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What is Breathwork and Can It Change How We Treat Patients? w/ Dr. Cristian Pavel EP. 13

The Happier Dentist Podcast

Happier Dentist fam! How are you? So.. have you had a patient just sit there in the dental chair looking nervous and anxious and possibly in tears, and you didn’t really know how to respond in a way that would ease their mind? This episode may interest you. Here, we talk about how breathwork is the foundation to good health. Cristians story of his personal journey and inner work led to discovering the beautiful magic of yoga. Through the practice of yoga, it then made an awareness of breathing that elevated his mindfulness practice to eventually beginning his own dental mission trip and breathwork accountability group with his fiance Danielle, and is positively impacting many other once stressed-out dentists. Cristian also talks about the key to happiness, which is having true presence. Having true presence on your yoga mat is one thing, but how about in the noisy and busy dental office setting? I How do you get that? By concentrating on your breath. Also in this episode, how we are basically just a bunch of emotional children just running around. How does this fit into dentistry? By allowing ourselves to explore this side of our beings every now and then to remember that we need to serve ourselves sometimes. Little bit of rest and play never hurt anybody, but sometimes we can forget to schedule it in. So, lets dive into the episode!Find out more about Dr. Cristian Pavel and the Dental Yogi's here: Breathwork Club / Accountability Group here: 

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4 Aug 2021

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Episode 77 – Dr. Cristian Pavel of Dental Yogis on Managing Dentist Stress

The Dental Amigos

Rob and Paul are excited to host Dr. Cristian Pavel from the Dental Yogis to talk about how dentists can fight anxiety and live more fulfilling lives. Dental practice owners encounter dozens of obstacles every day which can leave them feeling frazzled and unhappy. Cristian shares some tips with the Amigos on how to deal with these inconveniences and manage stress. Along with Cristian, they talk about how dentists can incorporate yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques into their lives. Cristian explains how implementing a “pre-huddle yoga flow” has improved his practice and the wellbeing of his employees. And finally, Paul, Rob, and Cristian discuss how to create a morning routine to optimize happiness and success. Dr. Cristian Pavel is one-half of the Dental Yogis Facebook Group. The other half is his fiancée Dr. Danielle Cascioli. Cristian graduated from the University of Illinois College of Dentistry in 2014. He works with his parents in a family dental practice on the Northside of Chicago, and occasionally alongside Danielle on cosmetic cases. Cristian and Danielle are certified yoga teachers and lead an annual vitality retreat for dentists. They enjoy coaching, traveling, working together on smile transformations, and celebrating all of life’s splendors. Their mission is to empower dentists to become health and wellness leaders and to bridge the gap between yoga and dentistry. In essence, to influence mindful dentistry—implementing the practices to create a pain free, low stress approach to practicing dentistry and living life.Listeners who want to reach out to Cristian can email him at dentalyogis@gmail.com or visit his website at dentalyogis.com. Listeners who want to reach out to Paul can do so at Paul@DentalNachos.com and those who want to reach out to Rob can do so Rob at Rob@RMontgomery-Law.com.

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8 Jul 2021

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Staying Sane and Excelling Under Pressure with Dr. Cristian Pavel

Relentless Dentist

Most of our practices have been thrown into more than a little bit of a curveball as we limit our access to patients, try to protect our teams, and more to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you’re wondering what’s next and how to stay sane in this lockdown mode, Dr. Cristian Pavel carries some important insight and information that will help you greatly during this difficult time and encourage you to move forward.  You can find show notes and more information by clicking this link: https://bit.ly/2QUwgWJ


1 Apr 2020

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Thriving with Dr. Cristian Pavel (The Dental Yogis)

ZenOne Podcast

On Thursday 3/26, 12 pm Central, Live Webinar, with Dr. Cristian Pavel and Dr. Danielle. Some of you might think "Oh c'mon not another breathing exercise", just give it a chance. On this live event we will talk about Yoga, Breathing, Meditation, dealing with stress and how overcoming challenges is actually healthy. Both Dr. Pavel and Dr. Casciololi have done tremendous amount of work with a dental community to help with anxiety, stress and as simple as being happy. At times like these, it's important to first lead ourselves into calmness, clarity, and prosperity. Only then can we lead our staff, our loved ones, and our patients.

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26 Mar 2020

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Doing dentistry differently with Dr. David Bennett and Dr. Cristian Pavel (DHP194)

The Very Dental Podcast Network

Alan talked with Dr. David Bennett and Dr. Cristian Pavel about their careers and the changes they're making to them as mid-career dentists. Alan got to talk with some amazing folks at the AACD in Chicago last month and today's episode features two of those interviews. By any standard, Dr. David Bennett is an incredibly successful dentist. He's owned multiple practices and has been teaching full mouth rehab and cosmetic dentistry. Yet he felt like something wasn't quite right. He tells a compelling story about practicing the way you want to practice. Dr. Cristian Pavel practices with his father (a dentist) and his mother (office manager). His career was kind of laid out for him, but after meeting Dr. Galen and Davina Detrik, he's changing course. Both of these clinicians are participants in the Detrik's Disruptive Dental Collective. If you're looking for a change...this might be right up your alley! Some links from the show: Sleep Samurai (Doug Sakurai) Jason's practice sales email: Jason@udba.biz (looking to buy and sell? Contact JLips!) The Dental Hacks Nation closed Facebook group has over 23,000 members! Head over there to interact with other Dental Hacks listeners, guests and Brain Trust members every day, all day! Remember…if you don’t have anything “dental” on your FB page, we might decline your membership request. So IM the group or email us at info@dentalhacks.com. Go check out the Dental Success Network! Jason and Alan are part of this amazing 3 pronged network: social network, CE network and buying network! Sign up and let them know the Dental Hacks sent you by using our code: DHN! Your new secret weapon for consistently great composite polish is Magic Mix from Bioclear! Check it out at dentalhacks.com/magicmix No more soggy and disgusting gauze throat packs. It's time you switched to Airway Armor from Zirc! This brand new product will revolutionize your surgical protocols. Patients love it and you will, too! The first three Dental Hacks listeners to order a trial kit from the Zirc website using the coupon code: hacks45 will get the kit for FREE! Go check it out at dentalhacks.com/airwayarmor Dr. Matt Costa is teaching "Mastering Morphology: The Foundation of Aesthetics" a Cosmedent in Chicago on November 2-3, 2018. Matt is a great guy and we've featured him on the Dental Hacks podcast on episode 60, episode 112 and episode 113! It turns out...he's an amazing teacher, too! Check out the course at dentalhacks.com/mattcosta. Premier Dental “Hack of the Week”:  Jason: Mango Voice Alan: Vivobarefoot shoes If you have any questions or comments for us please drop us an email at info@dentalhacks.com or find us (and like us!) at www.facebook.com/dentalhacks. Or, if you prefer…give us a call at (866) 223-5257 and leave us a message. You might be played in the show! If you like us, why not leave us a review on iTunes? It helps us get found by like minded people and might even help us get into “What’s Hot” in the iTunes store! Go to this link and let the world know about the DentalHacks! Finally, if you aren’t an Apple person, consider reviewing us on Stitcher at: stitcher.com/podcast/the-dentalhacks-podcast! If you would like to support the podcast you can check out our Patreon page! Although the show will always remain free to download, our Patreon supporters get access to special bonus content including (at least) one extra podcast episode every months! Also be sure to check out the Dental Hacks swag store where you can find t-shirts, stickers coffee mugs and all sorts of other things that let the world know you’re a part of the Hacks Nation

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1 Jun 2018