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961: Least Harmful Alcohol, Mucoid Plaque, Eye Styes, Distention After Meals, IHP Prerequisites, Zombie Energy, Prebiotic Bloating, Child PANDAS (HouseCall)

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Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend! I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks… Let’s get started!  Marissa: What types of alcohol are the least harmful on the body? What are the worst types of alcohol? Tim: Could you please do a podcast on muciod plaque and ropeworms. How to eliminate them please? Also your thoughts on mimosa pudica? I am a huge supporter and I listen everyday! Thank you thank you thank you Renae: Hello Dr Cabral, I would love to have your opinion on the cause of recurring eye styes? In the last couple of years I have been experiencing recurring styes along with other skin issues on my face including recurring spots (different to pimples) along the nostrils and sores similar to but not exactly the same as cold sores along the edges of my lips. I would love your advice, thanks so much. Kind regards, Renae Christianne: Hi There! I have two questions. First, I'm looking to purchase your CBD oil that I've heard all about on Dr. Cabrals' podcasts, but I can't find it on the new store's website. Do you have it avaialbe? if not, can you please recommend a reputable brand? Second, I am suffering from some bloating and distention after I eat meals. Can you recommend a protocol to start with to see what's going on in my gut? Thank you! Christianne Jennifer: Dear Dr. Cabral - I just started listening to your podcasts and reading your book, as well as doing your detox. I am a huge fan of your message and very interested in pursuing a career in the field. Two questions...what specific licensing/training hav stout health coaches gone through? Also, you have mentioned you are going to do a training course in September and are doing speaking engagements. Can you provide details on the course and how I can participate and speaking engagements I can attend. I live in Newport Beach CA and would love to promote your products and message locally. Heather: Hello, I'm currently dealing with inflammation, very fatigue, LOW energy, feel like a zoombie, depression and anxiety!! What would be your 100% BEST tips to help overcome this and to get on the road to recovery? I've had to quit my job due to my health issues, so any tips would be AMAZING! I'm about to see an Integrative Health Doctor here in Hamilton, New Zealand so i'm hoping I'll be able to get some answers and can finally start feeling energetic and ALIVE again! Please help! Cheers Laree: Hi Stephen, I came across you via Melissa Ambrosini's recent podcast. I just want to say THANK YOU so much for sharing your story, your knowledge and expertise in this area of health. I resonated with everything you said and held onto every precious nugget you shared. When I have time I want to go back and listen to both podcasts and take notes. I have ordered your book and the books you recommended and I wait with anticipation to devour them. I am a primary school teacher in Hong Kong, originally from New Zealand, but am in the process of transitioning to be a nutrition coach, but over the past few weeks I have changed my mind and wanted to take a holistic approach to health coaching and since listening to your podcasts with Melissa, you confirmed my decision and I now want to be a holistic health coach. I am studying part time, while teaching and now that the summer holidays are coming up I have 6 fabulous weeks to study while taking two holidays, 1 at a wellness retreat in Sri Lanka and 1 in Phuket with my boy friend. On the podcast with Melissa, you mentioned that in the fall you will be opening up a new course. I don't think you went specifically into the content of the course, but I am super keen and passionate about wanting to take your course. I have been researching about functional medicine and Ayurvedic medicine as I am so intrigued and curious and I just want to learn all about it. I am also keen to take one of your tests, Im just not sure which one. I am now vegan, since April and have been reaping all the benefits. My concentration, productivity and energy levels have soared since dropping diary and fish (meditation has helped out a lot also) and am loving life so much more (I've always been a happy, positive person) but since I started to meditate and turned plant based, my life is just so much better!!! In regards to the tests, I get more bloated now that I am plant based, and I guess just to make sure all is ok. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have shared and are sharing and I'd love to be put on a waiting list for your new course (if possible). I look forward to your response. Laree Chris: Hi Dr. Cabral, I will keep this short, but I look forward to working with you soon. Your book and podcasts are such a blessing for myself and family. I am learning so much. We are a family of health issues, with my 11 yr old son, the most severe, suffering from PANDAS/ LYME and missed his whole grade 5 year. We struggle everyday as my wife has had to leave her job to care for him. However, it is because of functional, progressive, forward-thinking practitioners like yourself who have been in the trenches and felt this pain that give us immense hope. Thank you for what you do, you inspire me. I know we can figure this out and begin to empty our own overloaded "rain barrels" and begin to heal. We will be in touch. 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