado (like many of my guests, I know!), but grew up in Minnesota. She was a high school science teacher until she decided to focus entirely on her athletic career in 2017, and clearly that has paid off! Tune in for the rest of her story, and of course some of her favorite nacho toppings and candy. 

Thanks for your time Courtney - looking forward to seeing what you accomplish next, once racing resumes!

And thank you listeners for your support. I hope you are all doing well, staying safe, remaining active, and finding ways to stay sane with everything going on. 

PLEASE NOTE - this episode was recorded on March 10th, so keep that in mind when listening (we touch on Coronavirus briefly at the end, but obviously much has changed since then…).

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Apr 21 2020 · 1hr 9mins
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Après-Hour 4: Trail running athlete Courtney Dauwalter

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UTMB winner Courtney Dauwalter discusses how she trains for ultra-races, the secret to her mental strength during a race, and why any run that ends with a cold beer is a good run, in the 4th episode of the Salomon Après-Hour Podcast. And, as a bonus, the former schoolteacher offers a little advice for all homeschooling parents out there during these challenging times. 

Mar 31 2020 · 39mins
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Podcast #100 Courtney Dauwalter UTMB Winner 2019 Big's Backyard 279 miles General Badass!

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We have an one of the world best Ultra Runners on the pod this week, I know I shouldn’t have favourites but there is no hiding that Courtney is one of my ultra running hero’s so it was amazing to been provided with the opportunity to chat.

For those that don’t know Courtney won UTMB last year so we unpack that experience, she also holds the Last one Standing record for women and second overall to Johan Steene running an amazing 279 miles, she was first women home in the Great Western state with a finishing time of 17hr 27min which is mind blowing, she won the run rabbit run 100mile race in 2016 with second place 75 minutes behind and she retained her title in 2017 even though she battled with temporary blindness in the final 12 mile on a very technical course.

Courtney has redefined the pain cave, she is an ambassador to Salomon and is famous for those shorts, at the age of 35 she is very young in the world of ultra running so we have a lot more to see from Badass. 

Every once in a while a game changer, a maverick arrives to entertain us in the sporting arena and in life too. She is it! She is the most down to earth, ordinary person. Yet there is nothing ordinary about her. She demolishes everything in front of her and yet almost embarrassed about her achievements. A class act and role model for all aspiring athletes out there. @Greg Dillion

Feb 28 2020 · 1hr 3mins
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Courtney Dauwalter: 2018 Ultra runner of the year, pushing our mental and physical limits

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2019 interview with Courtney Dauwalter

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Feb 03 2020 · 44mins