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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Frank Salas. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Frank Salas, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Frank Salas. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Frank Salas, often where they are interviewed.

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🔥: When do you scale your business? With Guest Host, Frank Salas. | Episode 003

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On this, “Start-Ups, Up & Away with Diana Mae K.,” episode we bring in our first guest, Serial Entrepreneur, Frank Salas also known as the Talented Mr. Salas. We dive into the many moving pieces of scaling your business, knowing when it’s time to outsource, expanding and navigating through the bullshit that unforeseen situations throw at you with laughter. Frank brings to life what really goes down and overdelivers an impromptu training on bringing a 6-figure business to life. This is a “must not miss” episode. Find Frank on Instagram & YouTube @talentedmrsalas for further high quality business content.


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Jan 23 2020 · 40mins
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Frank Salas - Work From Anywhere

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Empire Life Podcast is hosted by Allison Ramsey, listen to the stories of founders all over the planet while they share their stories and strategies on how they've built their online Empires.

Tomorrow's interview is with the Talented Mr. Frank Salas, CEO, friend, & Founder! Where he'll share how to architect the right conscious success tools to help you grow your passion & use these tips to launch into your business! He is currently booking million dollar client contracts! We feel you’ll love all the wisdom, experience, grace, joy & amazing-ness she has to share here!
Sep 19 2019 · 38mins

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How to Get People to PAY You for Your Webinars w/ Frank Salas | #023

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Webinars done right have massive payoff potential but require a lot of work. Frank Salas found a way to get paid for his efforts and all the value he was providing his webinar audience. Using only his realtor experience, Frank “The Talented Mr. Salas” built a social media presence and audience that would result in a five-figure payday for his very first webinar.

In this episode, Frank tells you how he created, branded, and packaged the offer that got people to open their wallets and purses right out of the gate. He also shares his thoughts on who paid webinars will and won’t work for and how to make the transition from free to paid webinars if you’re ready.

Episode Discussions:

  • How to conduct free research on your target webinar audience
  • Capturing attention on social media platforms
  • How Frank branded his offers and why it worked to increase sales
  • Making multiple offers on a webinar the right way
  • The benefits of overdelivering and oversharing in your webinar
  • How to serve a tribe and community and show your audience you care
  • Running a Facebook group that helps with retention and future sales
  • How to decide between running a free or paid webinar
  • How to negotiate splits for JV webinars
  • ChatBot funnels and using them to qualify leads
  • The value difference between Frank’s free and paid webinars

[2:17] Frank’s story and why you should pay attention:

-Born homeless, English is his second language, college dropout

-Started first business at the age of 20

-Was a successful residential realtor

-Leveraged realtor expertise and skills to market himself as a social media thought leader

-Most income comes from top-level advanced webinars to the right people

[5:41] The creation of Frank's First Offer

  • Structured webinar to be value packed and value driven for two audiences:

o   Qualified attendees who could purchase the offer

o   People who couldn’t afford the offer but could still take action and get results

  • Performed a psychoanalysis of target audience for 2 weeks
  • Researched their fears, needs, desires, goals, passions, challenges
  • Created a strong offer that solved all of their problems

[7:13] Frank’s Amazon and Google Review Mining tips:

  • Search and read through 5-star and 1-star reviews only
  • Copy and paste pain points and other relevant data
  • Use info to create copy for emails and landing pages

"I go by the name of The Talented Mr. Salas — the only talent that I have is I work hard."-FS

[8:48] Branding, packaging, and pricing the offers:

The service: Blocks of time for prepaid virtual assistant

The packages: varying levels of support and titled as luxury vehicles:

Low - Tesla ($197)

Middle - BMW ($497)

Top – Rolls-Royce ($997)

[10:51] Overall sales for 1st webinar: $10K

"The notifications [from Paypal] as I was doing the livestream would just pop in. It was exciting me to be honest with you."-FS

[12:13] How Frank transitioned into paid webinars:

Built a brand around over-delivering and oversharing for 2 years.

Because of his reputation, he’s been able to start charging for webinars within the last 60 days.

“What I found is that when people pay [for a webinar], they actually pay attention."-FS

[13:07] Frank's latest paid webinar: 

‘How to Get Legit Facebook Likes Masterclass’

  • Live training
  • $97 price point
  • Sends a pre-webinar email – “You’ve got 60 seconds or this is going to $497.”
  • Price increases to $497 when the webinar goes live

[16:22] Facebook group tip:

Frank uses case studies within the group to motivate them by posting before and after screenshots of ‘Facebook like’ numbers.

[17:05] End of webinar offers:

For marketing agency owners - Facebook Like Mastermind Class

Business owners that want to handle their own marketing – Frank’s consulting service

  • Offers are only available to webinar attendees
  • All possible objections are addressed and handled within the offer
  • Consulting packages start at $1K/hr. and go up to 6 figures.

[20:53] Frank's suggestion - choosing to run a free or paid webinar:

Free webinars if… You’re just starting out and nobody knows you or your brand yet.

Paid webinars if…You have a tangible skill with case studies, testimonials, and receipts. Pitch your expertise to someone with an existing list and do a JV webinar.

[22:07] JV webinars split: “Everything is negotiable. Know who you are, your numbers and how you do business and be fully transparent with no ulterior motives or shadiness.”-FS 

[25:41] Frank’s ChatBot funnel and new ChatBot course


Connect with Frank:




Mentioned in this episode:

Molly Keyser - Episode #21

Follow and watch a behind-the-scenes look at how I’m personally launching a brand new 6 & 7 figure product from scratch at SoldWithWebinars.com/TV

Join our Facebook group at SoldWithWebinars.com/Experts

Sep 25 2017 · 31mins
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13: Math and Prison Riots (Interview with Frank Salas)

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Frank Salas is an statistical exception, but far from an irreplicable result. Busted on the streets of Albuquerque for selling crack cocaine at 17, an age where many of us are busy honing the skills that we've chosen to master, and promply incarcerated in one of the myriad concrete boxes that comprise the United States penal system. There, he struggled, as most would in his position, to better himself spiritually or ethically, once even participating in a prison riot. After two stints in solitary confinement, he did the unthinkable: he imagined a better world for himself. One where it was not all him versus the world. With newfound vigor, he discovered what was there all along: a passion for mathematics and the sciences. After nine years of hard time he graduated to a halfway house. From there, we attended classes at community college, honing his skills using his second lease on life. That took him on a trajectory which developed into him working on a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Michegan. We're talking, of course, about Frank Salas; a man who is living proof that condition and destiny are not forced to correlate, and who uses this proof as inspiration for many in the halway house that he once roamed. So who is he? What is his mission? And who is part of that mission? And what does this have to do with Maxwell's equations of electromagnetism?


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Jun 27 2017 · 50mins

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S4E6: Frank Salas - ‘The Cancun Kidnapping Scare’

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Living on the road is the dream, the goal for many, but not for all. Everybody on the planet Earth is wired differently, and those varied wirings apply to every area of life, including travel. Figuring out how to live on the road, though, is a huge step on the way to learning how you, personally, are wired, regardless of your circumstances. Frank Salas, who prefers the title of The Talented Mr. Salas, joins Hayden to discuss the paths available to becoming an entrepreneur and a nomad like he is. Frank Salas is a serial entrepreneur and a digital nomad, who came from humble beginnings to become the Talented Mr. Salas that he is today. He joins Hayden to talk about how he first started on his path, as well as offering a peek into how he lives day-to-day now that he has reached this point. He also shares how he accomplished what he has achieved, and how commitment and discovery were enormous parts of his evolution. 

Frank also explores how to make your budget and funding work for your travel adventures. Frank also comes to share his story, a tale with the appealing title of: “The Cancun Kidnapping Scare.” Frank recounts, in humorous, frightening, and vivid detail, the taxi ride he was taking in Cancun that seemed to go down a terrifying path. Once his driver started saying ominous statements into a walkie talkie, Frank started to panic, forming an escape plan, struggling to find an out. After a miraculous escape, a falling out, a call to his mother, and an incident of stalking, Frank eventually learned a lesson about Cancun. Starting yourself on the road to travel and adventure is one of the most difficult tasks a person can undertake. That level of commitment is not something taken lightly. Luckily, folks like Frank Salas, who have true “rags to riches” stories and the strength to back up their stories, are here to help those who want to travel find their way onto the right path. Living on the road is not easy to start doing, but, if you are wired for a nomadic life, it is the next best step. 

  • 0:56 - Hayden introduces Frank Salas, serial entrepreneur and digital nomad, who came from humble beginnings to become the Talented Mr. Salas. Frank talks about how he first got the idea to become a digital nomad and the resolution he actually followed through on, as well as giving a look into his lifestyle. 
  • 10:07 - Hayden asks Frank about how he managed to make his digital nomad and traveling life happen. Frank discusses comfort, commitment, discovery, and anxiety related to traveling and starting your adventure. 
  • 16:55 - Frank starts to tell his story, featuring the rather intriguing title, “The Cancun Kidnapping Scare.” Frank was on a ride when he realized the driver had locked the doors and gave a terribly ominous message into his walkie talkie. The drivers in the cars next to him were frightening, as well, and Frank automatically started to panic. He executes an entire plan on how to escape, which was nearly thwarted by a phone cable. A call to his mother escalates, the driver of the car will not leave him alone, and Frank learns a lesson about Cancun. 

Get in Touch with Hayden on Instagram: @backpackdigital

Jan 09 2017 · 39mins
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"He Said, Red Said" #46 - Special Guest: Frank Salas

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Get #FitchSlapped!

"He Said Red Said" Podcast Episode 46 hosted by Vicki Fitch with special guest, Frank Salas aka The Talented Mr. Salas. Frank is a Serial  #Entrepreneur, #Speaker, Outsourcing #Guru, & #Milennial, Mogul that shared his story of Homelessness to building a 7 Figure #Business. http://bit.ly/talentedone

Vicki is a #DirectSales Expert, #Author, #Speaker, International Business #Consultant & top #livestreamer in #Periscope and #FacebookLive. For more info, visit www.VickiFitch.com 

This broadcast was produced by Robert Hix, Sam Gonzo & Jeff Adams  of Enlightened Audiovisual in Gaithersburg, MD. The intro music was done by Randall Harp of Chapel Hill Media
Sep 13 2016 · 1hr 3mins
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Motivate Social Podcast - Episode 6: Frank Salas

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Welcome to the Motivate Social Podcast with Dr. Aikyna Finch and Vanessa Canteberry. In this podcast you will learn about Frank Salas, Serial Entrepreneur, and how he is changing the world through social media. Frank Salas started his first business at the age 20 years old with no money and was forced to use social media to build his business. Fast forward 8 years and 14 companies later -- Frank Salas is now leveraging social media in business and as a personal brand to expand his Empire. This podcast is filled with not only Golden Nuggets -- but ???? DIAMONDS ???? about Growth Hacks to Thought Leader Status. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/changingmindsonline/2016/08/08/motivate-social-podcast--episode-6-frank-salas
Aug 08 2016 · 30mins