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#25 - JJ Ramberg

Know It Some

JJ Ramberg is an award-winning television host, best-selling author, speaker and entrepreneur. She’s the co-founder of Goodpods, the world’s premier social podcasting app. JJ was also the host of Your Business on MSNBC for 12 years. She’s on Twitter @jjramberg


31 Aug 2021

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JJ Ramberg on Goodpods and Empowering Indie Creators

Between Two Mics: The Remote Recording Podcast

In this episode, Zach and Rock are joined by JJ Ramberg in the virtual SquadCast studio. JJ is one of the founders of Goodpods, a social podcast listening app.They discuss:- Why JJ created Goodpods with her brother, Ken- How podcasters can use Goodpods to grow their shows- How listeners can use Goodpods to find new, different podcasts- What can be improved both within Goodpods and in the larger podcast spaceAbout JJ:Over the last 13 years, JJ hosted a show for NBC News called Your Business, a podcast called Been There Built That and a series on BBC World News called Follow the Food.  ​​She also got my MBA from Stanford, had three kids, and partnered with my brother on Goodshop, an online coupon site that has donated more than $13 million to charity. SquadCast.fm/share - submit a SquadShot, a clip, anything!Tweet at usDownload GoodpodsAttend our Affiliate webinar on Friday, August 13Keith Casebonne's You First: The Disability Rights Florida podcast


3 Aug 2021

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IOB 10; Interview with JJ Ramberg--Co-founder of Goodpods (a Podcast Social Media APP)

IOB Podcast for Podcasters

The IOB Podcast! Let’s make YOUR podcast better.  In iob episode ten, I talk with JJ Ramberg—co-founder of Goodpods—the world’s first and best Podcast-focused Social Media App. And as a podcaster—YOU should be on it! JJ tells us about the following: The lowdown on Goodpods—why it was created Why podcast listeners should be on it Why podcasters need to be on it How to grow exponentially Independent podcasters are NOT ALONE in trying to find an audience—big producers are going to Goodpods to build reach Engage REAL-TIME with your listeners! Goodpod’s “charts”! How your podcast can be put RIGHT NEXT TO a hugely popular one! No NEED to run ads—but you “can” for FREE! Basically, getting involved with Goodpods is a no-brainer! I hope you all enjoy the excellent information and platform that JJ has brought to us! GOODPODS—search that in your APP store and get it. It’s free! And search for us—we’re there, too! The IOB Podcast? We are a podcast for podcasters. We want to help you make your podcast the best. The music, the format, the sound, the style, the business, the marketing~ We'll focus on all of these aspects and offer you advice. We look forward to hearing from you. Send us questions on any podcast-related topic and we'll do our best to give you a great answer. We also critique podcasts. NOT the content--the format. Any podcast we critique, we offer a FREE custom-made musical intro. Write to us for details. contact@introoutrobed.com How to reach us? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2ScqWkR Follow us on Twitter https://Twitter.com/IntroOutroBed Follow us on Instagram https://Instagram.com/introoutrobed/ Connect with us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Introoutrobedcom-107037228093850 Also, send us your feedback and questions  Contact@IntroOutroBed.com And DON’T forget to sign up for our newsletter: https://www.IntroOutroBed.com Get a custom-made music intro, outro, transition and bed from TJ for just $250. Use our order form and we’ll be in touch. Hire me! https://introoutrobed.com/hireme.html Stay in touch with your listeners. Start your email list if you haven’t already. Use AWEBER—it’s truly the best out there. We’ve fully migrated to Aweber from MailChimp. If you have less than 500 people on your list, it’s FREE. Please use our affiliate link to join. Thank you! https://www.aweber.com/easy-email.htm?id=525695 Interview people for your podcast STRESS-FREE! Use what we’ve just switched to—SQUADCAST! No special technical skills required. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, they record you on the cloud, too (audio AND video)! And you can try it free for 7 days. Sounds silly, but my favorite part is they have a GREEN ROOM!! No M&Ms, though~! My recommendation, get it an hour before your interview and schedule at least three interviews so you can really see how it works BEFORE you pay! We’d greatly appreciate it if you used our affiliate link—thank you! https://squadcast.fm/?ref=iob


22 Jul 2021

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Personal Growth Podcast Recommendations & An Indie Podcaster Secret with JJ Ramberg from Goodpods

Podcast Matchmakers

JJ Ramberg wanted a podcast app that showed her what her friends were listening to but couldn't find one. So she and her brother made one. It has group pages much like Facebook but with podcasts! And there is something special coming soon specifically for indie podcasters. We share this info in this episode but as usual, we also dive into one of JJ's favorite podcast episodes on personal growth. And there is a list of 8 podcast episodes on this theme in the show notes. Show notes: https://www.stephfuccio.com/podrevday/21


9 Jul 2021

Most Popular

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Do Good, Make Money: Podcasting with JJ Ramberg

I Make a Living

If you’ve ever started your exercise time by standing there for 20 minutes choosing a podcast, know that you are not alone. You are in the company of JJ Ramberg, who launched GoodPods to help curb that endless search for great podcasts by tapping into what your friends and favourite influencers are already listening to. “It’s like Goodreads for podcasts,” she explains, channelling the energy of the popular book recommendation site. Before launching GoodPods, JJ—who was already a podcaster herself, with Been There, Built That—talked to more than 700 people about their experiences with podcasts. Those folks ranged from established producers and hosts to the casual listeners who tuned in a few times a month. At the end of those conversations, she had a wealth of knowledge and used it to release something special. “We launched a product that people liked. These were people who really enjoyed the app and realized that there was nothing else out there like it.”JJ’s focus has long been on products that improve your life, but also give back. GoodShop, another project of hers, combines coupon codes for more than 7000 popular retailers with a chance to donate the difference to national and international charities (they’ve raised over $70K for the ASPCA alone). And SearchKibble’s mission is to feed pets living in shelters—each search on the site is worth two bites of kibble. JJ startedSearchKibble in large part because of the COVID-19 pandemic, when shelters saw a serious dip in donations. “It’s a way for people to do good while they’re doing what they’re already doing, which is search the internet.”Her early days hosting Your Business made her a trailblazer in the small-business world. “Back then, there was nothing else like it. There was no Shark Tank.” She helped bring  stories of entrepreneurship into people’s living rooms and shared the good, the bad, and the ugly with viewers. “I was hosting the show at the same time that I was building my other company, and I was as much the audience as I was the host.” Over the years, she saw patterns of successes and missteps.Which leads us to failure, an entrepreneur’s biggest worry. “The number-one thing that successful people can do is deal with failure.” She tells us the story of a soapmaker who saw half his business disappear overnight, and how he dealt with it. We know that failure, by itself, is not fun; it’s the moving-forward process that brings in the learning. Speaking of learning, JJ’s entrepreneurial education has taken some unexpected swerves. Sure, she’s a Stanford MBA graduate, but she’s also learned a lot from her family, many of whom started and grew businesses of their own. Her mother was a special inspiration: she capped a long stint of staying home by launching her own successful business with JJ’s brother in her 40s. “I watched, firsthand, how incredibly fun it could be.” JJ has since taken up the mantle, and partnered with her brother on both of her companies. “It seemed natural, when we had this idea, to try it.” Their previous experience dovetailed and diverged in interesting ways: she knows the media and marketing side, and he brings the tech expertise.. She says the fact that they care deeply about each other’s lives—outside and inside the business—”makes it all work for us.”JJ is now passing on her entrepreneurial spirit to the next generation with her children’s book The Start-Up Club. She likes the idea of familiarizing her kids with the language and ups and downs of the business world. “They can see sometimes things work brilliantly, and sometimes things do not work as you’d planned them to be.” She wants to see them experiment, try new things, and yes, fail, with her same fearless approach. ResourcesTo learn more about our guest, go to https://www.goodpods.com/To learn more about FreshBooks and take advantage of an offer exclusive to our podcast listeners, go to freshbooks.com/podcast Follow us on social @freshbooks, and remember to subscribe to get the latest episodes as soon as they become available!


21 Jun 2021

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Mind Of A Mentor #124 - JJ Ramberg (Co-founder of Goodpods)

Mind Of A Mentor

JJ Ramberg is a two-time founder, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and highly skilled host. She created both Goodpods, the social network for podcast recommendations, and Goodshop, a coupon platform that has given over $13 million to charity. Her companies have secured partnerships with Katie Couric, Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, and more.She also hosted MSNBC’s Your Business for 13 years, interviewing thousands of business leaders about best practices for growing their companies. Guests included Bobbi Brown, Neil Blumenthal (Warby Parker), and John Foley (Peloton).We’re excited to have JJ kick off Ossa Collective’s summer podcast accelerator program, Ossa Academy, with a discussion on the power of podcasting. Learn more and sign up at https://ossacollective.com/adacemy.Find JJ on her website, https://www.jjramberg.com/, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jjramberg/, Twitter: https://twitter.com/jjramberg, Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jj.ramberg/, and LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jj-ramberg-6b7976/


11 Jun 2021

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When She Founded Goodpods with JJ Ramberg

When She Founded

JJ Ramberg is an award-winning journalist, entrepreneur, best-selling author and investor.   JJ is the co-founder of two companies. Goodpods, a social network for podcast listeners and creators where users can follow groups, friends, and influencers .  She was recently named as part of Inc Magazine's Female Founders 100 list and Goodpods was included in Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies. SearchKibble is a Bing-powered search engine which supports shelter animals with every search. For 12 years, JJ hosted MSNBC's then second longest-running program Your Business which focused on entrepreneurship and what it takes to run a successful venture. JJ is the author of two books, the best-selling  It's Your Business and the children's book The Startup Club.   Today on When She Founded: Problem solving in the podcast space When to focus on monetization vs. user experience How to plan for growth How important podcasts are during COVID How to get the word out about a company How to succeed in the midst of what feels like failure Subscribe, Rate & Share Your Favorite Episodes! Thanks for tuning into today’s episode of When She Founded with your host, Somer Hamrick. If you enjoyed this episode, please head over to Apple Podcasts to subscribe and leave a rating and review. Don’t forget to visit our website, connect with Somer on LinkedIn, and share your favorite episodes across social media. If you are a female founder who needs more support please visit and sign up on our Launch to Leads Lab website.


13 May 2021

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How to Use Podcast Player: GoodPods, with JJ Ramberg

The Proffitt Podcast

Let's talk about Goodpods, my favorite podcast player! I recently sat down with Goodpods Co-Founder, JJ Ramberg, to talk about what Goodpods is and how it can help podcasters. That's right! Our conversation wasn't just about being a podcast listener but also about creative ways to engage with your podcast audience on the platform. JJ, who used to host a large podcast for a popular news outlet, said, "...part of our mission is really to get under the radar voices out there." In other words, they're in full support of podcasters getting their content in front of more listeners. I hope you enjoy this conversation with JJ today and check out Goodpods. We'd love for you to follow us on there and start engaging with other podcast enthusiasts! I'm @KrystalProffitt and JJ is @JJ.  "Why Growing Your Email List Feels So Dang Hard and What To Do Instead", hosted by Amy Porterfield. 7 Simple Solutions To Attract New Email Subscribers At Lightning Speed* Reserve your seat here: KrystalProffitt.com/emailThe Ultimate Podcast Launch Toolkit Launch YOUR Podcast in 30 days! The toolkit I wish I had when I started podcasting.Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.


4 Feb 2021

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080: JJ Ramberg — Building a Social Network Through Podcasting

That's Total Mom Sense

JJ Ramberg is the co-founder of Goodpods - the podcast centric social networking app where you can follow friends and influencers -- ranging from Malcolm Gladwell and Gwyneth Paltrow to Kim Kardashian and me (Kanika) -- to see what they’re listening to. Before this, JJ spent over a decade as the anchor of the show Your Business on MSNBC and she founded the mission-driven coupon company Goodshop which has donated more than $14 million to causes designated by its users. JJ has three kids ages 10, 11 and 12 and is married to her architect husband Scott Glass. Meet My Guest: WEBSITE: JJRamberg.com WEBSITE: Goodpods.com INSTAGRAM: @jj.ramberg FACEBOOK: /jjramberg1 LINKEDIN: JJ Ramberg


14 Jan 2021

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#007- JJ Ramberg: Former CNN and MSNBC Anchor, GoodPods and Goodsearch Founder

Not in a Huff with Jackson Huff

You may know JJ Ramberg from her 13 year stint as the host of "Your Business" on MSNBC or her time on CNN or maybe producing for Dateline on NBC. In this conversation we talk about her life in journalism and her current passions. She created a "give back" search platform in Goodsearch in 2005. We also talk about her new project GoodPods where you can see what podcast your friends are listening to as well. Amazing conversation!---https://www.goodpods.com/ ---https://www.goodshop.com/search ---https://www.jjramberg.com/


21 Oct 2020