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18 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Andy McDonald. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Andy McDonald, often where they are interviewed.

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18 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Andy McDonald. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Andy McDonald, often where they are interviewed.

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Corrie at 60: Nick Cochrane on playing Andy McDonald

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Nick Cochrane played Andy McDonald In Coronation Street throughout the 1990s and was a popular star of the Street as Steve McDonald's rather more sensible twin brother. Here MIM's Ashley Byrne has a frank and candid chat to Nick about being thrust into fame at a young age, being part of such an iconic show, how his character was written out and whether there's scope for an Andy McDonald return to the cobbles.

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Jul 02 2020 · 56mins
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Dan Wootton Drivetime | Has the government's lack of testing put the public at risk, Thomas Harvey Jr and Andy McDonald

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Dan asks you if you think the government's Coronavirus testing strategy has endangered the public. Son of NHS worker Thomas Harvey talks about how he tragically died of Coronavirus and shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald chats about the nation's railways and the Labour leadership contest.

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Apr 01 2020 · 20mins

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AQ: Silkie Carlo, Ilora Finlay, Andy McDonald MP, Nadhim Zahawi

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Chris Mason chairs political debate from Broadcasting House London with the Director of the pressure group Big Brother Watch Silkie Carlo, Palliative care expert Baroness Professor Ilora Finlay, the Shadow Transport Secretary Andy McDonald, and the Business Minister Nadhim Zahawi.
Producer: Lisa Jenkinson
Mar 27 2020 · 46mins
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Dan Wootton Drivetime | Prince Charles with Coronavirus, Sonia Poulton & Jobson, Andy McDonald & Susan Hall

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On the day it was announced Prince Charles has tested positive for COVID-19 Dan asks whether he should have been tested when NHS workers haven't? He also previews his new show with Dr. Hilary, available on The Sun's Youtube channel. Sarah Poulton & Robert Jobson debate Prince Charles' testing and Shadow Transport Secretary Andy McDonald debates with Conservative member of the London Assembly Susan Hall about the reduced transport the country is currently experiencing.

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Mar 25 2020 · 19mins

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Guest Andy Mcdonald with Inform Performance: Accelerating Your Rehab By Using a Physical Challenge as a Massive Opportunity To Develop Yourself On and Off the Field!

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Hello and welcome to the Injured to Elite Podcast with your host me, Dr.Dave Meyer Dream Coach and Performance Physical Therapist.  Today we have Performance Physio and Strength Coach Andy McDonald on the show to talk about how we as performance experts see an injury as a massive opportunity to better yourself both on and off of the field!  Andy himself has an amazing journey continuing with his professional development across the pond coming from the UK now over here in the states.  He is a forward thinking trail blazer in the field and has his own podcast titled Inform Performance!  You are all in for a treat with the synergy you are about to get with this alliance as we both share how taking a step backwards can be a giant leap forward  and how to speed up that process!

Interview of Andy McDonald with the Inform Performance Podcast Now Completing his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Temple University outside of Philly

Andy great to have you on the show today!

  1. Let’s jump into it.  After talking with you learning more of your story, I was blown away by your experience over in Kenya at EMBU altitude training camp.  Tell me about that and how it has shaped your overall view on performance.  
  2. You going through the formality of getting your physical therapy license in the states after already having been a physio in the UK, is kind of like a step backwards to take a giant leap forward, must be a humbling process. 
  3. What have you seen to be most different in the UK from the states in terms of how we manage sports related injuries?
  4. Our audience is keen on accelerating the process, especially when searching for peak performance amongst an injury.  What are some of the best hacks you have found in both your studies, and practice that we can share with our listeners?
  5. A big theme of the injured to elite podcast is to teach those out there how to be their own guide utilizing a very holistic approach, what is the state of affairs in terms of what PT programs are teaching in this regard now over at Temple University?  
  6. During our conversations you have mentioned that you see an injury as an opportunity, and In my book Injured to Elite, along with this podcast a major theme is utilizing a physical challenge as an opportunity to better your life, can you share with me how you put this into practice with your clients and patients in terms of coaching them?

Check out Andy McDonald's Podcast titled Inform Performance over at
And you can find him on instagram @informperformance

Feb 24 2020 · 26mins
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Andy McDonald on Cam & Strick Podcast

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Longtime NHL forward and Stanley Cup Champion Andy McDonald stopped by The Normal Brand in Ladue to join Cam and Andy. One fo the best undrafted free agents to ever play in the NHL, McDonald has rarely talked since retiring in 2013 at the age of 35. McDonald opens up about his struggle with concussions and how his injury impacted his attachment to the game after retiring. He also discusses his friendship with Paul Kariya, and winning a Stanley Cup with the Anaheim Ducks in 2007. McDonald had a great run with the St. Louis Blues and at the height of his career, was one of the best forwards in the game. Now living full-time in St. Louis, McDonald is very active coaching youth hockey with the St. Louis AAA Blues. A highly entertaining and fun interview, a mix or seriousness and ll out hilarious banter! 



Andy Twitter... https://twitter.com/andystrickland

Cam Twitter... https://twitter.com/Camjanssen25

Andy Instagram... https://www.instagram.com/realstricknasty/

Cam Instagram... https://www.instagram.com/cam_janssen25

Nov 12 2019 · 46mins
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Game Changer - Farage's Faceabout (with Andy McDonald)

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The Brexit Party won't contest Tory-held seats. Joey Jones, strategic counsel at Cicero and former spokesman for Theresa May tells Bloomberg Westminster's Sebastian Salek and Roger Hearing, that it may well be a huge moment in the election. Plus Labour transport spokesman Andy McDonald says the nationalisation of the railways will be cost-free for the taxpayer - but the costs of Labour's plans will only be declared when the manifesto is published.

Nov 11 2019 · 24mins
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#16 Andy McDonald & Jonny Carson - Behind the Scenes of The Wild Podcast

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This episode is a bit different in that we (Andy and Jonny) decided to chat to one another about why we started the podcast, some of our own adventure stories, and a bit about our personal lives. It might sound like a bit of a cop out, but it's actually something we've been meaning to do for a while now. We thought it would be cool to let you all know who we are so that we're not just some anonymous voices you hear in your earphones every couple of weeks.

We talk about the origins of The Wild Podcast and how we both developed a love for the outdoors, how Andy discovered a new species of spider, Jonny's experience on Te Araroa, a river that's been granted legal personhood, and the serendipitous story behind the world's tastiest freeze-dried meals.

We'll be back with another epic guest in the next episode, but for now we hope you enjoy this conversation with us, Andy and Jonny, the hosts of The Wild Podcast.

The Wild Podcast is produced by The Content Lab, content marketing, copywriting, and brand storytelling services for New Zealand businesses that want to build audiences and authority online. Visit contentlab.co.nz

Sep 03 2019 · 38mins
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The Department for Transport under Labour: keynote speech by Andy McDonald MP

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The Institute for Government was delighted to welcome Andy McDonald MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Transport to deliver a keynote speech setting out the priorities for the Department for Transport under Labour.

Andy McDonald analysed the current organisational and strategic challenges facing the Department for Transport. He set out the approach which the Labour Party will bring to the department when in government and the principles which will guide Labour’s transport policy.

This event was chaired by Dr Catherine Haddon, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Government.

Andy McDonald was appointed as Shadow Rail Minister in January 2015 and as Shadow Transport Secretary in July 2016. Previously he was a partner in Thompsons Solicitors for more than two decades.
Mar 26 2019 · 1hr 1min
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Episode 9: Andy McDonald - Life as a Physiotherapist

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From all the way across the pond we have Andy. He has helped me bounce back from countless injuries and is a guru in his field. This episode we discuss the topic of being a physio and everything that's involved. Hopefully this episode gives you an insight into a less discussed area of health.

Mar 04 2019 · 30mins