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#024: "The Prodigal Church" Interview w/ Brandon McGinley

Eden Revisited

Today Austin interviews Brandon McGinley about his recently published book, The Prodigal Church. We talk about Brandon's faith experience growing up in a blue-collar Pittsburgh suburb, why comfort isn't always good, and what you can do to restore a tradition of faith in your life and your family.Brandon McGinley is a Catholic writer and speaker based in Pittsburgh and dedicated to articulating a fully integrated view of Catholic living. He is anchored in tradition but oriented toward the future. Brandon has written dozens of articles in places like First Things and the Catholic Herald, edited numerous books for EWTN Publishing, and addressed audiences around the country.You can find Brandon's book on Sophia Institute Press and Amazon. OTHER LINKS:St. Andre BessetteBl. Solanus Casey


11 Mar 2021

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The Future of Our Church and Society with Special Guest Brandon McGinley

The Road to Emmaus with Scott Hahn

We’ve been taught by the world to think of religion as a personal choice. All religions are equal. They have no claim on our public life. In this episode, Scott Hahn and his co-author Brandon McGinley debunk this view to show that religion is much more than opinion. In fact, they argue that the very future of our Church and civilization depend on reclaiming the true meaning of religion.  Learn More Want to learn more? Get your copy of Scott Hahn and Brandon McGinley’s It Is Right and Just.  What does religion have to do with politics? Scott Hahn and Brandon McGinley explain in this blog. Our Church is in crisis, but there is hope. In A Church in Crisis: Pathways Forward, Ralph Martin uncovers the forces at work against the Church and offers hope to the faithful within the Body of Christ. 


6 Jan 2021

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059: Restoring Catholic Tradition in an Age of Deception with Brandon McGinley

The Catholic Servant Podcast

This interview inspired me with hope in the beauty of our Catholic faith and its ability to be a light for us now and generations to come. A Church, both institutionally and within the family, can be rebuilt with the "logic of Grace" as described by Brandon, in his book, The Prodigal Church: Restoring Catholic Tradition in an Age of Deception. If you're looking for hope in the muddy waters of the Church in spiritual distress, you will love this episode.


15 Oct 2020

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Off the Shelf - Episode 186 with Brandon McGinley

Off The Shelf

How do we bring people back to Church and at the same time how do we return the Church to her former glory? For decades Church teachings and traditions have been watered down by modern society. This week Brandon McGinley and I discuss this very real problem and what solutions are available to us. Get your copy of Brandon's book The Prodigal Church: Restoring Catholic Tradition in an Age of Deception here.

31 Jul 2020

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Ep. 82—A Habitual Counterculture—Brandon McGinley

The Catholic Culture Podcast

The Catholic Church in America has largely lost its distinctive flavor and with it, its ability either to retain the faithful or to evangelize the infidel. The problem precedes Vatican II: in the Tridentine 1950s, many Catholics, eager for mainstream respectability, had already adopted a bourgeois spirituality. In his first book, The Prodigal Church: Restoring Catholic Tradition in an Age of Deception, Brandon McGinley calls for Catholics to return to the essence of the faith, rather than to a previous era of Catholic "success", and so find creative ways to restore a robust and evangelical Catholic culture in the unknown years to come.  Contents [2:03] Fr. Ratzinger’s famous quote about a smaller and more spiritual Church [8:30] Catholicism an embodied faith [12:32] Incompatibility between American and Catholic principles? [19:10] American Catholicism in the 1950s—incipient worldiness [27:15] The importance of small habits in living out the reality of faith and Christ's passion [33:04] Spiritual corrosion caused by immoderate anger towards the hierarchy [39:44] Remembering the Church Triumphant [43:05] “Third places” and the importance of the parish as a community space [51:05] The need for community among nuclear families [55:05] Catholic hospitality and vulnerability [1:00:04] Why we shouldn’t separate “moral” from “social” teaching Links The Prodigal Church https://www.sophiainstitute.com/products/item/the-prodigal-church Brandon McGinley https://brandonmcginley.com/ Brandon McGinley on Twitter https://twitter.com/brandonmcg This podcast is a production of CatholicCulture.org. If you like the show, please consider supporting us! http://catholicculture.org/donate/audio

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28 Jul 2020

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Restoring Catholic Tradition in an Age of Deception -- Brandon McGinley -- 7/15/20

The UnCommon Good with Bo Bonner and Dr. Bud Marr

Bo and Bud talk with Brandon McGinley about his book "The Prodigal Church: Restoring Catholic Tradition in an Age of Deception." 


15 Jul 2020

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SCC 92: Prodigal Church (w/Brandon McGinley)

Steel City Catholic

Author and speaker Brandon McGinley joins Bob this week to discuss his new book, Prodigal Church. The guys discuss the history of the Catholic Church in Pittsburgh and the United States, from the days of six daily Masses at a parish to the church mergers of today. Brandon offers some thoughts on renewal within the Church. http://brandonmcginley.com/wp/ Buy Prodigal Church Here Sacred Heart of Jesus Book Store Pittsburgh


29 Jun 2020

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Intentional Catholic Neighborhood Community with Katie and Brandon McGinley

Beatrice Institute Podcast

Katie and Brandon McGinley live with their four children in an intentional Catholic neighborhood community. Brandon is a Catholic writer, and Katie is a retired librarian and full-time homeschooler. They discuss how their community began and how they’ve grown since then. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced them to think creatively about community building, and they share the ways they’ve safely stayed in touch with and supported the people they’re close to. They also look to the future, covering what it will be like coming out of lockdown and how they hope to see Catholic communities grow as a result of the pandemic. Community Begins with Friendship Organization and Growth of Communities The Spontaneity That Comes from Having a Stable Community How Big Can a Neighborhood Community Grow? Modeling Communities on the Present A Quarantine Holy Week Being Social while Respecting Social Distancing How Quarantine Could Change Religious Communities Links: Brandon’s Plough Article The Noonday Devil by Jean-Charles Nault Real Learning: Education in the Heart of the Home by Elizabeth Foss


25 May 2020

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Covid-19 Economic Crisis and the Common Good -- Brandon McGinley -- 4/15/20

The UnCommon Good with Bo Bonner and Dr. Bud Marr

How do we address the COVID-19 economic crisis and the common good? Bo and Bud talk with Bradon McGinley about it in this week's episode of The Uncommon Good. 


16 Apr 2020

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Brandon McGinley on the Meaning of Liturgical Time

Church Life Today

What is the meaning of time? I don’t mean that as an abstract philosophical question but rather an utterly practical one. How we measure time tells us a great of what we think like is all about, both on the grand scale and every day. Our guest today has developed a resource for helping us reclaim time as sacred—that is, as liturgical. Brandon McGinley writes about faith, culture, and politics from his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He works as Editor of EWTN Publishing, Inc., a book publishing collaboration between the global Catholic media network and Sophia Institute Press. He is the creator of the weekly newsletter “These Seven Days” and today he talks with us about how the reclaiming the rhythm of the liturgical calendar helps us to live our faith as Catholics.------ Live: www.redeemerradio.com Follow Redeemer Radio on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @RedeemerRadio Follow McGrath Institute for Church Life on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @McGrathND Subscribe to the Podcast: iTunes | Google Play | SoundCloud


2 Mar 2020