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100: Jaliek Rainwalker


Jaliek Rainwalker was born to a cocaine-addicted, alcoholic mother. He had been moved from pillar to post throughout his childhood, having been in seven foster and adoptive homes. Jaliek seemingly landed on his feet when he was adopted by a couple who had fostered him for two years. However, when Jaliek was 12-years-old, he inexplicably vanished under suspicious circumstances.If you would like to see bonus content, check out the digital feed for this episode: http://feed.vodacast.com/45986146/Morbidology/100:%20Jaliek%20RainwalkerSPONSORS -UNIDRAGON: Thank you to Unidragon for sponsoring this episode! They offer premium wooden jigsaw puzzles in gorgeous nature-related designs. Get 10% off their Amazon store with promo code: "Morbidology" - https://www.amazon.com/s?me=A1YRF7TGKQI7AK&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DERBETTERHELP: Thank you to BetterHelp for sponsoring this episode! Is there is something that interferes with your happiness or is preventing you from achieving your goals? BetterHelp online counseling is there for you. Get matched with a counsellor today: https://betterhelp.com/morbidologySMILE BRILLIANT: Thank you to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this episode! They provide affordable and professional care for your teeth with custom fitted night guards, whitening trays and the caripro electronic toothbrush. Use code “MORBIDOLOGY” for 30% off: https://www.smilebrilliant.com/?coupon=morbidology#podcastVODACAST: Thank you to Vodacastfor sponsoring this episode! Vodacast is a brand new podcast app. What sets it apart is that they provide deeper, digital stories. You can listen to your favorite podcast while immersing yourself in some bonus content from that episode: https://vodacast.com/GREENWICH VILLAGE POLICE CONTACT - 518-692-9332SHOW NOTES - https://morbidology.com/morbidology-the-podcast-100-jaliek-rainwalkerPATREON - https://www.patreon.com/morbidologyAudio Credit:Evening of Chaos - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Empty Reflections - ErikMMusic - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgq4SPKHlyIA Mothers Sacrifice - OurMusicBox - https://ourmusicbox.com/Dark Tranquility - Anno Domini Beats - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6mBav72AkEScott Buckley - UndertowCO.AG Music – Cold Case Detective, The Ulgonsah Witches, So Evil-Dark Synth, Drifting Through Time, The Rake, Underwater - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcavSftXHgxLBWwLDm_bNvA/videos


17 May 2021

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Ep.1:MISSING-Jaliek Rainwalker

Final Minutes

Jaliek Rainwalker had a tough life since birth. Born to a drug-addicted mother, he suffered from developmental issues and spent his life bouncing through foster homes before being adopted by Stephen Kerr and Jocelyn McDonald. After an outburst, his family wanted to reverse the adoption and sent him to a respite home. Jaliek went missing after being picked up from respite care during a night alone with his adoptive father. Join Jenn, Court, and Bec in their first episode as they discuss the gut-wrenching disappearance of 12-year-old Jaliek Rainwalker and their opinions of his adoptive parents as well as the system that placed him in their care. This episode also recognizes Welsey A. Wamsganz who went missing on November 20, 2010, from Lake Placid, New York.Listen to the Episode for all the details and visit finalminutespodcast.com for pictures and sources!https://www.buzzsprout.com/1750188/8414842-ep-1-missing-jaliek-rainwalker.mp3?blob_id=38350702&download=true

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17 May 2021

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The Disappearance of Jaliek Rainwalker

Cognac & Conspiracies

This week we discuss the disappearance of Jaliek Rainwalker.  Sign the petition to get Justice for Jaliek below https://www.change.org/p/justice-for-jaliek-rainwalker

1hr 11mins

5 May 2021

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MISSING: Jaliek Rainwalker

Crime Junkie

A child's mysterious disappearance sparks tough questions about his adoptive family and the system that placed him there.If you know anything about the disappearance of Jaliek Rainwalker, please contact the Cambridge-Greenwich police at 518-677-3044For more information on how you can support the nonprofit Child Advocates, check out their website www.childadvocates.netSource materials for this episode cannot be listed here due to character limitations. For a full list of sources, please visit https://crimejunkiepodcast.com/missing-jaliek-rainwalker/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


1 Feb 2021

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Where is Jaliek Rainwalker?

Where are they?

This episode covers the unsolved disappearance of 12-year-old Jaliek Rainwalker. Jaliek disappeared on November 2, 2007 in Washington County, New York.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wherearetheypodcast/support


20 Jan 2021

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Zagadki Kryminalne

Dzieciństwo Jalieka Rainwalkera było jednym z najgorszych jakie można sobie wyobrazić - zaczynając od narodzin z uzależnieniem od narkotyków, aż po życie w kilku domach zastępczych. Chłopak miał poważne problemy behawioralne, ale w 2002 roku przez krótki czas wydawało się, że życie zaczyna układać się po jego myśli - został adoptowany przez Stephena Kerra oraz Jocelyn McDonald. 5 lat później jednak nagle zaginął bez śladu. Podejrzenia padły na rodziców adopcyjnych, którzy od dłuższego czasu próbowali unieważnić adopcję i pozbyć się syna. 


7 Jan 2021

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Missing Mini #7 - Jaliek Rainwalker

Memento Mori

Jaliek Rainwalker had trouble fitting into families due to some behavioral issues and sadly he ended up bouncing around foster homes most of his young life. When he ended up with new adoptive parents, Joceyln McDonald and Stephen Kerr, you'd think this was his forever home until one day, Jaliek was missing. Vanished into thin air. Did he run away, commit suicide, or was his disappearance due to something more sinister? This podcast is powered by PodMoth Media Network.  https://podmoth.network/Find corresponding info on this case, stay updated, support the show, etc. on www.mementomoripod.com. There are lots of goodies on there! Joi n the discussion on Facebook by joining the group! I'm doing merch giveaways too! :) https://www.facebook.com/groups/mementomoripodcastchatterBonfire Merch ----https://www.bonfire.com/store/mementomorishop/Buy the Show a Coffee @ https://www.buymeacoffee.com/mementomoripcMy dope ass intro was made by jimpapanick on Fiverr. Look him up!! It's so good and I'm in love with it. Thank you Jim!! :)A huge thank you to Tyler from The Minds of Madness Podcast for recording the disclaimer you heard at the beginning of the episode. I really appreciate it! Thank you to my amazing listeners. I love your faces so much! I appreciate the sweet iTunes reviews! Please leave one if you haven't because that really helps the show grow!Credit to Fesliyan Studios for the background music as well as https://www.epidemicsound.com/ and Melody Loops. Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/MementoMoriPod)Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEPod Decks This episode is Powered by Pod Decks. Use code mementomoripod for 10% off your first order! :)Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.


5 Jan 2021

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Jaliek Rainwalker (feat. Joy Lane Podcast) | S01; Episode 17

We Didn't Do It

Welcome to the "We Didn't Do It" true crime and comedy podcast.  This is episode seventeen, Jaliek Rainwalker. Show notes and references will be added to this description soon. Please enjoy and spread the word. This episode was hosted by Greg and special guests Brian and Braden from the Joy Lane Podcast than ran back in 2018. Music score produced by Nate, follow him on Twitter @under1_nateion. Sponsored by Dave O's Jerked Meat, the best beef jerky on planet earth.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wedidntdoit/support


6 Nov 2020

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What happened To Jaliek Rainwalker?

Crime Obscene

This episode contains information of crimes involving children. Listener discretion is advised.*While Recording this episode I was so wrapped up in the mixing I did not realise that the airing of the podcast would coincide with 13 years to the day since Jaliek went missing until it was already mixed and ready, this is why it will be even more imperative to please share this episode as far and wide as you can*On the night of the 1st of November 2007, Jaliek Rainwalker was last seen by his adoptive father. When Stephen Kerr woke up the next morning, Jaliek was nowhere to be seen. With his bed made up to apparently look like he was sleeping, Stephen realised his son was gone and would report Jaliek missing to the police.When Police arrive, Stephen informs them that a duffle bag, a stuffed animal that belonged to his adopted son and some clothes were missing, and most  harrowing of all; a note is found seemingly written by the twelve year old stating he was leaving. But what looks from the onset as a runaway child, soon spirals down a much sinister path. Both family and loved ones of Jaliek insist he had not run away, and the investigation soon turns into a suspected murder with none other than his adopted parents in the spotlight.In this episode, we uncover the suspicious vanishing of 12 year old Jaliek Rainwalker, a young boy who from his very birth had trial after trial levelled at him and uncover the information from the day he was reported missing, through to the avenues of investigation that led police to looking closer to home in the disappearance.Crime Obscene is a monthly true crime podcast hosted by Aaron Burke.Music intro: written and performed by Aaron BurkeAdditional music by DJM Films:shorturl.at/bkwLMSOURCES:https://www.timesunion.com/local/article/Gone-5-years-still-no-answers-3998658.php https://www.greenwichtime.com/local/article/Gone-5-years-still-no-answers-3998658.https://www.reddit.com/r/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/aganzd/jaliek_rainwalker_11_years_missing_and_no/ https://cbs6albany.com/news/local/10-years-after-his-disappearance-no-sign-of-jaliek-rainwalker https://www.troyrecord.com/news/jalieks-grandmother-charged-police-probe-possible-new-evidence/article_ac79fa61-a4ef-5285-97de-3199b0b298e5.html https://poststar.com/news/local/police-new-report-sheds-light-on-jaliek-rainwalker-case/article_c054d8c0-8c1d-11e2-ac08-0019bb2963f4.html https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/local/article/Jaliek-focus-turns-to-killing-4114960.phpinterview source:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAR2ulBYjFc&t=1s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09su--x2u8Q


31 Oct 2020

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Tea time with Alexis and Serena

In this episode, Alexis and Serena share 2 cases, the murder of Sherri Rasmussen and the disappearance of Jaliek Rainwalker. Sherri was found dead in her home by her husband, and authorities fumble the case at first, but it gets solved over 20 years later. The ongoing case of Jaliek is a very unsettling one. He has been missing since 2007, and everything about this case is suspicious, to say the least. Tune in and let us know your thoughts!Disclaimer: We are not experts, and this episode is not meant to discredit authorities who have worked on these cases or accuse anyone of being involved in the murder of Sherri Rasmussen or the disappearance of Jaliek Rainwalker.


27 Oct 2020