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Kristine Grant

22 Feb 2021

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37 Ghostwriting Letters As a Business Kristine Grant

Writing To Get Business

Have you found yourself unable to express something that you desperately needed to say? Meet Kristine Grant, who after twenty years as a therapist, applied her knowledge, intuition, and inspiration to the unique writing career of penning messages for people. Could this unusual field be for you? It demonstrates the value of ghostwriting. It's challenging to write about a situation that’s too close to you. A writer with the empathy and skills to know what you want to say can help. Businesspeople often need help composing messages that can untangle their interpersonal relationships. Kristine has repurposed letters and stories connected to her service into books. ·She credits empathy and intuition for her success. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


6 Nov 2020

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Healing From Trauma with Kristine Grant

M.P.I. Radio

Whether it's from a relationship, an experience, a person, or an event, many people in this world are suffering from trauma of some kind.   This is a powerful conversation I had with Kristine Grant on how to navigate through trauma.   Kristine Grant is a ghostwriter and Relationshift expert and in this episode, we talk about the importance of relationships and the power of words to rekindle relationships with our spouse, friends, kids, and family.   Where to find Kristine: Website: https://kristinegrant.com/-l9O2hOwQoxr3uhBd*49Xrr-/page/homepage Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kristine.grant.54 Get the Relationshift book on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Relationshift-Write-Words-Really-Want/dp/1949873463/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=relationshift&qid=1596810000&sr=8-3


13 Aug 2020

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Bloomdaddy Hour 2 Pt 1 6-12-20 Child Psychologist Kristine Grant

Bloomdaddy On Demand


12 Jun 2020

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IQ Podcasts: KristaDoesNumbers with Relationship Therapist Kristine Grant Ep. 83


Guest, Kristine Grant, is an experienced marriage and family therapist and author of Relationshift. She has taught college courses and is a retired school psychologist. Kristine has spoken at conferences throughout the United States and has had numerous appearances on television and radio including ABC, CBS, Fox and the CW Network. With her gift for redeeming the fine art of effect letter writing, you can learn to vastly improve your own communication skills for matters of the heart. Presented by Attorney King Studios on IQ Podcasts.#socialreengineering #relationshift #psychologyofbusiness #kristinegrant #podcast #iqpodcast #acclaimedauthor #kristadoesnumbers #brettdavisunleashedwww.kristinegrant.comwww.kristadoesnumbers.comwww.iqpodcasts.com


11 Jun 2020

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Bloomdaddy Hour 2 pt 1 5-5-20 Kristine Grant Interview

Bloomdaddy On Demand


5 May 2020

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Ep. #136 RelationShift with Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach, and Author Kristine Grant

Live Love Thrive

360Karma’s Live Live Thrive Show Host Catherine Gray interviews special guest Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach, and Author Kristine Grant. Kristine is the creator of the RelationShift Method, and Inspired Heart Letters...a unique approach that positively transforms any matter of the heart.   Have you ever stumbled or fumbled to find the "Right Words" to repair or enhance your relationships? Whether it be a current or former lover, spouse, partner, someone you have a crush on, a friend, or family member, a long lost or estranged loved one, or anyone else ...Kristine Grant offers a very unique intervention.   Don’t miss a single episode of these women’s amazing true stories. Subscribe today to our YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/c/360Karma   You can also subscribe to our iTunes podcast: http://ow.ly/TVjV30oCsF6   Follow 360Karma Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sheangels.series Twitter: https://twitter.com/sheangelsseries Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/she.angels


22 May 2019

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EP 141: Resolving Conflict and Creating Positive Relationships with Kristine Grant

Spiritual Entrepreneur

In this episode, Devi chats with Kristine Grant about “Resolving Conflict and Creating Positive Relationships”. Kristine is a Marriage Family Therapist, and Relationship Expert and author of the forthcoming book “Relationshift: The Right Words for What You Really Want to Say.” She is the creator of the Relationshift Process, that helps people resolve conflicts and learn Conscious Communication skills in order to Create Positive Connections in ALL their relationships including romance, work, family etc. She is also the creator of Inspired Heart Letters and has helped clients write letters to heal their relationships. She has appeared on numerous Television and Radio Shows including CBS, ABC, Fox, The CW Channel and is a popular speaker nationally.  Devi and Kristine discuss: Kristine’s empowering life and business journey Turning negative things into positive outcomes Going on autopilot: “fight or flight” mode How to communicate when you’re in “fight or flight” mode Becoming more vulnerable and open Not being fearful of being transparent Upgrading your writing skills Being open to “problem solve” Letting go of pain, anguish, and hostility Raising the frequency without negative body language towards confrontation Strategies for overcoming “fight or flight” mode Practices for making the shift from “fight or flight” mode Maintaining a state of gratitude Standing up to and moving fast amidst crisis Honoring yourself Resolving conflicts and creating positive relationships Opening up a "window" in your life Achieving a point of trust How to have healthy boundaries Discernment A smile or a gesture of kindness can change the vibration around you Paying attention to your environment  and more… Connect with Kristine @ www.inspiredheartletters.com

1hr 3mins

30 Nov 2018

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Kristine Grant

The Patricia Raskin Show

In the first half is Kristine Grant, MFT, as a psychotherapist, has provided counseling support for individuals, couples and families for over twenty years. Kristine is the creator of the Relationshift® Process and Inspired Heart® Letters, a unique and powerful approach that positively transforms any matter of the heart. Currently, as a Relationship Coach, people can call upon Kristine’s help from anywhere in the US and beyond. She will discuss her new book, RELATIONSHIFT: The Right Words for What You Really Want to Say. In the second half is Regina Bell, Senior Lecturer and Academic Advisor at the University of Rhode Island. With 15 years of industry experience, she creates real world learning opportunity for students. Regina also has the gift of capturing the essence of your loved one’s life by writing his or her eulogy. An accomplished public speaker and captivating storyteller, she will explain her service of writing and or delivering the eulogy of your loved one

17 Sep 2018

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PP 256: The Bigger Heart with Kristine Grant

Positive Productivity with Kim Sutton | Archive I | Empowering Entrepreneurs to Achieve and Appreciate Personal and Professional Success

"Challenge yourself to have a bigger heart and be the bigger person." Kristine is a licensed marriage and family therapist who has built a business writing powerful letters to her clients' significant others. By bypassing her clients' ego and deep emotional wounds, her letters allow the senders and recipients to build stronger relationships or let go of the past or a less-than-ideal relationship. Kristine and I chat about the importance of communication, how fear often turns into hurt, how we need to honor ourselves by acknowledging our feelings, and more! Get the show notes, transcription and resources mentioned at https://thekimsutton.com/pp256.


2 Feb 2018