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Episode 5: Lachlan Morton & Kurt Refsnider

Ride Buddies

The professor meets cycling’s alt kid. For our fifth episode, we welcome Australian cycling pro Lachlan Morton and ultra endurance veteran Kurt Refsnider. While they have corresponded for years, this was as close as an IRL meeting as the two have ever gotten. In this episode of Ride Buddies, the two cyclists talk about falling in love with biking, their worst and best ultra cycling experiences, wild sleep-deprived hallucinations, and more.GET THE EPISODE RECAP HERE: https://ridewithgps.com/journal/5554-ride-buddies-episode-5


20 Oct 2021

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Kait Boyle and Kurt Refsnider: Let's go bikepacking with the best! - #134

FKT Podcast

Co-Host Hillary Allen discusses bike-packing with two of the best, as they explain the style of these races, which is informative to hikers and runners.The ethos for all bike-packing races is Self-Supported."Generally the consensus is you are carrying your own food and water, you are not caching; the point is you can buy or obtain anything along the route as long as it is available to everyone else. Trail Magic is OK, but you can't ask for it or plan for it.""You are pushing your boundaries, and you are ready and able to take care of yourself.""And drafting and pacing is not allowed. It would be interesting to see how much faster we could go on the Arizona Trail for example, if we did that." - KaitThe rules have evolved over the years, and are constantly being discussed. And the White Rim FKTs have become a thing in the past year. (Editor Note: Buzz was the first person to ride this route in Canyonlands National Park in one day)."The question has come up, 'Is it OK to have film crews?' The answer has evolved that No, it is not. Knowing someone is up there may give you confidence to push harder.""There are no tiers in bike-packing like there are in hiking and running, such as Supported - everything is Self-supported or Unsupported".The Tour Divide rules are here, and are worth reading: "Tour Divide strives for equal opportunity within the GC. TD requires that every challenger—from those living along the route to those living on other continents—have an equal playing field. Therefore, outside assistance with navigation, lodging or resupply is prohibited."The Colorado Trail Race ethos is similar: "The rules are simple and brief - if you can't do this ride without outside or pre-arranged support, don't enter the race."And the Arizona Trail Race is the same: "Guiding principles are self-support and equal opportunity."1. Complete the entire route, under your own power.2. No support crews, no pacers3. No caches4. No motorized transport or hitch-hiking, EXCEPT for travel to hospital/medical care5. Gear - Nothing required, nothing prohibited


23 Apr 2021

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31: Kurt Refsnider - Kokopelli Trail FKT and Bikepacking Roots Update

Overland Archive Podcast

Kurt Refsnider who was an early guest back in Episode 9, joins us again to tell us about his new FKT on the Kokopelli Trail, breaking the record set by Lachlan Morton earlier in 2020.He also has some updates to share in regards to his non-profit Bikepacking Roots. Their new BIPOC Adventure Grant and a renaming of their Wild West Route to the Western Wildlands Route.

1hr 7mins

8 Jan 2021

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Kurt Refsnider, professional bikepack racer

The Adventure Stache

Kurt Refsnider is a professional bikepack racer who holds records for the Arizona Trail 750 and Grand Loop. He’s also won multiple bikepacking races including the Tour Divide, and Colorado Trail Race. In this conversation, he and Payson talk about how he got into cycling in his teens, why he chose to abandon cyclocross and crits for ultras, and the seemingly risky decision to quit his day job as a geology professor and pursue bikepacking full time. They talk about some of his sketchiest moments on the bike, including his recent victory at the Iditarod Trail Invitational 350 when temperatures fell below -50ºF, and his five attempts at the Colorado Trail. They also talk about the physical toll of this kind of racing, such as permanent nerve damage, tendonitis, and the long term effects of sleep deprivation. They discuss the ways in which bikepacking distinguishes itself from other cycling disciplines in its relaxed approach to the usual conventions of racing and rider hierarchies, and how his organization Bikepacking Roots is working to support the rapidly growing community and promote conservation awareness. And in light of Payson’s recent foray into the bikepacking world, they talk about the central paradox of such a brutal sport—that it can be both soul crushing and addictive.

1hr 28mins

29 Sep 2020

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22: Kurt Refsnider in the Hot Seat

Hammer Factor Hot Seat

Kurt Refsnider, the 2020 Iditarod Trail Invitational 350 champion, current FKT holder for the Grand Loop, Arizona Trail 750, and Arizona Trail 300, joins us for this episode of the Hammer Factor Hot Seat. In this episode, Kurt talks about his passion for geology and how it drives him to explore such great distances on his bike, what he has learned by being self-trained, the importance of self-care, his experiences as a mountain bike coach and so much more. Follow Kurt on Instagram Website: ULTRA MTB Coaching Bike Packing Roots Why We Sleep by Mathew Walker, mention in Podcast photo by: Kait Boyle Subscribe Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hammer-factor-hot-seat/id1414378393?mt=2 Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/hammer-factor-hot-seat?refid=stpr RSS Direct Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/hammerfactorhotseat

1hr 26mins

30 Jun 2020

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9: Kurt Refsnider - ITI 350, Bikepacking Roots, UltraMTB

Overland Archive Podcast

Ultra endurance racer and bikepacking advocate Kurt Refsnider joins us to talk about his recent win at the ITI 350. The first half of the episode covers his Iditarod experience and winning his third and final Bikepacking Triple Crown race (the Colorado Trail Race) in 2019. Making him the first person to win all 3 events. In the second half of the interview we shift gears and talk about training for ultras and endurance events, his coaching and consultancy business UltraMTB, as well as his advocacy non-profit Bikepacking Roots. The company is involved in advocating for bikepackers as trail users, conservation of trail, the natural environment and access to public lands as well as creating well-curated routes for bikepackers in areas all across America. UltraMTB: https://www.ultramtb.netBikepacking Roots: https://www.bikepackingroots.orgNormalising Difficult article (as discussed in episode): https://www.bikemag.com/fully-loaded-bikepacking/normalizing-difficult/You can help support the Overland Archive Podcast by visiting: https://www.patreon.com/overlandarchiveAlternatively, taking the time to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast helps other people find the podcast, enjoy the content and allow us to continue to grow and bring you great stories from around the world of bikepacking. Follow us on Instagram @overland.archive to stay up to date with new episodes, upcoming guests, gear hacks and more!

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20 Apr 2020

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Kurt Refsnider on Bikepacking, Training, and Facing Challenges

Singletracks Mountain Bike Podcast

Kurt Refsnider is a badass bikepacker who is the only person to have won all three events in the Triple Crown of Bikepacking — the Tour Divide, the Arizona Trail 750, and most recently, the Colorado Trail Race. He’s also a former professor of geology, a cycling coach, and the founder of Bikepacking Roots, an organization that advocates for bikepacking and the environment. We talk with Kurt about competition, bikepacking, and seeking out personal challenges. Kurt shares his tips for mountain bike training, and his favorite piece of gear for any bikepacking expedition. We also learn about Bikepacking Roots and discuss the fight for bike access in Wilderness areas. Connect with Kurt at Ultramtb.net and bikepackingroots.org. --Keep up with the latest in mountain biking at Singletracks.com and on Instagram @singletracks --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/singletracks/support

1hr 4mins

13 Jan 2020

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Ep. 24 - Kurt Refsnider

Bikes or Death

Getting to talk to Kurt Refsnider was a true pleasure. His achievements on and off the bike are quite impressive and my conversation with him left me feeling inspired, hopeful for the future of our public lands, and also a little like I could be doing more! I caught up with Kurt after his win at the Colorado Trail Race. This is a race that he hasn't had good luck with in the past, but this year everything came together for him to claim first place. In doing so, he became the first person to achieve the Triple Crown of Bikepacking, which means that he is the first person to win the Tour Divide, AZT, and CTR. Let that sink in for a second. In addition to his accomplishments on the bike he is also running Bikepacking Roots, a non-profit focusing on important issues that can and will impact land use and access among other things. The work he and his team are doing is invaluable to us as a community and I encourage you to listen to the podcast and then go to BikepackingRoots.org to become a member and take action on the items they present to the members. Kurt is a leader on and off the bike and I truly enjoyed his time and what he was able to share.

1hr 47mins

13 Sep 2019

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51. The Wild West Route with Kurt Refsnider and Clee Roy

The Bikepack Canada Podcast

Today, May 13th, is the official release of the Wild West Route. Here’s an excerpt from bikepackingroots.org: “The 2,700-mile Wild West Route is designed to offer bikepackers a non-technical, expeditionary-scale riding experience that immerses one in the vast expanses of wild and public lands in the Intermountain West. Nearly 70% of the route is on public lands – 18 National Forests, 6 National Parks and Monuments, and 4 areas with Bureau of Land Management National Conservation Lands designation. Riders will experience the incredibly remote mountains of western Montana and central Idaho, the desolate beauty of southern Idaho’s Snake River Plain, endless vistas from Utah’s high plateaus at 10,000 feet elevation, the canyon country of Navajo Nation and Grand Canyon region, and the towering Sky Islands and low Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona.”

13 May 2019

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PLPTalks - 01 - Kurt Refsnider (BikepackingRoots.org)

The Path Less Pedaled Podcast - Contemporary Bicycling Culture

In this first episode of PLPTalks, I interview Kurt Refsnider a former Tour Divide winner, geologist and founder of BikepackingRoots.org. We talk about his bikepacking and geology class in Prescott College, route development, founding BikepackingRoots.org and some future trends in bikepacking. This podcast and interview series is listener supported.   To donate to the podcast visit our site:  http://bit.ly/2rOITHv


11 Jan 2018