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Super Terrific Happy Hour Ep. 13 - Sam Zell

The Grant Williams Podcast

This week, on the Super Terrific Happy Hour, Stephanie & Grant are joined by the legendary Sam Zell, a billionaire investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist whose uncanny knack of knowing not just which businesses to get into, but when to let somebody else take them off his hands (at significantly higher prices) is unmatched. In this wonderful conversation, Steph and Grant expose the details of Sam’s first ever business venture, the personality traits which give him an edge over his competitors and the methods by which he identifies potential opportunities amidst an onslaught of pitches from people keen to have him be a part of their latest venture. Frank, humble and insightful, Sam is everything you’d want him to be and so much more... Every episode of the Grant Williams podcast, including The End Game, Super Terrific Happy Hour, and The Narrative Game, is available to Copper, Silver and Gold Tier subscribers at my website www.Grant-Williams.com. Copper Tier subscribers get access to all podcasts, while members of the Silver Tier get both the podcasts and my monthly newsletter, Things That Make You Go Hmmm… Gold Tier subscribers have access to my new series of in-depth video conversations, About Time. So if you enjoy what you hear on this show and want more high-quality content like it, make your way over to www.Grant-Williams.com and join our exciting community today!


29 Sep 2021

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Sam Zell: Am I Being Too Subtle Book Review

The Investing Advantage Podcast

Welcome to today’s show! Today, we have an awesome book to review called “Am I being too Subtle?” by Sam Zell, and there are precious gems we can get from the way most Commercial Real Estate Investors generally do in approaching their business life, that echoes back from their personal lives. Tune in for yet another interesting episode. [00:01 - 04:03] Opening Segment  I introduce the topic for the episode  I share the book that I’m currently re-reading Sam Zell: Am I Being Too Subtle  Relating the lessons How can it be applied for new real estate investors I share a story about me and my coaching client [04:04 - 16:53]  Top-of-the-Line Commercial Real Estate Investor Characteristics I share some of the important characteristics that are directly applied to some advice I gave to my coaching client, Steven They don’t beat around the bush They have a high sense of urgency Something interesting: everyone starts somewhere Another Interesting fact: all of them had mentors  I share some specific values that came out of the book Transparency Problem Embracing people Playing the long-term game Relationships matter They are frugal with money We have a divide here: not everyone is the same I share my own take between the divide I share a story about my friend  They keep things simple Focusing on unmet demands [16:54 - 21:49] Closing Segment Final Thoughts If you are interested in my coaching and consulting program, please reach out to me through email at  shane@shanemelanson.com or see below for my website link. Resources Mentioned: Am I being too Subtle?  Tweetable Quotes: “If it’s a good opportunity, even though there’s a lot less competition, good deals don’t last.” - Shane Melanson “The reality is that this is not something that you do on your own. It’s rare that you are going to be perfect in everything. If you’re very detail oriented, then sometimes it’s hard for you to stand back and look at the big picture.” - Shane Melanson LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone invest in commercial real estate with confidence by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes. Follow The Investing Podcast on all Streaming platforms. Deezer, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or visit our YouTube Channel. If you enjoyed this podcast and would like to go even deeper into the world of commercial real estate, head over to my website for more information on my services, new book, and my blog. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Or email me at shane@shanemelanson.com


26 Sep 2021

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#001 – Think Different | Sam Zell

In Search Of Excellence

Randall Kaplan is joined by American billionaire businessman and philanthropist Sam Zell to discuss daring to be different, finding and capitalizing on opportunities, what it means to go for greatness, and much more. Topics Include:How Sam’s parents escaped from Poland prior to Nazi invasion.  What freedom and an opportunity to thrive in the US meant to the Zell family.  Sam’s early success in real estate during his college years.  The power of clarity to transform your business.  Getting turned down by 43 consecutive law firms.  Evaluating and taking on risk as a business owner and investor.  The importance of culture, access, and a lack of hierarchy within an organization.  Thoughts on current investment trends such as digital currencies.  And other topics. Samuel Zell is the chairman of Equity Group Investments and five publicly-traded companies on the NYSE.  He is considered one of the grandfathers of the modern real estate investment industry and was recognized by Forbes as one of the greatest living business minds.  A self-made billionaire with a net worth of over $5 billion, Sam is an active philanthropist with a focus on entrepreneurial education.Resources Mentioned:Am I Being Too Subtle by Sam Zell - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01K1ATZU4/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_tkin_p1_i0“The Grave Dancer” by Sam Zell - https://www.samzell.com/wp-content/uploads/1982_The_Grave_Dancer.pdfWant to Connect? Reach out to us online!Website – https://insearchofexcellencepodcast.comInstagram – https://www.instagram.com/randallkaplan/LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/randall-kaplan-05858340/

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10 Aug 2021

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Born to Be Wild: Sam Zell on What Commercial Real Estate's Rebound Could Look Like

The Weekly Take from CBRE

Industry titan Sam Zell joins Spencer Levy for a frank conversation on the topics and trends at the forefront of commercial real estate, everything from inflation to ESG investing to the future of cities and remote work.


26 Apr 2021

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045. Good Read: "Am I Being Too Subtle" by Sam Zell, $39 Billion Office REIT Exit in 2007

CREative Talks! Commercial Real Estate Podcast

This is a Clubhouse book club live recording with my friend Jeremy Zenilman about the book "Am I Being Too Subtle" by Sam Zell. Sam Zell founded and chaired Equity Office Properties Trust, the largest office REIT until its 2007 sale for $39 billion in the largest leveraged buyout at the time. Blackstone made an a "Godfather" offer that he couldn't refuse.  Come Say Hi: Minja's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/minjayan/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cre-media Instagram: https://instagram.com/cre_mediagroup Podcast Audience LinkedIn Group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13884501/ Please contact us here: https://www.cre-media.com/contact Disclaimer: This commercial real estate podcast is intended for commercial real estate professionals, institutions, and investors only. The views expressed in this show are for informational and entertainment purposes only, and do not imply suitability. Views and opinions expressed are those of the presenters only and do not reflect the views of their employers, institutions, and associations. The information is not intended as investment advice, is not a recommendation about investing, and the presenters and their companies are not acting as your fiduciary.

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5 Apr 2021

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Sam Zell: Billionaire Explains How COVID-19 Impacted the Real Estate Market | SALT Talks #16

SALT Talks

Sam Zell is the Founder & Chairman of Equity Group Investments, a private investment firm that invests in real estate markets. He is also the Chairman of four NYSE-listed companies: Equity Residential, Equity Lifestyle Properties, Equity Commonwealth and Covanta Holding Corporation.“Things are looking better than they did three months ago, but not good enough to be optimistic.” Sam anticipates a U-shaped recovery, at least until a vaccine arrives, while noting that the pandemic has acted as an accelerant to the themes that have begun changing the economy. That said, fossil fuels are likely not going away.—————————————————————————To learn more about this episode, including podcast transcripts and show notes, visit salt.org/talksModerated by Anthony Scaramucci. 


31 Mar 2021

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019: Sam Zell on Seeing the Solutions

Momentum Audio

Sam Zell, Chairman of Equity Group Investments, shares his belief that when you remove the word failure, possibilities are endless. Hosts Dylan Gambardella and Justin Lafazan, CoFounders and CEOs of Next Gen HQ, dive deeper to really learn how Sam views entrepreneurship. SUBSCRIBE TO MOMENTUM NEWSLETTER: ✨https://nextgenhq.com/getmomentum CONNECT WITH NEXT GEN HQ 🚀Website - https://nextgenhq.com/ 🚀Instagram - https://instagram.com/nextgenhq 🚀Twitter - https://twitter.com/nextgenhq 🚀Facebook - https://facebook.com/nextgenhqofficial CONNECT WITH SAM 🤝 Website- https://www.samzell.com/ 


22 Mar 2021

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#332 | Czego Nauczy Cię MILIARDER? | Książka "Prosto z mostu" Sam Zell

Podcast Osmana

#332 | Czego Nauczy Cię MILIARDER? | Książka "Prosto z mostu" Sam Zell by Marcin Osman


19 Mar 2021

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Jonathon and I Discuss Unemployment, Recession is Over, SFH-Multi and Sam Zell

One Rental At A Time

📘Grab Your Copy of My Book on Amazon https://amzn.to/2X41yzh ✅ Learn More About Our Course Here! http://bit.ly/ORATTcourse ❓Questions Get in Touch and Drop Us A Line! http://bit.ly/askzuber 📱Let's Connect! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onerental.atatime Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZuberGoToMarket LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelzuber/ Website: https://onerentalatatime.com/ Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/one-rental-at-a-time/


20 Jun 2020

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Book Review - Am I Being Too Subtle By Sam Zell - Real Estate Mogul

Real Estate Investing

If you're going to succeed in the real estate business, or any business really, then you're going to have to study. Hear our review of Sam Zell's book "Am I Being Too Subtle?" to learn more about real estate!


22 May 2020