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Como Ter Amizades (de Verdade) | com Kelly Needham | Podcast Fé e Tulipas

Fé e Tulipas

Você tem dificuldades de construir amizades fortes e verdadeiras? Amizades vão além de "Oi! Tudo bem?" ou de conversas de elevador, Jesus nos deu amizades para que possamos crescer juntos, como Igreja. Todas nós já passamos por momentos de não saber como lidar com amizades, ou as transformamos em ídolos e acabamos criando amizades falsificadas por causa disso ou não fazemos amizades de jeito nenhum.   Por isso, você vai ouvir essa conversa maravilhosa com a Kelly Needham, ela é autora do livro Friend-Ish, palestrante e mãe de quatro crianças preciosas. Ela vai contar sobre a visão por trás de escrever um livro sobre amizade, sinais de uma amizade falsificada, o impacto que a eternidade causa em nossas amizades e como construir amizades!  A verdade é que ser cristão, muda tudo em nossas vidas e isso inclui as nossas amizades, elas não são como as do mundo, mas elas são definidas pela Palavra de Deus. Tenho certeza que você vai ser extremamente abençoada e edificada por esse episódio do Podcast!  Aliás, quero também agradecer a tradutora incrível que tivemos! Estela Hook, você mandou bem demais, muito obrigada!!    ADQUIRA O LIVRO AQUI  Friend-Ish: https://amzn.to/2TOBPKK Conheça mais sobre a Kelly:  Instagram: www.instagram.com/kellyneedham/ Blog: https://kellyneedham.com/ --------   INSCREVA-SE NO CANAL  SIGA FÉ E TULIPAS NO INSTAGRAM:  www.instagram.com/fetulipas/ CURTA FÉ E TULIPAS NO FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/fetulipas INSCREVA-SE NO CANAL FÉ E TULIPAS:   www.youtube.com/feetulipas APOIE O MINISTÉRIO FÉ E TULIPAS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClToh8h-Zm9a7lqD21kMHtw/join ---------   Fé e Tulipas participa do Amazon Associados, um serviço de intermediação entre a Amazon e os clientes, que remunera a inclusão de links para o site da Amazon e os sites afiliados.


9 Jul 2021

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On this episode of Is That Like a Thing podcast, WE ARE BACK with Kelly Needham! We all  get to spend a little more time with Kelly, and her wisdom on “Gospel-Informed Friendships” (we just love this phrase!).  Kelly  is a wife, a mom, and the author of a wonderful book that we will continue discussing today called, “Friendish”. We dive into what Gospel-Informed Friendships look like, how WE can become Gospel-Informed Friends, how to handle conflict within friendships and how to correction and rebuke like the wise person found in Proverbs 9:8. We love Kelly and we had so much fun visiting with her, but what we love best about Kelly is her deep wisdom that is both eye-opening, convicting, and helpful  in our own friendships. We hope you enjoy this episode of Part 2 with Kelly Needham! Thanks for joining us on this episode of Is That Like a Thing. You can find all things Kelly Needham and “Friendish” on her website kellyneedham.com. You can also connect with her on instagram or facebook @kellyneedham.Want more info? Follow us on facebook, twitter and Instagram @isthatlikeathing or reach us at 469-854-9636“Friendish” by Kelly Needhamhttps://www.amazon.com/Friend-ish-Reclaiming-Friendship-Culture-Confusion-ebook/dp/B07KF27RZ4/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=friendish&qid=1617626961&sr=8-1Find Kelly at www.keelyneedham.com or on Instagram and Facebook @kellyneedhamSCRIPTURE REFERENCE: Proverbs 9:8  “Do not rebuke a mocker, or he will hate you; rebuke a wise man, and he will love you.”Proverbs 27:5-6 “Better is open rebuke than hidden love. Faithful are the wounds from a friend, profuse are the kisses of an enemy.” QUOTES“Griefs are less hard together, joys are deeper together.” - Kelly Needham“No one wins a war by themselves. You have to have friends to battle with you against the enemies of your faith.” - Kelly Needham“We have no right to point to one particular person and say, “You must be this for me. You can look at your spouse and say, “You must love me this way” because there is a unique ownership element in our marriage. But in friendships there is not that.” - Kelly Needham“Be the good friend before you have them.” - Kelly Needham “Real friendship is wounding.” - Kelly Needham


13 Apr 2021

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Kelly Needham on Friendship (Best of By Faith)

By Faith with Christine Hoover

Christine sits down with Kelly Needham to discuss how we define friendship and why that matters so much. Kelly not only gives warning signs that we have an unhealthy understanding of friendship, but she offers a biblical perspective and practical ways we can practice biblical friendship.LINKS FROM THE SHOW Kelly's Desiring God Articles: True Friends Are Hard to Find // A New Kind of Couple: When Best Friends Become Romantic // More Than BFFs: When Friendship Goes too FarKelly's book, FriendishCHRISTINE'S NEW BIBLE STUDY Lifeway // AmazonREVIEW BY FAITH ON ITUNESCONNECT Connect with KellyWebsite // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter CONNECT Connect with ChristineWebsite // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Books Sign up for Christine's monthly newsletterMusic for By Faith was created by The Silver PagesArtwork for By Faith was created by Reed Harmon


9 Feb 2021

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Friendship and the Gospel with Kelly Needham

Conversations of Grace

Nathan is joined by Kelly Needham, author of Friendish, to talk about how our faith in Jesus shapes the way we be friends and think about being friends. More than just tips and tricks for being a good friend, Kelly shares God's wisdom for our relationships and how our God forms our hearts to become better friends.  Here are some questions we talk about in the episode: What is the purpose of friendship?  What does it mean for you to be someone's friend?  How do we develop meaningful friendships?  I pray that you find this conversation helpful. Have a listen and share it with a friend! Enjoy grace! You can find Kelly's website with all the links, including her book here: kellyneedham.com You can leave a voice message for Conversations of Grace here: Conversations of Grace --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tcnd8989/message


28 Aug 2020

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15. Discernment in Self Help Culture with Kelly Needham

Of Grace and Truth

This week Kelly Needham and I talk about how we can use discernment in the self help culture that we are saturated in. We talk about questions like: How do we know what messages we can trust and listen to? How do we know what speakers and teachers are trustworthy? How does it look, practically, to use discernment when reading self help messages, or anything, in general? Kelly tells us to saturate ourselves in the Gospel, and in her words, to "always look for the good."


26 Aug 2020

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Trillia Newbell, Jen Wilkin and Kelly Needham: Distinct from the world, yet beautiful

The Good Book Company Podcast

How can we live distinctively in the world and yet maintain a witness that is attractive and life-affirming when so many voices pull us in all kinds of directions? In this episode we speak to Trillia Newbell who has edited a new multi-author women's title called Beautifully Distinct, and she's joined by Jen Wilkin and Kelly Needham who have both contributed chapters on beauty and food respectively. 


4 Jun 2020

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Reclaiming Real Friendship in a Culture of Confusion | Kelly Needham | Ep. 106

Kindled Podcast | Truth and Grace, Boldly

As Christians, we know friendship matters. Go to any Christian book store and you’ll find myriads of books on the importance of community. But while most people are convinced of their need for Christian friendships, they are often confused about the problems and disappointment they experience. What’s responsible for this confusion? For too many people, their friendships are very worldly. Following Jesus may have changed the activities of friendship, but the DNA of how and why they practice friendship remains untouched. These relationships may look good, but underneath, they’re merely friend-ish. In this conversation Kelly and I discuss what true biblical friendship really looks like and how we can be better friends to one another.  Shownotes: www.KindledPodcast.com Sponsor: H. Williams Creative--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kindledpodcast/support


17 Feb 2020

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My New Friendish Kelly Needham

Godspeed Podcast

Author Kelly Needham drops in to talk about her new book Friendish: Reclaiming Real Friendship In A Culture of Confusion.  Visit KellyNeedham.com to order!


6 Nov 2019

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Kelly Needham: Friend-ish

By His Grace

The post Kelly Needham: Friend-ish appeared first on By His Grace.


15 Oct 2019

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Friendship: The Real and Rich Kind with Kelly Needham | Episode 68

Behind the Bliss Podcast

In this episode, Rachel and Kelly Needham talk all things friendship. Kelly’s new book, “Friendish” covers healthy vs unhealthy friendships, the need for friendships and community and biblical examples of friendships that we can look to. Kelly speaks so much wisdom that we pray helps you discern your friendships, which ones are healthy and what to do when friendship “goes bad.” Kelly also sets attainable goals for our friendships based on scripture and it’s something you’re going to want to implement in your life. Show notes: behindtheblisspodcast.com/shownotes/68BTB Instagram: instagram.com/behindtheblisspodcastKelly on Instagram: instagram.com/kellyneedham/


2 Oct 2019