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Twists, Turns, & Lessons Learned 003 Desert Rebel (Abbey Harding)

Twists Turns & Lessons Learned podcast

Abbey Harding is a young entrepreneur and the founder of Desert Rebel. Desert Rebel is a clothing company that specializes in handmade, fashionable, and empowering children's clothing for mothers all across the nation, allowing them to dress their kids in a more unique and expressive manner. BIO: Abbey Harding After graduating high school, I enrolled at Arizona State University in hopes of pursuing a career in teaching. After going through the motions for 2 years, I started to realize that college was not benefiting my life in the way that was expected. This was a point in time where I truly had not discovered my passion yet. Because of this, I ended up dropping out and it left me completely lost and depressed. I felt like I had failed myself and I had no idea what I was supposed to do with my life moving forward. Some say you have to lose yourself to find yourself, and that is exactly what I did. I eventually started creating, reconstructing and up-cycling pieces out of boredom and I quickly found MYSELF. I realized that life is all about the ride, not the destination, and I wanted to enjoy the entire ride. I knew I did not want to spend my ride sitting in an office from 9-5 everyday, which is just me. I knew I had to spend my life creating and making magical sh*t for everyone around the world to rock. I first started Fairy Stitched Couture - a tutu shop for kids and enjoyed it but I wanted to add more to my shop. I soon found a serious passion for creating distressed styled clothing and started offering some distressed pieces in my tutu shop. Not long after that, I had women asking left and right for me to make a distressed women's collection. They were looking to wear the clothing that I had been designing/creating for babies and kids. Because of the added interest, I decided I wanted to create a new brand that fit both me and my shops style. I was born and raised in Arizona and will forever be a desert child and I don't always believe in following the "system". Sometimes I like to color outside the lines and I have learned that that is ok. You don’t always have to take the path everyone else is on. That is when I came up with Desert Rebel, I created this brand to offer empowerment for my fellow rebels and RAD apparel for women and kids. I hope all my pieces bring you as much happiness as they have brought me. Stay wild. Be yourself. & Follow your dreams. Contact Info: https://www.desertrebelaz.com/ https://www.instagram.com/desertrebelaz/ https://www.facebook.com/desertrebelaz/

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1 Jul 2019