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Not all Store Picks are Created Equal | Brett Atlas | Steak Bourbon and Sports with Ari Temkin and Jeremy Mandel

Steak, Bourbon & Sports

Steak Bourbon and Sports Ep. 29 When Europe Has Better Whiskey Jeremy Mandel (@jeremymandel) and Ari Temkin (@arisports) are joined by Brett Atlas of BrettAtlas.Com and Bourbon + Banter to discuss whiskey store picks and what to look for when you are trying to find one. Also what makes store picks unique. Plus Jeremy blames the Cowboys struggles on Ari and updates us on his dry aged ribeye. Follow along on Instagram: @SteakBourbonSports Follow on twitter: @SBSPod Subscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2CJteXOLZSNWan4FS7iU8w?sub_confirmation=1 Available for download on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and on clnsmedia.com


16 Sep 2020

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Late Night with Brett Atlas and Luke Castle

Dads Drinking Bourbon

While we're all staying at home, we're looking for new ways to keep the show here for you all to listen to. We recently had a late night video conference with our friends Brett Atlas and Luke Castle who you may know from their work at Bourbon and Banter or through the various bourbon groups they're in like Bourbon Crusaders. This was a fun conversation y'all. Hope you all enjoy! Get your liquor shipped to your house with www.caskcartel.com All glassware provided by www.distilleryproducts.com 

1hr 1min

27 Mar 2020

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Coffee With Carole - Brett Atlas on National Bourbon Day!

Coffee With Carole Podcast

Join Brett Atlas and Carole as they enjoy a cup of Clout Coffee and a great pour of bourbon on National Bourbon Day! Subscribe, rate, and review our podcast wherever you get your podcasts so you don't miss an episode! Also follow up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram A Hurrdat Media Production. Hurrdat Media is a digital media and commercial video production company based in Omaha, NE. Find more podcasts on the Hurrdat Media Network and learn more about our other services today on HurrdatMedia.com.


1 Aug 2019

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174 - Expert Talk On Four Roses Private Barrels and Recipes with Brett Atlas and Travis Hill

Bourbon Pursuit

I don't know a bourbon enthusiast that doesn't love Four Roses. But this one goes into the depths of expert level opinions behind mash bills, hype behind certain runs, single barrels, mutated yeast, and more. Brett Atlas and Travis Hill join the show to talk about their experiences with Four Roses, their 10 recipes, and how they blend and create their own Limited Edition Small Batches. Show Partners: If you love Eagle Rare Bourbon, go support the causes they stand for at Eagle Rare Life to vote for the 2019 nominees that most inspire you. Voting ends December 5 Barrell Bourbon Batch 016 was project that took over a year. 9 to 15 year old barrels were selected with similar profiles from different distilleries. It’s deeply concentrated, but not too oaky and finishes with a toasted orange note. The Duo glass is the most versatile whiskey and cocktail glass around. Use code ‘pursuit’ to get 15% off your order and free shipping at agedandore.com Show Notes: Farewall to Dave Pickerell. Enjoy our podcast with him http://bourbonpursuit.com/2018/03/29/man-behind-100-distilleries-dave-pickerell/ The Lounge with Will Chambers - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-lounge-with-will-chambers/id1440284845 This week's Above The Char with Fred Minnick reflects on the past of Dave Pickerell. Was it cask strength that got you hooked into Four Roses or was it a standard offering? Give a break down of how to decipher the recipe for something like OBSQ vs OESF Do you think the tasting notes on the back of the hang tag is inaccurate? How often have you tried all recipes side by side? Do you have a favorite 4R recipe and why? Have you ever had a bad barrel? Does the hype factor just play into a particular recipe? How come everyone thinks OESK is the best? What do you see as the typical recipe selections at a private barrel pick? Have you ever walked out and never picked a barrel? What do you think is a misconception of larger stores and their selections? Do you think picks done by Brent Elliott are better or worse than ones done by a store? Some words for Brent How do you go about trying all 10 recipes? Talk about trying to create your own Limited Edition Small Batches Why do you think Four Roses doesn't put out barrel proof Small Batch? The ages of barrel picks have been exponentially decreasing. Can they still keep this pace? Would you lose your mind over a Four Roses pick? Do you think the tags on the bottle showing the rack and details of the barrel are for the distillery to trace back anything for quality purposes or is it for the bourbon geeks? Are higher aged Four Roses that are 17 or 23 years old any good? Can you talk about the mutated yeast that contributed to the 125th anniversary bottle in 2013? Has the ME warehouse fad passed?

1hr 13mins

8 Nov 2018

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166 - The Pitfalls of Private Barrel Picks with Brett Atlas and Luke Castle of Bourbon & Banter

Bourbon Pursuit

Private barrel selections are becoming the hot new item. These carefully selected barrels are brought into a store and chosen for a particular audience. However, can every one be a winner? Do you trust who picked it? Just because a label said it was chosen by a master distiller, did he really pick it or was it leftovers from other barrel picks? And of course, we have to cover stickers because it's the hotness. It's a podcast that is both fascinating and intriguing and will make you think twice about going into a unknown store to purchase a random barrel pick. Sponsors: Buy your tickets to the Speed Museum’s Art of Bourbon hosted by Fred Minnick Bourbon and Beyond Music Festival takes place in Louisville, KY on Sept 22nd and 23rd. Buy tickets and see the bourbon workshops we will be moderating. Sterling Cut Glass is the Official Glassware of Bourbon Pursuit. They are offering FREE etched samples to whiskey societies nationwide! Simply email spirits@sterlingcutglass.com, include your logo, and mention Bourbon Pursuit. Show Notes: This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick talks about family and the new Bourbon Hall of Fame inductees. Ryan, when you go into a store and look for a single barrel pick, what do you gravitate towards? Back on Ep 124 we covered creating a barrel picking group and we've talked about individual barrel picks before but we're going to deep dive today What makes barrel picks more special than their standard bottling counterpart? Are all barrel picks always better than their standard releases? If a store picks samples out of a box, are they all just rejects? Is three samples really enough to go off of? What about stickers that say "selected by the Master Distiller"? Michael Iurato​ asks "I have not had that many store picks but from my experience it seems like the single store pick is usually better than when a major chain or the state run liquor outlet does a pick. Would you agree?" Talk about what it means to have a bourbon group together vs having a store pick for you Is it really possible to pick a barrel based on the tastes of the customers for a store? I mean everyone is different Is having "after market" stickers a good thing? Is there too much hype train on them? Let's speculate. Lets talk about store picks that are no longer available. Is there a false sense of demand or are they trying to play the game? Why can't there be just a few single barrels of Weller 12 or Elijah Craig Barrel Proof per year? Heaven Hill used to plenty of private picks, but now all you see is Elijah Craig. Why are they holding back? Why even continue a single barrel program is the bourbon is going to sell anyway? Frank Mentlick​ asks What is the first taste that turn you off a pick? Sweet? Lack flavor? What makes you excited about picks? Do you do a baseline by sneaking in a flask with the standard offering? Any tips on going on your first barrel pick?

1hr 10mins

13 Sep 2018