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222: DEEP DIVE 🤿 Personal brand vs business brand - further insights, 4 examples, plus recommendations (solo episode featuring Trevor Young)

Reputation Revolution | the professional personal branding show

THIS SOLO EPISODE DIGS DEEPER INTO THE HOT TOPIC OF -- "Should you focus on building your personal brand, or business brand?" It follows on from the previous episode (#221) in which brand strategist, Sam Osborn, content coach, Brendan Keogh, and I discussed this topic, albeit in quite broad terms. However, I felt there was unfinished business. I subsequently blogged about the topic and had conversations with people on LinkedIn and Twitter. I put my thinking cap on. I went for long walks to gain additional clarity around the subject. Here I was: I'd been neck-deep in the PR and marketing arena for many years now; I'd advised countless individuals – entrepreneurs, professional experts and thought leaders – on both their personal and business brands, But I felt I hadn't sufficiently come to any real concrete conclusions to this common issue. It had always been, in my instance anyway, a case by case proposition, depending on who I was talking to at the time, and what their particular circumstances were. Until now. I decided the best way to help people better understand this branding conundrum and thus have greater clarity as to which strategy would work best for them - 'personal brand vs business brand' - was to provide real-life examples of people who had already gone a fair way down the path, and then unpack their respective situation. Which is what I have done in this episode. I hope you get value from it! REPUTATION REVOLUTION is brought to you by Credible Authority Academy.


22 Jun 2022

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#88 [The Story Behind The Story] Trevor Young - PR and communication strategy

The Story Behind The Story

Trevor Young is a battle-hardened PR & communications strategist + coach, speaker, and social broadcaster. A pioneer of the social media and content marketing industry in Australia, Trevor established his popular blog PR Warrior in 2007; he is the author of two books, including his latest Content Marketing for PR, and hosts Reputation Revolution, a podcast about professional personal branding. Thanks, Trevor for sharing your story ========================== Share with a friend if that benefited you! Join our Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/growandscaleonlinecommunity Follow us: Website: www.themindbug.com YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCuLCNxnsCPnOKnVCU4odbDQ Instagram: www.instagram.com/matteoandrenata Facebook: www.facebook.com/matteoandrenata If you would like to reach us via email: hello@themindbug.com Be Relentless & See you in the next episode!


9 May 2022

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How to Market Yourself Through Content and PR with Trevor Young

The Rewired Soul

Episode Notes No matter who you are, if you have a message that you want to reach people, you have to figure out how to do it. Maybe you're an author or an entrepreneur, but maybe you're a teacher or someone working for a non-profit. A lot of people want to do good and help others, but they're missing an important piece to reach others. In this episode, I chatted with the PR export Trevor Young about his new book Content Marketing for PR. Follow Trevor on Twitter @TrevorYoung Follow Trevor on Instagram @thepwarrior Get a copy of Content Marketing for PR Check out Trevor's podcast Reputation Revolution For the interview transcript visit www.TheRewiredSoul.com/interviews Follow @TheRewiredSoul on Twitter and Instagram Support The Rewired Soul: Get books by Chris Support on Patreon Try BetterHelp Online Therapy (affiliate) Donate


22 Aug 2021

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Trevor Young

The Experts powered by Media Stable

Trevor Young by Media Stable


9 Apr 2021

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Trevor Young on Dazed and Confused

Movie Crush

Musician and podcast producer Trevor Young joins the supporting cast today to talk a bit about Richard Linklater and his seminal film, Dazed and Confused. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 9mins

5 Mar 2021

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Axes Up - Episode 16: Trevor Young AKA YT RhYmZ

Eff This Network

SPECIAL GUEST: Trevor Young AKA YT RhYmZ Oliver drops in briefly for another update on the new shop. We're getting closer and closer to opening the doors. Then Malcolm makes a faux pas by cutting the wrong wire. Trevor and Malcolm discuss new music, recording and performing during these "new times", the future of the music industry and getting creative and innovative to stay afloat. FIND YT RHYMZ HERE:Soundcloud YouTube NumberOneMusic Facebook Spotify

1hr 14mins

5 Oct 2020

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77. How to find your career brand voice - feat. Trevor Young

Build Your Talent Stack

In this episode, Trevor Young shares how you can build visibility, influence and trust in the career marketplace.Trevor Young is a seasoned public relations and communications strategist based in Melbourne, Australia.  A former journalist with a long track record in traditional PR, Trevor is a sought after marketing speaker and helps brands gain a competitive edge in the marketplace through the use of digital storytelling and content-led communications.Trevor was named by Sydney Morning Herald as one of eight "heroes of Australian content marketing" and Smart Company listed him as one of 20 of Australia's "Top Business Thinkers for 2018".Topics covered: Parallels between career branding and marketing How to find your brand voice Tips for creating career branding content on LinkedIn & signature topics for speaking Crafting titles for episodes/articles/emails that people will be curious to listen or read.Connect with Trevor Personal website  - https://www.trevoryoung.me/ Book website - http://www.contentmarketingforpr.com LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com/in/trevoryoungFor more talent stack resources visit https://www.yishanchan.co/links


7 Aug 2020

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286 Content Marketing for PR by Trevor Young

The Marketing Book Podcast

"Content Marketing for PR: How to Build Brand Visibility, Influence, and Trust in Today’s Social Age" by Trevor Young Are you struggling to cut through the noise and convey your message to the marketplace? We live in a fast-paced, digital-first world cluttered with brands and individuals telling the world how great they are. It’s no wonder consumers are so cynical and distrustful. They resent being interrupted with meaningless ads, pitches, and promotional messages. They simply don’t care about you or your business—because you haven’t given them a reason to. Meanwhile, marketers and PR pros are beginning to accept that many of the methods they’ve been using to reach potential customers and influencers simply don’t work anymore. Bottom line: Standing out, getting noticed, and resonating in the marketplace is a growing challenge for businesses and organizations, large and small. Trust and reputation have never been more important in business. Learn how to harness the power of both public relations and content marketing to build recognition, influence, and credibility for your business, organization, or personal brand. In this book, veteran public relations practitioner and marketing speaker Trevor Young—aka “The PR Warrior”—shows you how to strategically use content marketing for PR to: Humanize your company or organization Deepen the connection your brand has with consumers Grow your influence within the industry you operate Build familiarity and trust in the marketplace Connect with the people who influence your clients and customers Increase new business leads and sales Reduce the customer’s buying cycle Make paid-for advertising work harder Written for entrepreneurs, change agents, business leaders, marketers and PR practitioners, Content Marketing for PR is your essential guide to building a visible brand that’s recognized, respected, and relevant in today’s noisy social world. Click here for episode website page with links... https://www.salesartillery.com/marketing-book-podcast/trevor-young-content-marketing-pr

1hr 7mins

3 Jul 2020

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Trevor Young breaks down myths about PR and content marketing

Let's Talk Marketing

Trevor Young, founder of Digital Citizen and author uncovers the complexities of content and how businesses should approach content marketing


10 May 2020

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How to Use Content Marketing to Get More PR with Trevor Young | #149

Marketing for Creatives Show | Marketing Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Ep #149: Saying content marketing I mean all kinds of content you create whether it’s written blog posts, video, audio, social media or your website, anything. So how to make all of them work together to help you to get more tractions and attract your ideal clients? This is what we will discover with our guest today. In this episode, Trevor Young shares how to use content marketing to get more PR. Trevor helps professional experts and aspiring thought leaders build visibility, influence & trust in the marketplace. He is the author of two books - microDOMINATION and his latest, CONTENT MARKETING FOR PR. He blogs at PR Warrior and hosts the podcast REPUTATION REVOLUTION. You will learn: Trevor started as a journalist, then built a few businesses and got into blogging and content marketing in 2007 which helped to build his personal brand Know what kind of content creation is your strength 5 important factors of using content marketing to get more PR How to be different in the market where everybody talks about the same things in the niche More content isn’t always better Case study: How well GouletPens, a company that sells fountain pens, does content marketing across many channels The marketing mantra: how can I help the most people? Because if you help the most people, you’ll get business Let’s get in touch: Would you like to get free PR? Download a free guide ‘How to Get Interviewed on the Podcasts Every Week’ on marinabarayeva.com/podcastguest Follow on YouTube.com/MarinaBarayeva Follow on Instagram.com/MarinaBarayeva Get more marketing tips on marinabarayeva.com


16 Mar 2020