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How the Past Shapes our Identity and Re-defining those Memories with Mary Marantz

Heart of Purpose

On this special episode to kick start Season 3 of the podcast, Desiree chats with Mary Marantz, author of the book 'Dirt', on the struggles of childhood and how the experiences of our past shape our identity for years to come. Mary's story of poverty, grit and grace will inspire you to see loved ones in a different light and examine your own life to see where outside influence has shaped who you have become. God's redemption and beauty intertwines in each one of our stories. Desiree and Mary chat about all of the many seasons of life where our past wounds can creep into our actions, reactions and relationships.  For more of Mary's story, check out her book, Dirt, and listen in to her podcast The Mary Marantz Show.   --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/desiree-siegfried/support


20 Sep 2021

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How to Embrace Your Story – For Their Good and God's Glory with Mary Marantz | Episode 104

Go and Tell Gals

Friends, for a conversation on embracing your story and all its dirty parts, we could think of no better gal than our friend, Mary. In this episode, we’re diving into how to push past the shame of your story to embrace the wisdom gained and the strength of God found right there. God’s power is made perfect in our weakness, and that means we can fully embrace our stories, amen? Mary Marantz is a Yale Law School graduate and the first in her immediate family to go to college. Her newest book, Dirt, is about growing up in West Virginia, and you are absolutely going to want to grab a copy. We pray this episode equips and encourages you to tell your story, no matter how messy. God is mighty in you, and He’s using it all for the good of others and the glory of Himself.


9 Sep 2021

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Mary Marantz (Author of Dirt)

The Call to Mastery with Jordan Raynor

Jordan Raynor sits down with Mary Marantz, Author of Dirt, to talk about her story going from a trailer in West Virginia to Yale Law School, how we can celebrate white collar work without demeaning blue-collar work, and how Eminem has served as an inspiration to both of our work.Links Mentioned:Mary MarantzMary Marantz on LinkedInMary Marantz on TwitterMary Marantz on InstagramDirtFrom Lost to FoundThe Whiteboard RoomLovemarksBird by BirdThe War of ArtSuperfansNever Lose a Customer AgainBeautifully FlawedConsider the Lillies


18 Aug 2021

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Mary Marantz: How do I make my story interesting?

Find Your Voice: How to Write When You're Not a Writer

 If you have a dream of writing a personal story, but worry that your story isn't interesting, this episode is for you.Author, podcaster, and public speaker Mary Marantz covers two insecurities that keep writers from getting started, how to write about complicated people in our stories, and how to make a personal story appeal to others. Keep listening until the end to hear Mary's publishing path: she gets specific about her journey finding an agent and putting together her book proposal. Book: Dirt: Growing Strong Roots in What Makes the Broken Beautiful* podcast: The Mary Marantz ShowMention: The Art of Memoir* by Mary Karrmarymarantz.comInstagram: @marymarantzfacebook.com/groups/marymarantzshow*FYV uses affiliate links.


17 Jun 2021

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ATG 22: The Overachiever's Guide to Unattaching Your Work from your Worth with Mary Marantz

All It Takes Is A Goal

My guest, Mary Marantz, is a podcaster, entrepreneur, and bestselling author of the book, Dirt. Mary grew up in small rural town in West Virginia, and from an early age excelled in everything she did. Despite the limited opportunities her hometown offered, with the enduring support of her dad and years of hard work, she went from a five-room schoolhouse to the hallowed halls of Yale University. Her journey is nothing short of incredible, but along the way her achievements and her identity became one in the same to her. Untangling the two was a long process, but she joined me this week to share the process it took to undo the mindsets that a lifetime of overachieving instilled in her. Listen in for an incredibly moving conversation about how you can achieve big goals without letting them define who you are.Links from this episode:Mary's book DirtMary's WebsiteJon and Mary's conversation on The Mary Marantz ShowGoal coaching at The Whiteboard RoomFollow Jon on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.Order Soundtracks, Jon's newest book available wherever you find quality books!


31 May 2021

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Own the Muddy Parts of Your Story with Mary Marantz

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

Jesse chats with author Mary Marantz about her book Dirt, the story of her life journey growing up in poor, rural West Virginia to eventually attending Yale Law. Mary grew up with a strong, hard working father who instilled in her a vigorous work ethic and a love for her hometown. However, her working class roots cast a shadow of doubt over how high she could climb in the world, and how qualified she could feel amongst those from different, more economically priveleged backgrounds. Dirt is the story of Mary reckoning with the good and bad of her upbringing, and how it shaped her into the woman she is today. How does this relate to money? Money is all about feelings, and often our upbringing instills deeply seated ideas about how to earn and spend money that are hard to shake as adults. Mary's story is a powerful reminder that doing the work to better understand yourself, your history, and your place in the world prepares you to make lasting changes to your decision making around money. Dirt by Mary Marantz https://marymarantz.com/dirt Mary Marantz on Instagram @marymarantz


14 Apr 2021

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129: Embracing Your Dirt > Being the Most Polished in the Room with Mary Marantz

The Heart & Hustle Podcast

If you are ready to be wrapped up in the warmest, most loving hug of your life AND YET given a shove of encouragement and truth… wow okay wow. Listen to today’s show. Today we have the INCREDIBLE honor of talking to one of the most incredible women. Author, speaker, and podcast host, Mary Marantz, grew up in a single-wide trailer in rural West Virginia. The first of her immediate family to go to college, she went on to earn a law degree from the nation's top-ranked law school, Yale. After ditching six-figure-salary law firm offers in London and New York, she started a business with her husband, Justin. Together they have built a successful online education platform for creative entrepreneurs. She is also the host of the highly ranked and popular podcast The Mary Marantz Show. Mary released her first book, "Dirt: Growing Strong Roots in What Makes the Broken Beautiful," in September. She lives in an 1880s fixer-upper by the sea in New Haven, Connecticut, with her husband, Justin, and their two very fluffy golden retrievers, Goodspeed and Atticus. GOSH, we have so many things to say about today’s interview, but if you’ve ever felt like you don’t belong somewhere because of dirt in your past or where you grew up, or that you have to hide parts of your story to fit in… this show is gonna wreck you in all the best ways. Today we talk to Mary about her story growing up in the dirt of West Virginia, how our experiences as a child have such an impact on us as adults, struggling with imposter syndrome and encouragement in how to overcome it, and how to handle feeling like you’re “betraying” your past or upbringing by chasing “more.” Show notes:  http://theheartuniversity.com/129-embracing-your-dirt-being-the-most-polished-in-the-room-with-mary-marantz Lightroom Challenge: www.theheartuniversity.com/challenge www.theheartuniversity.com/guide-freebie If you want to connect with us and other listeners in the Heart and Hustle community join our Facebook group here. Follow along with Mary:  www.marymarantz.com www.thebookdirt.com www.themarymarantzshow.com www.instagram.com/marymarantz Follow along: www.instagram.com/mrslindseyroman www.instagram.com/evierupp www.instagram.com/theheartuniversity  


1 Apr 2021

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BONUS: Before and After the Trailer with Author Mary Marantz

10 Things To Tell You

This is one of the best conversations I’ve had this year with the author of one of the best books I’ve read this year. Mary Marantz is a writer, podcaster, speaker, and the author of the book DIRT: Growing Strong Roots in What Makes the Broken Beautiful. I read this memoir after I appeared on Mary’s podcast The Mary Marantz show and I was blown away by her writing and her story. In our conversation, Mary and I talk about our similarities growing up in the country and then choosing to flee from it, only to discover that our roots will always be a part of our soul. There are so many parts of Mary’s story that I relate to, things that I’ve never said out loud and things that I’ve never seen expressed so beautifully. At one point, I get choked up sharing something that I’ve never shared publicly. I hope you’ll enjoy this special conversation. Buy DIRT by Mary Marantz Follow @marymarantz on IG Listen to The Mary Marantz show FULL SHOW NOTES HERE Sponsors: Ana Luisa. Get 10% off all products by going to AnaLuisa.com/YOU Hello Fresh. Go to HelloFresh.com/YOU12 for 12 Free Meals  * Thank you for listening to the 10 Things To Tell You podcast. Your ratings, reviews, and shares mean so much to the show.  Follow @10ThingsToTellYou on IG Follow @10ThingsToTellYou on FB Follow @laura.tremaine on IG Follow @mslauratremaine on FB Sign Up for Episode Emails Join the 10 Things To Tell You Connection Group Buy SHARE YOUR STUFF. I'LL GO FIRST by Laura Tremaine


26 Mar 2021

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The Mindset That Takes You from Nothing to SOMETHING! With Mary Marantz

The Table with Anthony ONeal

I’m being serious when I say this conversation had me shook. My good friend Mary Marantz is an author, speaker and podcast host, and a voice of wisdom on everything from money to mindset. She shared what it was like to go from living in a trailer to being a student at Yale Law School and beyond—and what she learned along the way. We also talked about the filters we all look through and why you shouldn’t sit on your calling. Don’t miss this one! PAYOFF YOUR STUDENT LOANS FAST: https://amzn.to/3k9jCRu GET YOUR KIDS INTO COLLEGE WITH NO DEBT: https://amzn.to/3CZRqsG And if you send me a text at 615.930.3431, you’ll get connected to me and my team so we can help you get out of debt and build true wealth. This is our year! Get a money plan for real life! Start building TRUE wealth today: https://bit.ly/3eOZ7ZdConnect with Me Social! Instagram: http://bit.ly/313Mv6r Facebook: http://bit.ly/313Mwr1 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


22 Mar 2021

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050. Growing Strong Roots in What Makes the Broken Beautiful with Mary Marantz

Radical Radiance™

The one where I talked with Mary Marantz! I made a new friend when I hopped on Zoom to record with Mary Marantz to discuss her new memoir Dirt: Growing Strong Roots in What Makes the Broken Beautiful. Mary is a Yale Law School graduate and the first in her immediate family to go to college. She is the author of the book “Dirt” about growing up in West Virginia, and the host of The Mary Marantz Show- which debuted in the iTunes top 200 podcast list.  Her writing has been featured by Business Insider, Thrive Global, MSN, Bustle, Southern Living, and Brit+Co. Why THIS was the first message you felt you needed to bring into the world Her journey from a single-wide trailer in the mountains of rural West Virginia to the halls of Yale Law School Learning to take a look at the places where we START (aka the trailer park she grew up in) and how we begin there to see how God makes the broken beautiful Encouragement for the reader who feels broken and disqualified because of past scars How struggle became the redemption song God used to write a life you never dreamed of How to dig in instead of give up in this hard season we find ourselves in The best piece of advice she's ever been given Connect with Rebecca Dotson George Instagram | @rebeccadotsongeorge Facebook | Rebecca Dotson George Website | Do The Thing Movement Connect about Speaking | www.rebeccadotsongeorge.com Email | Say hello! Pinterest | Do The Thing Movement Become An Insider | Sign up here!


26 Nov 2020