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S01E02 - Ed Freyfogle (OpenCage)

Pushing to Production

We talked to the co-founder of OpenCage a company that provides geocoding data to businesses, by cleaning up different open-source geocoding databases. OpenCage API servers missions of requests per day. The business You can learn more at- https://twitter.com/freyfogle- https://opencagedata.com- https://twitter.com/opencageOpenCage is currently hosted with Hetzner running on Ubuntu servers.


2 Aug 2022

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#189: The agony of the enterprise sale process, with Ed Freyfogle


Ed and Steve go in deep on some enterprise sales work they've both been doing lately for their bootstrapped, mostly self-service SaaS products.


6 Aug 2021

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#178: The Hungry Time, with Ed Freyfogle


Both Ed and Steve are feeling a little bit stressed, perhaps at the beginning of burnout. We discuss why this might be, and what we are doing about it.We also reveal our who guest host will be, stepping in for the next few weeks while I take a break.This episode is also on YouTube.


7 May 2021

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Privacy, IoT Standards & Open Data | Let's Connect E012 | OpenCage's Ed Freyfogle

Let's Connect! An Internet of Things Podcast

In episode 12 of the Let's Connect! Podcast, Ed Freyfogle, Head of Product at OpenCage, joins host Ken Briodagh to talk about Location Tracking and Geocoding in open data networks for IoT.Ed Freyfogle is Head of product for OpenCage. Prior to OpenCage, Ed was co-founder of Lokku, the company that spun out OpenCage. He started his career in the early days of the internet as the first developer at yahoo.de. He has an MBA from MIT, a degree in engineering from Duke University, and was a Fulbright Scholar in Weimar, Germany. Connect with Ed on Twitter and LinkedIn and listen to his GeoMob podcast!OpenCage provides a geocoding API used by many IoT service providers at high volume (millions of queries per day) to convert device location (longitude, latitude) into useful location information. And they do it using open data from OpenStreetmap. OpenCage started in 2013 as a project within Lokku, a company with a long history of using and supporting OpenStreetMap. They implemented the first ever commercial use of OpenStreetMap (all the way back in the internet dark ages of 2006!), and were one of the first companies to use OpenStreetMap maps instead of Google maps. In May 2015 Lokku was acquired by Mitula Group. The OpenCage project was spun out into an independent brand, and has run independently ever since. Follow OpenCage on Twitter!Time Stamps0:00 Show Introduction 1:04 Ed Freyfogle Introduction1:30 What is Geocoding?2:28 OpenStreetMap, or Google Maps: What’s the Difference?5:18 How Much Will it Cost?6:50 Security and Privacy in Open Location Data: Is it Good Enough?  9:00 Remote Locations, Away from Roads  10:35 Location tracking at Sea, and on Rails13:00 Data Protection and the Unintended Consequences Law13:30 Location Services Standards Organizations14:55 Final Thoughts


22 Apr 2021

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#173: Reducing the support workload with Ed Freyfogle


Ed Freyfogle is back! We talk about Ed's systematic attempt to reduce his support workload.Discuss this episode on our community.This episode is also on YouTube.


2 Apr 2021

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25+ Practical Tips for Running Your SaaS with Ed Freyfogle

Slow & Steady

Ed Freyfogle joins Benedikt to share more than 25 tips for running a SaaS business. Ed and Benedikt talk about tips for billing, marketing, product as well as general tips for smooth sailing in your business.  Ed on Twitter Ed’s Website Ed’s company OpenCage Ed’s Geomob Podcast Bootstrapped.fm Baremetrics Calendly Quaderno


17 Jun 2020

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#116: Pricing your product in multiple currencies, with Ed Freyfogle from OpenCage


I’m joined by Ed Freyfogle for the first of several episodes in which he is my cohost. Ed is the co-founder of OpenCage Geocoder, a bootstrapped, profitable SaaS. Thanks to Balsamiq who sponsored this episode. Find out how, thanks to Balsamiq, you can promote your bootstrapped business for free on the podcast Our guest sponsor, courtesy of Balsamiq, is Mockless. We discuss: the bootstrapping scene in Barcelona, where both Ed and I livethe advantages of offering your product in multiple currencieswhich currencies to offerdealing with currency fluctuationshow this affects your marketing contenthow Quaderno has helped both of us do best-in-class invoicing. We also rant a little about how some businesses could improve the finer details of billing. The post #116: Pricing your product in multiple currencies, with Ed Freyfogle from OpenCage appeared first on Bootstrapped.fm.


22 Nov 2019

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RS161: Optimizing Freemium with Ed Freyfogle

Rogue Startups

On today’s episode, Craig speaks with his guest Ed Freyfogle about freemium software and services. Ed is a developer and Co-Founder of OpenCage Data. Today, he explains the day-to-day challenges of running a business and why freemium is an important facet of OpenCage’s success. Topics: Geocoding services and why it’s important to be able to […]


7 Feb 2019

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Episode 017: Thinking Outside the Cage: the #Geo Community with Ed Freyfogle of OpenCage Data

First Things First - Stories from IoT Implementers

As Seth Godin said, there’s a tribe for everything. And one of the strongest, yet relatively unknown, tribes might be the #geomob. In this episode of First Things First, I sit down with Ed Freyfogle, founder of OpenCage Data, a tech company offering an API Geocoder that easily converts coordinates to and from places. Visit the FirstThingsFirst episode page for show notes and more.


21 Nov 2018

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RS131: Unconventional SaaS Growth Opportunities with Ed Freyfogle

Rogue Startups

This week Dave is off at MicroConf and I’ve brought on to the show serial SaaS founder Ed Freyfogle. Ed previously ran a multi-million dollar SaaS business out of the UK in the real estate industry and after selling it a few years ago has moved into OpenCage Geocoding, which is run with a smaller […]


3 May 2018