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34 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ashlyn Carter. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ashlyn Carter, often where they are interviewed.

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34 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ashlyn Carter. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ashlyn Carter, often where they are interviewed.

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Ashlyn Carter is a conversion copywriter and marketing strategist specializing in wedding & creative industries. She traded Fortune 500 clients in corporate marketing to bring in more than seven-figures in her business writing for creatives, now helping women write words that sell, so they can work from a place of rest—not hustle.

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast

  • How Ashlyn achieved the snowball effect by niching down
  • Quitting the glamorous corporate lifestyle
  • How Ashlyn was hospitalized and recovered from an eating disorder
  • Becoming a professional copywriter for creatives
  • How she found an Ashlyn-sized hole in the market to fit into
  • Raising rates, starting an agency, and topping $60k in her first year
  • Making 2020 the “year of the funnel”
  • Confronting copyright thieves and taking legal action
  • Ashlyn dives into the details of last year’s $560k sales
  • Getting your finances in order with Profit First and financial planning

Mentioned in this episode:

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May 21 2020

1hr 19mins


#122 Ashlyn Carter on Copy Strategies 7-Figure Earners Use To Make More Sales

Beyond Influential
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Ever wonder how the right words seem to come so effortlessly for some people? You open their emails and you actually want to keep reading… an email! You click on their website and now you want to buy a product or service you didn’t even know you were interested in. (Do you need it?! It doesn’t matter!)

If you’ve ever agonized over writing copy, whether it’s an Instagram caption or a sales page, you know the importance of getting your words right when communicating with your audience. 

You’ve also probably noticed that coming up with the right words isn’t always easy. Here’s the reality: Writing copy that converts is not a skill set that comes naturally to most - they’ve had help, which is why I’m so excited to introduce you to this week’s Beyond Influential guest, launch and conversion copy expert and educator, Ashlyn Carter.

Ashlyn has worked with some of the biggest names in the creative entrepreneur community on their conversion copy - Jenna Kutcher, Amy Porterfield, Julie Solomon… just to name a few. She is a master in the art and science of crafting copy that gets an audience to buy, taking into account both the emotional and analytical when it comes to moving consumers. 

I loved nerding out with her on this episode! We cover:

  • Her transition from a fast-paced career in PR to creating a business that prioritizes her physical and mental health
  • Niching down & why her business focuses on creative entrepreneurs 
  • Conversion copywriting: What it is and why it’s essential for your business
  • Outsourcing your copy: When’s the right time and what to look at when hiring
  • Is your copy converting? The analytics that matter
  • Writing copy that converts: Tips & strategies on how to approach sales pages, launch copy, your website and more!
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May 08 2020

1hr 2mins


EP 16: Copywriting Secrets for Converting More Customers with Ashlyn Writes Owner/CEO Ashlyn Carter

Work Less, Earn More
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Copywriting has such an incredible power to allow you to work less and earn more.

If you have put the time and energy into your copy and your website is converting – convincing more people to join your email list and buy your product – that means you don't have to put in the leg work to make each individual sale yourself.

If you set up your website do the heavy lifting for you, you can take some time off and keep making money – even if you're not in the office.

In this episode, we’re talking with the brilliant copywriter and my good friend Ashlyn Carter.

Ashlyn is a conversion copywriter and marketing strategist specializing in wedding & creative industries. She trains Fortune 500 clients in corporate marketing to bring in more than seven-figures. She has worked with creatives like Jenna Kutcher, Beth Kirby of Local Milk, Julie Solomon, Katelyn James, Hilary Rushford, Lara Casey/Cultivate What Matters. Her launch funnels have generated results for clients including upwards of $1M in revenue in a single week. She's been a contributing educator with Creative Live, ConvertKit, and HoneyBook, and has been featured in Forbes, Southern Living, Style Me Pretty, and more.

I wanted to have Ashland on the show so you can learn some of the copywriting secrets that will help you improve the writing that you do to market your business.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How to make your website do the heavy lifting for you so you don't have to work as hard
  • How improving the words on your website can help you convert more customers and allow you to work less
  • The #1 thing everyone can improve on their website to get visitors to STICK and be more likely to convert
  • How to use a "heatmap" to figure out exactly where you need to fix your website's copy

Ashlyn’s Links:

Gillian’s Links:

Apr 20 2020



033: How to Write Copy That Converts with Ashlyn Carter

The Heart & Hustle Podcast
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Today’s guest is the master of copywriting, Ashlyn Carter!

Ashlyn Carter is a conversion copywriter, international speaker, and marketing strategist specializing in the wedding and creative industries. She’s the founder and CEO of Ashlyn Writes, a copywriting business and marketing curriculum source for creatives. 90 one on one clients, over 5,000+ students, and 7 figures in revenue later, she's pinpointed what it is helps lock in half-a-million dollar launches for digital marketing campaigns. She traded Fortune 500 clients in corporate marketing for her own mega successful business helping women write words that sell, so they can work from a place of rest—not hustle. 

Ashlyn is a new dear friend to us and she speaks from such a place of warmth and encouragement. In today’s interview we chatted all things copywriting with Ashlyn such as what copywriting REALLY means, the biggest mistakes she sees business owners making in their website and sales copy, tips and tricks for writing attention grabbing headlines and blog titles, and the art of prioritizing copy AND design when creating a web page. Prepare to have your earbuds blessed.

Show notes:


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Apr 16 2020



Growing an Effective Marketing List with Ashlyn Carter

Online Success Collaborative podcast
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In this episode, Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes: Copywriting For Creatives discusses how to approach building a marketing list that is driven by quality of relationship and how well outsourcing client case studies has served the growth of her business.  Additionally, Ashlyn shares: - How Pinterest plays into building marketing lists - Importance of utilizing SEO in list building - Ashlyn's biggest mistake in launching her business - Invest in coaching and it's return on a business Please rate and subscribe on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!  Free Mini-Course! How to Write an Engaging Email Sequence: Instagram: Facebook Group: 

Mar 17 2020



Ep 99: Virtual Summit Email list ethics (ft. Ashlyn Carter)

The Speak to Scale Podcast
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In this episode, we’re having a conversation about public speaking for business at virtual summits and protecting the integrity of your email list. I know as a business owner we truly want to serve people well. We want speaking opportunities we can show up to and pour into our audience, but sometimes we don't know how to identify if a virtual summit is going to be a good fit for us, especially when we're asked to share all of the summit information with our email list (that we are really trying to serve and protect). To unpack this subject I brought in my dear friend Ashlyn Carter to have an honest conversation about what email list ethics really need to look like and how we can approach virtual summits with a fresh perspective.

If you loved this episode and it motivated you to add speaking to your business, please take the time to leave me some positive feedback on iTunes. I’d also love to hear about your biggest takeaway. Take a screenshot of you listening on your device, post it to your Instagram Stories and tag us @speaktoscalepodcast.

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • The importance of protecting your email list. You worked HARD to build it!
  • The importance of your relationship with your list. It’s not the size of your list that matters
  • Why you need to vet all summit opportunities to ensure they fall in line with your mission and messaging
  • Other ways to get TARGETED leads besides blindly blabbing at virtual summits that don’t speak to your target audience
  • What you need to have in place to ensure you get an ROI from a virtual summit
  • Navigating how to negotiate the terms of virtual summit rather than resorting to a hard “no”.
  • Why you need to show up to a virtual summit with the mindset of serving both the audience and the summit organizer
  •  Why you should ask your audience if they want you to be on a virtual summit

For full show notes and links, visit:

Mar 04 2020



81. Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes - Use Your Words

The Anchored Business Podcast
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Ashlyn has so many amazing things to share on this episode! I am so thankful that she is willing to be open and vulnerable and share some of her experiences and how she overcame them. Ashlyn took a leap of faith in starting her business and sought advice and counsel from other people in the business. They helped her find the 'Ashlyn shaped hole' in the photography industry. Ashlyn found her place in copyrighting. She helps creatives use their words in addition to their content to draw people to their websites and generate the kind of clients you are looking for.

She has some great tips on how to build your website and make it flow so that people can find what they are looking for and see themselves in your story.

It was such a pleasure getting to chat with her and get to know her and her business a little better. She is definitely someone you're going to want to follow!

You can find Ashlyn at:

And, as always, we'd love to have you join our Anchored Facebook Group

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Feb 24 2020



POP #6: Copywriting for Photographers | Guest: Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes

The Photo Opp Podcast: Finding Opportunity in Photography
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Today’s episode of the Photo Opp Podcast gets into the details of copywriting and brand messaging for photographers. The amazing Ashlyn Carter joins us to talk shop about:

  • Differentiating your brand with copy
  • Common mistakes photographers make with copywriting
  • Finding your unique brand voice
  • Resources for creatives to boost their copywriting
  • How photography businesses are impacted by copywriting
  • Soooooo much more!

If you are a new listener to Photo Opp, I’d love to hear from you. DM me @meganbreukelman with any questions or ideas, and join the Facebook Group for meaningful discourse within the community.

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Feb 12 2020



Ashlyn Carter of Copywriting for Creatives - 029

Ballet to Business
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Hear how Ashlyn's first love of telling stories through ballet and movement, later became her business, as she learned to tell compelling stories through her words & teaches others to do the same, by founding her business, Ashlyn Writes, Copywriting for Creatives.

SHOWNOTES *with links to freebies like 'How to Find Your Brand Voice' and the 'How to Guide to Batch-Theme Days' 

Feb 04 2020



Surrender When We Crave Control with Ashlyn Carter | Episode 77

Behind the Bliss Podcast
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In this episode, Ashlyn Carter shares her story of craving control and how it was all revealed to her through wrestling with eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. She opens up about how this affected her marriage and her walk with the Lord and speaks directly to women who may find themselves in similar positions. If you love control, are feeling the stirring to surrender a piece of your life that you’ve yet to let go of or just need to hear how to love on someone that fits this description, this episode is for you! She has an incredible “buckle up and lean in” message for those that are in the middle of difficulty, a signal of hope and a testimony that we can all cling to in times of despair.

Show notes:
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Dec 11 2019