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How to calm anxiety: Chloe Brotheridge

The Life Lessons Podcast

Here are two powerful techniques to tackle anxiety and stop uncomfortable feelings controlling you.The first is about getting out of your head and into your senses - using the 5,4,3,2,1 methodThe second is called the Sedona method - and is about truly welcoming anxiety, without an agenda to get rid of it. It is paradoxical - but powerful.Chloe Brotheridge - coach, therapist and author of the Anxiety Solution - is my guest.**Follow/message me:Instagram https://www.instagram.com/simonmundie/Twitter https://twitter.com/simonmundieAnd for the 'Mundie on Monday' newsletter - featuring three of the best Life Lessons from three years and 200 of these conversations - head to simonmundie.com (where you can also drop me an email)Please do share this episode with anyone who may benefit, and rate and review wherever you get your podcasts. It makes a big difference. Thank You. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


26 Aug 2022

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S5 Ep10: The Anxiety Coach: Chloe Brotheridge

I Shouldn't Say This, But...

Chloe Brotheridge is an Anxiety Hypnotherapist, Coach, Podcast Host and Author who is dedicated to helping women free themselves from anxiety.  In this episode, we discuss: - The importance of distinguishing your dream from the one’s being pushed by other people - Tips for a more purposeful and positive social media experience - How we can combat our inner criticsChloe: https://www.instagram.com/chloebrotheridge/?hl=en https://twitter.com/CBrotheridge?s=20 https://calmer-you.com/free https://www.amazon.co.uk/Chloe-Brotheridge/e/B01MZEC2LL%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_shareMe: https://instagram.com/katyleeson?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.linkedin.com/in/katy-leeson-39931a53 https://twitter.com/katyleeson?s=21


10 Feb 2022

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Calming anxiety: Chloe Brotheridge

The Life Lessons Podcast

Rates of anxiety were rising rapidly before the pandemic – and have shot up since the world changed in 2020. In 2021, 'anxiety' was chosen by children as their word of the year. It’s clearly a huge issue. One of the most powerful tools to counter anxiety is a counter-intuitive one – acceptance. So many of us distract ourselves from our feelings - not least with the help of our digital devices - but distraction is not a long-term solution. We need to move towards our feelings, not away from them. Chloe and I discuss exposure therapy too – which is basically gradually expanding your comfort zone – as well as other tools including non-violent communication, something I have spoken about in a recent newsletter. Plus – we share our shared belief that we are born with an innate sense of wellbeing and peace – but we lose sight of it as we age and the thinking mind comes online adding a layer of judgements, predictions and concepts For Chloe's 'Calmer You' website - which is full of free resources - head to https://calmer-you.com/Follow me:on instagram https://www.instagram.com/simonmundie/on twitter https://twitter.com/simonmundieFor the 'Mundie on Monday' newsletter - featuring three of the best Life Lessons from three years and over 170 of these conversations - head to simonmundie.comPlease do share this episode with anyone who may benefit, and rate and review wherever you get your podcasts. It makes a big difference and is hugely appreciated.*Finally, a huge thanks to my sponsors, Puresport. Their range of CBD and Nootropics supplements have had a significant impact on how I sleep, manage stress, and focus throughout the day. I can’t recommend them enough.CBD has been shown to have benefits for anxiety, inflammation, aches and pains - and it may even be good for long term brain and heart health. And anything that helps keep me well in the long-term rather than having to fix lots of niggles once they arrive gets the thumbs up from me. Combined with their supplements range, Puresport are paving the way in the natural wellness market.Frankly, if nothing else, you have to try their Unwind Oil before bed. You’ll sleep like a baby. The good news is that you can get 20% off with code Life20 at checkout. Head to puresportcbd.com and enjoy! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


24 Jan 2022

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#54 CHLOE BROTHERIDGE - On processing anxiety, how hypnotherapy works and how to manage pressure and overwhelm

Honestly Unbalanced

Chloe Brotheridge (@chloebrotheridge) is hypnotherapist, mentor and coach at www.calmer-you.com and the host of The Calmer You Podcast (1.8 million downloads and counting) . She’s the best-selling author of The Anxiety Solution and The Confidence Solution.WHAT WE CHAT ABOUT-Setting boundaries around phone time-The pros and cons of social media-Managing pressure and overwhelm-Suffering panic attacks in teen years-How meditation isn’t always the answer-Processing anxiety through body work-The link between food and stress-How hypnotherapy works and its benefits-The process of writing two books-Battling with imposter syndrome and facing criticism-Cultivating a work/life balanceHOSTS Adam Husler (@adamhusler) & Holly Husler (@iamhollyhusler). Follow us @thehuslersPERKS$150 off Hydrow with code ADAM10% off Liforme yoga mats with affiliate code HUSLER55% during sale on the MP website with affiliate code THEHUSLERS25% off our online platform with code THEHUSLERS25 (25% off single 12 month membership or reoccurring monthly membership until cancellation)Notes available at honestlyunbalanced.com


4 Nov 2021

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Finding Grace episode 75 with Chloe Brotheridge

Finding Grace

In this episode of Finding grace I’m joined by the lovely Chloe Brotheridge, who is a coach, hypnotherapist and best selling author of “The anxiety solution” and “The confidence solution”. Her podcast “The calmer you podcast has over three-quarter of a million downloads.  She has “the calmer you collective” a membership space.  She’s helped thousands of people reclaim their mind and a calmer self with her books, courses and workshops.   I love what Chloe does and can’t wait to share her on here today. In this episode: Chloe shares what finding grace means to her and where she is today. She shares her story that led her to the work she does now. We talk about the fact anxiety can affect anyone. We discuss the importance of keeping on top of our wellness and why it’s the most important commodity we have. We talk about the fact people experience anxiety in all different forms, but at the root it traps people in a loop. We discuss how you break this loop.  She shares how she calms her inner critic. We talk about how to stop controlling things as a way of coping. We discuss ways to break the impact of stress and how it can directly impact your mental health.  We talk about blocks and limiting beliefs, and how we can break this down.  She shares all about the two books she’s written, and what inspired them. We discuss imposter syndrome and how to go about dealing with this. She shares the tools she’s using today to help herself. Chloe shares all this and much more with grace, in this gorgeous conversation. Do reach out to me to continue this conversation.  If you want to work with Chloe and find out what she’s up to you can find her here: www.calmer-you.com  you will the different things Chloe offers here.  Instagram @chloebrotheridge “The calmer you podcast” on all major platforms  Her books are available here: You can find me at :  Instagram @thehannahwallace Twitter @thehannahwallace Face book Hannah Wallace  Website www.hannah-wallace.com Thank you so much for listening to this episode please share, subscribe and review it’s greatly appreciated and I hope you find grace in your week ahead. 


8 Aug 2021

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From anxiety to confidence, with Chloe Brotheridge

Pause Purpose Play

Do you feel anxious when you do new things, not feeling confident? Are you hard on yourself, thinking that you're not good enough if it isn't perfect? Perhaps old beliefs hold you back in life.  Then this episode of the Pause Purpose Play podcast is for you. Chloe Brotheridge is hypnotherapist, mentor and coach at www.calmer-you.com and the host of The Calmer You Podcast. She’s the author of The Anxiety Solution and The Confidence Solution. We cover: Meditation calms your brain and anxiety Anxiety tool kit Rebooting old beliefs Imposter syndrome not a sign of ‘not good enough’ Beating us up means we stop trying Three phases of moving from anxiety to confidence:- Limiting beliefs, - Clarity on what you want, - Taking action Being brave and being scared goes hand in hand Courage comes before confidence Socialisation of women to have low confidence Over-protection of girls = need to be perfect and put others first The different ways perfectionism shows up Embracing the mess Permission to be a beginner at things Chloe’s books:The Anxiety Solution The Confidence Solution www.calmer-you.com Download your free 4 min audio to give yourself a Self-compassionate break, here To spend 90 days to develop love and compassion for yourself, join the online course, The Compassionate Couple, here Find me at www.thethomasconnection.co.uk Instagram: @the_thomas_connection Facebook: www.facebook.com/thethomasconnection Pause Purpose Play Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/pausepurposeplay This episode was edited by Emily Crosby Media


4 Aug 2021

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Chloe Brotheridge talks asking for help and embracing her inner badass, surrounded by beautiful birdsong in Lancashire

Walk To Wellbeing: The wellness and walking podcast by Health & Wellbeing

Hypnotherapist, coach and author, Chloe Brotheridge is this week’s wonderful guest. In this episode, we join the anxiety expert on her walk through the Lancashire countryside where she reveals why we’re not meant to go through modern life alone and the power in asking for help – even for therapists. Listen to discover what Chloe believes can supercharge your confidence and why we literally need to shake off the stress from the day.  Walk to Wellbeing is proudly sponsored by Skechers, where comfort and style meet innovative walking technology. Shop the latest ranges online at https://skechers.co.uk where you’ll find thousands of shoes, boots and trainers to kick-start your own walk to wellbeing in ultimate cushioned comfort.  As a special treat for all our lovely Walk To Wellbeing listeners, you can receive three issues of Health & Wellbeing magazine for just £9.99 – straight to your door! That’s a saving of over 25%! Just use the code APOD1 to redeem at https://giftstoyou.com/apod1 – where you’ll also find the full terms and conditions.  Head to any of our social media pages to join our #WalkToWellbeing, and visit https://www.healthwellbeing.com to download the walking questions that our celebrity guests answer, so that you can record your own Walk to Wellbeing episode! (We’d love to hear it!)  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/healthwellbeinguk Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/healthwellbeinguk Twitter: https://twitter.com/healthwell_uk Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/healthwellbeinguk 


12 Jun 2021

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Chloe Brotheridge

The Naked Professors

Ben and Chloe explore the ongoing journey to find calm and inner peace. We learn about this toolkit for life, copying with busy times, and overcoming shame.----A Create Podcast Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


26 May 2021

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Chloe Brotheridge

Life and Soul by Emma Forbes

Today I’m joined by Chloe Brotheridge, a hypnotherapist, anxiety expert, author of the bestselling book The Anxiety Solution and host of the extremely successful Calmer You podcast. In this episode, Chloe recounts her own struggles with self-confidence and talks about how she has dealt with the past year. Chloe discusses why it’s important to be kind to ourselves and how we all need to find some way to physically process the anxiety and calm the nervous system. She also provides us with some of her top tips on how to stay balanced and how we need to schedule ourselves breaks in the day. This episode was recorded a little while ago but it is full of helpful tips and advice which I wanted to share with you all! *** Life and Soul is hosted by Emma Forbes, produced by Georgie Rutherford and edited by Steve Campen. Follow us: @byemma.forbes @emmaforbeslifestyle Follow Chloe: @chloebrotheridge @thecalmeryou We would also love to hear from you so feel free to send us an email if you enjoyed this episode to hello@byemma.co


22 May 2021

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Chloe Brotheridge

Power Hour

Chloe Brotheridge is a hypnotherapist, coach and author of the bestselling The Anxiety Solution and Brave New Girl. She has written for The Guardian, Daily Mail, Stylist, Marie Claire online and Cosmopolitan (to name just a few), hosts ‘The Calmer You Podcast’ and has helped thousands of people all over the world with her books, courses and workshops. You can find Chloe’s Instagram here.The Power Hour podcast gets to know other people’s processes to greatness. Join Adrienne as she invites guest speakers from coaches, creatives and innovators to discuss their daily habits and the key to achieving personal success and well-being. Whether you want to build a business, write a book or run a marathon, the Power Hour is going to help you get there faster! You can follow Adrienne on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook Outro music by Paul Herbert Music.Produced at Jamz Studio Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


4 May 2021