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The Business Brilliance Podcast - Replay of interview with Kris Simpson

The All Inclusive Lifestyle Show with Kris J. Simpson

Kris Simpson is an absolute hero. No like, he’s an actual hero. Last year he saved a family from their burning home in his neighbourhood. He literally went in, through the smoke and fire and found a family that had no escape out of their home. Kris is also the owner of a gym in my neighbourhood, called Bodies By Design. He is the author of “The All Inclusive Diet”, an international best selling book that gave me a lot of great tips on health and meal prep which is fantastic for me, because I don’t cook and I do not eat well. Today on the show, we are talking about his twenty one years in business. Yes Twenty One! Kris shares his story about how ‘BBD’ was born and how much persistence had to do with overcoming not only financial challenges, but legal and mental and emotional challenges as well. “Necessity makes us move faster”, says Kris and business is always changing and evolving, so you have to adapt. (This is NOT cliche when its coming from a guy who’s been successful for twenty one years with a gym that nearly never opened.) Having that in mind, he wants his children to make as many mistakes as possible, because that’s where change happens. We are going to fall down anyway, the question is how much time we are going to spend on the floor. Being a person who lost everything, and managed to regain it all back and more, he emphasizes how much power comes from healing and how important it is to ask for help. Now that he’s on the other side, he uses his experience to give and help others heal. Kris is someone I admire and look up to as a business person and as a father. And it helps that he is a physical specimen of near perfection… so yeah there’s that too. Regardless, Kris is someone I’m proud to call friend and I'm proud to have on the show today. And I think you’ll enjoy and resonate with why when you listen. --- Click below to download my book the Amazon #1 Bestseller - All Inclusive Diet, along with Health, Fitness and Nutrition resources featured in the book - PLUS additional bonuses! https://www.krisjsimpson.com/free-downloads -------------------- CONNECT WITH KRIS: -------------------- https://www.krisjsimpson.comhttps://www.facebook.com/kristopherjsimpsonhttps://www.instagram.com/krisjsimpsonhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kristophersimpsonhttps://www.twitter.com/krisjsimpson -------------------- ABOUT KRIS -------------------- As a Life Coach, Best Selling Author, Seminar Leader and Speaker, Kris J. Simpson found his calling to help other people master their lifestyle so they can master the things in life that matter the most – their health, career, and relationships – just as he did for himself. Kris is a 25+ year veteran of the weight loss, fitness and physical rehabilitation industry and the author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller the All Inclusive Diet. As an elite personal trainer, former national bodybuilding champion and present CEO and founder of Bodies By Design Fitness Studios bodiesbydesign.ca Kris is recognized as a lifestyle transformation guru and his expertise and wisdom are in high demand. Kris J. Simpson works with women and men internationally through his online life coach program the All Inclusive Lifestyle Academy, speaking engagements and more intimately through in-person intensives, retreats, and one-on-one coaching. Meet him at https://www.KrisJSimpson.com -------------------- ABOUT THE ALL INCLUSIVE LIFE -------------------- The All Inclusive Life is a weekly self-help show full of #motivation, #inspiration, and #lifestyle strategies with bestselling author and motivational speaker Kris J. Simpson. Subscribe to the free motivational podcast here https://kris-j-simpson.mykajabi.com/blog_optin_

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18 Jul 2019

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Kris Simpson saves a woman's life and now being called a Hero

The All Inclusive Lifestyle Show with Kris J. Simpson

Life Coach & Trainer from Toronto crawls into smoke-filled, burning home, saves woman’s life A bum shoulder couldn’t keep a Vaughan man from rushing into a smoke-filled, burning home to rescue a trapped woman Monday morning. * recording from 105.9 FM http://www.1059theregion.com/ Kris Simpson’s quick thinking resulted in the saving of a young woman’s life, in the opinion of Vaughan fire Chief Larry Bentley. “I believe Kris Simpson’s a hero,” Bentley said Tuesday. “I believe he saved that woman’s life.” Excerpt from the Vaughan Citizen, March 20th, 2018, Tim Kelly https://www.yorkregion.com/news-story/8340392-vaughan-man-crawls-into-smoke-filled-burning-home-saves-woman-s-life/ Simpson, said it all started early Monday when his girlfriend alerted him to the fire next door at 6 Ed Quigg Way in Woodbridge. The personal trainer and life coach, who had shoulder surgery just over a week ago and has his arm in a sling, rushed outside to see what was happening. He quickly discovered that while a number of people were already outside the smoke-filled home, there was still one person trapped inside the burning home on the second floor. Unconcerned about his own safety, Simpson rushed into the home. “It was full of smoke. I’ve never seen anything like that before. It (smoke) was pretty much 10 inches from the floor and all the way up, you couldn’t see through it, but I could hear screaming and it sounded like she was upstairs. “I just rushed in, but I couldn’t get very far because I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t see. I thought, if I go any further here, I won ‘t make it out alive, so, by natural instinct I got myself out of the house and into the front yard again and made sure someone called the fire department,” said Simpson. Simpson then went back into the home for the second time, this time crawling on the floor under the smoke to the foot of the stairs, “so I could breathe,” he said. “I made my way up the stairs to the point that I was talking her down, coaching her down … to the point where I saw the blanket she was holding on to and her foot and I grabbed her and led her out of the house. She was trapped upstairs and couldn’t see and in a panic and just couldn’t get down the stairs,” Simpson said. He said the fire chief told him he was very brave and very heroic but said he doesn’t feel like a hero, “because I did not continue up the stairs the first time.” Simpson said, “Perhaps it wasn’t as brave as those firefighters were when they go up the stairs and bring people down on their backs, but the objective was met in the sense that she got out alive and it was a fire that could have killed the whole family for sure.” He said the woman’s mother told him, “Thank you for saving my daughter’s life.” Simpson said the woman’s face and mouth were black from the smoke when she got out of the home and that she could only breathe because of the blanket she held over her head and covering her mouth. He’s been told she’s now home from hospital and staying at another relative’s house recovering. As for Simpson, Bentley said it’s his plan to have him receive a special citation for bravery from the City of Vaughan at a future date. Excerpt from the Vaughan Citizen, March 20th, 2018, Tim Kelly https://www.yorkregion.com/news-story/8340392-vaughan-man-crawls-into-smoke-filled-burning-home-saves-woman-s-life/


4 May 2018

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TPP #54: The 5 Facets of health and fitness with Kris Simpson

The Paul Minors Podcast: Productivity, Business & Self-Improvement

In this episode of the Productivity Podcast, I talk to Kris J. Simpson who is a weight-loss, fitness and rehabilitation expert. Kris delivers a TONNE of value in this episode and walks us through the 5 facets of health and fitness (food, emotions, activity, relaxing, sleeping) and how they impact our wellbeing and productivity.Kris is also the author of the best-selling book, All Inclusive Diet. Kris is giving away a free copy of the book to anyone who listens to this episode. Just email Kris (kris@krisjsimpson.com), tell him you listened to the show and he’ll send you his best-selling book for FREE!Show notes:1. Who is Kris Simpson and what do you do? (3.38)2. Regarding your FEARS Acronym, Can you explain more about why each of these things are important (11.26)3. There are lots of health myths out there. What are the common mistakes you see people making when it comes to health, sleep, exercise and diet?(21.52)4. If you had to help the listeners with one piece of advice, one area of your health to focus on, what would that be? (25.23)5. What are some things you can do to control your life in terms of emotional stability. (27.49)6. What about your productivity workflow? As a writer and business owner, how do you manage your work and get everything done?(36.20)7. Tell us about your own health routine. When do you excessive, for how long, how many times a week, what type of workout?(38.35)8. Any extra words of wisdom? (45.59)Show notes: PaulMinors.com/54If you want to be more productive, start my free 3-part video series to supercharge your productivity and get more organised!: PaulMinors.com/trainingIf you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to the podcast. I'd also love it if you could leave me a review. Doing this will help more people discover the show so they to can get more done and get more out of life.Intro/Outro Music: "Synthia" by Scott & Brendo--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/paulminors/message


15 Nov 2016

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TYL #37: Surrendering Your Secrets, Overcoming Addiction, and Winning with Kris Simpson

The Nth Degree Podcast with Tracy Timm

Have you ever felt like a personal fraud? Perhaps you were giving a friend relationship advice while your romantic life was falling apart. Or maybe you were offering your sister some assistance with her history homework when you refused to ask for help in economics. Or there was a time when you were asked to be on a panel about your success in business, but secretly, you were struggling to pay your own bills. I've been there. When I first started my business--coaching quarter-lifer's in their careers--I barely had enough to pay rent, eat beans, and keep up my appearance for my next meeting. Who was I to be giving someone advice? I was barely even happy most of the time, because not only could I barely take care of myself, but my situation made me feel like a personal fraud. Who was I to be giving advice when it seemed to be working out so poorly in my own life? Our guest today has been there, too. At one point in his life, Kris Simpson was a successful health, wellness, and fitness professional. He was a body-builder who had just won a national championship. He was a husband and had a life to be envied. He was also... an addict. As Kris says, "you're only as sick as your secrets." Today, Kris is a decorated best-selling author and over 5 years sober. His life and business have completely changed. He lives honestly, authentically, and fraudulently, both personally and professionally. I had the joy and honor of interviewing Kris about his personal transformation and how embracing surrender, fighting fraud, and learning the true meaning of "winning" have made all the difference in his life and in the lives of those he teaches. Without any further ado, I give you, Kris Simpson!

1hr 15mins

2 Nov 2016

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Kris Simpson President and CEO of Bodies By Design

GTA Advisors Podcast


26 Jul 2016