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158: Mashup | Leadership is Changing - What Does This Mean to You? (ft. Barbara Gustavson, Bengu Altinordu, and Dave Greenberg)

Leadership Is Changing

For this mashup episode, we look back into our moments with Barbara Gustavson, Bengu Altinordu, and Dave Greenberg.If you’d like to check out each of their full interviews, you can head over below for the links to the episodes. On this episode:Let’s revisit our conversations with these world-class leaders and take a deeper look at what “leadership is changing” means for them!Resources Mentioned:000: Introduction104: Barbara Gustavson - Build Trust by Being Calm and Steady105: Bengu Altinordu - To Lead Change, You Need to Be the Change First107: Dave Greenberg - Calm the Farm - We’ve Got ThisReach out to Denis:Email: denis@leadingchangepartners.comWebsite: http://www.leadingchangepartners.com/ Leadership Is Changing Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LeadershipIsChanging/Leadership is Changing LinkedIn Page:https://www.linkedin.com/company/leadership-is-changing-podcast/


14 Jun 2021

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012: A Life Of Service With Dave Greenberg

Business Chat with Lisa Evans

There is no organisation that is bulletproof from crisis and incidents. But, these challenges present opportunities for growth and innovation. The systems that are put in place today will help companies emerge even stronger.  In today’s episode, we get to chat with the director of Emergency Preparedness Services (EPS), Dave Greenberg, AKA “Rescue Dave”. He shares how a team with a TRUST Culture can be more cohesive and effective. It is essential to have trust in your team, in the resources, in the systems, in your team’s technical ability, and trust in yourself. By strengthening your culture of TRUST, not only can you build a solid team but also help you prepare for any crisis your organisation may face.  Time Stamps: Dave’s journey in emergency services (3:20)  The mindset to have in an emergency (10:50) Don’t let the adrenaline take over (12:20) Understanding what your people are going through (14:55) The strong bond of the emergency services team (16:07) The end of Dave’s corporate career (16:40) Soft skills that make up a great emergency team (26:15) TRUST: Team, Resources, U - Yourself, Systems, Technical Ability  (26:44) Leaving a legacy (33:10) Connect With Lisa Evans speakingsavvy.com.au Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram Connect with me on LinkedIn Connect With Dave Greenbergrescuedave.com Incident Management Connect with Dave on LinkedIn For full show notes visit: Businesschatpodcast.com.au


19 Apr 2021

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107: Dave Greenberg - Calm the Farm – We’ve Got This

Leadership Is Changing

Dave Greenberg was born in New York City, spent time in Buffalo, NY and Dallas Texas, before moving to New Zealand, for a one-year IT contract, in 1990 where he still resides today.From the time he was only eight years old, Dave says he knew that he wanted to be a fireman. He saved his first life, doing CPR, when he was only 13-years old. Although he pursued a professional IT career, his passion for the emergency services never waned. Alongside his studies and career, he became a volunteer firefighter or ambulance officer, wherever he lived.His one-year IT contract was quickly extended to two, and during the second year, in 1991, he was lucky enough to become a crew member on a rescue helicopter, in Wellington, NZ. The volunteer position became a paid career, lasting over 25-years, where he was part of a team on nearly 4000 missions. For 12 of the years Dave was also the Operations Manager for the charity which ran the helicopter and two air ambulance aeroplanes. He managed a team of over 30 pilots, crew and paramedics, and managed the operational relationship with two aircraft suppliers, the health system and the local ambulance service.Dave re-started Emergency Preparedness Services, an Emergency Management consulting firm that he formed in the early 90s. EPS offers emergency training and consulting services to the corporate and government sector. He also began using his wealth of knowledge and stories to begin a professional speaking career; his main speaking topics are around Creating a Response culture and creating Trust.Covid19 brought much of his business to a screeching halt, in March 2020. As the Covid lockdown was announced in New Zealand, Dave was offered a short-term contract with the NZ Ministry of Health, on the Emergency Management Team and the Covid19 Response team.Dave is convinced that we all have the ability to create our own luck, and much of his good luck has been following the advice of mentors, along his career.Dave is proudest of his helicopter career, and all the people he had a hand in helping, over the 25-years.That being said, he is also immensely proud to be part of the Covid19 response team which has seen New Zealand’s response be recognised as one of the best in the world. On this episode:Dave talks about his leadership journey. Learning and modeling his leadership style based on the leaders he admires.Dave shares what it’s like being part of New Zealand’s Covid19 response teamDave explains the importance of Emergency PreparednessDave discusses juggling between his business and being part of the Covid19 response teamDave’s view on what true leaders look likeDave stresses the importance of being calm in every situationThe balance to lead and the opportunity to succeedKey Takeaways:Sometimes, leaders have to put their dreams on holdGive people what they need. Not what you want to deliver.We all have to pivot at some point in our lives. So, always be prepared.Lead by exampleNot every problem needs to be seen as a crisis. Not every problem is as big as it seems.Tweetable Quotes:“I really do believe we can make money from our passion.” – Dave Greenberg“Leading by example is the number one thing that in my mind makes a leader successful.” – Dave Greenberg“You don’t have to run and be all over the place to get the job done.” – Dave Greenberg Learn more about Dave at https://rescuedave.com/  Resources:Email: denis@leadingchangepartners.comWebsite: http://www.leadingchangepartners.com/ Leadership Is Changing Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LeadershipIsChanging/Leadership is Changing LinkedIn Page:https://www.linkedin.com/company/leadership-is-changing-podcast/


15 Feb 2021

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'crisis management' - how to manage crises in your personal or professional life - with Dave Greenberg

Worldwide Business Intelligence Podcast

Our special guest Dave Greenberg discusses 'crisis management' - how to manage crises in your personal or professional life. Dave better known as Rescue Dave has over 25-years of life-saving experience on the Westpac rescue helicopter.   Dave teaches how to manage crises in your personal and professional lives and what to do when the stuff hits the fan. In this Global Intelligence Update you will hear Dave speak about: 1. Dave's six R's of crisis management: Reduction - what can we do today, to reduce the impact of something we know might happen what day  Readiness - what resource/training do we need to have/do before the crisis occurs Response - what to do when the crisis actually hits Recovery - how do recover from the crisis, and when do we need to start considering recover Relationships - the importance of pre-crisis relationships Review - identifying lessons and changing behaviour so we don't make the same mistake/s again 2. The first thing I teach aircrew to do when the stuff hits the fan... 3. Decision making during a crisis - how much information is required to make a reasonable decision? Dave will be discussing Colin Powell's 40/70 rule for making decisions and have examples of how I have used it in crisis response.


11 Feb 2021

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Software Growth Equity Leaders: JMI Equity's Dave Greenberg and Suken Vakil

Growth Investor with GrowthCap‘s RJ Lumba

In this episode, we chat with Dave Greenberg and Suken Vakil, General Partners of JMI Equity, the leading growth equity firm focused on the software sector. Since 1992 they have been highly regarded as the preferred capital partner for software CEOs and entrepreneurs. Investing out of their latest fund of $1.2 billion they take very seriously their role in supporting companies on their path to victory. We cover a lot of ground in this conversation from how JMI helps companies scale to the pressing issue of COVID-19 and what management teams can do today to protect and maybe even strengthen their business. We hope you enjoy the show.


1 May 2020